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Picture of the Month

June 2006

Here is this month's picture. We hope to update this feature with a fresh picture every month. Please mail us your pictures to feature on this page.   Ideally they should be of something special, a special location and your Y, an interesting close up shot of a lesser seen part of a Y that you think will be of help or interest to others, etc.   Please also send a couple of lines of text to go with the picture.

Terry Ciantar sent in this picture from April 2005 and says "I took the Y type on an all makes Rally to Townsville (approx 400km [250 miles] north of here) and also attending was Y 3718 owned by Allan Flynn of Townsville. Both cars created a great deal of interest. I did just over 1000 km. [620 miles] over the 5 day Easter break and the Y behaved beautifully.


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