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Parts Drawings

Although many parts are available as 'New Old Stock' (NOS), second-hand, or remanufactured for TCs and TDs, some parts are totally unavailable and will have to be made up either by yourself, of a fabricator.  To help eliminate some of the guess work involved in this process, we hope to bring you measured drawings and templates where previous restorers have had items made.

NB: When you open the thumbnail you may not be able to see ALL of the picture in one view and may have to scroll to see it all.

Y/YB Sun Visor

Sun visor as fitted to the MG Y and YB.

Battery Box Lid

An engineering drawing to enable you to make your own battery box lid for an MG Series "Y". Courtesy of Michael Long, UK.

Rear Side Curtain Frame and bracket

An engineering drawing to enable you to make your own side curtain frames for the MG YT weather protection equipment. Courtesy of Jim Spears, USA.

Roof Gutter Layout

If the rear drain tubes from the sun roof on the MG Y and YB become blocked, water will back up and rot out the rear cross member of the sun roof assembly.  Here is a dimensioned drawing by Roy Clapham of the roof gutter so that you can fabricate a new one.

Headlining cutting pattern

When Roy Clapham recently fitted a headlining to his car, the one he purchased from NTG, apart from the main roof piece, he had to cut the rest as per the drawinghe sent in.

Gear lever gaiter base and cone

Gear lever - gaiter base

PDF file version

Gear lever - gaiter cone

PDF file version

Gear lever gaiter and fuel tank inner wing gasket hold down ring.

PDF file ersion

Made from steel.

Strengthener for YT rear passenger compartment

Strengthener for YT rear passenger compartment located between outer and inner panels and behind door check strap.

Jackall pump front plate gasket

PDF file version

Click on thumbnail to open full sized picture to print from onto sheet of gasket paper.

YB Body mount

- seeTechnical Page for full details

Pedal box inspection cover plate

PDF file version

Actual size Material - sheet metal. A rubber gasket can be cut to the same shape and size from an old inner tube. Simply print out and cut a piece of card to the same profile, trace around the card onto the metal and then cut the metal.

Cover plate for brake fluid reservoir access through floorboards.

PDF file version

Made from steel.

Radiator Drain Pipe

PDF file version

If you do not wish to make your own, they are available as a purchase item from either Abingdon Spares LLC in the USA (part number 19-101b and the drain tap is part number 19-101a) or NTG in the UK (part number B884B, the drain tap is part number B884 and the washer is B884A). Please see the Links page for contact details of these vendors.

Gear box filler and dipstick hole cover.

PDF file version

Often misplaced or lost on a restoration, you can now remake this part to the original specifications.

Original licence plate/number plate bracket for front licence plates

PDF file version

Two per car, made from 3mm steel.

Boot liners for the MG Y, YT and YB

The MG Y Series had millboard liners to line the inside walls of the trunk. These were made from Millboard. The fold line can be made by scoring a line about 1/3rd depth to the FRONT side of each piece. Another piece of Millboard was placed across the rear of the rear seat panel too: this piece was fitted to the saloons only and not to the YT, whereas the side panels were common across all models.

Boot Floor Liner for the MG Y, YT and YB

Basic Floor Plan

PDF file version

Insert Floor Plan

PDF file version

The MG Y Series also had a one-piece panel of black painted thin bituminous felt type material. The metal and wooden floor panels on all cars were covered by this. It was not stuck down, but could be removed.

Y and YT Rear axle half shafts and differential gaskets

PDF file version

When switching out the half shafts or removing the differential on an MG Y or YT, it is a good idea to make and fit some new gaskets. The differential gasket is the larger of the two. Click on thumbnail to open full sized picture to print from onto sheet of gasket paper.

Dimensional drawing of the floor of the Y/YT - tool clip positions

Reproduced here by Keith Herkes and David Lawrence. Original illustration by David Lawrence in Let there be Ys.

MG Y/T Passenger seat hinge

Reproduced here by kind permission of Anton Piller.

MG Y/T door hinge

Reproduced here by kind permission of Anton Piller.

MG Y Bulkhead reinforcing plate

This part was introduced by the MG Car Company as a modification to strengthen the bulkhead where the supports for the steering column are bolted through the firewall after about Y 5500 (exact point of introduction is uncertain). The bolts used to secure the steering column brackets will have to be lengthened accordingly to accomodate the additional thickness of the plate. Reproduced here by kind permission of Anton Piller.

While every care is taken by contributors for accuracy of the measurements, responsibility for checking and ensuring good fit before finally committing to welding up fabrications, or other irreversible actions rests with the user.  No liability can be accepted by the MG Car Club for the accuracy of measurements given.  For more information please see our disclaimer.