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YB 0251 - The very first YB!

1 January 1952

Current owner, Gilbert Vickers, Kent UK

YB 0251 has been owned by Gilbert Vickers for about 37 years. It is now in Kent and although off the road at present may before too long be seen at one of our meetings. For more pictures of this unique and landmark car, check out the special page for YB 0251 inInteresting Ys.

YB 0279

January 1952

Current owner, Mike Long, Isle of Wight, UK.

UMG 576 YB 0279 is an early YB, one of the "hybrids" produced during the transition from Y to YB production. The original buff and green continuation logbooks give the whole ownership history of the car. The original colour is recorded as "duo-green", believed to be Shires Green over Woodland Green. A "Morris Motors Replacement" engine was fitted in January 1961.

The original owner was Lt Col Philip Jackson, from Carlisle. It had 4 further owners up to 1969, when it was taken off the road. In 1998, it was bought for restoration, going back on the road in 2004, although still incomplete. I bought it in 2009, still incomplete, and having covered only about 200 miles since 2004.

I completed the restoration and the car is now close to its original specification, including colour.

YB 0291

28 February 1952

Current owner Lisa Lankes, Eindoven, The Netherlands.

The YB is registered in the Netherlands. The picture is from the Iberia Classic rally 2003.

YB 0314

February 1952

Current owner, Mr and Mrs Charles, Leicestershire, UK

The car had spent the earlier part of its life in Ireland, before coming to Scotland where it was fully restored. We purchased it a couple of years ago. We look forward to enjoying the car and meeting other Y type owners.

YB 0317

February 1952

Current owner Andrew and Arlene Coulson, Yorkshire, UK

YB0317 was formerly a green saloon before conversion started in 1992 to its unique pick up bodywork. The car was saved from total scrapping at that time by the conversion carried out by the late Mervyn Davies in Shropshire. After a very murky past, acquired by present owner in November 2004 just in time to prevent further damaging changes being inflicted! Bodywork has now received much needed attention by Brian and John Arkley, chrome, interior etc. are being replaced as necessary and the big hunt is now on for an XPAG engine and gear box to replace the current incorrect power unit.

YB 0321

12 February 1952

Current owner Keith Herkes, Bedfordshire, UK.

Car commissioned at factory on 18 January 1952 and first Registered with number KAX 872 on 12 February 1952, in Monmouthshire, Wales. I know nothing of its history until 1968 when it appeared in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. I acquired the car in 1996, after its rescue from a damp lock-up garage where it had been rotting away since 1974.Spent 2 1/2 years and 1,622 hours to rebuild and put back on the road in February 1996. It was originally Metallic Almond Green, but is now British racing Green. The Beige interior is all original although clearly showing the signs of many years hard wear. She has now covered almost 10,000 miles since rebuilding and the picture shows her on the MGCC Rally in Italy 2001. We have just returned from a 1300 mile trip to the Belgium Rally and a weeks holiday in Northern France (June 2002).

YB 0322

5 February 1952


Current owner, Neil Cairns, Bedfordshire, UK.

After 14 years of regular use 322 was taken off the road between January and June 2009 for an extensive restoration by Brown and Gammons. Now, with a virtually new body and a full respray in the same colours, and much of the interior restored she is back in daily use. (And my bank balance is now very much deflated.) The restoration was followed in the MGCC magazine 'Safety Fast', in the June and Dec issue 2009.

YB 0326

9 February 1952


Current owner, Roger Webb, Hertfordshire, UK

I bought the car in 1997 as a failed restoration project, mainly in boxes. It had a bodged chassis repair so I did a full body off and properly repaired and jigged the chassis before rebuilding the body back onto the chassis. Originally the car had been bought by the Hotpoint Company in the UK, and at some stage had been rallied to Interlaken according to some of the paperwork I got with the car. I am now gradually working my way through the internals!

YB 0329

6 February 1952


Current owner, Ted Gardner, Berkshire, UK.

I acquired the car in September 2001. Powered by an XPAW engine!

YB 0337

February? 1952

Current owner, Mike Ash, Virginia, USA

I purchased YB0337 (FFV 394) from the UK in 1977 with the intention of using it as a parts car. It was quite sound mechanically but the body was pretty far gone, with a visible patches on the lower third of the front door skins. Although driven about 15 miles home from the docks, I never registered it for the road, and dismantled it for spares.

YB 0346

March 1952


Current owner, Phil Brackpool, Dorset, UK

The previous owner of YB 0346 owned this car for more than 35 years. Originally black, she was restored in 1984 at which time she was painted in two tone grey. I bought her in 2004 and am in the process of conducting a rolling restoration on her.

YB 0362

March 1952


Current owner, John Jebb, Essex, UK

UMG624 known as "Lady Hamilton" loved in this family for 44years. Before 1961 there were three other owners. Original colour Silverstreak Grey, after disagreement with a bucket of strong Daz!! she was resprayed with a vacuum cleaner by me to Lombard Grey. Not perfect, but 25 years later still turning heads. Mileage approx 270,00, she was on the first Regency Run and many more after. Other than the liners in the block, we assembled the engine. All work on the "Lady" has been carried out by my late father and myself. A failed rear brake cylinder last week and a quick look round has resulted in a major brake overhaul at the moment, still it is at least 20 years since the last brake overhaul - can't be bad!!

YB 0368

4 March 1952

Current owner, Jeroen Dopp, Limburg, Netherlands

I bought my MG YB in July 2007 from someone in the Netherlands who restored the car in 1981. Due to health problems of the previous owner, the car was parked in his garage for more than 3 years. After rebuilding the brakes and refreshing oil etc. I have now driven about 300 miles with it. The next problem to fix is the oil leakage. The English registration card tells me that the car was originally black. The license plate number in 1973 was GTH 909 and the owner at that time lived in Wimborne, Doreset. The interior is green, still original but in a bad condition.

YB 0414

15 April 1952


Current owner, Marc Hanson, Surrey, UK

I am the new owner of Dick Jacob's YB racer UHK 111. The car has not seen much use for many years and is slowly being re-commissioned for light competition use. Finances permitting, it will eventually be fully restored and returned to racing.

YB 0453

28 May 1952


Current owner, Neil Coombes, Kent, UK

I purchased the car at the same time as I acquired my other YB 1461 (OPX 978) in April 2008. The chassis was rotten at the rear end and the engine was missing. To get this on the road will require a lot of work; so this will take a 'back seat' due to other more pressing projects.

YB 0475

4 June 1952


Current owner, Phil and Paul Vincett, Berkshire, UK

The vehicle was acquired by my grandfather, Herbert Arnold, in 1993. Bert then spent some time dismantling the vehicle down to the last nut and bolt and over the next 5 years had most over the major refurbishment work done. He sadly passed away and we inherited the car in what seemed to be a million pieces. My father and I decided to honour his memory by finishing the task that he had started. The bulk of re-assembly has been completed, and we are just adding a few finishing touches.

YB 0477

29 May 1952


Current owner, Julian Bosworth, Kent, UK

Purchased in January 2007 by me with the body as seen in photo. I have had to do a few mechanical things but nothing too major. I try and use it every weekend but think the engine needs a rebuild before any long journeys are undertaken.

YB 0480

25 May 1952


Current owner, Marc Hanson, Surrey, UK

UMG 662 is the ex Gregor Grant Autosport car. It took part in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1954 and the Coronation Scottish Rally in 1953 as well coming third in class in the Production Touring Car Race at Silverstone in May 1953. I am preparing the car for a return to rallying targeting the Rally of The Tests in 2015 and the Winter Challenge to Monte Carlo in 2016.

YB 0481

19 June 1952


Current owner, Geoffrey Wilson, Hampshire, UK

An early YB supplied new by University Motors to a Mr. Philip Wolff of Bournemouth in June 1952. Replacement engine fitted at 60,000 miles in 1969. Major rebuild and rebore in 1973. Acquired by Leyland Historic Vehicles Ltd. (later BL/Austin/MG/Rover Heritage) in 1975 and in their collection until 2005 when acquired by John Edwards. Sold at auction to present owner May 2006. The car, which after a black respray in the 1970's is now again in its original maroon, featured in the BBC TV series "Miss Marple" in the "Murder at the Vicarage" episode in 1997. It has only covered about 12,000 miles in the past 35 years, the total mileage being probably 168,000.

