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David A Pelham 12 December 1951 - 28 June 2013

In Memory of
David Albert Pelham

1951 - 2013

Written by Robert Gammage — 8/9 July 2013

Typically David, in Brittany 2012

Born at Pembury, Kent in December 1951 David spent his early years in Sundridge, Kent attending Riverhead Primary School before heading to Churchill School in Westerham Kent where he completed his schooling. David's first and only employer was Singer and Frielander where he started as a computer programmer in 1967 and rose through the ranks to Operations Director prior to taking early retirement in 2006.

David with CaroleDavid with Kirsty

Married life came in 1974 with his marriage to Shirley, and they set up home in East Grinstead. Their first daughter Kirsty arrived in 1983, followed by Carole in 1986.


Following his retirement David founded Pelham Solutions, which was a way of channelling his entrepreneurship for all things from financial services and website design to his innovative XPAG drip trays.


Max Stoop and Sons 1981The restored YT

His first MG was an MGB GT V8 which was soon followed by a basket case MG YA of which the seller assured him that all of the pieces were in the seventeen cases that came with it, and to be fair to the seller they were. His next purchase was an MGB Roadster, then an MG TD and an MG PB followed by an MG RV8. The PA and TD were sold to make way for his 'holy grail', an MG YT. The YT (picture left shows former owner Max Stoop in 1981, picture right, after David's restoration) was purchased from a Swiss seller as a complete car with spares, albeit that the partially dismantled car came back to the UK on a trailer accompanied by a Ford transit full of the remaining parts and numerous spares in many, many wooden crates.

The unrestored YThe unrestored Y

The restoration of the YA was to prove a pivotal moment for all those that have ever owned, desired to own, or just wanted information  about, Y Types. During the rebuild of the YA David became obsessed with obtaining as much information as he could regarding not only the YA but also the YB and the rarer YT Tourer. He enjoyed membership of the major MG Clubs and was an active member and supporter of them all. David was instrumental in organising and participating in many of the Y Register biannual overseas tours. His analytical brain, coupled with his day-to-day employment meant that he was ideally placed for the rapidly developing world of email and the internet. His input into collecting and archiving all things Y Type meant that the various groups within the Clubs that looked after the interests of Y Types could be united. This led to the formation of the International Y Register which David along with Paul Barrow, David Lawrence, and others have made a fantastic repository for all things Y Type. The data that David has been instrumental in collating will continue to be an outstanding example of his dedication and loyalty and is a fantastic legacy to David.

The restored Y at SilverstoneFamily flowersNot content just to collate and share his expertise and experiences in rebuilding both the YA and YT online, David would spend hours and many late nights assisting and helping fellow Y type owners around the globe by email, phone and Skype. He was generous not just with his time, but also with the way in which he would send a much-needed part from his extensive selection of spares often free of charge. David made many friends around the globe and it was not unusual for David and Shirley to welcome many of them to their home and lend them a car whilst they were in the UK.


David passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at home on the 28th June 2013, our condolences go to Shirley, Kirsty and Carole, his mother Eileen and sister Christine.


davidpelhamThe thinker

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