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Y 0264

? May 1947


The oldest Y on this site ... so far

Current owner, Ian and David Cornish, Hertfordshire, UK.

Saved from being used in a banger racing meet along with an MG Magnette. If I had been a day later in buying them I'd have been too late!! This is the earliest model example YA known in the UK and second in the world. The car looked a mess, but after dismantling found that it is in good order after being stored in a barn for more than 25 years. Originally it had registration mark MG 7309 but we may not be able to retain this due to lack of paperwork. We deal in classic cars and are undecided whether to restore or sell as it is. A true barn find!

I have nearly all the parts, the picture is after I'd removed a lot of the panels to check condition.

Y 0272

? May 1947


Current owner, Keith and Sandra Harris, South Wales, UK.

This is our 5th Classic Car and our 2nd Y series restoration.  My wife sources all the spares and sometimes gets her hands dirty. The car at present has been stripped and now being cleaned of all its surface rust.

Y 0296

7? May 1947


Current owner, Douglas van Norden, Virginia, USA.

Y 0296 did not have ashtrays built into front seat backs nor did it have varnished cap rails or bezels on the rear fixed windows.

Y 0303

15 May 1947


Current owner, Dennis Sears, Hampshire, UK.

I purchased the car in November 2002 and intend to carry out a full restoration - hopefully to be completed next year. The car was laid up on blocks by its previous owner in 1982 and had not moved until now. The engine had apparently been re-bored and had covered little mileage before being stored.

Y 0330

16 May 1947


Current owner, Slater Reynolds, Wiltshire, UK.

First owner: Col Theyre who also had an MG SA.

Original engine XPAG/SC/10098. Colour Elizabeth Grey/Shires Green.

Purchased 1957 by my family and on this site since. Rebuilt/restored 1999-2002. Rebuild intended to finish near original. Picture of GL 9899 following arrival at MG Car lub Silverstone 2007, the MG Y Golden Jubilee year.

Y 0363

6 June 1947


Current owner, Stephen Randle, Warwickshire, UK.

I bought Y0363 in May 1990 from the Surrey area, I then went through 2 years restoring her. In the process I changed the paint colour from Black to Red. I then spent another 18 months doing a running restoration. When finished I then entered her in the Practical Classics (a UK Magazine) monthly star restoration, and won the Feb 99 issue and from that a reader who was an ex MG worker wrote saying that he knew that the the car was originally owned by a Morris Garages Director a Mr. A. E. Keen. This answered the many questions that I had asked myself, Y0363 has all the early differences of the Y Types but has also a few extras, like the thin pieces of glass on the top of all the door windows, oil bath air filter, alloy rocker cover and an extra oil filter to the rockers . I use Y0363 all year round for events and pub runs and I still keep a piece of coal in the glove box, where I found it, for luck.

Y 0364

5 June 1947


Current owner, John Harris, Oxfordshire, UK.

I purchased the car and collected it from Lionel Reeves on 12 March 2006. I’ve just completed a detailed study of all the documents that were passed on and have a fairly good picture of its ownership history from April 1974. Any help with filling the gaps between June 1947 and April 1974 would be appreciated. The car has been well cared for as evidence form paperwork shows. After I have gone over the beastie in detail as a process of “getting to know it”, I plan to use it regularly and all year round as I do my PA. My belief is that these cars should be used as much as possible to ensure our continuing right to do so.

Y 0368

3 July 1947


Current owner, Mike Wright, North Somerset, UK.

Purchased as a collection of parts in 1980 for £800 it had been partially re-sprayed maroon. Re-sprayed in it’s present livery of black over grey round about 1990. Affectionately known as "Effin Emma". She was originally registered by Cam gears in Luton 3/7/47. Cam Gears used to have a factory in my home town of Clevedon but unfortunately they've gone now so I can't tell them that one of their old cars is still around. I would love to know why they bought a Y for business. I suspect it had something to do with getting past the waiting list for new cars that applied just after the war. I think it was about two years in the late 40's.

Y 0433

July? 1947


Current owner, Ole Aaen, Denmark.

The car was exported from England to Sweden in 1995-6, had a frame off restoration the following years.

Y 0479

19 July 1947


Current owner, Thierry Decerisy, France.

I bought Y 0479 recently in Ireland but the car is still today with a British registration. The body was repainted a couple of years ago by the previous owner but the car needs a restoration before being on the road again. Information concerning the past of Y 0479 will be extremely welcome.

Y 0485

19 July 1947

Current owner, Matt Sanders, Powys, UK.

Supplied by Caffyns of Brighton to first owner and registered JBP 183 on 19 July 1947. Sold to George Moore (Lewes) in 1953. Bought by third owners (Tony and Jill Stock) in 1974 and sold to David Butler in 2004. The car has now been purchased by it's fifth owner (2006) for restoration. I also own Y 3220, Y 6833, Y 7223 and YB 1503.

Y 0498

July? 1947

Current owner, Marianna Moumdji, Nicosia, Cyprus

This picture was taken on 5 June 2016. It was my friend's wedding and we decorated the car and used it as the Bridal car.

Y 0516

July? 1947

Current owner, Natalie Walsh, Western Australia, Australia

Until I bought Maggie some 5 years ago I had absolutely no interest in cars at all. Then by pure chance I met Maggie parked under a tree and obviously not getting much use. I fell in love with her, put fuel in her tank and off I went. Since then I have spent many an hour looking at this website, and using her as often as possible (sometimes my only mode of transport). She apparently is the earliest known Y in Australia, as with any car of her age she is looking for a small makeover now to make her feel good. I look forward to trips in the country with her soon.

Y 0522

July? 1947

Current owner, Palle Moeldrup, Denmark

This car is in a rather bad condition. There is no engine and no transmission. Some items have been used for spare parts to other MG Ys. But the body is interesting because it is a rather early one..

Y 0557

August? 1947

Current owner, James Sloan, Adelaide, South Australia

My car was originally owned by a vicar in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. It has remained in the same family until I purchased it in April 1994, from the vicars daughter who it had been passed onto her after being stored in a shed in Mount Gambier covered in Vaseline. I then transported it back to Adelaide. The original colour was light green body and dark green guards and green upholstery all original. I have now painted it black with tan leather and brown piping upholstery.