YB 0506

July 1952


Current owner, Les Parker, Cheshire, UK

The car was found under weeds in November 2007 and was last taxed in 1986. I hope to start restoration in the new year. When we moved the car several rats jumped out from the inside and my children have christened the car Roland.

YB 0511

? July 1952


Current owner, John Willey, Colorado, USA

This is Gracie when she went out on a 2,000 mile round trip to Las Cruces, New Mexico from Fort Collins, Colorado and won Best of Class in the MG T-Series. Other than a flat tire (thank you Jackall system) she had a flawless trip.

YB 0515

19 June 1952


Current owner, Richard Knight, Hampshire, UK.

The car has been in the family since new but has not been on the road since 1974. The car is now completely stripped bare (including the paint) and is being restored, albeit slowly, by myself. Extensive welding and new panels will be required, but I fully intend getting there and attending a Spring Run - sometime!

YB 0517

12 June 1952


Current owner, Pat Lodge and Chris Adamson, Dorset, UK

Completed on June 12 1952 and registered on July 9, supplied by University Motors, first owner Mr Albert Hyde of Harrow, Middlesex - number plate is contemporary with the year of manufacture. Ownership record available up until 1989 then a gap until 1997 when it was owned by Kevin Morrison of Ashford 1997 - 2003. Extensively restored in 2003. We plan to take the car to Belgium on a classic car run this year and use the car (which is called Priscilla - name given to it before purchase) regularly.

YB 0538

2 July 1952


Current owner, Gordon Skoog, British Columbia, Canada.

Over 13 years ago the car was in Kamloops, Canada, then went to Utah, and this April came back to Vancouver B.C. Canada Have put over 900 miles on it since April and enjoying it very much.

YB 0545

4 July 1952

Current owner, Geoffrey Collett, Warwickshire, UK.

The car has had 15 owners, but has been with me since 1985. It was supplied new with "All Paint" headlamps (rims and backshells - most were only painted backshells - see the main photograph) and I like to keep is as close to the original as possible.

YB 0549

August? 1952


Current owner, David Loendorf, New Mexico, USA.

Previously, this YB was registered by Mr. R. Day who lived in Eastbourne, Sussex, prior to its export to the US.

YB 0559

7 July 1952


Current owner, Philip Waltham, Norfolk, UK

Body and chassis in mint condition with original interior. Original 1950's aerial fitted below running board and factory delivery labels still on the floor mats. Engine now re-bored to +30" with high compression pistons giving C.R. of 8.25:1. The car is a delight to drive with positive braking and the usual Y Type sensitive steering. We use the car for holidays and local journeys, not just for rallies and displays. This MG saloon is a fine little car which is a joy to own and drive and must be the epitome of aristocratic British motoring at an economic cost.

YB 0561

July 1952


Current owner, Remo Peter, Switzerland.

My 1952 YB saloon was originally sold through University Motors, London, with the registration UMG 688. Until the early 1980s it ran near Manchester and was partly restored, with a colour change from black to Woodland Green (i.e. British Racing Green). It then came to Switzerland, acquired by an MG collector near Berne. He sold the car to me in August 1999. The car is a good runner, going up and down Alpine passes without trouble, but is definitely not for concours, as it has a TD engine and quite some patina on the interior.

YB 0583

30 June 1952


Current owner, Dick van der Maden, Waddinxveen, The Netherlands

I first bought the MG YB 0583 from John Booth in England in 1983. It had registration number UMG 700, so it was a University Motors car. At that time it had already wire wheels. First date for the car is 30 June 1952. The Build Production Records shows the car was built on 3 July 1952.*

We had a MG TD and two growing boys, and they didn't fit in the TD anymore. That was a good reason for buying the YB. After three years we sold the car to a veterinarian, living in Brabant. The vet sold the car to Mr. Gerard Eijsbouts who did a lot of work on the car. Sadly he became very ill and unable to do anything with the car. He putted an ad in the club magazine Square Front from the MGTTO club Holland. And then I found our "Olive" again. So finally after 33 years we meet again. Now the YB has registration number AH-64-60 and we hope to enjoy it for a long time.

* It is probable that University Motors was pre-registering their cars as demand exceeded production. Additionally University Motors bought their registration numbers in bulk to secure all the UMG (and later YMG) numbers and so would have been able to file these ahead of the car's arrival for customer delivery. Webmaster.

YB 0593

24 July 1952


Current owner, Iain Crowther, Lincolnshire, UK

My Father purchased this vehicle in the early nineties when I was a mere teenager and I spent every weekend washing it. He used it most days and also participated on the 24 hour non-stop journey from John O Groats to Land's End in 1994 for charity. As I left home and my Father got older the car was left and started to show it's age and lack of love. So I offered to buy it from my Dad. I brought this car about 4 years ago (I being 32 at the time) and with the help of my best friend, Dean, stripped it down, had it resprayed and the engine all cleaned up and running well. Also the Jack all system works as good as new! We left the inside as is as I love the old leather look and smell and it shows true character: also the inside costs a lot of money! The car has been on the Roundel Run and has done various journeys since. It is not in mint condition but it has the love respect that it is owed and one day I hope to pass her on to my little boy so the car can stay in the family.

YB 0601

6 September 1952


Current owner, Phil Reckless, Shropshire, UK

Molly has recently been used as a wedding car - hence the ribbons. The body work is very rust-free even after 24 years since the last restoration.

YB 0610

1 August 1952

Current owner, Sally Carroll, Ohio USA.

My English husband and I took a long family visit/vacation in 1994 looking for a YB to add to our collection of MG's. We purchased the car in Wetherby, Yorkshire from The Olde Star Garage and have named her 'Gladys'. It is unchanged except for a few freckles of rust beginning to appear.

YB 0620

27 August 1952


Current owner, Keith Price, West Midlands, UK

Here is my 1952 YB as found. It was laid up 25 years ago needing body work. That was done over the years but the car was never put back together. It needs assembly, painting in its original Woodland Green and trimming which I will carry out myself. I hope to have it back on the road in 12 months.

YB 0640

27 August 1952


Current owner, Robert Taylor, Dorset, UK

My wife and I have been hunting around for a number of years for a classic car. This YB just ticked every box. We bought it from Andrew Maxey a couple of weeks ago. The car has been to a couple of shows since we purchased it, attracting much attention wherever it goes.

YB 0647

September 1952


Current owner, Dave Mullen, Liverpool UK.

I have owned my YB since 1980. Refurbished on a budget by my father and I during 1980-82. Used up to 1992 when due to family commitments it took a back seat. I have spent some time on the car in recent months and hope to have it back on the road later this year. The photo shows the car at the rear of my father's house in winter 1984. I have the original log book and details of all the owners from new.

YB 0649

1 September 1952


Current owner, Dave Rowland, Oxfordshire, UK.

The car was owned by various people during the 1950's and then by one owner for 30 years until 1988 when it was purchased for restoration. The last owner restored the car in 1995. I bought the car on 2nd April 2004. An original car, with known history. While not in "perfect" condition it is a good "honest" car, with original parts and interior. I believe the colour scheme to be unique, and the pairing of dark green and ivory compliments the Y's lovely lines. Goes well — and is fun to drive! The smell of the interior takes me straight back to my childhood.

YB 0651

September? 1952


Current owner, Dave Mullen, Liverpool UK.

YB0651 - a bare rusty chassis owned by me since 1981 when I bought it as a rolling chassis (wheels, brakes, steering rack and shock absorbers) for £15 from a chap in Formby near Liverpool. He had scrapped the car for spares as it was too far gone. Some of the parts were used on YB0647 which I have owned since 1980 and also one front wing went I believe went to Y2598, a wooden window surround went to YB1524 then owned by John Lawson and various parts went to other Y types. I do not have any documentation for the car but have details of all owners from new. Originally dark green in colour YB0651 was registered MON 401. The chassis is free to anyone who cares to have it but it will need a lot of work as it is very rusty. The chassis may have to be scrapped soon (Jan/Feb 2004) if no one wants it as I only have space for YB0647.

