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Welcome to
the MG Y Type shopping Mall


We hope to bring you links to vendors on this page who specifically offer parts for MG Y Types.  General MG related vendors will continue to have links on the Links page, but these are those vendors who very specifically are catering for MG Y Type owners and have a specialist knowledge in helping and supplying your needs as a Y owner.


Member Benefits


Member Benefits


If you are planning to travel to or from Mainland Europe

(including Spain) using P&O, the Channel Tunnel or Brittany Ferries

and wish make use of your

International MG Y Type Register discount then

please contact Travel Destinations on +44 (0) 1707 329988.

Please be certain to mention that you are

a member of the International MG Y Type Register

to obtain your Preferential Rates. These are not only available

to your MG Y Type, but any MG or indeed your normal daily use car.

 Hagerty Insurance


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 Hagerty Insurance


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Bryan Purves

XPAG Oil Drip Trays


Made to the original specifications

developed by the late David Pelham.

Butch Taras

Butch Taras

MG Series "Y" Parts Manufacturing and Repair

including ...

Spin on Oil Filer adaptors

Tachometer drive reduction gearbox overhul

MG YB differential rebuild

Speedometer conversion adaptor

XPAG Oil pump rebuilds

Carburettor rebuilds

Distributor rebuilds

XPAG Water pump rebuilds

and more

YZ Publications

suppliers of electronic books on CD of:

  • Let there be Ys, by David Lawrence
  • MG Y Types Saloons and Tourers by John Lawson,
  • MG Y and YT Shop Manuals, Handbooks etc,
  • MG YB Shop Manuals, Handbooks etc,
  • MG ZA Shop Manuals, Handbooks etc,
  • MG ZB and ZBV Shop Manuals, Handbooks etc,

The Classic Workshop

suppliers of

  • Trafficator Switch Return Springs
  • Gear lever retaining springs (re-manufactured to

Y-Type specification

— not TA/TB, TC, or TD — these STOP the lever rattle)

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Specialty Custom


Main Store


Lew Palmer

LED Rear D lamp inserts

Club Regalia - Printing for Clubs and Enthusiasts


Working with various artists, we are able to offer an exciting

range of products with images of a variety of classic cars and

WW2 military vehicles printed into them.

Among the classic cars we have are MG Y Types!

We hope to be adding more stores to be added soon