Y 0572

28 August 1947


Current owner, Brian Hunt, Dorset, UK

I have owned Betsy since 1971 ,when I bought it it was in a driveable state but requiring a lot of work, as I was not a rich man I thought it would take a few years and it certainly did. I drove it just getting necessary repairs done until 1982-83 in the winter when all the rallies had finished, my last one that year being the Great Dorset Steam Fair. Then I removed everything from the body shell doors wings running boards sun roof and chrome grill removing the 24 slats, all went off to be re chromed. The wiring loom came out and I ordered a new one from NTG meanwhile I set about removing all the paint down to the bare metal and priming it up in my garage. I did not remove the body from the chassis as there were horrific stories going round about how hard it is to get it back properly. The body then went off to my local paint shop where they did a good job, it returned a couple of weeks later and I re- assembled all the wings running board, grill, sun roof, etc. Meanwhile I had labelled the new loom and set about fitting it. The rebuilt engine +60 thou went in but the gearbox remained in situ as it appeared OK. Eventually the car was ready and ran well , but no stop or rear lights - a little fiddle in the boot sorted it ---I had wired up the reversing lights which I do not need. Since then many happy years of rallying in a reliable car.

Y 0595

August 1947


Current owner, Barry Lain, Suffolk, UK

Unfortunately I do not have any number plates or documents with the car and the car is in such a sorry state that I am breaking it.

I believe the car had been in the same family since new. Bought from Browns and Sons of Loddon Norfolk, near Norwich U.K.. The son of first owner placed it in a small wooded area at the back of a service station in Somerton Suffol knear Lowestoft UK meaning to do it up. It must have sat there for 40 years. Inside the glove box is the suppliers plate - Brown and Sons Motor Engineers and Coachbuilders, Loddon, Norfolk. This firm is no more. Check out the Classified adverts if you are interested in any parts.

Y 0602

4 September 1947

Current owner, Dr. Hans-Joachim Mueller, Hamburg, Germany

I bought the car in 2011 and had a new front suspension, a stainless exaust system, new carpet, a water temperature gauge, new rubbers on the rear suspension and a rev. counter installed. Like many owners of a XPAG engine: the baby is loosing oil!.

Y 0604

12 September 1947

Current owner, Matt Agelink, Netherlands

In 2007 the car was sold to Mr. Derry Aust in Witney near Oxford, in partly restored condition. Just a few months later, in September 2007, the car was purchased from him by myself and transported to the Netherlands.

Y 0611

8 September 1947


Current owner, Charles Jenkinson, Northern Ireland, UK

In the late 1980's I acquired KZ 609 in a 'for restoration' condition meaning that the rear mudguards had fallen down, door bottoms etc. had rotted away, head cloth and seats were all scrap, there was no engine, the dashboard had split with damp, two gearboxes and four different coloured wheels. The rebuild was only possible thanks to N.T.G. Services of Ipswich. Last MOT was issued in September 1975.

Y 0614

July? 1947

Current owner, John Grafham, Herefordshire, UK

Basket case acquired in 2015. Work commenced in February 2016 and picture shows just about finished for the MG Car Club Y Register Spring Run May 8th 2016. Three generations of the Grafham family team effort.

Y 0630

October? 1947

Current owner, Bill Jenkinson, Western Australia, Australia

I purchased the car in 1993 and have rewired, upholstered and painted it since then. I use the car regularly on short trips and find it a joy to drive. I also have recently acquired YB 1308 from the UK.

Y 0646

5 November 1947

Current owner, João Alfredo Gomes de Nóbrega Araújo, Portugal

Eu tenho um YA MG, 1947. 3 proprietários desde 1947 proprietário primeiro, o carro foi registado em Lisboa - Portugal, em 05 de novembro de 1947 com o registro IH-14-30 em nome de Fernando Ferreira Bento, que residia na Av. Guerra Junqueiro, 30 - 2 º D º Lisboa. 07 de julho de 1950 registrado em nome de João Fernandes da Silva, que residia na Rua da Levada de Santa Luzia Funchal e 25 de outubro de 1950 foi registrado o Dr. Jorge Luis de Nóbrega Araújo, porque eu estou restaurando-o, porque, para mim, é uma relíquia, porque o chassi eo corpo estão em excelente estado º da Tabela é Y-0646, n º do motor é XPSAG/SC/X/10449 enviar o folheto do mesmo.

I have a MG YA, 1947. 3 owners since 1947 1st owner, the car was registered in Lisbon - Portugal on November 5, 1947 with registration IH-14-30 on behalf of Fernando Ferreira Bento who resided at Av Guerra Junqueiro, 30 - 2 º D º Lisbon. July 7, 1950 registered in the name of João Fernandes da Silva, who was residing at Rua da Levada de Santa Luzia Funchal and 25 October 1950 was registered to Dr Jorge Luis de Nobrega Araujo, because I'm restoring it, because for me it is a relic, because the chassis and body carroçarioa are in excellent condition No. of Table is Y-0646, No engine is XPSAG/SC/X/10449 sending the logbook of the same.

Y 0674

8 September 1947

Current owner, Dr. John Scott, Cheshire, UK.

I bought the car in 1992 from a colleague who had had it in his garage for 10 years. The car was fully restored in 1992/3 and has been to France and Southern Ireland. We used the car for my elder daughter's wedding in 1998. The car has been unused for the last four years but is on the point of being MOT'd and ready to go again. It shares the garage with a 1952 MG TD. The car has the original leather upholstery.

Y 0696

October? 1947

Current owner, Tony Bushell, Auckland New Zealand.

I acquired Y 0696 about 6 years ago for spares for my YT 4615 as the building where it had been stored for the last 30 years after it had been rolled was being demolished for a new bypass. I haven’t got the ownership papers but this car came to NZ from Australia. When is a mystery for me to explore someday as under the bonnet is a supplier Plate with LANE’S MOTORS PTY. LTD 89—109 EXHIBITION STREET, MELBOURNE. STOCK # 7891 . I have recently found another body a few miles from where I live and hope to collect it in the near future and start the restoration now that I am semi-retired (ha ha).

Y 0734

26 September 1947


Current owner, Nick Rowell, Wiltshire, UK

I bought this car (the green one) in 2007 after 5 years searching for a good Y. After travelling around most of England, I found this car 20 minutes down the road in Bristol! The previous owner had the car since 1984 and carried out a complete restoration. Since acquiring the car I have re-built the engine and tidied up the interior and exterior. The car is now stabled next to my 1966 MG MGB BGT.

Y 0801

January? 1948

Current owner, Dave Eustace, Western Australia, Australia

Restoration commenced in 2015 after being last registered in 1976. With police approval I'm intending to fit MGB front and rear suspension with MGF motor and five speed gearbox. The guards have been painted black and panel work has started on the to be cream body. Also hoping to fit 15" wire wheels.

Y 0815

January? 1948

Current owner, Ross Turner, Victoria, Australia

Untouched since 1973.