YB 0655

19 September 1952


Current owner, Richard Knight, Hampshire, UK

I purchased the car from Freda Matthews on 21 November 2005. In June 2006 I combined 4 weeks off with watching football world cup and rubbing down the YB to bare metal. All external body work has been sprayed in black two pack paint base over clear. All four doors had re skins made and some lead loading.

The car had two engine rebuilds in 2009 after an initially bad job in France.

There are few minor things still to be done to restore originality to the car.

Re spray was completed by Carmichael Sports Cars LTD Braishfield, Hampshire.

The car in 2010 went on MG Car Club Spring Run, South East Centre anniversary run and local trips with the Winchester MG Owners Club where another member owns YT.

YB 0658

28 August 1952


Current owner, Tony Holmwood, Devon, UK

I purchased UMG 805 in November 2004. She has done 92,000 miles and I am her 7th owner (first owner 13 years and third owner 24 years). She has a nice original interior, but sadly not her original engine. There is an interesting logbook started by the 3rd owner in November 1967 which relates all the major events in UMG805's history. I try to keep up the tradition. Longest journeys so far have been to the Goodwood Revival for the last two years. She runs sweetly. Compared to my TC the road-holding is a revelation.

YB 0672

12 September


Current owner, Paul Gaynor, Connecticut, USA

Just purchased from Roy Jacobson, as a return to Y Types. It is a 1950 RHD University Motors car, with registration number UMG 814. Currently fitted with an XPEG 1500cc. Plan to drive it for a year or so and then do some restoration as needed.

YB 0686

6 October 1952

Current owner, Mick Bath, Lincolnshire, UK

Been looking for an older car for some time. I saw this YB and thought that looks like a real car with separate headlights, wings and proper chrome! Had many cars over the years including 1948 Triumph Roadster but now I am retired hope to have more time to drive and play. I started working on cars back in the 1960s so am familiar with older mechanicals. Served a RAF Halton apprenticeship, ex engineer on Comets, Canberras, Vulcans and many other real aeroplanes so I know an open-ended from a ring spanner.

YB0686 has had another good year with various outings to shows and other days out. Work has mainly involved servicing with new brake linings aa well as usual annual oil changes etc. Awards won this year include Peter Best Trophy and Halls garage Rose Bowl as well as the Chas Carraway Cup from MG Octagon Car Club. Where possible everything is kept as close to original as practical. Standard ignition, standard SU pump, crossply tyres. All mods are removable to bring car back to original condition as close to LTBYs as possible. Despite standard sparks and fuel system seems to run OK without any overheating or stalling.

YB 0688

11 September


Current owner, Stan Wullams, Zeeland, The Netherlands

In August 2007 I purchased my cream YB with license UMG 815 at the Classic and Sportscar Centre (previously Grundy Mack) in Malton, North Yorkshire, UK. with approximately 53000 miles on the odometer. Before importing in the Netherlands early 2008, the body was repainted in its present colour scheme Cream-Maroon. Since then I am gradually trying to bring her to perfection, driving her in Summer and restoring in Winter. The engine was completely professionally overhauled in 2009 and made lead free. Having the same age as her present driver she surprise me every time again with her smooth behaviour on the road. She is a real joy.

YB 0711

October 1952


Current owner, John Thornley, Lancashire, UK

I know nothing of its history until the 1990s. If anybody can provide any history prior to the 1990s I would be very interested. In the 1990s I know the car underwent major restoration work and ownership changed several times.

I purchased the car in 2001 from a dealer, it appeared very presentable and mechanically sound but problems soon began to develop. On its first long journey the engine boiled dry and I suspected cylinder head gasket failure, partly stripping the engine revealed that the head gasket was fine but other problems were found. Electrical gremlins then started to cause me problems. The paint on the bodywork was also a concern as it was so soft that even wiping it with a damp cloth left paint traces on the cloth, this coupled with the fact that the boot lid and the doors were showing evidence of bubbling on their bottom edges left me with the decision as to whether to deal with each problem one at a time or to 'bite the bullet' and undertake some major restoration work. I decided on the latter and took the car off the road from late 2002 until the spring of 2004. Further work took place last winter and the car is now in the condition that you have seen.

YB 0752

8 November 1952

South Africa

Current owner, Dave Lawrence Johannesburg, South Africa.

Original Registration Number was NGU 801 (London C.C.). Licensed (a few days later, on 8 November 1952) with Wiltshire County Council, the new (first) owner was Captain Thomas Robert Harris, of the School of Artillery, Larkhill, Salisbury Plain. Harris kept it until 1956. After that it spent a long time in Hampshire, with several owners, until acquired in December 1971 by its present owner, Dave Lawrence. Used as the only form of transport, it accompanied the owner when he emigrated to South Africa in early 1976. Originally a Woodland Green car, with a green interior, it was restored in 1984/85 and repainted in a non-original colour. It is still in good condition and a good runner today (2002).

YB 0761

30 October 1952


Current owner, John Scollard, Kent, UK

This lovely YB is looking for a new home. Since having a poor knee replacement I have been unable to enjoy driving my beautiful car - £17,000 or best offer via the webmaster.

YB 0771

1 December 1952


Current owner, Edward Stephens, Oxfordshire, UK

I am a TC owner and was looking for a new camshaft for my engine when a friend mentioned this car to me. It is very complete, but needs restoration. As my time and loyalties are already fully committed elsewhere the car is for sale as a whole. Please see the advert in the Classified Section if interested.

YB 0772

24 October 1952


Current owner, Alex MacColl, Norfolk, UK

NGT 400 has been owned by 8 previous owners, located mostly in the home counties of London, ranging from the Oxford/Middlesex areas down to Sussex with the last owner. Originally Sequoia Cream, it was re-sprayed in Autumn Red in the mid 90's, presumably at the same time as major structural work was undertaken to resurrect the rusty chassis members and rebuild the front suspension.

'Basil' was purchased by the current owner in April of '09 after 15 years of him searching and dreaming of a Y Type. Having happily owned him for 4 years, after a complete engine and gearbox rebuild plus lots of other work, the time has sadly come to part, so 'he' is now for sale.

YB 0805

November? 1952


Current owner, Nico Dreesen, Maarheeze, The Netherlands.

I purchased this car in April 1997. Then he was not dying away in that time, he wasalready dead! So I restored him (total body off restoration) during ± 5 years,(5 years of my own life!!) and now he is in an excellent condition.

YB 0810

November? 1952

Current owner, Manfred Schulz, Cologne, Germany.

YB was imported in about 1982 by a friend for his wife and was first registered in Hamburg and took part in some rallying, unfortunately the documents got lost in a house-fire and only a few pictures survived. The car stood in his back-yard then for a while before I saw it while attending a regional MG meeting with our MGB. It wasn't for sale then, but a few years later it was sold to a fellow enthusiast, but stayed at my friends place to be restored. Something which for some reasons never advanced too much until I learned about it and bought it.

YB 0817

14 November 1952

Current owner, Julian Bosworth, Kent, UK.

I found this car in a field in the summer of 2007 when I was looking for spares for my other YB. I was told that it had sat there for ten years and was meant to be restored. Having struck a deal, got it home and had a good look around I found it to be a very original car. It now seems a shame to break it. It has the original University Motors plaque on the dash and a MG XPAG engine. The rot in the normal places is not that bad.

YB 0824

6 November 1952


Current owner, Richard Knight, Hampshire, UK

I saw this car on eBay and purchased it from Classic Sports Cars Consultants. The car was formerly Bronze in colour and over time was sprayed to red. The car was intended as a restoration project, which the current owner intended to restore with his father. Sadly his father passed away before the project could really start. Being my 3rd YB, it will be retirement hobby to do up with son Luis, and sits in the garage and work may commence when children have grown up.

YB 0825

27 October 1952


Current owner, Peter Willows, South Yorkshire, UK

My 'new' 1952 MG YB as bought in December 2017.

YB 0829

28 October


Current owner, Klaas Stuiver, The Netherlands

The first thing I am going to do is make it running, so I can drive it. I have first to replace the wiring loom, then all the rubbers from the suspension and the steering unit. When that is finished the Y needs to get running, so when have to replace all the fluids and to clean the carburettor, at last we have to fix the brakes. And then ...

YB 0838

4 December 1952


Current owner, Leslie and Penny Barnett, Hampshire, UK.

