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Luggage straps for the MG Y

Photographs by Terry O'Brien - YT 4217

Terry O'Brien has kindly sent in these photographs of his very luggage straps.  On the inside of the boot lid of the Y (all models) there were two metal loops which line up with two similar loops on the car body.  The curled ends would be attached to the loops on the car and boot lid, and then tightened, belt-fashion to secure luggage on the open platform of the boot lid.  Although straps were not supplied with the cars originally, these match the description of the majority of the postings submitted.  Hopefully one day someone will remanufacture some sets!


Steel fittings - curled end


Steel fittings - buckle and tongue (1)


Steel fittings - buckle and tongue (2)


Buckled 1


Buckled 2


Buckled 3

Terry says: "I have the original set of straps.  They are made of a webbing material similar to World War 2 British/Canadian army shoulder straps attached to and used for the back pack. The fittings, clasps etc. are steel.  There are four straps in all. They are all 1.25" wide. For the long ones including the hooks for the fixing points and the buckle they are 40" in length.  The shorter ones are 38.5" long including the hook and a metal finisher (tongue) which is meant to thread through the buckle.  They are khaki in colour albeit dirty; and probably a bit thinner material than the army webbing.