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Silverstone MG International Weekend

An 80th Birthday Party

23 - 25 July 2004

by Andrew Coulson


The Y Register was among those invited to the party — and someone even left with a party bag!


The 80th Birthday Celebrations of the MG Car club were held at Silverstone 23 — 25 July and several of the Y Register were able to join in. Friday saw David Pelham's heroic attempts to make the tortuous journey from East Grinstead to the Circuit — only to be thwarted by electrical misfortunes. With a little help from the RAC (and I am sure his passenger, a certain David Lawrence) his car was repatriated to the Pelham Estates. Meanwhile Chairman Arnell delivered his sun bronze to the Exhibition Marquee where she was displayed for the three days in a sequence of models through the years.


Saturday brought six additional Y's, and Sunday seven more, including some new friends and one competitor (Andrew & Arlene Coulson in the Pride of Ownership!). Also showing up for their stints on the Register stand / regalia sales were the Cairns (Neil on crutches but still driving); Murrays; Arnells; David Hague and others (sorry if I missed you — I spent too long watching the racing!)


Notable was the range of weather: from sunshine to rain, passing through cold and windy and the occasional touch of Summer thrown in; the range of mascots on Y types (see pictures); and the large number of overseas visitors, many of whom gave close inspection to the Y's.


Sunday saw the POO (Pride Of Ownership), organised as usual by the Anglia Centre of the MGCC, and a somewhat cautious Coulson entry signed on with 5 minutes to spare (having spent a rather long Saturday evening with friends and a fine malt!). Disappointingly, UMG 473 was the only Y type in either POO or Concours, disappointing because several Ys in the Register parking area would have stood excellent chances of winning in either (or both) classes.


Nevertheless, in response to the Register Committee's (and Safety Fast scribe's) admonitions, the flag was flown and the chrome was polished, the carpets brushed, the pipework was gleamed, the bodywork caressed and the tyres glazed — and the crowds flocked (honest) to ask more about the oldest saloon in the beauty parlour!


And finally, the judging over, an etched glass tankard presented (thank you judge and MGCC) UMG 473 left for home on Sunday afternoon.  (And in case anyone thinks She's a pampered car, we should note that the return mileage for the weekend was 402 miles, and the lady in question lives outdoors all year round). So how about at least one YA, YT and YB in the line up next year, they really do scrub up nicely!!


Cars on Sunday


Cars on Saturday


Peter Arnell's YA in the exhibition


David Hague and Suzie Arnell


Mollie Murray and Arlene Coulson


Thermometer mascot


Swift mascot


Andrew's attempt to influence the inevitable!


Andrew Coulson's POO winner!

To enlarge the pictures, double click on them.