FST 587, originally black now cream and brown (cream cracker colours), spent over forty years in Inverness Scotland, now in Hampshire. Restored by former owner and put back on the road in 2008. Currently owned by Les & Penny who purchased the car in January 2016. Picture taken at MG Owners meet at Stansted House Sussex. We use her regularly for shows, charity events and many trips to the pub.

YB 0841

22 January 1953


Current owner, Brian Moyse, Surrey, UK.

A chance conversation at the V8 BBQ at Silverstone during MGLive! 2009, led to my purchasing YB 0841. Registered in January 1953 and still with her original 'YMG' registration she has spent most of her life in Essex and Cambridgeshire and significantly in the ownership of one family from 1962 to 2009. Never subject to a full body restoration and kept roadworthy and MOT'd every year, she is sound, has a few interesting period modifications and her interior is in remarkably good and original condition. Over the 150 miles I have driven so far it is clear that low mileage over the most recent years is going to necessitate refurbishment of dampers and rubber components in the front and rear suspension, but other than that and some minor cosmetic attention, I intend to just maintain and use her as previous owners have done before me.

YB 0842

20 November 1952


Current owner, Keith Herkes, Bedfordshire, UK.

Recently purchased with a view to possible restoration! A previous owner had already stripped out the interior and the removed the body from the chassis. It was probably at this stage that they gave up. Once it was in my possession and after a thorough examination , I came to a similar decision. Not only is the body very badly rusted away in several key areas, but the chassis has gaping holes where there should be none. I thought I was foolhardy when I took on YB 0321, but this may be 'a hole too far'. If it does go the great 'rust heap in the sky', it should at least yield some useful spares.

YB 0850

December? 1952

Current owner, Mark May, Washington, USA

It is all original except for a maroon respray. I've had the car for about 5 years now. I bought it from a fellow in Oregon. The running gear is in good shape. Most of the work that needs to be done is cosmetic. The car has 60,649 original miles recorded, and also has a "gold seal" engine.

YB 0858

26 November 1952


Current owner, Peter Arnell, Shropshire, UK.

Has UML (237) registration because first owner was very friendly with then Managing Director of University Motors. Yvette was totally restored at Abingdon in 1961 at a cost of £500 and has covered 67,000 miles since. We have done 30,000 of these since purchase in 1995 including several trouble free trips to France and Luxembourg. We have met the daughter of the first owner (we are the fourth owners) who unsuccessfully tried to find the Union Jack Yvette sported for the Coronation - shame as it would have been nice to have it for the Jubilee celebrations this Summer!

YB 0873

21 November 1952


Current owner, Andrew Avery, Surrey, UK

I have owned the car since January 2001. Last year (2002) I completed the Regency Run and the South Downs Run.

YB 0933

15 January 1953


Current owner, Chris and Annette Callaghan, Oxfordshire, UK.

This car was originally two tone grey and sprayed (poorly) black by previous owner and will be seen regularly out and about at Abingdon Works Centre events.

YB 0940

17 April 1953


Current owner, Ken Whitehead, Cheshire, UK.

I acquired this car in September 2001 and since then it has been undergoing restoration (slowly). At present the doors are away having the rusty bottom parts replaced. The engine runs fine.

YB 0942

17 April 1953


Current owner, Robin Bawn, Avon, UK.

We bought this MG in October 2006, it was originally a full maroon colour but the last owner changed the paint scheme to red and cream. Since buying this car we have had it rewired, new brakes, new nearside sill, replaced blind, refitted an original carpet (to replace the general house carpet that the last owner had fitted). It is in the process of having a new headlining put in and hopefully a new spray job soon as the paint is pretty poor. It has had 5 owners including us.

YB 0944

November? 1952

Current owner, Samuel Freeman, Georgia, USA

Factory gold seal engine installed. Imported to U.S. ,by a member of the US Navy, and later given to his nephew who left the car parked in a pasture for several years. When purchased by Larry V Brown (MG TF owner) who placed the car in dry storage and did some restoration, he later gave the car to me, his grandson and we plan over time to bring the car back to original condition.

YB 0952

January? 1953

Current owner, Rocky von Dullen, Virginia, USA

I purchased this car in 1983 and have been undertaking a complete restoration since. The body has been completely redone in Silver Streak Grey as new. All chassis, drive train electrical, chrome, wood, rubber and hydraulics have been replaced or rebuilt. The engine has been fitted with dual inch and a half SUs with a TD/F exhaust system to improve breathing and increase power a bit. The most difficult aspect of the restoration has been hiding the repair costs from my bride! Only the interior and headlining remains to be redone, the original dark red upholstery being a bit past reusing. I have an XPEG 1500 cc engine set up to TF specs waiting to exchange for the original 1250 cc unit. The rear end has been fitted with 4.33 MGA gears and I feel I will need a bit more power with the higher speed drive. We have named the car "Constance" in anticipation of many years of happy, repair-free driving

YB 0954

13 January 1953


Current owner, Brian Cox, Lincolnshire, UK

The car has been in the Stamford area since the 1960s and in my ownership since 1978. I am Associate Editor of Practical Classics and the Y Type is featured occasionally in the magazine.

YB 0973

?? January 1953

Current owner, Thomas Webb II, Illinois, USA

YB 0973 has been rescued and will live again!.

YB 0974

23 January 1953


Current owner, Graham Taylor, Shropshire, UK

I acquired this car from a neighbour to do a complete renovation after finishing my MGB GT. It is very rusty at the moment but the engine is good. Its first Registered in 1953 and has the number of KYS 53. I would love to know any history of this car.

YB 0976

6 February 1953


Current owner, Joan and Lindsey Gates, Hampshire, UK

I had the good fortune to hear of the car "laying up" in a factory nearby, and having just been made redundant, bought it - in bits - you might say! It took about a year, scouring the country for the bits that were missing, spraying the car next door in the neighbour's garage. Seats and inside were also redone and I enjoyed the challenge. Have shown the car at various fetes and rallies, and even went to Javea in Spain. The car has also been used as a wedding car for friends.

YB 0988

6 February 1953


Current owner, Keith Harris, South Wales, UK

We purchased YB/0988 in March 2006 as a rolling restoration project, from North Devon. After a test drive which seemed OK and a look underneath from which we decided that the plasma cutter and mig welder would be brought out of retirement. 'Charlie' was then taken by trailer to Newport after having overhauled the front suspension and steering, stopped oil leaks from rear axle shafts (incorrect previous repair), new Brake Pipes and a rebuild of the navigators seat frame.

On our first run she coughed spluttered and backfired then it started to rain, where was the wiper switch?

We were pleased to receive help and encouragement from a fellow Y owner in Penarth and Jack Murray who suggested when I mentioned the closeness of the foot pedals that I wear ballet shoes when driving but I drew the line at a tutu. Jobs outstanding for the future — change one front shock absorber, fit new front brake cylinders, new headlining and new sills.

YB 0998

April 1953?


Current owner, Masaaki Sakaguchi, Tokyo, Japan.

I purchased YB 0998 in June, 1992 and the car is very much part of my family. We often use the car to go shopping and for other trips with my wife and children. I often drive the car in Tokyo and its performance is comparable with a modern car. If you are in Tokyo and see a green YB it will be me. The picture of my car is taken in front of my house. Regards - Masaaki.

YB 1012

2 January 1953


Current owner Peter Gisby, West Sussex, UK.

Recently purchased this car and am going to start restoring it soon. Updated pictures will follow...

YB 1018

20 January 1953


Current owner, John Arkley, Yorkshire UK.

We got this one about two years ago and do not know much history yet. It is almost complete except for the interior.

YB 1022

19 January 1953


Current owner, Clive Ervill, Warwickshire UK.

Paintwork is red oxide with rust showing through. Some upholstery is burgundy, some is fawn owing to my partially changing some better items from my previous YB, registration NOE 765, which is sadly no more. I did swop the engine from my previous YB, but can't remember whether I refitted the original sometime afterwards.

I bought YMG 16 some time (after crashing my previous and first YB) in the late 1960s or early 1970s. According to one of the log books which I have it was changed from dark green to grey in 1968 if I read the handwriting correctly, but when I bought it it was painted red oxide. I ran it until about February 1974 when I became disheartened after working on the front suspension in freezing conditions outside and by torchlight in January or February 1974. Since then it has been stored outside for a few years and for perhaps the last 20 odd years in garages. I am about to sell it on E-Bay hopefully, since my garage accommodation is no longer available. The car is in poor condition as might be expected after being off the road since 1974.

