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MG Series 'Y' Parts

Manufacturing and Rebuilding


Y 6757 Butch Taras I got my TD in April 1963 and drove it for 17 years as my work car; I’m still driving it. I got my Y in September 1979 and drove it for about 5 years. I decided to restore the Y and while taking it apart discovered that the body had rusted away from all three attachment points on the frame and was only being held on by the front pillars. I have been slowly working on the car since then. It is a slow go with all the projects I get from other people. I’ve done over 95 ring and pinion changes for TD/TF differentials. In January 2011 I purchased the assets of the business Phil Marino had and added those items to what I was already doing.


All prices exclude shipping and are in $US.

Oil Filter Y, Y/T/, $90 each.

MG Y, Y/T and Early YB spin on oil filter adaptor

This adapter fits in the clamping bracket on the side of the block and accepts the two original oil filter pipes.  The lower half provides an attaching position for a ‘screw-on’ Fram oil filter (PH3682).

Oil Filter YB,  $45 each.

Later MG YB spin on oil filter adaptor

This adapter is for those oil filter that are an integral part of the oil pump.  These are the horizontal oil filter.  The adapter provides and attaching position for a ‘screw-on’ Fram oil filter (PH16).

Y, Y/T and YB Gear Box Holding Tool, $10.

Y, Y/T and YB Gear Box Holding Tool

This is a 1-1/2” square length of steel bar stock that has been turned down and threaded on one end so that it can be screwed into a gear box drain plug hole.  The square end is to be clamped in a bench vise.  In this manner the gear box is securely held at a convenient working height.

YB Differential Rebuilding $200 (plus parts).

The differential is disassembled, and all bearing races removed.  The housing is hot tanked then reassembled with new bearings, the ring and pinion can be changed to a different ratio, the pinion height is reset, and the ring gear back lash is reset.

Y/T Tachometer Reduction Gear Box Rebuilding, $40 (plus parts).

This involves machining and fitting new bronze bushings and usually new gears.

Speedometer Conversion Adaptor, $160.

Speedometer conversion adaptor

This box screws onto the gearbox  and the speedometer cable screws onto the conversion box.  This is used when you have changed from the standard gearing (ring and pinion conversion).

Y, Y/T and YB Oil Pump Rebuilding, $100 (plus parts).

Y, Y/T and YB Oil Pump Rebuilding

The pump is completely dissembled and cleaned. The cover, body and gears are ground to bring then back into tolerance.  Parts are reassembled and are ready to be reinstalled into the engine.

SU Carburetor Rebuilding, $50 per carburetor (plus parts).

  Carburetors are dissembled and cleaned.  The carburetors are rebushed with special made long lasting bushings.  New shafts fitted and carburetors assembled ready to put on the car.

Y, Y/T and YB Carburetor Throat Sleeve, $50 each.

The butterfly (throttle) disk cannot closer properly in an oval bore.  When this distortion becomes great, it will make the adjustment of the carburetors difficult or impossible.  The factors responsible for the distortion are:

(1) excessive tightening of the carburetor flange bolts or nuts, and

(2) a slow molecular rearrangement of the alloy used in the body casting due to heating and cooling.

The carburetor throat is bored out in the distorted region, fitted with an aluminum sleeve, and then the aluminum sleeve is bored back to the original condition and dimensions..

Y, Y/T and YB Carburetor Thread Insert – Float Bowl Attachment, $20 each.

The threads in the carburetor body that receive the float bowl attaching bolt can be stripped out or corroded away.  I make up and install a threaded insert that replaces the perished threads in the carburetor body.

Distributor Rebuilding, $40 (plus parts).

Dissemble and clean all parts.  Renew bushings if necessary, replace washer under advance weight plate, machine washer for correct end float of shaft. Check weights and springs.

Distributor Loose Head Repair, $20.

Clean and pin cast head (body) to the steel shaft that fits into the engine block.

Water Pump Rebuilding $80.

The water pump is disassembled cleaned and all parts checked.  The impeller is turned and a seal seat is installed. The pump body is bored and a seal seat is press fitted for a new standard industrial seal. The pump is assembled with new sealed bearings.

  • New shaft if necessary $30.

  • Modify pulley if necessary $40. Most of the time when the pulley becomes loose on the shaft the shaft and the pulley hole wear out of tolerance and need to be repaired.

  • Bronze 6 Blade Impeller $35.  The six blade impeller provide increased water flow.

Fuel Tank Adaptor $50.

Fuel Tank Adaptor

This unit screws onto the fuel tank outlet and the fuel line screws onto the bottom of the adaptor. This is used to add a fuel pump at the back of the car and NOT cut the fuel line.

Fuel tank adaptor and rear fuel pump

Roland “Butch” Taras

1191 Eaton Ave.

Hemet, Ca. 92543


Telephone +1 818-281-7333