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Harrogate MG 2004 Newby Hall
8 August 2004

by Andrew Coulson

Among the many regional MG shows, non Y Register that is, the Harrogate MG event has been attracting cars and visitors for 19 years. Held in the superb woodland grounds of Newby Hall in North Yorkshire, the show hosts Concours and Condition Classes as well as a range of trade stands, autojumbles and visiting car clubs.


This year, two Y owners braved the scrutiny of Concours judges (there being no Condition/POO for Y types!) and subjected themselves to the "under the car; behind the wheel arches; below the spare wheel; etc" examination of even the smallest of small parts! Bernard Meynell, Middlesborough, (YA; AHC 108) and Andrew Coulson, Ripon, (YA; UMG 473) put themselves under the microscope, with Bernard's superb and lovingly restored car taking the honours for first place.


An enviable engine bay and faultless interior (see photos) added to Bernard's reputation for engineering know-how and precision — well done for flying the flag to such a high standard!


Reflecting on the winners state of polish, Andrew's rear hubcap caught a nice view in the line up!


Making up the Register numbers at Newby Hall was Malcolm Hardy ( Northern Rep) who had spent the weekend there with the Bury MG Car Club. In pursuit of his ongoing rebuild of his YA, he even managed to purchase the missing two wheel nuts he claims have been holding up his project!!


And finally, whilst picnics were being eaten, one 'older lady' regaled the time when she, as a new mother travelled in the back of her father's Y type with her new born daughter in a carry cot, her mother (also in the back) and her husband in the front passenger seat. The journey  she remembered was from Surrey to Yorkshire and took" a miserable 13 hours".


Time must have healed things a bit as she left us armed with website address and an ambition to contact the Registrar in order to pursue her father's car!



Concours winning
Bernard Meynell
(left) & runner up

Engine Bay AHC 108

Interior AHC 108

A classic reflection

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