YB 1023

January? 1953

Current owner, Nick Baker, South Australia, Australia

Picked it up by chance in January this year, engine was running but quite smoky, not currently going but hope to have on the road in 6-12 months. The car has original interior in useable condition, body overall not bad although colour is a bit dull. I need a YB spare wheel compartment lid anybody?

YB 1025

19 January 1953


Current owner Roy Hardwick, North Yorkshire, UK

Originally red with black wings, YMH 234 has been with Ian Holland at Stockport for many years. It's now with me at Northallerton in North Yorkshire. The colour was changed to two-tone green in the seventies. Although basically sound and complete, the car now needs a good going over along with a little accident repair work. It's responding well to some sympathetic TLC and amateur 'surgery' to the dents and rusting around the boot area. The car will be prepared to please me rather than any 'purist standard' and may well change colour again. I intend to enjoy using this lovely little motor car as much as I am enjoying re-commissioning her.

YB 1041

11 February 1953


Current owner, Ed Winters, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, UK

My car was restored to concours condition by Miles Harris over the period 1986/1990. The engine was rebuilt in 1997. It's in immaculate condition.

YB 1048

3 March 1953


Current owner, James Lunn, Hertfordshire, UK

I acquired my YB in December 2001.Fortunately it came with a great deal of documented history. This included the original log book which showed that the car was first registered in North Wales in March 1953, travelling extensively through the UK before arriving in Hertfordshire. She is black with bone hide interior and is in fine original condition. Engine rebuild in 1997 with good oil pressure. Everything works - except the clock which is not unusual. I use her frequently in London where she gets lots of admiring glances.

YB 1050

5 February 1953


Current owner, Kurt Schneider, Hessen, Germany

I am driving an MG TD since several years, and I decided to buy an MG Y because technically both cars are very close together, so I will not have to learn so many new things and when I'm getting older the MG YB will allow me to get in and out without help from other people because it's much more comfortable than the TD. And it's a beauty!.

YB 1063

12 February 1953


Current owner, Mike Storey, Yorkshire, UK

Purchased in a dismantled state in 1996, a complete re-build was undertaken by me, and I finished it in 2000.

YB 1066

13 February 1953

Current owner, Brian O'Brien, County Carlow, Ireland

We drive Norma, YB 1066, every weekend that fine weather allows. She was lovingly maintained by her previous owner for several years and we will continue the good work..

YB 1076

20 February 1953

Current owner, Manfred Noll, Remscheid, Germany

I purchased the car March 2000 in London from this time the car runs very well.

YB 1094

11 March 1953


Current owner, Robin Bawn, Avon, UK.

We bought this MG from a company in Manchester in July 2007. It was a project that they never really had time to get around to and it is in a sorry, but mostly complete state. We decided to buy it for spares but it is far to good to break so it's going to be rebuilt in a rally style. The car had a replacement engine in April 1960. It also has had many owners and has spent time in Knaresborough, Leeds, Stroud, Radnor, Cheshire, Stoke on Trent, Manchester and then to us in Bristol. The log book has been stamped with 'LEEDS REGIONAL HOSPITAL BOARD' at some point in its life. Can anyone shed any light on why this might have been done? I would love to find the history behind it.

YB 1100

21 April 1953

Current owner, Peter Sharp, Bedfordshire, UK

I acquired the chassis and body of YB 1100, LFG 662, in June 2007; along with the V5C. It had belonged to David Fox who had stripped it in order to repair the (very) rotten body. He rebuilt the bottom six inches, including a complete re-fabrication of the bottom rear end and spare wheel compartment, but it was never put back together before he moved to Spain. The chassis is in good condition and includes a rear end repair carried out at a Clyde shipyard. The engine and interior had gone to other cars before it came into my possession so I am starting the long search for missing parts. Any assistance will be very gratefully received.

YB 1101

1 March 1953


Current owner, Arthur Swales, Sunderland, UK

I'm second owner from new buying the car in 1988. Its in the process of being restored and will be resprayed in the New Year to be readied for a trip to the Lillehammer Car Rally in August.

YB 1127

1 March 1953


Current owner, Peter Sharp, Bedfordshire, UK

I found YB1127 when I was searching for parts to rebuild YB1100 (now gone to a new owner in Lincolnshire. I went for a boot lid and came back with a car. It's had eleven previous owners, most of them in the Midlands. It had a lot of work carried out it in the late 1990s; a body-off chassis rebuild, brakes and Jackall were reconditioned and a new wiring loom was fitted. Among the many boxes of excellent spares that came with it was one full of rusty bits labelled 'engine'. This has now been rebuilt into a working XPAG which will, we're determined, take it to Spring Run 20??.

YB 1130

March? 1953


Current owner, Rick Lickitwongse, California, USA

This Y amazes me. I first saw it on eBay advertised by Mr. Gene Ponder. He had it in his garage for 15 years, never got around to do anything with it, and I bought it from him the way he purchased it.

I have had this car for about two years, prior to that I owned a 1963 MGB, a pull handle one, and 1973 Triumph TR6 with overdrive. Both I sold at the last stage of building a house for my kid. I may feel attached to MG as we had a TC in our family which I got to ride in it with Mom. I think MG style is very handsome in someway. Looking at the dash and steering wheel always bring back good memory.

I started working on this car 2 weeks ago, thought it was going to be a TLC project and may get it to running condition again in 2 weeks. WRONG!!!, the whole car is now in pieces. I will try to revive it the best I can. My wife teased if I could put them together. "Sure, I can", I said, "but not without Paul's help".

YB 1132

28 February 1953


Current owner, Charles Vosser, Surrey, UK

First registered on 28 February 1953, YB 1132 spent much of its earlier life in and around Oxford. It has had 8 owners, but has been owned by me since 1975. During the 60s it was owned by an American undergraduate, Robert S Munford III of Balliol College and was painted Orange, probably to reflect the hippy era and flower power. Thankfully, it was later repainted black in 1971. Never in very good condition, I have steadily worked on the car and most of the time have kept it on the road. The engine has been rebuilt by George Edney, the front suspension by Brown and Gammons and bits of body work by local firms. The next project is restoration of the rear wings and arches.

YB 1142

24 April 1953


Current owner, Keith Herkes, Bedfordshire, UK

This rather tatty YB was rescued from certain death in 1998. It had been stored since approx 1978, after it had been plundered for its engine and gearbox to feed the T type market! In a moment of weakness I took pity on it and it is my intention, eventually, to breath life back into this little car. It will need some major surgery on the body and of course a donor heart! Perhaps one day!

YB 1146

April 1953


Current owner, John Rowe, Middlesex, UK

I purchased the car in August 1991 and it has since undergone a full rebuild. New leather seating and door panels completed the restoration in March 1999.

YB 1154

April 1953


YB 1154

Current owner, Kenneth Phillips, New Jersey, USA

Veteran of the Kimber Alaskan Challenge.

Now apart for restoration.

YB 1160

April 1953


YB 1160Last owner, Malcolm Hogg (Dec'd), Essex, UK

I know nothing of the car's history and the registration number has been lost so an age related one would be required. It has a late block and TF sump fitted and appears to be a University Motors car as there is a UM plaque on the dash and the car is fitted with UM overriders. The car has now been broken for spares and scrap.

YB 1168

24 April 1953


Current owner, Gerhard Franz, Hamburg, Germany

I bought this car in the year 2015, when we made a sightseeing with our MGA MKI. I saw this car for sale. So I decided with my wife, to buy this car. When it is rainy and windy so we must not sit in the open MGA. This car is most comfortabler. The owner before us, was Norbert Lange. His wife wanted to sell this car, because her husband died one and a half year ago. Now we have 2 MGs and we are very happy.

YB 1170

27 February 1953

Current owner, MG Car Club, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK.

1953 M.G. One and a Quarter Litre Saloon (Series YB).

LITTLE GEM - This M.G. YB, chassis number YB 1170, left the Abingdon M.G. Works on 27th February 1953. This model did not sell very well as between 1951 and 1953 only 1,301 were made. The reason was because of its dated late 1930's styling even though the car has an efficient 1250cc overhead-valve engine, rack and pinion steering, independent front suspension all mounted on a very stiff, strong chassis.

