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Y Type Trivia Quiz 1

Questions, and Answers by David Pelham

    So just how much do you know about the MG Y Type? Test your knowledge with the ten questions below.  There are no prizes.  The questions have been devised by David Pelham, so if you want to query the answers,please email him.


Question 1: When was the YA launched?
A). 1948
B). 1947
C). Neither of the above
Question 2: Overriders were fitted as standard to ... ?
A). YBs & YTs
B). YBs only
C). All Y Types
Question 3: The Y Type Saloon body is based upon ... ?
A). Morris Ten-Four
B). Morris Eight series E
C). Neither of these
Question 4: The Lucas 1130 sidelamp fitted to all Y Types is sometimes known as a ... ?
A). Torpedo lamp
B). Exocet lamp
C). Fender light
Question 5: Which Lucas spotlamp was fitted to early Y Types Saloons?
A). FT575
B). FT27
C). FT57
Question 6: Who made the Ammeter fitted to Y Types?
A). British Jaeger
B). Smiths
C). Lucas
Question 7: YBs differed from YAs in that?
A). The front wings were different 
B). The rear wings were different
C). Both of these
Question 8: Where is the horn fitted on a YA? 
A). On the bulkhead
B). Inside the front wing
C). On the front crossmember
Question 9: How many YTs were produced?
A). 877
B). More than 895
C). Less than787
Question 10: Oil bath air filters were fitted to ... ? 
A). All export cars
B). All export cars except Ireland
C). Those going to hot climates

    So, how have you done?  Check your result out now or   to let someone else have a try.