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Ripon Old Cars Gathering

11 July 2004

by Andrew Coulson

Last year the "Y2X2" event was held over the hottest weekend for years ... and this year the Ripon Old Cars event balanced it all out. It was cold! And eventually it rained, but not until the end of a good day in the field.


Over 1,000 vehicles were in attendance, and on the Y Type stand there were 6: YT Mike & Sue Silk; YB Brian Arkley; and the YAs of John Arkley, Michael Nicholson, Tim Griggs and Andrew & Arlene Coulson. A further YA was entered  for individual judging (Ray Knox from Billingham).


Yet again, the Y register was the only Register (one type) present, although several of the local MG Clubs had mixed models on show. Special mention, and thanks, must be given to Tim Griggs from London who had travelled up to Yorkshire for the show, taking in visits to family/friends en route, and so has set the record for the 'longest distance travelled to a Y stand in Ripon — unless you know otherwise!'


Mike & Sue Silk arrived topless in their lovely YT, but soon the early  signs of  the rain yet to come forced Mike to demonstrate the smooth hood mechanism — something Andrew's YT has yet to perfect he thinks! (The Coulson YT is re-wiring lights, meant to be finished by now ... but you understand these things!)


Interest was again high from the visitors, including two people restoring / breaking Y's, and of course the welcome visit from Pat & Malcolm Hardy as Northern Reps on the Committee. Arlene's catering was as usual (i.e. plenty of everything). By the time the rain started — which it had threatened all day — a new record was set for clearing the stand, packing the car and exiting the ground. We still need to break the record for the number of Y's at this event, so book early for next year (when there may be free whisky, champagne, massage)  Got to go now Arlene's just read this last bit!




Coulson and Arkley
Coulson and Arkley

Messrs. Nicholson, Silk, Griggs & Arkley
Messrs. Nicholson, Silk,
 Griggs & Arkley
(sounds like a bunch
of country solicitors!)

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