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Ramseier-Worblaufen Special Bodied Ys Switzerland


worblaufen1worblaufen2In 1947, Y 1374, Y 1379 and Y 1381 were shipped to Worblaufen, Switzerland to the workshops of Fritz Ramseier and Son for 'luxury 2 door, 2 window' special bodies.  You can see their showroom in the background of these pictures.


Thanks to the Swiss Car Register we are able to bring you two photographs of these special Ramseier Bodied Y Types.  The Swiss Car Register have also provided a PDF of the original Tariff Certificate (a translation to English can be downloaded here). These pictures, and the PDF of the Tariff Certificate are the copyright and property of the Swiss Car Register, Lindenstrasse 15, 8307 Effretikon, Switzerland and may not be reproduced elsewhere without their express written permission.


worblaufen3worblaufen6Another picture of the Ramseier-Worblaufen car - this time of the rear 3/4 view of the car was shown in John Lawson's 'The Classic Y' in 1996. 


Well we now know some more about the breakdown of the nine - three were Reinholt & Christé, three were Worblaufen/Ramseier, one was a Zagato, and one was a Beutler which leaves only another two.  Who knows what time will throw up?


This page has been put together through the collaborative efforts of Armin Kuriger, the Swiss Car Register, Anton Piller and David Mullen.  My thanks to you all.


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