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Australia The Sydney MGCC Concours and Display

Sunday 20 October 2002

By Alf Luckman


This event was possibly the most successful in the past 25  years for the Sydney Club with a total display of 224 cars. Included in this number was the largest gathering of Y Types seen in one place in living memory (down under at least - Webmaster).  We had 13 cars to show off, made up of  seven tourers and six sedans.


The weather was a delight all day after a lot of recent hot and windy days our day was just nicely warm with a gentle breeze.  We could not have asked for anything better.  A number of Y people made a big effort to come along with some travelling a fair distance to show off their cars.  We had a very recent tourer restoration, that of David Aldridge, who has spent the past three and a half years bringing it back from a very poor state to near pristine.


The judging for the event is broken  into two classes, i.e. Concours and Road.  Our winners in the Concours class were: Peter Martyn (YA),  Bob Simpson (YT) and Alf Luckman (YA).  In the Road Class the winners were,  Jim Hutton (YT), Peter Fogarty (YA) and Richard Hope (YA).


A few people, because of other commitments could not stay for the entire day and their cars were not included in the judging.  The  event was held in a nice park overlooking the Parramatta River, in the suburb of Henley, about  five miles to the north of the city.  Later in the day all the cars that had been restored in the past year - this included all types of  MG's - were called together and an expert group of judges looked them over very carefully.  Out of this scrutiny of twelve cars,  Peter Martyn's YA was judged the best.   A most admirable achievement when one looked at the competition this car had from a number of lovely T types.  Very well done Peter, the car is a credit to you.  The numbers of Y types we have been able to display has been slowly increasing over the past several years.  Four years ago we had four on show, then five, then eight and now this year, thirteen.  With the continuing  and growing interest in these cars we have hopes of expanding these numbers even more in the future.


A lot of people helped make this event the success it was and that assistance, in all its forms, was greatly appreciated by  those who came along on the day.


9 Y Types ...

and 4 more Y Types

Richard Hope's Y and new register sign

Peter Martyn - Best Restoration 2002