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Ripon Old Cars Gathering

10 July 2005

by Andrew Coulson


ripon05Having attended all of the last seven shows at Ripon Old Cars, and hosted a Y Register stand at four of these, the Coulson's again hoped to break the magic 10 Y types total!


Alas then that on Saturday evening prior to the show Mike Silk was buffing his excellent YT — only to find an unusual fluid dripping beneath.  Master brake cylinder failure had set in and reluctantly he and Sue had to cancel.


Alas again that Mike Nicholson from Leeds in his 'cream cracker' YA broke a half shaft on the morning of the show while driving through Harrogate and was recovered to home.


But enough of those 'alases'! Scorching hot blue skies (again!), plenty of food, drink and shade, and of course several hundred vehicles of all types — including five Y types.


Bernard and Margaret Meynall brought their immaculate car over from Middlesbrough — freshly cleaned after bursting an oil pipe and depositing a gallon (imperial measure of course!) of oil in Leyburn. Brian and John Arkley drove their YA and YB down from Hartlepool; and Andrew & Arlene had their YA and the newly acquired YB pick up (ex- Mervyn Davies).


The autojumble had XPAG and Lucas parts to provide for many 'jobs to be done', (Andrew even obtained some headlamp mounting brackets — complete with studs) and the level of interest from the visiting crowds again confirms that our stylish saloons continue to carry favour with the Yorkshire public!


Roy Hardwick, a new YB owner (see yesterday's news!!) stopped by and discussed repairs, overhauls and welding — and received copious advice to go with the beer, wine and water (not that he drank all that himself, you understand!)

An enjoyable day only slightly marred by the unavoidable absences of at least two other Y's (although heroically Mike Nicholson did jump into his every day 'Merc' and join us for the rest of the day — many thanks!)


So all that was left was to 'de-gazeboise', i.e. clear the stand, remove the bunting and pack up the tent till 2006. And for Andrew a week's suppers of delectable savouries which somehow failed to be consumed on the day!


And finally ... to complete the trio of failures, Andrew's YB pick up burst a fuel pipe on the outskirts of the show site; a failure quickly spotted (by smell and wet patch on the road!) and promptly repaired — Arlene has gained an almost second sight as to when to offer help; when to 'tut' sympathetically — and when to head off home in order to get a large drink well iced!!


See you all next year — and remember, we do have space for a few more!



The Coulson clan YB pick up and YA
The Coulson clan
YB pick up and YA

Meynal, Arkley and Arkley
Meynal, Arkley and Arkley

YB pick up
YB pick up

Brian and Muriel Arkley
Brian and Muriel Arkley

Apres Show
Apres Show

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