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Ripon Old Cars Gathering

14 July 2002

by Andrew Coulson and Andrew Adamson

Andrew Coulson writes:

The annual Ripon Old Cars classic car gathering is a charity event (£27,000 so far to Yorkshire Cancer Research) which had its best turn out ever this year. As well as some 450+ individual entries, there were 17 "One Make" Stands, of which the MG Y Types was one.


"Organised by Andrew & Arlene Coulson, the five cars on the Y stand were 4 YA plus Andrew's YT. Bernard Maynall drove down from Middlesborough, David Hilliam up from West Yorkshire, and Brian & John Arkley brought one of their 3 Y's down from Hartlepool!  (Two are still in the restoration stage)"


"The thoughtful addition of a shaded gazebo (hottest day of the year so far!), fluids and food on which to graze completed a most pleasant day, topped off with 'guest' appearances of Malcolm and Pat Hardy (YA still in rebuild)!


"The location is a lovely, stream side site, with cars from 1919 — 1980 being judged, plus a handful of veterans and steam cars along with commercials and agricultural machinery.


"As the stands are booked about one year ahead, Andrew & Arlene are already putting their marker down for another hospitality session next year! Among the attractions then (so we are promised) will be Malcolm's YA fresh from Bury and the long awaited unveiling of Mike Silk's YT (Wakefield). A maximum of 10 cars per "one make" stand are permitted, so space is still available for the adventurous few! Of course, we cannot guarantee a repeat of the weather, but it would be great to have to book a YA stand, a YB stand and (if we can get 3 tourers) even an exclusively YT stand!"



and Andrew Adamson writes:

"Having attended many a rain-soaked classic car show in the hope of spotting the odd Y type, the event organised by Ripon Old Cars on Sunday made a welcome change, with not a cloud in the sky and the only worry being that ice cream supplies might dry up. The event was staged in the rural surroundings of Clotherholme Farm and is now in its ninth year. With several hundred classic vehicles in attendance, there was something to interest everybody, from Austin Sevens to Austin Healeys. Those of us with an interest in MG Y types were delighted to find their very own one make stand, organised by the ever resourceful Andrew and Arlene Coulson, whose own brace of Y Types were on display along with no fewer than three more examples."


"The cars themselves were all well turned out. The deep maroon paintwork of Bernard Meyell's beautifully restored 1950 YA positively sparkled in the sunlight, as did John Arkley's model of the same year. Another Y type on the stand, not listed in the programme, was painted in MG's "Cream Cracker" scheme of Brown and Cream. Although this was a non-standard colour scheme it suited the car very well indeed. Andrew and Arlene Coulson's cars looked as well cared for as ever. The rare YT finished in red is reported to be the oldest of its type in the country and attracted a lot of interest. Its companion 1951 YA in a pleasing shade of green is used on a regular basis, including the Historic Monte Carlo Rally."


"The whole day provided much enjoyment for classic car owners in general and Y Type enthusiasts in particular. It is nice to see these models getting the recognition they deserve. For those within reach of Ripon, come along to next year's event and bring your Y type with you."



ripon0201 ripon0202

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