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or "Start them young"

MG Y Types on the move

Do you have a picture of the next generation of MG Y owners as they start out? If so, send them in with a brief story about who it is and when.

DOne of the best ways to stimulate interest in youngsters is to teach them the Suck Push Bang Blow theory of the internal combustion engine. I bought my grandson the Haynes Working Model and helped him build it. The finished engine allowed him to see everything moving and the bulbs light up to represent the ignition spark. Suck, Push, Bang, Blow was brought to life.

Submitted by Peter Vielvoye.

For the recent MG Car Club Concourse in Sydney, I took my SA saloon on its first local outing following purchase. However, my recently licensed eldest son took the YT with his younger brother in tow (the P-plate on the back signifies "provisional" license. This was his first drive of the YT and now he want to take it all the time.

The Nicholson grandchildren in grandpa Bob's Y/T captured in the age of innocence.

My granddaughter Rosa aged 9, recently helped me by cranking the engine on the YT so that I could adjust the tappets. Really helped with reducing the time taken. She is quite small but a 'tough' gymnast; hence was able to turn the engine with some effort, but thoroughly enjoyed doing this.

I am attaching 2 pictures of a friend's daughter Zoe Kendall with her friend, at their school proms in the MG YT in 2007. Venue was Elfordleigh Hotel, Plympton, Plymouth in Devon UK and also a picture of my grandson George Koshti-Richman, in front of our YT in the grounds of Buckland Abbey, which was the home of Sir Francis Drake a few centuries ago. The picture was taken in 2009; George is 'Special Needs' child with many muscular problems, and is a real fan of the YT.

Submitted by: Anil Koshti

Alena (from Hamburg, 10), Myself (very late 50s), Maxim (from US, 12), Keenan (from US, 6), Niels (from Hamburg, 12). The car behind ours is Frank Neumann's Y1314 from Denmark.

Norbert Lange enjoys his MG Y with the Younger Generation at the MG Meeting on the Danish Isle of Als and his four grandchildren who were visiting from Fort Drum, New York State, USA.

Keenan, Niels, Maxim, Alena.

Niels, Keenan, Alena, Maxim.

Maxim and Keenan, Alena and Niels.

The look on their faces says it all!

Submitted by: Norbert Lange

This time Tony's YT "MeG" carried Thomassina & Nick to their school formal last night — they are both 17. Thom is the daughter of a very good friend.

Submitted by: Tony Slattery

Tony Slattery's Granddaughters Ella (aged 6) and Jasmine (aged 3) with Tony's YT and newly acquired TA Airline.

Submitted by: Tony Slattery

Here are some pictures of Alena and Niels, our grandchildren living in Hamburg. They are all from May 2010 when Alena was 8 and Niels was 10 years old.


Submitted by: Norbert Lange

This photo was taken at a lunch stop in northern France on our way back from Italy in 1975. We had attended an MG rally in south Germany and then we had pushed on over the Alps to show the Kids Venice. They soon gave up 'are we nearly there' although I'm not sure they liked the Y type any more for it!


Submitted by: Bryan Mellem

Attached is a picture of my 13 year old son Thomas trying to loosen the front engine mount (I know, he's not very hardy yet with the gloves and the cushion).


Submitted by: Willem van der Veer

I started this young fellow at age 2. We baby sit my Nieces son one day each week and he just loves the Y and insist on a ride at every visit. Now before each drive he instructs me "Must check oil first Uncle T".


Submitted by: Terry J Ciantar

I started my eldest daughter Adele at 2 back in 1989..here is a photo of her washing the car.....mind you as she now resides in Melbourne I have to clean it myself these days.


Submitted by: David Mullen

One of my greatest pleasures is sharing my old cars with the young ones. Without them, our cars will have no future other than becoming static museum displays. Anything that will foster their interest should be encouraged. Have also attached a few more pictures taken at a local school where we were asked to display our cars as part of the Children's History Week. Just look at the smiles on the children's faces. Priceless.


Submitted by: Terry J Ciantar