Y 0823

12 February 1948

Current owner, Alf Luckman, Sydney, Australia.

Recently purchased from a "barn" along with Y 2838 and Y 3580. I cannot offer any details of any of the cars. They have all been sitting un-disturbed for the past twenty five to thirty years at least. The front bumper and overriders are not standard! Y 0823 was shipped from the UK on the SS Kylew Tongani and arrived in Australia on 3 February 1948. The car was originally Grey with a beige interior and was fitted with engine XPAG/SC/10529. It was delivered on 12 February 1948 with the NSW Registration Number XB 801.

Y 0833

March / April? 1948

Current owner, Ed Greene, Texas, USA.

This car came from Cyprus via New Hampshire and New Mexico.

I purchased my YA from Bill Eberhardt in New Mexico 2 years ago, Hoping next year 2009 to start the full restoration.

Y 0856

April? 1948

Current owner, Maynard and Lee Breeden, Florida, USA.

After 5 months of hard work and with the assistance of NTG Services for parts and technical advice the car runs great and drives well. This car can be seen at the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach Fl. November 25,26,27,28 of 2010. the car will be up for sale.

Y 0865

2 March 1948

Current owner, Bob Woods, New South Wales, Australia

The vehicle has had some modifications for the better, I have some 40 years service history, is fully restored with all factory items fitted, road registered and is a multi concourse class winner.

Y 0884

March / April? 1948

Current owner, Wade Davis, Minnesota, USA

First appeared on Craig's List, but I was too slow...intercepted car on the way to South Carolina...by way of Texas. Car was dropped off there and later delivered here. All this after 40 years of storage. California black plate has 1969 and 1970 stickers.

The picture shows my Y nestled in the hay in Missouri after 40 years of storage in California.

I also own a 1950 MG YT, and a 1953 MG YB

Y 0885

March / April? 1948

Current owner, Jerry Felper, California, USA

Here is a picture of my YA. I purchased the car in 1973 from the second owner. It was very original, but had been garaged for 12 years with a full tank of gas and the engine was frozen tight. I restored it from the ground up in 1974 and it has been at many car shows and concours since.

Y 0899

May? 1948

Current owner Barry Softley, South Australia, Australia.

This is picture was taken 25 May 2003 on a club outing by the MG Car Club of South Australia, it was a breakfast run. The car next to mine is owned by Mike Lyons of South Australia.

Y 0900

early 1948

Sri Lanka

Current owner, Chanaka Jinasena, Sri Lanka.

I purchased the car in 1995. The car was put straight into storage in a barn but not before I pulled out the engine and gearbox which were rebuilt immediately. 7 years later, the restoration of the car has just commenced. I have a Shorrock C75B Supercharger which I might fit onto the engine eventually ... may be. Follow the progress on my car's restoration on its own page here.

Y 0960

April / May? 1948

Former owner, Janet and Rob Roberson, Washington State, USA.

Our first sighting of the YA was at a 1993 T-series event. We purchased the YA later that year from a couple in Sequim, Washington State. They had owned the car for sometime and had bought it while living in Europe. Restoration primarily consisted of a new paint job and finishing the interior. With small scale, fine lines, her even disposition and nimble ways it seemed appropriate to name her GWENDOLYN. We have enjoyed driving and riding in Gwendolyn. She has caught the eye of passers by, put a smile on their faces, and sometimes triggered pleasant memories of acquaintances from many years ago.

Y 0974

April / May? 1948

Current owner, Gavin Donohoe, Queensland, Australia.

This MG is for sale it's located in Queensland Australia, It is mostly complete with just the battery box cover and fuel tank cap missing. It was last registered in 1968 so has been in storage for the last 40 years. Very little rust and the engine still turns over freely. The speedo shows from memory about 70,000 miles.

Y 1006

May? 1948

Y 1006 Current owner, Tony Slattery, Queensland, Australia.

Previous owner, Mike Brown, restored the car in the 1990's after purchasing from South Australia. The car went underwater in the Brisbane Flood of 2011 & is now called "Dunkin" to recognise its underwater adventures.

Y 1040

April? 1948


Current owner, Gareth Phillipson, New Zealand

Attached is the family pride and joy.

Y 1041

April? 1948

Current owner, Zulkifli Dato' Omar, Sham Alam, Malaysia

The car was imported and registered in Malaysia in April 2006. The car was purchased recently from a friend.

The earlier history of the car is unknown. I hope that should someone have any information about this car and details of previous ownership, please contact me.

Y 1090

April? 1948


Current owner, Robert Baker, Australia

Here is a photo of Y1090 after restoration. She was first registered in Victoria, probably in early 1948 and has been off the road for at least 20 years. I bought her in 2001 minus engine and gearbox, but have since obtained these. I am in need of a 16" wheel as a spare and am having a lot of trouble finding one in Australia. I have always admired this model and am so pleased to be restoring a Y-type now. I have joined the MG Car Club in South Australia and am in contact with a couple of other owners.

Y 1099

April? 1948


Current owner, Roland Harris, South Australia, Australia.

Our 1947 MG YA was originally delivered to Lanes Motors of Melbourne. It was fully restored by Barry Bahnisch in Adelaide about 20 years ago, and has the original engine/gearbox. We have done many minor item replacements and believe it to be in concours condition. "MGYA-47" is on historic registration through the MGCC of SA.

Y 1126

May? 1948


Current owner, Ellen Wilson, Queensland, Australia

The car was fully restored by John Fincher (YT 3663) and completed in 1996. I purchased the car from Albany, Western Australia in December 2007 with 4000 miles on the clock since restoration. I am in the process of reinstating the Jackall system. I use her mainly for club events. A new set of radial tyres have improved her road performance. Sold originally through Lane Motors in Melbourne. This is a late 1947 built YA. Date of first registration includes an estimation of shipping and delivery times. - Webmaster.

Y 1139

3 June 1948


Current owner, Peter Martyn, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Ordered by my father in law, Athol Finnigan, it was delivered on 3 June 1948 and registered in Hobart, Tasmania. It has remained in the family since new and served as the family transport. Originally it was black, but during the seventies this changed to a light grey. The car was taken off the road for an engine rebuild in April '75. Completed in December '94, it was then stored in Hobart with less than 2 hours usage. In January '99 it was transported to Sydney where a complete restoration commenced in April 2000 and was completed two years later.

