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The MG Y Type Tool Kit by Jeremy Havard

28 September 2004
Please welcome John Friedler and YT 3030 to Ys on Parade.


23 September 2004
Mike Burden, from Perth Australia, has sent in new photos of his car, Y 2750, as it goes away to be painted to Ys on Parade.


22 September 2004
A new N gauge model Y has been added to
the Collectibles page under the Models section.


21 September 2004
Karl Verstraelen has very kindly sent in some of the interesting original documentation he acquired with  Y 5205.These have now been added to  the Collectibles page.


19 September 2004
Today, please welcome
Karl Verstraelen and Y 5205 to Ys on Parade Karl's car is very well known in Y circles for its originality as it was formerly owned by Trevor Austin and has much original documentation - hopefully Karl will be able to share some of these with us on the Collectibles page sometime in the future.


16 September 2004
A new Hint and Tip has been added - for fuel filling to avoid fuel blow back a.k.a. 'the burp'.

Having bled the brakes on my YA last week-end I can testify don't accept poor braking performance with brake travel to the floor: my brakes are now biting and slowing the car at 1/4 travel.  It is amazing how you just accept poor performance as normality - if in doubt, have this work performed by a qualified mechanic - not some spotty teenager at the local quick fit place!


15 September 2004
This month's Reprinted Article is again from Safety Fast of 1963, this time from March.  It is a "Portrait Gallery" article on the MG 1 Litre Y type. We also feature a picture of an MG Y Type spotted a few years ago in Thailand on Lost Ys.  Also added to Interesting Ys is a picture of actress Gene Tierney with her MG Y Type.

If you are restoring your Y and need to replace the rubber buffers down the rear edge of the bonnet, the wedge shaped buffers are handed.  NTG Services can supply from stock the ones for the right hand side of the car - these are not a problem.  They are out of stock of ones for the left hand side (R872) and in order to make remanufacture possible they need to acquire a new mould.   To make this viable they need another 100 cars worth (or back orders for 200 units).  If you need these parts and would like to register your back order requests with NTG, please click here and email Mike directly.


13 September 2004
Please welcome Parker Johnson and YT 2025 to Ys on Parade.  This would make this car our oldest YT on the Parade, being the 7th one ever built, and an EXU too!


12 September 2004
Today, please welcome Ron Chiste and Y 5725 to Ys on Parade.  Ron has just recently acquired the car and says "it is simple the most beautiful lines and drives wonderfully!"


10 September 2004
Please welcome Wayne Musselman and YT 2430 to Ys on Parade.  Wayne has also posted an entry to Interesting Ys concerning the original condition in which he received the car and would welcome any ideas as to the modification it had received.


5 September 2004
Last month we added a link to the Links page for Nico Dreesen's pictographical restoration record.  Willem van der Veer has kindly translated the Dutch for us and we are now able to bring you the photographs with English narrative on our Interesting Ys pages.  Our thanks to Willem for his translation, and also to Nico - splendid job!


1 September 2004
September already, but even now there are still events to look forward to in the Northern hemisphere as the season winds down.  Equally the Southern hemisphere is just now brushing away the cobwebs of the winter season.  Please inform us of your Y events so that we can add them to the calendar.  Please also send us a report afterwards to share with the other Y owners.  The only provision is that these should be events mainly for the benefit of other Y owners as opposed to other 'all model' events which are already well catered for elsewhere.  These, and the follow-up reports will be featured on the Events page.

Coming up this month, Neil Cairns is planning to share with anyone who wants to join him, the steamier side of his passion.  He is hosting a day (12 September) to combine the three loves of his life, his wife, his Y, and the Leighton-Buzzard Narrow Gauge Steam Railway.  If you are wanting to join them,  please contact Neil directly.  Hopefully someone will be attending with a digital camera and can write a short report for us with some pictures.

We also have another new Picture of the Month for you.


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