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Buchanan MG Y race car Australia

A part of Australian motoring history.

Only 135 built, 90 by the N.H. Buchanan Motor Company and 45 by J & S Fibreglass.  Only 35 of these unique vehicles survive and are listed with the Buchanan register, refer to web page http://www.buchananmotorcompany.com/ and subsequent pages on MGs.  This vehicle was built by East Burwood Motors in Victoria, pre 1960 and was raced by its owner Wally Mitchell. It was one of two Buchanan's owned and raced by him, this car being the dark maroon one.


As this vehicle has a race history it would make an ideal historic race car in group LB (subject to cams approval). Some paper work has already been submitted.  The body is an original Buchanan Motor company one and is unique in that it still has the original identification plate, body number 38.  All the paint has been removed (not by using paint stripper) so all of the repairs to be done can be seen. Some repairs have been started.  All body parts are from the original car.


The chassis is a MG Y type, shortened and lightened in need of a light rub down and paint.  Note that the Y type has front coil spring suspension (forerunner to A and B type) and rear leaf springs with underslung chassis and panhard rod.  All of the original body mounting brackets are there, fire wall and for the rear body section.  All running gear is there, kingpins, wishbones, springs, lever shockers, front roll bar etc.  A MG Y type rear axel complete with panhard rod but no diff centre.


There is a MG A type rear axle complete with a banjo diff centre that can fitted to the Y type axle with modification.


Various parts with the car are:

  • Brake components, backing plates, shoes etc.
  • Tail shaft.
  • Fuel tank.
  • Steering shaft and rack.
  • Door, boot and bonnet hinges.
  • Windscreen pillars with broken glass.
  • Radiator.
  • Two fibreglass bucket seats that can be upholstered in a classic style.
  • Extractors.
  • SU carburettor.
  • MG gearbox believed to be TC.
  • An A series engine which has been with the vehicle since the original twin cam motor was sold separately in the 60's. (I have a copy of the add from a Racing Car News magazine).
  • MG Y type solid steel wheels.
  • An old VDO speedo and tacho.

Note: As this is an MG based vehicle, all mechanical parts are easily obtained or restored



Two Buchanan Y types, Wal Mitchell driving the one in front.

buchanan01 buchanan02 buchanan03 buchanan04
buchanan05 buchanan06 buchanan07 buchanan08
buchanan09 buchanan10 buchanan11 buchanan12
buchanan13 buchanan14
buchanan15 buchanan16 buchanan17 buchanan18
buchanan19 buchanan20 buchanan21 buchanan22
buchanan23 buchanan24