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Ys impress on 250km* run to Chittering Valley and Toodjay in the Darling Ranges

in conjunction with the Perth MG TC Club
Sunday 19, October 2008

by John Ellis

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few photos taken of Ys on an outing to the Chittering Valley and Toodjay in the Darling Ranges, on Sunday 19th October 2008. Most of the photographs were taken on departure from John Lambie's farm in the Chittering valley, where we had a very enjoyable morning tea, before setting out across country to Toodjay 


It was a picnic outing for Y types over an overall run of about 250 km, organised by Ron Mitchem, ("1949 YA").


This sort of distance does not seem to daunt the Western Australian Y owners and certainly not the TC, TD, and TF owners who joined in the fun, making about 38 MG enthusiasts in all.


We were joined by a new owner David Ward who brought along his latest acquisition, a nice YT which he trailed all the way. David already has a YA and now says he would like a YB to complete the set. As my YA is still under restoration, I didn't do the whole run but I was assured that there were absolutely no breakdowns at any stage. The Y's and owners were: Peter Copestake - My YT (red), Ron Mitchem 1949 YA (red), Mike Burden YA (Black), Mike Sherrill Y modified with MGA engine, disk brakes etc., (grey/black), YT (crimson) on trailer, Dave Ward.


Full credit to Peter Copestake who completed a distance trial with T series cars the following weekend, and clocked up over 1000 kilometres in his YT. He reported that it behaved perfectly. Not bad after almost 60 years!


The next gathering in Australia for Y-Typers will be at the M.G. Car Clubs of Australia National Meeting to be held at Geelong in Victoria over Easter 2009. The Geelong meeting will see the presentation of the "David Lawrence Trophy" for the best performance of a Y-Type at National Meetings every year since 1970.


* - 250km = 155 miles


David Ward's YT

Peter Copestake YT

Ron Mitchems YA

Ken Wilson ex Don Main Y

Mike Sherrill Y modified

Mike Burden YA

To enlarge the pictures, double click on them.