Y 1141

June? 1948


Current owner, Graig Trenham, Tasmania, Australia

The car was repainted some 30 years ago. Last owner kept it for twenty years and attended a number of Australian MG National Meetings. I purchased in it in 2005 with the specific aim of participating in the 2006 MG National Meeting in Launceston, Tasmania. At the National Meeting I was approached by a gentleman whose mother had owned the car in the early 1950's in Melbourne. He recognised the car because of the lightweight towbar which he made and fitted at the time. The car retains its original interior.

Y 1153

May? 1948


Current owner, Brian Keene, California, USA

The car was purchased on Dec, 30, 1958 by my Father for $487.00 from Brewster Gray imports in Long Beach, California. The car was in an accident in late 1959 at which time, my Father put the car in the garage where it has remained for the past fifty two years with all fluids in the car. The Original 1960 California Vehicle tags are still in an envelope showing the car was Non-Operational in 1960. My Father passed away in 2007 and I decided to restore the car on June 2, 2011.

Y 1165

June 1948


Current owner, Arnold Capel, Southern Australia, Australia.

We purchased Y1165 in 1991 (see photo) from a Mrs Hill of St. Peters S.A. It had been stored in a shed since 1972 and previously poorly restored with cheap vinyl seat covering and roof lining however mechanically it was very sound having covered only 38,000 miles and very few original parts missing. Initially we cleaned up the motor, got it going and repaired the brakes, the car was used for the last years as our standby car and for fun drives through the Adelaide hills in 1999 we stripped it down ready for a repaint at present we are cutting some minor rust out of the chassis and replacing/repairing the braking system. Hoping to be back on the road soon.

Y 1167

June 1948


Current owner, Ian Gawler, Victoria, Australia.

Purchased June 2013, complete with original tools. Appears to have been garaged all its life - only small rust spot in two doors. Resprayed green over black with original black showing inside doors and engine bay. Engine running well with very tight gearbox. Odometer 89,000 miles. Car looks and feels like this is genuine mileage.

Y 1201

July? 1948


Current owner, Graham Loader, South Australia, Australia

We had sold our Escort (more competition orientated) and were looking for a car (possibly a Magnette) for use in picnic type runs and were offered this Y Type by another fellow MGCC member. He had owned the car for many years and was in the process of restoring it (engine had been reconditioned and the body painted) but didn't think he would have the time to finish as it had mostly sat in a shed for the previous 9 years. We went and had a look not even knowing what a Y looked like, we wiped off the dust, my wife loved the look of it and we purchased it in May 2003. After many hours of work the restoration has been completed and it hit the road in Sept 2005. We are now looking forward to joining in the numerous runs available with the club.

Y 1269

July? 1948

Current Owner, Gilbert Falkenstrom, Gothenburg, Sweden

Somewhere in the countryside in Sweden.

Y 1289

July? 1948

Current Owner, Ken Smithard, Suffolk, UK

We bought Y/1289 in the mid sixties in Basingstoke, Hampshire. After a partial restoration, we used her as our family car for a few years. Later, we acquired bigger and more modern cars, but we could not part with "Old Bessie", as she was affectionately known. She will soon be fully restored as a retirement project.

Y 1293

July? 1948

Current Owner, Alfredo Santoro, Montevideo, Uruguay


Y 1298

August? 1948

Current Owner, Deetlef van Aswegen, Gauteng, South Africa

This is my first classic car, never had any interest in Classics but the moment I saw This MG Y I fell head over heels in love with it and had to have it! .

Y 1302

August? 1948

Current Owner, Peter Lee, British Columbia, Canada

A vintage looking special based on a 1948 MG Y chassis and radiator with MGB running gear. It was built to give a 'mid-thirties' look but perform and handle in a much more up to date MG spirit. For more details, please see my page on Interesting Ys.

Y 1314

8 October 1948

Current owner, Frank Neumann, Stoholm, Denmark.

The car is an export model (with an oil bath air filter) and was sold new by W.B. Crawford in Dublin and been registered ZH 9093 on 8 of October 1948. In 1975 it was laid up on blocks, where it stayed until 1990, when Mr. Villa from Dorset bought it. After a complete restoration by Mr. Villa, where the cars original colour changed from black to red, Y 1314 was registered YFO 640 on 24 of July 1996. I bought the car in 1998.

Y 1336

July? 1948

Current owner, Frank Russell, British Columbia, Canada

Bought the Y in Oct 98 and now July 2013 have finally got it on the road. It has had a complete body off restoration with the chassis stripped down completely. All components rebuilt or new. Did as much work myself as possible but needed the experts when it came to the body work and interior finishing therefore the long time to finish. It now has electronic ignition, five speed gear box and radial tires. It did not have an engine in it when I purchased it but acquired a YT engine with the twin carburettors and installed it. I have no history on the car at this time except for the last owner who had it for 12 years but had done no work on it.

Y 1344

August? 1948


Current owner, David Ward, Western Australia, Australia

I have owned YA 1344 since October 2007. At the moment she is garaged up for the winter and I hope to have her out on the West Australian roads this coming summer. She is in excellent condition and is a credit to her previous owner. I only hope I can do her justice and when the time comes, pass her on to another Y enthusiast in as good condition.

Y 1373

15 June 1949

Current owner Armin Kuriger, Siebnen, Switzerland

My father bought this MG Y in 1973. 2 years ago I bought it from him. The carrosserie (bodywork) is a special design from the Swiss car designer Beutler in Thun (Switzerland). The new design was built before the first registration in June 1949. Please also see my car's page in Interesting Ys.

Y 1381

June? 1949

Current owner Edmond Davel, Geneva, Switzerland

Kauf von Mlle Hess, eine Kusine meines Stiefvaters, 1948 bei dem Autosalon in Genf. Mein Stiefvater hat das Auto l963 von Mlle Hess gekauft und es mir 1964 geschenkt.

Purchased from Mlle Hess, a cousin of my step-father, in 1948 at the Autosalon in Geneva. My step-father bought the car in 1963 from Mlle Hess and gave it to me in 1964.

Please also see my car's page in Interesting Ys.

Y 1385

26 March 1948

Current owner Neil Coombes, Kent, UK

I had been looking around for an MG YA for a couple of years only to find this one 50 yards from where I was permanently working. It was under a tarpaulin next to a scaffolder’s yard, where it had been lying for well over a decade, hidden from view. The body shell was in a very poor condition. I started the rebuild Christmas 2009, which was a complete strip down to nuts and bolts and back up. So far, (Dec 2010), the chassis is almost complete, with just the Engine to finish and install, and the wiring loom to fix in place. The body shell has only just been started and is currently about 20% rebuilt. The finished colour scheme will be Cream with red trim and black carpeting. The intention is to complete this car within the next year, (as long as other car restoration projects do not intervene and put a temporary hold on it).

