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So what did the original tools really look like?

Part 2 - Photographs by Terry Ciantar - Y 2866
click here for Part 1  click here for Service Tools

Terry Ciantar has kindly sent in these photographs of his very original tool kit.  His display case is lovely (see last shot).

Starting handle, wheel brace, foot pump

Close up of tyre valve connector on foot pump


Tyre valve key

Box spanners

Cylinder head spanner


Tappet spanner and brake adjusting spanner

Distributor adjusting feeler gauge

Tyre levers

Jackall pump lever


Adjustable wrench

Spare wheel compartment key

Tommy bar for box spanners

Flat stamped open ended spanners

Brake bleeder tube and tin

Grease gun for YA / YT (YB was different)

Tool roll

Tappet feeler gauge 0.19"

Note aluminium rivet - reproduction feeler gauges have a copper one

Display case