The YB was a fast car of its class for the day and had excellent road holding and drove superbly.

This, now rare, car belongs to the MGCC and was gifted to it from the Estate of Tim Pennicott and is to be used to entertain and educate M.G. enthusiasts about the delights of old car ownership. This picture shows the MG Car Club Y Register Committee personnel who were on hand at Kimber House when the car was first received by us and were able to render their expert assistance in assessing the car and getting her road-worthy again. Left to right are Peter Arnell, Suzie Arnell, Jack Murray, Jerry Birkbeck, and sat in the driver's seat is Ted Gardner. The photograph was taken by Colin Grant, MG Car Club Official Photographer.

YB 1177

29 April 1953


Current owner Dennis Doubtfire, Somerset. UK.

The registration of this car YMG 125 has to be the ultimate for a 1 1/4 Y Type Saloon, and was reputably reserved by the MG Car Co, for the show car at the Earl's Court Motor Show, but no evidence has come to life to confirm this. The car's first owner was High Primrose, who lived in Sheperton, Middlesex (later moved to Wimbourne Dorset). The car remained in the area until 1972, when after a succession of owners; Malcolm Randall acquired her and brought her to Daventry. Malcolm and the Northampton's air seemed to agree with her as they stayed together until 1988 when yours truly became her legal guardian. (Dennis is one of the founding members of the MGCC Y Register.

YB 1179

27 May 1953

Current owner Ron Humphris, Perth, Western Australia.

This car was originally registered MWR 877 by the only other previous owner in Ripon Yorkshire U.K. and was supplied by Glover's of Ripon (do they still exist I wonder?) the car is still in very good original condition and is un-restored (bar mechanicals) and is still a pleasure to drive. YB 1179 and YT 2618 emigrated to OZ in 1987 with us and have led a charmed life since (no ice-salt-snow-slush for many a year), the car had only covered 27,000 miles by 1972 and still has to break the 60,000 mile barrier!

YB 1214

16 April 1953

Current owner, Kurt Mastbooms, Antwerp, Belgium

I bought this car in December 2011 from the UK. It was completely dismantled when I bought it. I restored the car the last year.

YB 1215

April? 1953

Current owner, Charles Key, Missouri, USA

I have recently acquired this car which has been heavily modified for racing. If anyone can please cast light on the history I would be grateful.

YB 1216

14 April 1953

Current owner, Norbert Kapfer, Vienna, Austria

Unfortunately the history we have is not complete, and any further details would be greatly appreciated. The old registration number of 1953 MG saloon was TNU 166. In the time of the 1980's, Martyn OVER, Walsall, Staffordshire owned YB 1216. Last known previous owner in GB was Tanks NEILL, Wingate. Early in the 1990's Family URBAN brought the car to Austria. With lots of patience and no expense spared, Mr. Urban had the MG restored over a period of more than ten years and the car was finished in dark green (shires green) with black wings. Late in 2003 the YB was registered as roadworthy. At that time the YB with his engine no.: XPAG SC2 18099 had a mileage of 99,000 but was never driven. I purchased the car in an excellent condition, with a few possibilities for technical and optical tuning, that is reinstall the original heating system and the fog lamp, etc.

YB 1219

16 April 1953


Current owner, Eric Dodd, Warwickshire, UK.

I bought the car from a local classic car dealer in December 1993. Previously the car had been owned and 70% restored by a Leicestershire owner, leaving only cosmetic work to be done. Original colour was Green, but is now Red and Black. The XPAG engine had been replaced with an XPAW. Originally first registered in Birmingham. The car regularly participates in all Midland events including the annual Shakespere Run. The car has won the NTG Trophy twice (1996 and 2001) and was a winner in the Invitational Concours at Coys International, Silverstone, 1996 too.

YB 1220

24 April 1953


Current owner, Chris Vernon, London, UK

I purchased the car from Robin Lawton in 2000 and since then have done nearly 3000 trouble free miles. The car has been known to the Club for over 20 years and I have good records going back to 1976 since when it has been in regular use covering 28,000 miles since 1978. From approx 1954 - 1974 it was owned by a farmer near Exeter. I love the car to bits (my very first car in 1962 was a YB) but it has to compete for my affections with my TD and MGB GTV8.

YB 1230

9 June 1953


Current owner, Paul Thompson, Gloucestershire, UK

My YB was purchased summer '06 after 35 years of TC type ownership. The ride handling and weather protection are a revelation compared with a TC! She is very original and rot free and obviously had careful previous owners, all of which I thank. My intention is to keep her on the road keeping her original, but replace any parts required to keep her smart and usable.

YB 1254

May / June? 1953


Current owner, Paul Feuerpfeil, Washington, USA

The Ghost in the car enjoys tobacco and will sometimes turn the dome light on during the night. Doesn't seem to enjoy prolonged periods away from home; fasteners start coming loose when the stay at the shop lasts too long.

YB 1262

12 May 1953


Current owner, Paul Davies, Middlesex, UK

I purchased the car in 1986 from the second owner, a local garage proprietor, who had serviced the car for its original owner. The car came with the addition of a chromed rocker cover, presumably as the model was at the end of it's production run, MG wished to sell the last few remaining Y-Types before the Z-Magnettes hit the forecourts. YMG 184 was one of a small group of late YB's to be issued with the YMG registration from the main MG dealers in London. I have used the car mainly for runs to Brooklands, Silverstone and local events, and it always has admirers wherever I go!

YB 1274

2 May 1953


Current owner, Alan Chick, Bridgend, Wales, UK.

HKG 16 purchased 1959 by my Uncle Alan Chick (we shared the name!). In his later years I was recruited as his driver and we had several enjoyable trips in this beautiful car, including 2015 Y register Loire Valley tour. In 2016 Uncle Alan sadly passed away and he left his car in my care. I continue to enjoy the car and use it whenever the weather is kind enough.

YB 1275

? May 1953


Current owner, Michael Leckstein, New Jersey, USA.

I bought "Plum" in 1984 from Christine Brandon-Cox who lived in Seaton, Oakham, Leicestershire, UK. . The original registration number was BFL 817. Plum has had since then a new re-spray and a new headliner. The rest of the interior and the car is in very good original condition. Everything works, including the Jackal system and the trafficators. Even the steering wheel clock timer for the trafficators work.

The car runs very well and it is my wife's favorite of all my MGs.

YB 1279

7 May 1953


Current owner, Graham Mack, Essex, UK

This car was purchased from a family friend on 14/04/2005. Apart from a respray in 1996 this car is in original condition. It has a University Motors dash plaque and the registration number YMG 183. This car was featured in "The Classic MG" by Richard Aspden. Currently road worthy it is enjoying being used and will be going out a lot!

YB 1281

7 May 1953


Former owner, Eric Platt, Cheshire, UK

The first registered owner from Newcastle on Tyne had it for 34 years. The car then spent 4 years in Shropshire with two keepers. It then crossed the Border to Wrexham were it stayed for 8 years with one keeper. In 2000 it came to Sandbach, Cheshire were the then keeper did extensive body restoration. In January 2003 the cars next keeper lived in Bourne, Lincolnshire and it was he that had the internal woodwork refurbished including the dashboard, a servo fitted to the braking system and the engine was substantially overhauled. This keeper only kept the car till July 2003 (he bought it for his wife but she didn't take to the car!) and then sold it to the next keeper in Sturton by Stow, Lincolnshire. This keeper fitted a stainless steel exhaust system, overhauled the Jackall system and rebuilt the front suspension. I bought the car on the 11th June 2007 and brought it back to Macclesfield, Cheshire.

YB 1283

6 May 1953


Previously owned by Bill Harrison, Suffolk, UK

Kept in Suffolk for pottering about at the weekends. Bought in May 2006 in good running order. Was originally registered in May 1953 when she was green, had a change of registration number in 1972, and a change to beige and brown paintwork when restored. She was with her previous owner for the last thirty odd years.

YB 1298

21 May 1953


Current owner, Reg Dixie, London, UK

I have owned the car since the early 1980's and carried out a complete restoration during the 90's.The car was originally Silver Streak Grey but I prefer the current colour combination and the way the two colours are split, although I am aware that this was not an original specification. The car is used regularly but is currently off the road.

