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The M.G. Car Club 'Y' Register
Spring Run 2003 - Sunday 13 April 2003
by Jerry Birkbeck.
Photographs by Paul Barrow, Andrew Adamson and Ted Gardner

Sunday the 13th April was a dry day as Jo and I set out for Snowshill Manor for the 6th Annual Spring Run. An occasion that has now become the major event in the Y Type calendar. I was really hoping for nearer fifty Y's present and was disappointed when the final figure in the booklet that I prepare along with the route directions was 41. However, had this been reached that would have been a record. It was not to be and with seven cry offs - two of whom were en route [Dennis Doubtfire and Tim Griggs]. Dennis had cooling problems in central Bristol and was forced to call out the AA to get the car home whilst Tim turned for home after feeling unwell. The others had e-mailed during the week to late me know that they were unlikely to make it.

This was the first year when I sent everything out in advance, which was pretty effective although one couple had no drawings in their route book and for some reason Andrew Coulson had not received a Rally board, so I gave him mine. A few thoughts that came to me during the day for improvements for the next run. First, I did not include to whom the cheque should be payable - which suddenly swelled my account, then I forgot to weigh an example of a typical bundle [route book, rally board, etc] so the Club lost out on that. I will also need to put the exact size of envelope required, quite a few  entrants seemed to think that I could stuff all the details in a small envelope! Finally, there should have been some directions and instructions on site. For that I can only apologise - my lame excuse was feeling knackered [completely and absolutely let me tell you!] after agreeing to play rugby the day before. I can assure you that that certainly will not happen again - neither will playing rugby. I am always keen to receive feedback on the ways in which the event can be improved so please write in, or e-mail me at work as I will have a new home e-mail address soon, or phone me on 01926 424053 if you have any positive suggestions. Please don't ask for the impossible - Richard Dick and I run the event and whilst most of the legwork is done by us and hopefully all problems are ironed out before the day things do happen which are beyond our control.

This year we decided to undertake a short run of just over 30 miles bearing in mind that the majority of you travel some considerable distance. Andrew and Arlene Coulson, for example, left home at 5.30 am to reach Snowshill for ten, and most of you had a round trip of at least 200 miles. People have asked about the possibility of meeting up during the run.. Occasionally this is feasible. Certainly on the `Birth of the Y Run' in 1997 I included a stop at a Country Park, though not many stopped there. Pub car parks are fine if there is the size and more than often there isn't. Also our runs do pass through some very popular countryside and really I feel it's up to individuals to make their own arrangements. I will include in future route books [or I should re-write that to include the words.. `In the event that I organise next years run...' !] more details about pubs with phone numbers etc.

What about the day? Well we had more YA's and YB' s than in previous years, several of which were new to the event and the same number of YT's [3] - although Andrew Morland's splendid green model, imported from Tasmania [and winner of the NTG Cup] was a new one. What never ceases to amaze me is how few Y's turn up. Jack Murray at the recent Register AGM noted that were I think 630 Y's in England alone. I am aware that many of these are either being restored, awaiting restoration, a box of bits and so on but there are certainly well over 150 I guess which are on the road. So how do we change things - a change of area from the Midlands? Greater emphasis on Silverstone? More promotion or what? Your ideas are welcome. Personally, I think that the Midlands is probably the most accessible area - recognising that many come from the South East and South West, though it does lessen the chances of members coming from say Lancashire, Northumberland and Scotland.  Silverstone is a three day event and this in itself leads to a dilution in numbers of Y's there at any one time. Promotion I do through each of the MG Car Clubs and the Classic Car press. Anyhow thoughts and ideas would be welcome. Despite all this I do enjoy undertaking the recce of the route with Richard, getting together the details of the cars and hearing from you.

Our winners were really all of you who were able to make it - and thank you for that. This year the NTG Cup , for YA's and YT's, was won by Andrew Morland's superb YT. He was awarded a `virtual cup' as Tim Griggs had been unable to make the day. I will advise Tim and ask him to forward the cup to Andrew. The Bill Atkinson Cup went to Alan Chick, a very deserved winner, who has supported the Register at all our events both at home and abroad. Finally, the Dennis Doubtfire Piston Broke award, should really have been given to Dennis as he broke down on the way. However, I took a liberty, knowing that Dennis would not really want his award [!] and gave it to Michael Storey, who owns a very nice white YB. In fact it's a kind of belated presentation.  Last year Michael was within two miles of Broughton Castle when he broke down [it turned out to be a condenser] and was trailered back home by one of the recovery services. During the current run somebody mentioned that a white YB had broken down climbing up Larks Hill, near Ilmington. It turned out to be Michael, although the problem was not due to petrol pump problems, as had been deduced  by passers by, but an in-line immobiliser in the petrol line!  A year late but I feel he deserved it.

Thanks to you all, my fellow organiser Richard Dick, the support of the Committee and the National Trust. Hopefully, see you all next year plus 30 more of you!

Andrew Moreland (YT) Winner of the NTG Cup
Andrew Moreland (YT)
Winner of the NTG Cup

Alan Chick (YB) Winner of the Bill Atkinson Cup
Alan Chick (YB)
Winner of the Bill Atkinson Cup

Michael Storey (YB) Winner of the Doubtfire Trophey
Michael Storey
Winner of the Doubtfire Trophy

Ys arriving
(Andrew Adamson)

An VA and a brace of Ys
(Andrew Adamson)

Some of the line up at the end
(Ted Gardner)

More Ys
(Andrew Adamson)

A flying start
(Andrew Adamson)

Some more of the line up at the end
(Ted Gardner)

A TC being chased up the hill by a YT
(Ted Gardner)

Until next year ...
(Ted Gardner)

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