Y 1392

23 March 1948

Current owner Mark O'Day, New Hampshire, USA

Known history only goes back to 2003 when it was restored by Healey Brothers, a Rolls Royce restoration shop in the UK, and commissioned by an American, Mr. Harrington, living in Paris at the time.  It subsequently had three owners in the UK before I acquired it in July, 2013 and brought it to the US.

Y 1426

July? 1948

Current owner, Garth Todd, South Africa

I purchased the car in Feb 2009 from Kenny Bosch who completed the rebuild in 2001 that Derek Morgan started before passing away. From March 2010 until May 2011 the car has undergone a chassis up restoration to repair all rusted body panels & change it to the present colour scheme, re-plate all chrome parts, overhaul motor with unleaded conversion plus fitted a Hi-Gear Engineering 5-speed conversion kit.

Y 1441

17 August 1948

Current owner, Neville Mann, Dunedin, New Zealand

This 'Y' was first registered in NZ 17th August 1948 to Mr J. C. Key of Taupo Central North Island then transferred to Clair Key Dec 1954. It had 3 more owners then Wayne Marsh (Racing T.C.) bought it in July 73 I bought it in April 1980 with 75100 miles on the clock it has had little use since it was originally Sequoia but now it's a metallic Gunmetal Grey.

Y 1443

August 1948

Current owner, Christopher Constantine, Victoria, Australia

We bought “Betsy” some 35 years ago from Kingsley and Betty Hull who had owned her for quite some years previously. We named her “Betsy after Betty and Kingsley which we thought appropriate. She was our toy for many years until the kids arrived when she was put up on blocks for what was to be a short while. Some 20 years later I’m now stripping her down and doing a partial rebuild. Partial because after all those years of inactivity she is still in remarkable condition. Hopefully she’ll be up and running very soon and helping us enjoy our retirement as we take her touring once more.

Y 1507

20 May 1948

Current owner, Bob Barham-Hall, County Durham, UK

I acquired Y1507 in April 2013 with the hope of restoring it as it was first registered on the day of my birth. 20th May 1948. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that. But the body was beyond repairable condition at acceptable cost and the condition and mixture of bits in boxes were not encouraging. The car is being dismantled for spares and already 3 other owners have benefitted from bits. The dismantling continues as required.

Y 1509

21 May 1948

Current owner, Matthew Robinson, Warwickshire, UK

Here is Emily my MG YA. Purchased in 2010. I don't do many shows but I do get out and about as much as possible and she's always a pleasure to drive.

Y 1535

October 1948?

Current owner, Peter May, Queensland, Australia

I am restoring this car with help.

Y 1582

9 June 1948

Current owner, Brian Mellem, Cardiff, Wales, UK

I purchased the YA in 1960 with 98,000 on the clock for £250. Possibly I was the third owner. When spares began to dry up in 1967 the car was relegated to summer use only. The YA often towed a Sprite Alpine caravan for holidays, occasionally on the continent. Eventually it was laid up in 1980 with over 250,000 miles covered. Since retiring I have commenced its third restoration - fortunately I had forgotten how clapped out it was! The picture was taken at at Hausach, in the Black Forest, Germany.

Y 1634

July? 1948

Current owner, Brian Cox, Wiltshire, UK

Y1634 is an export model, first sold in Nigeria in 1948, re-imported through Portsmouth in 1951. Possible Naval connections? There have been about a dozen owners, mainly centred around Taunton / Clevedon, Somerset and Thame / Walton on Thames, (from whence we bought it). Only the head lining and carpets had been replaced. Originally the car was green, but it was black when I purchased it. It is now green over black.

Y 1642

May? 1948

Current owner Jean-Marie Gillen Luxembourg

I purchased Y1642 from Roger Righini in Switzerland. Roger had bought two Y Types, to build a really good one. He kept the engine and the gearbox of the second car (Y1642 an original Swiss car) and sold me the remains. The car is beyond restoration but I still have the chassis and hopefully one day will build a Y Type Special.

Y 1648

6 July 1948


Current owner, Warren Mann, New Hampshire USA.

The cream and crackers Y now shares a garage with our 1953 TD and a 1967 Series 1 E-Type Coupe. My love of British cars and motor cycles has spanned 33 years although our interest in T and Y MGs is only a few years old. Awakening a car out of use for many years called for the typical rebuild of the braking system, fuel system, gas tank and electrical debugging. Replacing broke rear springs comes next. A clutch won't be too far off in the future along with a new wiring harness, new headliner and a bit of body work. But now it's time to drive her a bit.

Y 1674


South Africa

Current owner, Rodger Lawson. Johannesburg, South Africa

The car was fully restored in 1994, by Alan Nuttall, the previous owner and remains in excellent condition. I purchased the car in early 2003. The original XPAG engine was replaced with MGB engine and transmission in 2005.

Y 1677



Current owner, P Davis, Oxordshire, UK

It was registered in Glamorgan during the 1960's before moving to the Wet Midlands in the 70's. It has been living in a lock up garage since then. Currently for sale.

Y 1705



Current owner, Peter Chandler, Waitomo North Island New Zealand.

I Purchased this car from Daniel Richardson along with Y 3750, which is now restored. Presently Y 1705 is mostly disassembled, and waiting on its turn for restoration - perhaps with MGB running gear? Was last on the road around Auckland 1972, other history is unknown.

Y 1713

September? 1948

Current owner, Andrew Ballantyne, Palmerston, New Zealand

Y 1713 was originally Maroon when it came to NZ but is now Black it is thought that it was a used import as it has a dry air cleaner not an oil bath.  Ozzie Wellman owned  it before selling it to Barry Russell, Ozzie then bought it back from Barry and latter sold it to the present owner Andrew Ballantyne.  Y 1713 has been in this state of repair for the last 27 years according to Neville Mann (Y 1441) looking at one of  the photo’s it looks as though it may have been in an accident on F/N/S and been partly repaired.

Y 1714

July? 1948


Current owner, Fred Zampa, Georgia, USA.

I purchased Y1714 in Canada. It has a Mercury Capri 2.8L V6 engine and 4 speed transmission with a Toyota Corolla Station Wagon rear axle. I would be interested to know how well an MGB rear axle would fit and work as an alternative.

Y 1721

20 August 1948


Current owner, John Tudgay, Monmouthshire, UK.

First registered in August 1948 the car as can be seen has been stripped of most parts, although the chassis and body are sound. The long road to restoration has now started.

Y 1722

July? 1948


Current owner, Wayne and Dee Johnson, San Diego CA, USA.

