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'Where is my old Y now?'
or Lost Ys

MG Y Types on the move

From time to time we have been asked by former owners "Where is their old Y now?".  The best source of reference is often the chassis number, however most people only remember the number/(licence) plate of a car, which can of course be changed if the car "emigrates" or acquires a new number.  This is part of the reason we ask for so much information when you Register your Y with us.  For a variety of reasons, not least the fact that we are governed by the UK Data Protection Act and highly respect the confidentiality of Y owners, it is not our policy to pass on any personal information of a Y owner to a third party.  However, we can offer the facility of passing on requests from searchers to current owners (if known to us) and then leave it up to them to contact the searcher.  In cases where we do not know, we will feature these request on this page in the hopes that a visitor may spot the car and possibly know something about it.

If you would like to post your request - please email  us by clicking here.  If you have a picture, please attach a copy.


I used to own her but had to sell many years ago when family came along. Now would love to find her, DVLA no help except a kind soul there told me unofficially that the registration (HHR 292) was still extant and 'live'. Can you possibly hep at all? Please email me Steve Goddard.

A Close up


Y 6807, formerly licenced in the UK under Registration number JDG 208, I sold this car to a Belgium dealer in September 1979. The car was originally Green with Green trim but I resprayed it first White, then Green again before finally selling it.

This photograph was bought on eBay recently. It looks like the registration plate is ENJ ???. I cannot make out the last three numbers, but does anyone recall this car?

A close up

Where is LNE 36 now? Has anyone any details on ths car?

Please can you help me locate my Dad's old MG Y? A bag of rally plaques and a copy of the DVD when the car was on BBC Regional news awaits its current owner!

The car was bought by my Dad from a barn in St Buryan (West Cornwall) and he spent around 3 years restoring it. He used to run a small village garage and this was his evening and weekend project. The body was rubbed right back to bare metal and rust cut out and new metal welded in and then lead was used as filler where necessary before it was sprayed in cellulose paint. The interior was cream leather with maroon piping around the seats. He even got the hydraulic jacks working properly.

Once restored he used it most weekends attending shows both locally and nationally for 10+ years before becoming too ill to use it fully so he sold it on. Somehow the plaques he accumulated are separated from the car and it would be great to get them together again as it provides history for the vehicle. It also appeared on BBC TV in the mid 1980's and I have a copy of that on DVD as well. Please contact me, Shaun, at shaundale@btinternet.com. Please also see my post on Ys at Weddings too!

Sent in by Susan Neal, the photograph was taken in the early 1960s (possibly 1960) Do you know of this car ... or where it is now? Also, does anyone recognise the location? If so, drop us a note.

Found by Adam Lombard, in a box of photographs in a Garage Sale in Los Angeles, USA, was this one. We have no trace of this car (UK Licence plate LJJ 598) in our database and neither is there a trace of it on the UK DVLA site either as a survivor. However, if you  have any information concerning this car, please email  us by clicking here. It would be a fascinating story just to find out how this photograph of a British car wound up in a box half way around the world too, as well as what happened to the car.

We have no trace of this car (UK Licence plate RTV 914) in our database and neither is there a trace of it on the UK DVLA site either as a survivor. However, if you  have any information concerning this car, please email  us by clicking here.

This photograph of an MG Y was found in the book 'Birmingham, A Look Back' : ISBN 1-85858-085-4 by former MG Y owner Ken Jones who is still a regular visitor to the site.

Registration KOV 922, taken 23rd September 1956, outside shops on Wakegreen Road, Moseley, Birmingham.

Sadly we have no trace of this car in our database and neither is there a trace of it on the UK DVLA site either.

If you have any information concerning this car, please email  us by clicking here.

David Ward (Y 1344) was wondering if any one can help in tracing his old Y Types. David asks:

This is a photograph of my first MG taken about 1971 at my parents home in North Yorkshire, England. I believe it is a YB, The registration no. is JPY 271.

I do not know the chassis number or its whereabouts now. I last saw her in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, England in 1972.

I paid 35 pounds for her and in the end gave her to a friend of my brother who was going to tidy her up and get her back on the road. I snapped a con rod which blew a hole through the engine wall. I could not find an engine so I bought another Y from a friend for 25 pounds. I do not know this Y's chassis number either. I swopped engines but was unable to pay for the work that was needed to get her going again. Such is life.

