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YB 1148 - Len Shaw's Rally car

"Len Shaw is one of that band of gifted amateurs who were the backbone of British motor sport in the 1950s. ... A skilled driver, the success he gained after the war driving his own YA in rallies earned him a place in the Abingdon-based works team at the wheel of the YB he later bought, and still owns today".  So reads the back of the of 'Rallying in a Works M.G.' by Len Shaw.  Sadly, Len died in 2000.  The family have loaned the car to the British Motor Industry Heritage Museum, at Gaydon, Warwickshire, UK

'Rallying in a Works M.G.', is an interesting, intriguing and very personal insight into the world of 1950's motor sport from right behind the steering wheel.  It is very clear to the reader, that of all the cars he drove, the Ys were his favourite.  The book is now out of print but occasionally surfaces on the used market, and is reviewed on the book review page and well worth getting for any MG Y owner - mandatory reading even if you are fortunate enough to be able to acquire a copy!

Peter Sharp recently visited the museum and boldly asked the curators if he could take some photographs of the car, which he, and BMIHT are kindly allowing us to show here.

Len Shaw in action ...


RAC Rally of Great Britain

Brighton Sea Front


Rallying in a Works MG

Rallying in a Works MG - Len Shaw ISBN 0-9519423-4-4. A hugely entertaining read written by Len Shaw shortly before his death in 1999, the book is one man's personal reminiscences in a light-hearted manner of a very enjoyable youth.  Len enjoyed his Y Type so much that, although he drove Magnettes and Morris Minors, nothing eclipsed his joy of driving a Y.  Indeed he still owned and drove one, right up to he died!  His enjoyment is infectious and I could not put the book down until I had finished it.  Essential reading for a Y Owner.

Currently out of print.