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YT 4265 - a Sporting Heritage Australia


David Ardill  purchased the car in 1996 from Des Chant, Sydney, Australia. The car was then put into storage until he retired last year and restoration commenced. To date the mechanicals have been restored with the exception of the diff. & rear suspension. Work has commenced on the body and he has been accumulating various bits and pieces and getting re-chroming done progressively. "I am not new to YT's" says David "having restored YT 3779 about 15 years ago but, unfortunately, I had to sell it. Since I made my original post on the web on Ys on Parade, he has found out a bit more about the car.  Here is his report to date, together with some photographs.


I have been researching the history of YT4265 and have made contact with the daughter (Jan Scott ) of the original owner (Alex Hayward). Jan has filled me in on a bit of history of the car. Alex owned it from 1950 to 1975, having imported it from England himself. By way of interest the car had to be repainted when it got here as it came out as deck cargo and rust had got into it - heart breaking for a new car.


 Maybe I should refer to YT4265 as "she" as the Haywards called her Pansy - apparently the name Pansy was given to her by MG car club members who could not believe the pampering she got. From what I hear of her history this did not stop her being used in many and varied sporting events as will be evidenced by the couple of attached photos.


Jan tells me that both her and her father used to drive her in hill-climbs, speed trials and many trials where Alex drove and Jan navigated. The car gives evidence of some of this activity by way of telescopic shocks fitted to the front and back and non-original lever arm shocks, badly dinted sump, map reading light etc.


To quote Jan - "For such a pretty car she was made to be competitive which was a big ask . She was quite heavy . Those inbuilt jacks were the bain of Dad's life "


Three of the attached photos relate to hill-climb events in 1960, the fourth, after the event.  The fifth  shows 4265 in a timed event - probably a standing or flying quarter mile as these were popular at that time. The photo was taken at Castlereagh airstrip which was a popular venue for those events. She thinks this was also around 1960.



One showing the start.


One in progress.


One showing Pansy all tangled up.


The fourth photo shows Pansy after a "Southern Cross rally".

To quote Jan "looking proud but tired".

The Southern Cross rally was quite a famous

event in Australia and was sponsored by Rothmans.


Castlereagh airstrip.

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