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Ripon Old Cars Gathering
13 July 2003

by Andrew Coulson

Andrew Coulson writes:
The Classic Car gathering at Clotherholme Farm, Ripon is now in its 9th year, each year the proceeds going to Yorkshire Cancer Research. This year the MG Y types again had a stand of their own for the third time, and thanks to Arlene & Andrew Coulson for arranging the hottest day of the year so far ... and for providing the gazebo for much needed shade!

 The cars….
 YA’s; GBX 166 of Andrew Adamson from Bingley (black); RPE 104 of David & Pauline Hilliam from Liversedge (cream cracker); Andrew & Arlene’s UMG 473 from Sharow (two tone green); FTP 508 of Brian Arkley from Hartlepool (red).

 YB; KYS 79 of John Arkley, two tone metallic green

 YT; Andrew & Arlene’s JSL 414 (red) 

The people…..
 As well as those already mentioned, Pat & Malcolm (Y Register Northern Rep) Hardy turned up .. sans Y, sans wire, sans plausible excuse!  Malcolm, Brian & John were seen in deep conversations throughout the afternoon, and a well informed source can exclusively reveal (see Photo 1) that Malcolm now has a better understanding of the darker recesses of an XPAG!

 The Arkley’s new restoration looked wonderful, and another spokesperson very close to John (OK, it’s his mum) confirms that having ridden for years in a YA she definitely prefers a smoother ride in the YB!

 Andrew Adamson’s newly acquired black saloon was the second “newcomer” to Ripon, living only some 30 miles or so away, it is highly likely that Andrew & Caroline will be joining other Y type events in coming months/years.

 The show…
 Almost too hot, over 500 cars of mixed pedigrees and breeding, with substantial MG representation. Harrogate MG Club, and Jorvik MG had “one make stands” and dozens of A’s, B’s, BGT’s and some Z’s were in the general car entries.

 Food and drink were in plentiful supply (from Arlene!) but iced drinks and shade (from Andrew) were probably in greater demand.

 One idea that seemed popular was to organise a Sunday lunch at the Tan Hill Hotel, the highest pub in England, (sorry Caroline, it really is!) as part of a circular tour of Arkengarthdale and the Buttertubs Pass. Watch for more info…..

 … and finally, one gentleman arrived at the Y stand with three carrier bags, one containing used/unused gaskets of varying specifications for Y types; one with two unrestored horns; and the third with a radio plus “all fittings” as removed from his father’s YA many, many years ago! These are now in safe custody while their functioning is assessed for a possible future sale!

 All visitors to the stand received a copy of the attached leaflet .. just to add to their Grand Day Out!

2003 A Golden Year, for the MG Y Type

 The MG Y models were made from 1947 – 1953. This year marks the end of production for the YB. The very last Y model was chassis number YB 1551. This was delivered as a special coupe bodied car to the racing driver Dick Jacobs.

 As well as being special for owners of Y types, 1953 was notable because:

 Queen Elizabeth was crowned ... the first coronation on television. This was very crowded, thus Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay had to climb Mount Everest to get a view of it!

 In Russia Joseph Stalin died, so America decided to upstage the state funeral with the marriage of John F. Kennedy (President) to Jacqueline Bouvier (Photographer).

 The Korean War ended, but as so many arms and soldiers were in the Far East, the Vietnam Conflict with Ho Chi Minh started.

 The seeds for the EU were sown with the first meeting of the European Coal and Steel Community. As the UK now, as compared to 1953, has such little interest in these industries we have now decided we want to join them.

 There was rioting in Pakistan and Egypt.

 Ferrari won the GP title, with their drivers winning all races except one, for two years! (Ascari, not Schumaker).

 Sugar and sweets were still on ration, so we ate less of them and were healthier.

 Trains still ran to Ripon several times every day.

 Winston Churchill was Prime Minister … for the  second time

 A small family car cost £390, and a three bedroomed house averaged £1,900.

 £2 10s (that’s £2.50, your admission today) in 1953 would be worth £42.00 today!

 Isn’t progress wonderful!!

John Arkley's YB

Brian Arkley's YA

Andrew Adamson's YA

David & Pauline Hilliam's YA

Andrew & Arlene Coulson’s YA

Malcolm  gazes in wonder ...

... so that's an XPAG!
Photo by Malcolm Hardy

One side of the line up ...
Photo by Malcolm Hardy

Another view of the Adamson YA
Photo by Malcolm Hardy

Andrew & Arlene Coulson’s YT

... and the other!
Photo by Malcolm Hardy

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