We found the car in 1995, at a swapmeet, here in San Diego. Carl who owned the car was going to "HOT ROD" her, with a big engine and disk brakes. It took about 4 months before we bought her, then Wayne realized that he knew the owners before Carl, and had actually driven her many years ago. We can trace the history back to San Francisco, where she came to the US. We have kept her running and had the interior redone in 1998. The interior looks just like the original, the seats even have a bit of the original horse hair in them. We enjoy taking the car, to shows of all kind. People just don't believe that it is an MG! The picture shows Y1722 beside London Bridge in Arizona.

Y 1800

18 October 1948

Current owner, Bryce Crick, Victoria, Australia.

Purchased the car locally in Victoria 4 months ago and have almost done a full restoration. Hope to get it on the road in early March. Have spent over 300 hours on the car not including the spray: that was done by a friend.

Y 1805

3 August 1948


Current owner, Marvin Soroken, California, USA.

The car (foreground) was first sold new in Hollywood, CA. It was purchased in 1968 by "Al Moss" of Moss Motors fame. Al tore it down and totally restored it between 1976 and 1979. The car was then purchased by Skip Kelsey in 1986. It is equipped with TD suspension, MGA gears and differential and 15 inch chrome wire wheels. The Shorrock supercharger puts out 8 1/2 lbs of boost. The car cruises easily at 70 MPH. I admired the car for many years. After buying it when it came up for sale and driving it since I have owned, it it is a pleasure in all respects including looks and performance.

Y 1851

September? 1948


Current owner, Stan Tucker, Western Australia, Australia.

I have owned Y1851 on two occasions, and currently it is fitted with MGA motor and wire wheels. As you can see not quite ready to hit the road, but when time allows I hope to complete the car and enjoy the ride..

Y 1857

? August 1948


Current owner, Hiroshi Ogawa, Japan.

My car was registered in Japan in Jan 1974 at Tokyo. I purchased it in March 2013 from previous owner and it is in restoration now.

Y 1878

August? 1948


Current Owner Victor and Evelyne Rodrigues, Lindau. Switzerland.

This car was exported to Switzerland and is a very rare RHD car with an original Kilometre Speedo. The engine fitted is XPAG/SCX/11648. We have owned the car since 5th June 1991 and taken part in many rallies. This car is also a veteran of Brittany 1992, Luxembourg 1998, Holland 2000. The car regularly attends Swiss events. We plan to take the car to the 2002 Tour of Brittany and have a lot of enjoyment with this car.

Y 1935

2 March 1949


Current owner, Peter Northcott, Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

This 1948 YA type now lives in Perth, Western Australia. We are planning to fit twin carbs as soon as we can find a set.

Y 1948

October? 1948

Current owner, Geoff Sarkies, Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia

I originally purchased the car in 1994 and sold it later in 1996 to a friend. It was one of those moments that I regretted and after some wheeling and dealing purchased the car back in March 2011. The car was in original condition when I first purchased it but needed a freshen up with the paint. Since then time has taken it's toll with a little rust around the boot section and the upholstery becoming brittle. I have rebuilt the brakes and will put it on the road within a couple of weeks and intend to restore the items requiring attention over the next year or two.

Y 1958

October? 1948

Current owner, Andries Fourie, Durbanville, South Africa.

Engine to be overhauled. Disk brakes and spoke rims to be fitted. Upholstery and trim to be redone. To be Painted Plum and Black. To be used as everyday drive car.

Y 1962

October? 1948

Current owner, Bob Wells, New South Wales, Australia.

This is a classic car and I got a lot of satisfaction doing the total restoration myself and I use it for enjoyment and going on car club runs.

Y 1964

October? 1948

Current owner, Andreas, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Nice car, I will make it run.

Y 1969

4 November 1948

Current owner, Danny Klijn, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.

It is sad but I bought this car for banger racing. The car is to bad for restoration: the body is to rusty, no engine and gearbox the axles are incomplete.

Y 1974

September 1948

Current owner, Bob Wilmot – Johannesburg, South Africa.

This car was an original export to South Africa. I acquired it from the previous owner on the 19th May 1999. The car has been subject to a chassis up restoration which is nearing completion, the body and mechanics have been completed and I am now working on the interior. The dashboard has been re-veneered and instruments will soon be refitted.

Y 1996

August? 1948

Current owner Pedro Bento de Castro, Portugal

I bought the car in July 1998. I found a MG Y Type in a Portuguese classic car magazine. The car was in Lisbon. A week later I was coming back from Lisbon by train, but with two tickets: one for me, and other for the Y. Three years ago I decided to restore it. The engine was not very good. I know that the car only has one carburettor and a one and a quarter litre engine but it was too slowly anyway. Now the engine is like new. After that it was painted. I also decided to take care of the chromes and now it’s fine.

Y 2007

November? 1948


Current owner, Darryl Robins, Carramar, Western Australia.

Had the car since 1987, original from Victoria, Australia. Has MGA Motor and gearbox, early MGB rear end, with 14" wire wheels. Currently off the road for some restoration work.

Y 2048

November? 1948

Current owner, Markus Tanner, Switzerland

My YA has never been welded and still carries its first paint! I own it since 10 years - constantly improving it's condition by deleting all bodge repairs it carried when I acquired it. The car is RHD and has a km/h speedo as it was in Switzerlands ince new. My father had a black one of these back in the seventies - I've always wanted my fathers car - but couldn't find it so bought this one.

Y 2061

23 March 1949

Current owner, Tommy Pace, Zabbar, Malta.

The M.G. was purchased in the early 60's by my brother from an RAF soldier who was stationed in Malta at the time. It lay in some decay, even being used as a dog kennel for a while.

When I reached the age for obtaining my driving licence, to drive the Y Type was my dream. After two years of stripping and restoring came the day when, for the first time, I was driving with a long shining bonnet in front of me. Having owned it for more than thirty years the MG became part of my life. One thing I'll never forget is that when I was restoring it somebody came and said '' How can a woman of 60 become 16! ''...that person has passed away but YMG 001 is still here.

Y 2063



Current owner, Joe de Castro Johannesburg, South Africa

Joe has owned the car since the late 1990s. The car has an MGB engine and transmission fitted. This car features in "Let there be Ys" page 55.

Y EXL 2260

2 February 1949


Current owner, Bernard Kemmerling, Vaud, Switztrland

Car bought second hand by my uncle on 13/04/1951 (km 33.445). Till to day owned by one family. Car has been fully restored and is in use during the summer. Full history is known in detail. Car is Left Hand Drive, and registered in The Netherlands.