YB 1304

15 May 1953


Current owner, Mitch Tree, Kent, UK

The MG has quite a history owned at one time by Denis Ruby then the actress Jane Asher (at the time she was Paul McCartney's girlfriend). Then in 1970 Natalie's uncle the actor Nicholas Clay bought the MG it has been in the family ever since. Nicholas died in 2000 and the car was his pride and joy, it has now been restored by his cousin, and then in October this year we took ownership of it. The car was black for the thirty years Nicholas owned it, but upon restoration, and looking at the log book, it has been restored to its original colour of beige and black.

YB 1305

3 June 1953


Current owner, Paul Saunders, Essex, UK

Original first owner was Lt. Col. Mackinnon Hawes on 3rd June 1953 who kept the vehicle til the 2nd November 1968. The new owner was Jean R Lucas. With both of these owners, the car was located in St Andrews, Fife. In 1979, my godfather Richard Kimber took ownership and the car came to Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. My god father was fond YB lover as this was his second vehicle. Previous to owning this YB, at sometime he owned a 1951 YB, registration number; MLN 420. It was bronze in colour.

As a child, I remember many family holidays to Norfolk where we would drive down in the YB, hanging out the sun roof.

He has recently passed and I am now the proud owner. I have the full service history of the car and all original documents, including a workshop manual. The tool kit is also fully complete, this was a great joy to discover as this most certainly is something special.

The picture provided, was taken the morning the car was moved to my house. This was it's first outing in 27 years, I intend to restore the vehicle.

YB 1308

18 July 1953


Current owner, Bill Jenkinson, Western Australia, Australia.

I am very pleased to have the YB as a stable-mate for Y 0630. I believe there are only 3 YBs in Australia, and all in the West. I intend to slowly check the car over, but my first impressions are above my expectations. I am delighted to have all relevant history of the car and detailed photos of the restoration.

YB 1320

20 May 1953


Current owner, Ed Versteeg, The Netherlands.

This car came to the Netherlands around 1996/1997 and became its second renovation here - its first extensive renovation was in 1987 by "The Spinning Wheel Garage" in Chesterfield. Originally the car seems to have been black all over - according to all the (MOT) papers and almost full early history, coming with the car - now it is dark green with black wings. I bought the car in 1999 and I gave the car "some finishing touch" and I do have great fun with it, during my scarce spare-time - let alone of course the familiar troubles of owning/driving a car almost half a century of age, which I happen to share with this car.

YB 1351

1 June 1953


Current owner, George Campbell, Scotland, UK

This car was almost completely dismantled. Some restoration started by previous owner. I rescued car in August 2008. 90% complete, a good project for somebody. Registration No RHT441 on original logbook (Morryshire Scotland).

Scrapped and parted out in May 2010.

YB 1360

17 June 1953

Current owner Steve Stephenson, Limerick, Ireland.

I acquired Aida in mid 2000 from Bob Freeman, Shrewsbury when she had registration no. JUN 256. Presently we are preparing for a major body off. Future modifications [ bits already purchased] include brakes and transmission. We don't think we will be roadworthy for at least another year!

YB 1381

18 June 1953


Current owner Roy Dockery, Watford, UK.

Found in a garden purchased for £500. Will want a body-off rebuild that is under way. As you can see rebuild is well under way may have her on road next year ( I hope).

YB 1423

1 July 1953


Current owner, Mark Sellick, Somerset, UK

I acquired YB1423 (christened "William" by my fiancee, Louise) on 29th February 2004 from Gerry Belton of Minehead, as a swap for my MGB GT. "William" has had a number of owners, although known history dates from 1968 when Alan Jones of Yate bought him. Mr Jones kept a very detailed log of everything he did to the car including all the trials and tribulations that go with owning an old car. "William" then passed to Steve Ostler of Bristol in 1974, who kept him for nearly 20 years, until 1994 when Pete Evans of the Forest of Dean took possession for about a year. S J Spicer was the next owner, and in 2001 "William" went first to Nigel Evans and then to Gerry Belton. "William" has had a recent engine strip down and rebuild by myself due to a crack in the block. He is in good condition although his coachwork is a little scruffy in places. I have the dreaded brake light switch problem, which has been overcome with a temporary cure, but I want to fit an hydraulic switch soon. Louise and I are very pleased with "William" and are looking forward to much happy YB motoring.

YB 1434

7 July 1953


Current owner, Peter Cornelius, North Canterbury, New Zealand.

Purchased in England Feb.1988 in a neglected state. Was in non-original black. Took 14 months making road legal and used on French tour without such luxuries as carpet, roof lining, etc. Brought to NZ in 1993 when I migrated and used extensively. After faithfulservice of almost 21,000 miles in 12 years now returned to its original Silver Streak Grey. The factory couldn't have anticipated some of the unsealed roads it's been on or the mountains it's climbed.

YB 1446

2 July 1953

Current owner, Paul Gresser, Surrey UK

I have very little information about my car. I bought it just over a year ago from somebody in Birmingham, he had owned it for some years and had bought it from a man in the Worcester area. The registration is a Coventry number. Since I bought the car the following work has been done: both front and rear bumpers and over riders have been re-chromed (they had been painted), and the drivers seat has been rebuilt (so that I no longer have springs in the most unlikely places!). The seals around the windows are being replaced (a thankless task with all those silly little screws). The car has also been repainted so here is a new picture of my car in all its lovely new pristine glory after a bare metal respray (open wallet surgery) the work included all the usual suspects: new sills, repairs to the flanges on all wings, new metal for the inner wings, new boot skin, replacement section round spare wheel aperture, umpteen expensive seal, and a new wiring loom, probably other things that I can't remember. If you ask why I did it the answer is in the from an old Black Magic commercial" because the lady is worth it". I was attracted to the car because of its performance compared to other saloons of the same period and engine capacity and I could afford it.

YB 1458

22 July 1953


Current owner, David Hague, Hampshire. UK.

I have been unsuccessful in tracing the first registration number allocated to this car (any help appreciated). It was re-registered in Dec 1953 as NG1 and again in Dec 1960 with its current number 8077 HP. The car was untaxed from 1965 and spent most of the following 26 years in RAF Hangars. I purchased the car in 1991 and undertook a complete restoration over the next 6 years. It finally emerged in the summer of '97, obtained an MOT and was taken on the Y Tour of Luxembourg. Since then YB1458 has covered over 10,000 miles including the Tour of Holland in 2000. The car is a regular participant in the Spring Run, Silverstone, South Downs Run, Wings Run and Speckled Hen Runs each year.

YB 1459

13 July 1953


Current owner, John Arkley, Yorkshire, UK

This car came from the same place as YB 1018 (KYS 79) as a spares car but it will get done in time!

YB 1461

17 August 1953

Current owner Neil Coombes, Kent, UK

I was at an MG meeting in Kent when I met and was talking to Peter, the previous owner, about Y types. He was in the middle of rebuilding an MG TD and did not have the time to rebuild this as well. Within a matter of a couple of weeks I had acquired the YB. I had intended to carry out a nuts and bolts restoration but with other projects coming on line, I decided just to respray and replace only those parts absolutely necessary. A fair amount of work such as front suspension rebuild had already been done and the bodywork is in fairly good shape, only one or two of the door bottoms are really bad and need major repair.

YB 1464

4 September 1953

Current owner ,Raymond Vigeant, Massachusetts, USA

I bought the car having gone to see an antique clock collector to purchase some machine tools. The more I looked at the YB the more I got to like it, how it had made it this far (originally registered in Scotland), avoiding the scrap yard, it deserved to be on the road again. The body, glass and paint were fine and intact as was the interior except for the motor. The oil pan had a rod sticking through it, the block had missing pieces and the crank looked like it was run for years without lubrication. After further inspection I found all mechanical parts and assemblies needed to be reworked. The gearbox was expertly rebuilt and I found an exact oil pan and block. I rebuilt the gas tank, added a new sending unit, gas lines and fuel pump. I rebuilt the master cylinder, installed new brakes, brake lines and wheel cylinders. The shocks went to Long Island New York for reconditioning, serviced the windscreen wiper assembly, radiator, trafficators and jackall system. The motor and gearbox took 12 attempts to mate up as I was handling it alone doing so blindly from within the passenger compartment. The rest went in according to the MG Workshop Manual and after three turns of the starter the engine fired up. So a quick determination to take a ride having forgotten about tags, registration and ignoring the smoke accumulating in the cab was on order. Later on observers commented on what appeared to be a driver-less vehicle cruising about town. The thick smoke made any occupant of the vehicle virtually invisible! The smoke was just a little oil burning off of the exhaust and manifold. Since then it's been reliably riding the roads of New England for five years with lots of curiosity and compliments from the public.

