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MG Y-Sommertreff 2010

18 - 20 June 2010

by Karl Heinz Boerchers

Only 4 cars found the way to the third Summer meeting (2010) at Lennep. Two competitors came from Netherland (2 cars) an two cars from Germany. We started on Friday afternoon with a walk at the old town of Lennep and later an evening meal at the Restaurant "Dorp". After then we had a lot to talk about and a lot to drink too.

On Saturday morning we start to a sunny day and a 130 km journey across the "Bergisches Land". The way runs on lonely roads to Lindlar, Engelkirchen and Schloss Gimborn. After the lunch break across Agathaberg , Altenberg (cathedral) , Schloss Burg to a Falcon farm at Remscheid Farrenbracken. Returning to the Hotel "Berliner Hof" where we had a dinner and the presentation of prizes. The last of us go to bed at 2 a clock in the morning!

Sunday morning Manfred arranged a visit in a historic textile fabric. We hope for next year that more of our Y Type owners find the way to Lennep.

All competitors in front of the hotel

Across the River Rhein

Hotel Berliner Hof

The prizes made from local stone

Front and rear Y Sommert

The road book

Preparing for start

Ivo Arnus the owner of the last Y Type

Working for prizes

At the falcon farm

Ivo with falcon

The cathedral of Altenberg

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