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Be Safe, Be Seen!

LED rear D Lamp lights


Reduce the electrical load and have much BRIGHTER, SAFER tail lights. NEW LED ST38 ("Pork Pie") and ST51("D") Lamp Inserts. Upgrade your Pre-War, TA, TB, TC or Y type tail lights with modern LED light power!


These are two function (Brake & Tail light + License plate) units that are simple to install in your existing lights. If turn signal equipped, use an electronic flasher unit.


Positive or Negative Ground units (please specify) are $55 each or $99 per pair. Shipping to USA is $5 for one or two, and shipping international (Priority) is $25 for one or two. Instructions included.


Inquires to Lew Palmer: LEDLamps@roundaboutmanor.com.


Orders via PayPal to Lew Palmer: Lew@roundaboutmanor.com or by Check/Money Order.


palmer  palmer

All prices exclude shipping and are in $US.