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28 October 2007

Karel Vermeer has sent in a great card for Father's Day, or any other special occasion for a Dad and this has been added to the Collectibles page..


15 October 2007

This month's mid-month Reprinted Article comes from Restored Cars magazine of Australia, September-October 1976 and covers a test drive in an MG YT. Tony Slattery has researched the licence plate and has found that "KUO-755" is chassis number YT3737. Last known owner mid 90's was in Victoria.

Tony Slattery's dimensioned drawing has also been added to the Parts Drawings page so you can make one up/have one made if yours is missing.

And finally for today, please welcome Matt Agelink, from the Netherlands and Y 0604 to Ys on Parade.


12 October 2007

Remo Peter has sent in a painting ... from the dark side in time for Halloween to Artist's Impressions.  Check it out.


11 October 2007

Of late there has been much discussion on the Bulletin Board about the fitting of front seat belts. Roy Clapham has kindly provided some engineering drawing and photographs, together with a set of very comprehensive notes covering his personal installation of them.  This can be accessed from here, and from the link in Hints and Tips.


8 October 2007

Terry Ciantar has sent in a copy of a 1947 Export brochure which exhibits several significant differences over the 1948 one.  He has highlighted these and his comments have been appended to the posting.  This has been updated to the Brochure page.


3 October 2007

Mike Silk has updated the photograph and text for YT 2744 in Ys on Parade.


1 October 2007

The Picture of the Month this month has a different Y based theme!!

The Reprinted Article for this month comes from Country Life magazine, May 1948 and is a review of the MG YA, in quite some detail for a non-motoring publication!

Also, please welcome Graig Trenham with Y 1141 and Ed Winters with YB 1041 to Ys on Parade.


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