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YB 1550 - the last full bodied YB Germany


MG made 1301 MG YB chassis beginning with YB 0251. Therefore simple arithmetic will tell you that the last YB Chassis to leave the Abingdon plant was YB 1551. However, this was only a chassis and it was given, by John Thornley, to Dick Jacobs who built a special body for it. As with YB 0251, this car has been "missing" from public knowledge as to its survival until it was recently uncovered by the webmaster while trawling the internet for something else!


The car was originally sold to an owner in Guernsey, Channel Islands, and it was purchased from him in 2006 by the current owner for the bargain price of £2,000!


As can be seen from the photographs sent in by Mr. Ivo Arnus, the car is in fine shape and is being well looked after. It now takes its place as a very significant MG Y, along with the first (YB 0251) and the very last chassis (YB 1551), as the Omega full bodied MG YB ever.


YB 1550


Car number YB / 1550

yb155005 yb155003

Right side of engine

yb155006 yb155007

Original dash board ...


The last full bodied MG YB ... ever

Inside of rear left door panel as removed during restoration ... the end of an era.


The last full bodied, fully upholstered MG Y ... EVER