This is my original YB, UMG 780, taken around 1970. Unfortunately, I do not have any more details of the car.

The photo with the Ford Popular behind was taken outside my childhood home in Havenstreet on the Isle of Wight. The Ford belonged to my brother Peter. I later sold the YB to him and he subsequently modified the car by over-spraying the sides through a floral net curtain, which produced an interesting effect!

He subsequently sold the car, by then in poor condition, to a local garage owner who added it to his collection of rusting wrecks to be restored when he retired. Sadly, he died before he got round to the restoration and Peter bought the UMG 780 back from his widow, also intending to restore it.

Unfortunately, Peter died in 1999 at the age of 45 before starting work on the car. Peter's widow sold it, as a package with a Morris 8 Series E that he had already restored. I have not been able to find out what then happened to UMG 780. My sister in law cannot remember the name of the person who bought the cars, only that he lived in the western part of the Island and has lots of old cars in a barn. I have made various enquiries through the local historic vehicle club, and others, without any success.

The car is still on the UK Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority database, with a first registration date of 30 July 1952. A search done a couple of years ago revealed that the registered keeper is still Peter Long (my brother), so the new owner never registered his ownership. Although I fear that the car is now little more than a rusty shell, if it has not gone to the big scrap yard in the sky, I would like to find it. However, I think that this is now unlikely.

Please contact me if you have any information that may be of help. Thank you.

I used to own an MG, not sure which "Y" type it was, but I believe it was a 1951 model.

The licence plate was DFX 944, and I owned it around 1962 - 1964, in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK.

No clue what the chassis no. was, sorry. I did install a TC-type twin carburettor assembly on it, and also fitted tube shocks on the front, available at that time as a kit, I believe.

Great car, and far ahead of it's time.

Please contact Mike Bond if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this Y. Thank you.

The color scheme of blue and beige/cream was quite distinctive in itself but the real 'clincher' is the fact that it was fitted with a 6 cylinder Austin Freeway engine, auto gearbox, Freeway front and rear end. This would have to be the major identification feature. If you have any information on the whereabouts of my old car, please contact me, Christopher Constantine, here.

I sold it in 1960. I have only the registration number - KXJ 913. I live in Rochdale, Lancashire, UK. When I sold it, it was British Racing Green and was Sage Green before I had it resprayed. The car is not listed on the UK DVLA website so has it been scrapped or was it exported? Can you help me? If so, please email me from here.

If any one knows the current whereabouts of this Y, please contact the webmaster so we can pass on the information to an interested party. This photograph is from Enjoying MG Volume 3 Number 12 December 1983. Thank you.

Y 6582 - where are you now?

Y 6582 photographed some time in the 1960s? This photograph was kindly sent in and we would like to re-unite it with the current owner of this car. Last known, Y 6582 was in Hampshire, UK, licence plate is KTX 542. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this Y. Thank you.

Originally licenced as YMG 158 in the UK, the webmaster has four photographs of this car taken in Denver, Colorado in about 1985 that we would like to reunite with the owner. If you know who this car belongs to, please contact us by clicking here.

Click on any quadrant of the picture to open a full sized photograph.

Update - 13 November 2012

Roy Light from the UK has been in contact concerning YMG 158 and he says:

YMG 158 is a YB first registered in the UK in 1953. I do not have any documentation for the car having given it all to the person who bought the car. The colour was maroon (whole car) with beige interior. I attach some photos taking in about 1973-74.

I was the third owner and bought the car with some 54,000 miles on the clock in February 1974 and used using it on a daily basis. I lived in Bristol UK, and still do. The car was sold new by University Motors, London (who bought up all the MG number plates around that time). I was approached by a man in the street who said that he would like to buy the car for his brother who lived in Atlanta, Georgia, US, a Mr J. T. Davie. I agreed to sell and drove the car to Newport Docks in South Wales where I bade it a sad goodbye. This was in May 1976 and the mileage was 70,860. I would love to know where the car is now and even to explore the possibility of buying it back.

YMG 158YMG 158
YMG 158

Thanks Roy. If you can help reunite Roy with his old car, please contact him here.