Y 2278

11 January 1949


Current owner, Colin Gibson, Shrewsbury, UK

I bought the car a couple of years ago from a guy in North Wales. It was bought because my TD rebuild project was taking too long and costing too much. I liked the idea of having this car, as it did not need anything doing to it... I traced a rattle in the engine to bearings. The engine has been refurbished and balanced and I just need to find more time to put it back together.

Y 2313

January 1949


Current owner, Jens Evers, Niedersachsen, Germany.

Agatha is actually not in one piece. It was restore partially in Switzerland. Chassis and Motor are ready. Body is welded and painted with rust protector.

Car will be transferred to Germany in August for further restoration and bringing her back to the road.

Y 2366

1 February 1949

Current owner, Bill Bennett, Cheshire, UK

This is Margot, our first MG, bought by us in December 2000. The car was in excellent cosmetic condition inside and out, but we soon found out that a good deal of work was required, hidden behind her pretty exterior. Many happy(?) hours were spent doing all the things that Y Type owners enjoy so much: rebuilding the brakes and front suspension, sorting out the brake light switch and steering column electrics, un-jamming a jammed sunroof, fitting flashers for safety's sake after a near miss etc. etc. That's all done, and we're having great fun driving around in her.

Y 2367

? February 1949

Current owner, Jerry Hunter, Illinois, USA

Father son project that we hope to start soon.

Y 2371

March 1949

Current owner, Tom Peitsch, Victoria, Australia

We purchased the car as a partially dismantled wreck in early-1983. History of the car prior to this is uncertain. We first registered it for full road use in 1993. Mistakenly listed in John Lawson's book as Y 2332 in South Australia."

Y 2378

11 February 1949

Current owner, Bruce Wyre, Worcestershire, UK

This car was first registered in Scotland, before moving and spending much of its life in the Avon area. I acquired it in 1999, after it had been completely restored by a previous owner in 1990. If anyone has any more information on my car, I would welcome hearing from them.

Y 2413

January 1949

Current owner, Will Charlton, Queensland, Australia

This car was located in a shed behind the Mt. Tyson Butter Factory in 1994. It had been in the shed for 12 years after being rolled over in an accident. Unfortunately in this time this area suffered a mice plague, and the interior trim of the car (including the wood work) was eaten or damaged beyond repair. The panel damage has been repaired so far, but it is a long term project to return this Y to the roads again. I bought this car from Tony Slattery in July 2008.

Y 2436

20 January 1949

Current owner, Simon Jones, Leicestershire, UK

I always was a lucky so and so! The registration is JAD 408, and she was first registered on 20th Jan 1949, about a month before I was born! She was black with chassis number Y2436 and engine number XPAG/SC/12152, happily still together. I hope to have her on the road this year but I am still puzzling over what to do to the gearing, so many conflicting opinions. Anyway I am progressing slowly and until I can go no further without making a decision I probably won't make one.

Y 2598

16 March 1949


Current owner, Irvine De-Bruin, Gwynedd, UK

Nut and bolt restoration, consisting of:

Chassis - stripped and rebuilt from ground upwards, with all parts refurbished.

Engine - reconditioned and rebuilt to new standard.

Gearbox - stripped down, overhauled and serviced.

Body shell - acid dipped and etch primed. Body repainted in black and all English white.

Windows - All new window seals.

Interior – completely re-upholstered in red leather and cream piping, wood work refurbished on door trims and dash. Headlining renewed.

This car was exhibited on the MG Octagon stand at NEC Classic Car Show, Birmingham, in November 2014. The car is in showroom condition. Thousands of pounds spent on it as well as thousands of man hours over a period of 5 years.

Y 2675

May? 1949

Current owner, Don Martine, California, USA

This Y was originally sold in New Zealand. A friend who was a pilot flying for TWA bought it and brought it to the Monterey Peninsula. I purchased it several years later. It runs very well and is used regularly. The Y, along with a 1929 18-80 Mk I Speed Model, a 1936 NB Supercharged with Pre-selector, 1950 Von Neumann Special TD, 1953 MG TD Mk II,1955 MG TF Pickup, or other MG's are on display at the Martine Inn; They can also be seen on www.martineinn.com or www.martineinnmotorsports.com.

[See also - Reprinted Article from North American MG Magazine Fall 2005 for a great article on Don's hotel and MGs, including his Y. Webmaster]

Y 2677

May? 1949

Current owner, Mark Weissman, Conneticuit, USA

Formerly owned by Les and Sue Polgar who then sold it to a fellow who parked it under the trees. Paul Gaynor pulled it out of the mud and trailored it home. At the time Paul had viewed it as a donor car, for a Wolseley Special he was preparing for racing. Project was sold off, but Harriet remained. She is very original and while partially dismantled, is virtually complete. Years ago Paul communicated with a former owner in England, who informed him the car's name was Harriet.

Y 2687

8 June 1949

Current owner, Mike Gilbert, Perth, Western Australia

I have just bought this beautiful 1949 YA from Geraldton, (4 hours North of Perth) Western Australia. Sadly I have no history with it and would welcome any info anyone can provide- mike@kathandmike.com. She is in great condition and although I have had B's, Midgets, 1100's over the years, this is my first early MG, so my knowledge is limited. It has twin carbs which I believe not to be standard, needs a new handbrake lever which I am struggling to source and currently has an intermittent fuel starvation problem, which again I am puzzled with. Would love to discuss further with any tech guru's and as an expat who used to run Swansea MGOC club many moons ago, I am an avid MG owner and enthusiast of over 22 years now. I will be joining MGCC Perth, once she is running and Ican turn up in her at a meeting!!! Look forward to hearing from any of you.

Y 2707

June? 1949


Current owner, Graham Willett, New South Wales, Australia

Fully restored.

Y 2744

13 April 1949

Current owner, Joe Nelson, West Lothian, Scotland.

When I purchased the car I didn't really know the model but I felt sorry for it, and the neglect it had suffered. I bought the car and built a large hut (22ft by 14ft.) making a deal with my wife that she could watch all her 'soaps' up to 8.30 pm if I could be left alone with my YA. The chassis was in good condition but I stripped the complete car down to every last nut and bolt and started from scratch, what I couldn't source I made. To cut a long story short, five years later the car is as you see it

Y 2750

April / May? 1949


Current owner, Mike Burden, Perth, Australia.

The second owner purchased it in 1951, and used until 1970, then sold to an intentional restorer who started to strip the car and in the next 31 years, lost quite a few parts. The car became my first project in 2001 and since then I have spent many hours on it. I have managed to find the second owners son who assures me that the mileage of 37000 is genuine. At long last, it is on the road. Its had a few teething problems, as expected. Hope to enjoy many miles of motoring.

