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Picture of the Month

September 2017

Here is this month's picture. We hope to update this feature with a fresh picture every month. Please email us your pictures to feature on this page. Ideally they should be of something special, a special location and your Y, an interesting close up shot of a lesser seen part of a Y that you think will be of help or interest to others, etc.   Please also send a couple of lines of text to go with the picture.

Some statistics from my recent adventure attending the 70th Anniversary Celebrations in Queensland (according to my GPS and trip logs):
Total distance travelled (round trip, including side excursions) = 4,349km
Cruising speed = 63mph (102 kph)
Average speed (including on rally) = 78kph
Max speed (overtaking) = 108kph
Fuel consumed (98 Octane) = 406L
Average fuel consumption = 9.4L/100km

Robert Ades

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