YB Unknown chassis number at this time.  John Masters of Wichita, Kansas, is seeking to trace the whereabouts of his old YB that he sold in Georgia in about 1978.  John says:

"I once owned a 1952 YB while stationed in Georgia. I reluctantly sold it in 1978 to a man named Brown, if I remember correctly. I last saw it in 1979 in Valdosta, Georgia. Any chance of finding out where it is today? At that time it was painted a 2 tone green with the body and hood painted one color and the fenders the other. Both greens were very similar except that one was solid, the other a metallic. I don't remember exactly which part had the solid or metallic. Not sure if it was factory paint or not. Interior was black. At the time it did not qualify for antique license plates. Unfortunately, all I have left are a few black & white photos. No serial number. It was complete and driveable. Had a barrel of fun with it.  I bought the car in July/August 1977 and sold it about a year later. I was in the USAF at the time. A Captain assigned to the base had brought 2 Rolls Royce Silver Clouds and the MG-YB back from England. He kept one Rolls and sold the other Rolls and the MG. It would be unique to have the TD and the YB together, especially since they are both 1952's."

The UK licence plate was NAH 588.  If you have any information on the current whereabouts of this car, please contact John Masters.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of MG 7401. I bought her from a garage in Pontypool Wales in 1968.I ran her for ten years then had to say goodbye because of expanding family.

I would just like to know that the old lady is alive and well . I was 18 when I got her and I have loads of happy memories ... I still have the original green log book with all owners from new listed.

Perhaps I can pass it on. I hope to get another one day , now that the kids have grown up. Please contact Stephen Webb.

UPDATE - 11 July 2011 - From UK DVLA Website

The vehicle details for MG 7401 are:

Date of Liability 01 01 2012

Date of First Registration 05 02 1948

Year of Manufacture Not Available

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1250cc

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type Petrol

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status Licence Not Due

Vehicle Colour GREEN

So this car is still out there somewhere - is it yours? If so, please register it with us and contact Stephen Webb too.

YB 1307 - Gary Alpern is wanting to trace his old YB with a view to repurchase.  His original advert is listed below.  If you know where this car is, please contact him.

There were a total of 1301 MG YBs produced.  This car is the 1057th to come down the line at Abingdon Factory where the cars were hand assembled.

The "YB" was preceded by the MG YA which was designed in 1937 and due to WWII was not built and introduced to the public until April 1947.  It was the first saloon ever built with rack and pinion steering and independent suspension.  The chassis and running gear were borrowed from the MG TC sports car.

The "YB" was introduced in late 1951 and was upgraded to MG TD running gear with better suspension, brakes and overall improved ride and handling.  Thus making the MG YBs the most desirable of the "Y" saloon series.

The car was purchased from the second owner, Peter Mace, in Sussex at the end of 1984.  Peter is a dentist in Sussex and a long-time friend of the original owner Major Wilkenson.  Major Wilkenson purchased this car when he was a Lieutenant and always garaged it.  He was fanatical in his meticulous care of the car even taking it to the dealership to have the tyre pressure checked.  Peter Mace waited 25 years to acquire this car and cared for it as passionately as the Major.

Everything on this car works - from the trafficators (run by a clock timer located on the steering column) to the built-in hydraulic Jackall system, which raises the car off the ground for tyre repair.

The car is completely original except for the following:

  1. The engine was rebuilt by Mike Goodman Sports Car Service.
  2. The radiator was re-cored doubling the cooling tubes to providing twice the cooling ability.
  3. All the brakes have been renewed including the brake wheel cylinders.
  4. The woodwork was refinished by an award winning master wood worker.
  5. The tyres are new.

There are still sources for parts and support available. The "Why" Registry and MG TC T & Y parts, both are in England and I can provide the addresses and telephone number. Since the running gear is the same as an MG TD all mechanicals can be purchased from Moss Motors or any supplier providing parts for MG T-type cars.

MG YB registration number UMG 684 (black with green upholstery), owned by me, Pat Keily, in Coventry in 1969. Disposed of by part exchange to local garage. Pat would like to know present whereabouts if still in existence. Engine/chassis number not available unfortunately.  If you can help trace the whereabouts of this car, please contact the Registrar who will pass on your details.

Reg Wilkes owned ERV 415 back in 1959.  Do you know where this car is now please?

Val Wood owned UMG 49 back in 1963.  Do you know where this car is now please?

This Y Type was spotted a few years ago in Bangkok, Thailand - any information as to its current whereabouts or owner would be greatly appreciated please.  It would be fabulous to track down the owner and add it to Ys on Parade too!