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YB 1390 - YB Coupe

James Bradshaw

I owned the MG YB 4 door saloon since 1971 and I last drove it on the road in 1974. I intended to rebuild it like a coupe. I took it apart and had the body sections sandblasted. I de-rusted and painted the chassis and fitted MGB suspension and wheels. At present it is fitted with a Vauxhall petrol 1900cc Cavalier engine and gearbox (low mileage of 7,000 miles). I pulled the roof forward and refashioned the rear end with Morris 1000 rear wings and a rolled steel boot lid. I rebuilt the bottoms of the doors. The body is all metal but requires work to finish it. It does have some surface rust since it has been stored for years. I have the chrome radiator surround, headlights, wood for the window trims and glass etc.

I bought the 1978 MGB GT to transfer the engine, overdrive gearbox, dashboard, etc. and any other bits that will complete the coupe. The MGB has not been used for a couple of years, but is good apart from the nearside rear spring hanger that has been crushed and rusted, there is also a dent in the bonnet, so it is only suitable for spares. The engine sounds very good and the floors and sills seem sound, I have no history for it. The speedometer reads 32,000 miles. It has black velour interior trim.

I sold both the MG YB and the MGB on eBay in July 2016 to a new owner who wanted to complete the project.

Here are some photographs. Click on them to enlarge.