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Spring Run 2006 - Sunday 30 April 2006

by Ted Gardner.
Photographs by Andrew Adamson, Richard Knight, Keith Herkes and Ted Gardner.



spring0603Jerry Birkbeck came up with a good one this year, you could tell when we arrived at the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway car park where a Hall Class was steaming and Ys were gathering.


spring0605There were 26 Ys of all varieties in all and many other MG and other interesting types coming along as can be seen from the pictures. People had travelled from as far afield as Chesterfield and Southampton, some in just the day but others including myself made a weekend of the event.  This was a good plan and may be the way the 60th anniversary of the Y Run is planned for next Spring.


spring0604At the start of the Spring Run Jerry is always to be seen rushing about collecting late monies and assisting with information whilst Jo waves the flag about when eventually someone is persuaded to stop chatting and start the Run.


spring0606This year Jerry planned the Run of about 60 miles to start from Toddington and meander through country lanes (with notes on the location of Pubs en route) to the finish at Claydon House near Winslow in Buckinghamshire. Some participants we noticed having picnics en route and some, like Peter & Suzie Arnell, Jack & Mollie Murray and Keith & Rita Herkes to name but a few, took lunch in one of the Pubs.


spring0608Many cars must have arrived by 2:30pm after a very pleasant Run but most seemed to have got there by 3:30pm. Claydon House is an attractive house, with an area in front just right for the display of the cars and for the erection of the Register gazebo. Luckily we had Felicity Gresser to read out the instructions for this while we took no notice. Eventually we got it up and looking a bit like the picture on the tin. Jack & cohorts then proceeded to sell various Register regalia and at about 4:00pm the prizes for the YA/YT ( Andrew Moreland ) and YB ( Alan Pratt ) that members would most like to take home were presented.


The Piston Broke Award was presented to Guy who's E-Type had suffered but lets not dwell on that. Jerry says all the cars performed flawlessly.


spring0607Much chatting , looking at cars and renewing friendships until about 5:00pm, when we all started to drift away after a very good day (agreed by all) with many thanks to Jerry & Jo and anyone else that helped that I don't know about. Then with hardly anyone left to watch we took down the gazebo and stuffed it in its bag (assisted by Mike Silk) ready for the big one next year.

Great fun

spring0611 spring0615 spring0616 spring0609
spring0617 spring0618
spring0619 spring0620
spring0621 spring0614 spring0622
spring0613 spring0612

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