YB 1466

September 1953

Current owner, Frank and Connie Mount, Ontario, Canada

"Rose" (as named by her first owner) was initially sold by University motors, London in 1953. She has travelled only 44,000 miles and runs and drives very well. The engine, and drive train are original. The interior is original and intact, right down to the ashtrays and rear window shade. She has had a repaint, bumpers rechromed and a general spruce up but could be considered a "survivor" car.

YB 1470

7 July 1953


Current owner, Dave Hillman, West Yorkshire, UK

Bought in September 2010 from former owner in Gloucestershire. Now undergoing repair and restoration in all the usual places.

YB 1478

August? 1953

Current owner, Dennis Hatch, Wisconsin, USA.

The photo was taken in June 2002 at a local all British Sports car event at Sussex Wisconsin. I took a first, this year in the Variant MG class, and took a first last year at the 2001 MG Odyssey in St. Paul Minnesota. Of course I drive to all events. The picture also shows my daughter, Marissa (6) in front of the YB! The MG Lic. Plate is original to the car from 1953. The original color was Autumn Bronze, but has been resprayed Sea Foam Green. I added the Shires Green trim. The car is well documented, Purchased from California (USA) in 1998, and before that MOT registration indicated UK purchases, with the first original owner in 1953, being the Whitbread Company, London. I am the only running YB in the state of Wisconsin, to the best of my knowledge.

YB 1493

25 July 1953

Current owner, Manfred Schulz, Cologne, Germany.

The car has Body Number 6415 / 636. Further details will provided in due course. Another thing for the record - when 1493 was delivered the V5 gives the engine number as 18355 - on the 14th of May 1954 it was changed to 18356 in the V5.

YB 1497

21 July 1953


Current owner, Alan Pratt, Warwickshire, UK

I have owned the car since 1968 and completed a full restoration last year, when the car also won the Bill Atkinson cup (see report on Spring Run 2002).

YB 1499

30 July 1953

Current owner, Ian Hopkins, Surrey, UK.

I purchased my YB in October 1988. It has been reliable, safe and has great character. It had 94,775 on the clock and now is back round to 80,720. I use the car as my daily transport, commuting in London traffic. London traffic these days moves at less than 3 miles an hour so I fit in quite well.

YB 1500

July 1953

Current owner, Iain Brown, Leicestershire, UK.

I have just baught this YB, my first and really pleased, just a little recomissioning only. It stood in a garage from 1997, but started and runs well. Only 6,000 miles! Last owner had this car for 40 years.

YB 1503

August 1953

Current owner, Matt Sanders, Powys, UK

I also own Y 0485, Y 3220, Y 6833, and Y 7223.

YB 1506

20 August 1953

Current owner, Brian Hough, Carmarthen, Wales, UK

The car is very original having only covered 60,000 miles from new. There have only been two previous owners. It needs a little work to the doors but otherwise is in very good condition.

YB 1509

31 July 1953

Current owner, Skip Hahn, Illinois, USA

This MG YB is one of the last fifty built and is 99% original, but extremely roadworthy with only 38,000 original miles. It resided in England until late 1968, at which time it was expatriated to the USA by its third owner. The current owner is number 7 and has owned the vehicle since October 29, 1988. The car runs great and is a 'hoot' to drive.

YB 1512

August 1953

Current owner, Adam and Steve Lombard, California, USA

This particular Y Type saloon was produced in 1953, and has a chassis number of YB 1512. It was originally black, with dark green upholstery with beige piping. The earliest known owner for which records are available was Mr. William Godfrey Alnutt of Upminster, Essex, in England. After changing hands numerous times through the years, YB1512 was sold in 1987 by M. Plant of Liverpool, England to Jerome Keller of Denville, New Jersey. The car was shipped from Liverpool, arriving in New York on July 20, 1987. When first registered in the United States on August 3, 1987, YB1512's odometer recorded 83,700 miles. In the early 1990's, the car was completely disassembled and restored, and the interior and exterior colors were changed to the brown and créme scheme you now see. Mr. Keller later moved to Green Lane, Pennsylvania, where YB1512 resided until 2007, when it was sold to its current owners. The car was shipped via car transport to Encino, California, arriving on the West Coast on July 23, 2007 where she is driven a few times per month and treated to the occasional car show.

YB 1516

3 August 1953

Current owner, Malcolm Perry, South Yorkshire UK

This year 2013 the car has proved very reliable completing a Scarborough to Morecambe coast to coast run and a Dales run, it's also been used for my daughters wedding. Originally owned by the Clydesdale Construction Co Ltd, unfortunately very little further history came with the car so any more detail particularly from previous owners would be appreciated.

YB 1521

1 August 1953

Current owner, Alan Rothwell, Lancashire UK

I bought my YB as a 60th birthday present to myself with the intention of driving the car, not just storing it. Since acquiring the car in 2013, it's done almost 9,000 miles including several trips to the Cotswolds and North Yorkshire with family and friends. I regularly take part in club runs, joined the YB Round Britain Relay and took the car to the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb for the parade of Ys. As I am now working part time, I hope to enjoy even more events in years to come. (Picture taken in Goathland, North Yorkshire, June 2017).

YB 1528

21 August 1953

Current owner, Richard Dick, Warwickshire, UK

The car was discovered after having been in storage for 30 years. It is very original, having only had 30,000 miles on the clock when I bought it. It has been resprayed and rechromed. The car was featured in Practical Classics in November 1994 and has been on all Y Register Spring Runs and to Luxembourg in 1998. Winner of the most original Y in 1999.

YB 1533

4 August 1953

Current owner, Allan Dinsdale, Devon, UK

YB 1533 registered 4972H known as HENRY. Owned since 1994,and I think I am the 5th owner. Extensively road rallied between 1994 and 2002, now retired, but still doing occasional club runs. Class winner of 1994, 1995, and 1996 Le Jog, lands End to John O' Groat's Road Rally which is known for it's severity. The picture was taken on the 1996 event. Over a four day and night 1600 mile route with only one nights sleep, taking place in the first week of December, every year, since 1992.

Henry has since retirement been treated to a bare metal respray and some new metal inserted as required. Now sound as a pound .

YB 1535

August? 1953

Current owner, Mike Ash, Virginia, USA

I purchased YB1535 (4971 H) from the UK in the late 1970s with the intention of using it as a parts car. It was quite sound mechanically but the body was pretty far gone. It was used by my wife as a daily driver for a couple of years as an accompaniment to my Y6244, until the amount of rust falling off became an embarrassment. It was then dismantled for spares.

YB 1540

20 August 1953

Current owner, Peter Vielvoye, Gloucestershire, UK.

I first owned this car back in 1966 and have know of its whereabouts since 2001 The opportunity to own it again came up recently and the deal had to be done. The exterior and engine were restored in the 80s but the interior is as it was in my day but a little worse for wear and will have to be restored sometime.

YB 1547


Current owner, Wade Davis, Missouri, USA.

I am the fourth owner of this 1953 MG YB, having purchased it from Steve Simmonds. It was imported from England to Canada by it's second owner in 1979 and was stored until Steve purchased it in 2003. This car is in mostly original, un-restored condition with 76,000 original miles on the clock. My plans for it are to keep it as original as possible rather than turning it into a trailer queen. I prefer a little dirt in the arches to a car not being driven!

I also own a 1947 MG Y, and a 1950 MG YT

YB 1550 - The very last YB!


Current owner, Ivo Arnus, Germany.

Ich habe am 20 Dezember 2007 meinen MG-YB in Guernsey für £2000 gekauft. Eine Montage der Abbildungen darf hier gesehen werden.

I bought my MG-YB on 20 December 2007 for £2000 in Guernsey. A montage of pictures can be seen here.