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MG Technical Videos

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"Hi, I am John Twist, founder and joint owner of University Motors Ltd.

University Motors Ltd, is a British Motor Heritage® Approved Workshop, and is located in Ada (an eastern suburb of Grand Rapids), Michigan, USA.

"University Motors specializes in the MG sports cars and offers line and bench service, full maintenance, restoration, technical support, counter sales of new and used parts, and mechanical and restoration classes. I founded University Motors in January 1975, and my wife, Caroline Robinson, and I were the owners. University Motors is a Registered Repair Facility with the State of Michigan. Both Caroline and I offered a lifelong dedication to the marque!"

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John has an encyclopaedic knowledge of many technical issues and we are proud to be associated with him and his company.  All the short videos on this page can also be found on YouTube, along with others that are more specific to a particular model such as MG MGA, or MG MGB.  Although these videos are not specifically on MG Y cars, the principles are true and can easily be carried over and used on our cars.  We hope you find them useful.  Videos will play in the player screen to the left - not a new window.

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Understanding the car battery

25.3mb 10:47 minutes

Understanding the control box

24.4mb 10:34 minutes

How the dynamo (generator) works

22.0mb 9:21minutes

How to polarize a dynamo (generator)

15.1mb 6:35 minutes

MG Starter problems

14.3mb 6:04 minutes

Replacing the points

21.5mb 9:10 minutes


How to check compression

11.6mb 5:04 minutes

Diagnosing compression problems

8.4mb 3:32 minutes

Calculating the compression ratio

21.4mb 9:04minutes

XPAG rebuild

6.6mb 2:52 minutes

Starting a TC engine

7.3mb 3:09 minutes

Starting a TD engine

15.7mb 6:40 minutes

Setting static ignition timing

9.4mb 3:41 minutes

The importance of regular oil changes

6.1mb 2:30 minutes

XPAG oil leaks

21.5mb 8:07 minutes

Oil pressure

24.0mb 10:13 minutes

Valve gap setting - in 5 minutes

15.9mb 6:46 minutes

Finding Top Dead Centre

10.72mb 4:42 minutes

Rocker Shaft Wear

9.75mb 4:12 minutes


Secrets of SU Carburettors - Part 1 of 2

17.1mb 7:23 minutes

Secrets of SU Carburettors - Part 2 of 2

9.5mb 3:57 minutes

Centring the carburettor jet needle

15.2mb 6:25 minutes

Carburettor pistons

9.38mb 3:55 minutes

Fuel pump issues

21.0mb 9:41 minutes

The different H Type carburettors

7.01mb 3:14 minutes

Matching SU Air pistons

7.98mb 3:45 minutes


Changing a universal joint

18.3mb 7:65 minutes

Changing a tie-rod

4.6mb 1:59 minutes


How to make your own gaskets

14.9mb 6:26 minutes