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AN MG Y RV8 Australia

If you have a pure mind about restoration, look away now as this will fill you with horror!  Alf Luckman has sent us pictures of this car in Australia!  If, on the other hand, you consider the Y Type to have been built with potential for development, then this has to be the ultimate!


Unfortunately the details we have are a little sparse, but here are Alf's notes:


The engine is that fitted to the blue car.  It is a 3.5 litre Rover V8 out of a Range Rover.  The transmission is a Borg Warner type 35, coupled up to an MGB rear end.  The front end, brakes etc is also MGB.  The car is lowered about 3 inches and it has 6 inch wheels and it goes very quickly indeed - so the owner told me.  The engineering work is very neatly done and at 20 paces it is very difficult to tell the car from a common or garden variety Y sedan.


Other points of interest are the "three-point" fixing arrangement of the seat-belt in the first picture, as referred to in the seat-belt Hint and Tip.  Also the windscreen demisting channels mounted on the top of the dash board; they are really neat and look the part.


Here are some photographs.  Click on them to enlarge.



The seats - note the seatbelt
anchorage - this must not be
done without proper engineering


An MGB steering wheel with a
heavily modified dash board.


The exterior.


The business end.


Another view

v86 v87