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24 September 2005
While I was recently in hospital, one of my visitors bought me in a new book which I had not previously seen featuring the Y and YT - Essential MG by Graham Robson.  This has now been added to the Book Review page with full ISBN information.


17 September 2005
Well, recovering at home now and a long way too go.  Thank you all for your wishes and support.

Peter Vielvoye recently sent me a copy of an article published in his local paper so here is a very contemporary Reprinted Article from 2005 for you to enjoy!  Thank you Peter.


14 September 2005
Sorry for the the long break - I am currently in hospital with 14% burns but recovering well thank you.  Thank you also to the many of you who have flooded the hospital's Contact a Patient page - it has been a geographically interesting thing to look at there all the emails have been sent from!

One email which came in today was fro Lisa Lankes - owner of the Dutch Yellow YB we have had on Interesting Ys for a few months.  So please welcome Lisa Lankes and YB 0291 to Ys on Parade.  We look forward to more entertaining stories from the "Dynmaic Dutch Dou" in due course. 

Also, to put the world to rights the English translation of the German article from November 1996 has been released to Reprinted Articles.


4 September 2005
In the August 2005 edition of Classic and Sportscar Magazine there was an interesting comment about a YB chassis that had been shortened to TD length - the usual story, but that the bits which had been taken out had been kept with the chassis.  The chassis and bits had now been sold from Essex UK to East Yorkshire UK and that the buyer was intending to open the chassis back up and reinsert the bits to make a YB Special after having been off the road for 40 years!  An interesting reversal of the normal history - if the buyer reads this, may be we will be contacted with further details and another YB will rise again.  We all wish the buyer well in this admirable venture.  The same article also referred to the former Dick Jacobs car which we reported on as seen at Silverstone 2005.


1 September 2005
Today, please welcome Robert Baker with Y 1090 to Ys on Parade - an excellent way to start off the new month.

Also, a new Picture of the Month for your enjoyment, and as we are an international website - an article from a German magazine for a change in Reprinted Articles!


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