Y 2793

14 April 1949

Current owner, Alan Taylor, Leicestershire, UK

Rescued from storage in Leicestershire in 1997. Very neglected and unrestored, but polished up nicely. Interior is completely original, dealer label on the dash " Wyats Motors Coventry " an HMV push button radio in glove-box. Jackall system is fully working. No plans to do a full restoration, improvements as money and time allow. Runs well and straight, engine rattles at speed but doesn't burn any oil, driven all year round.

Y 2827

20 April 1949

Current owner, Dougald Ballardie, Wiltshire, UK

I acquired the car in 2009 before which it been off the road for some time. Superficially it appeared reasonable sound but on inspection the body was very rusty which had been covered with bits of tin and body filler. The body had in fact collapsed on to the chassis. The engine had a cracked block, brakes did not work and so on. The car has now been fully restored, drives very well, and is in regular use.

Y 2838

27 July 1949

Current owner, Alf Luckman, Sydney, Australia.

Recently purchased from a "barn" along with Y 0823 and Y 3580. I cannot offer any details of any of the cars. They have all been sitting un-disturbed for the past twenty five to thirty years at least. Y 2838 was situated in the worst part of the barn in that it was directly under the birds roosting rafter and copped a fair share of the associated droppings. We brushed most of that off later but that was not a fun job either. Y 2838 was shipped from the UK on the SS Perim and arrived in Australia on 20 July 1949. The car was originally Maroon with a maroon interior and was fitted with engine XPAG/SC/12706. It was delivered on 27 July 1949 with the NSW Registration Number BP 021.

Y 2866

June 1949

Current owner, Terry and Cheryl Ciantar, Queensland, Australia.

Purchased in 1949 by Reginald Filgate Richardson from "White River" near Port Lincoln, South Australia. The vehicle was purchased as the family car. When Reginald died, he passed the car onto his son Hugh. During this time it was externally repainted in original colours. No other restoration was carried out since, other than general maintenance. In 1988 it was sold to Sandra Johnson of Port Lincoln where it was stored and maintained (unregistered) and used for car club events on permits. In 2001 "Emmie" was transported to Airlie Beach, Queensland where she was stored until 1st June 2003 when we acquired her. The vehicle is in amazing original condition and came with all original upholstery, door trim, hood lining, carpets and roll-up rear blind. Also included were original owners Handbook plus a small booklet which covers the first 500 miles of the new car, plus a 300 page instruction and Maintenance Manual plus 99% of original tools. Extras fitted are Turn Indicators, a second (matching) Fog Lamp and a Temperature gauge.

Y 2868

June 1949

Current owner, Neville Oates, New South Wales, Australia.

This is Y 2868 after purchase from a Mal West deceased estate in South Australia on 15 May 2008. The car is in pretty good condition all round except for minor items and I am looking forward to a lot of sedate motoring in years to come. Perhaps even upgrade performance and handling a little. Early days yet. No other info is known about previous ownership.

Y 2870

August? 1949

Current owner, Ray Hanson, Victoria, Australia

The car was bought from a 16 year old boy in Doncaster, Victoria, having obtained it in Southern Australia. He proceeded to strip it and I bought it from him in this condition. I completed the dismantling, sand blasted the chassis and repainted in 2-Pak, stripped body of all paint, and finished in Spies Hecker 2-Pak, refurbished all woodwork, rectified diff problem, checked out engine and gearbox and fitted supercharger, but that is another story. I fitted chrome wire wheels [knock offs], a brake booster and heater. I bought from Colin Simmonds in 2004, have since completed interior restoration to original pattern, is used as much as possible, the only thing needed is restoration of "Jackall" system.

Y 2895

September? 1949

Current owner, Alex Kochanowitsch, Western Australia, Australia

I have owned this car for approximately 13 years. I bought Y 2895 after a friend showed me a picture in a magazine of an MG Y and I thought, "I must have one of those". The same friend coincidently knew of one for sale and the rest ... as they say is history!

Y 2924

May / June? 1949

Current owner, Mike Stearn, Canberra, Australia.

She was imported into New South Wales on the 9 August 1949 on the Shaw Savill liner "Corinthic". She was sold to her first owner on the 8 September 1949. Y2924 is finished at last! Passed her rego inspection on the first go and is now ready to drive. I did a full restoration on her over a number of years and she looks great. I have wired up the trafficators to work with the modern flashers off the steering column switch. She was all black originaly but with a new lease of life I thought some colour would be nice.

Y 2940

16 May 1949

Current owner, Mark Abbott, Essex, UK.

1949 YA, family owned since 1963. Over £11,000 spent between 1984 and 1996 and magazine featured. Lots of history and now maybe for sale, as it needs to be used more regularly than I can manage.

Y 3077

June? 1949

Current owner, Peter Jones, Carmarthenshire, UK.

Special bodied 1949 MG Y Type. Body is an AKS Continental dating from circa 1960/61.

Y 3095

June? 1949

Current owner, Brian and Christine Calder, Canberra, Australia.

This car was restored in Canberra in 1989. Since then it has completed 10,000 miles on Club runs, mainly with the MG Car Club Canberra Inc. It has twin SUs and the wire wheels are 15" MGA with AH hub converters. The original 16" steel wheels and cross-ply tyres are easily refitted for displays.

Y 3117

June? 1949

Current owner, Rob and Karon Snell, Queensland, Australia.

The car was purchased by a Mrs. Lucas, an owner of a Brisbane bus company in 1949. It was then traded in 1954 to be purchased by Les Quick who had the car for 52 years. I was lucky enough to purchase the car in September 2006 through word of mouth after expressing interest in a Y  type at a concours event and am very happy at being its third owner.

Y 3120

30 August 1949

Current owner, Rex van Kempen, Western Australia, Australia

Y 3120 Had a complete restoration some 25 years ago to close to original specifications, then due to work locations etc. was taken off the road 5 years later. It is started and run on a regular basis to keep all parts in working order. Reupholstered by an ex Rolls Royce trimmer to original patterns.

Y 3130

June? 1949

Current owner, Diane and Graham Best, South Australia, Australia

I do not when the car was first registered, however we purchased the vehicle in Adelaide from Wayne Letts at the end of July 2004. I believe that Wayne bought the car 4 yrs ago from Mount Gambier - South Australia. I have been involved in motor racing (Formula Vee) for 30 years, and we are now looking to enjoy a more relaxed form of motoring. We have joined the Historic Morris Register ( S.A.) and will be joining the S.A. branch of the M.G. Car Club in the new year. We had our first outing in the 2004 "Bay to Birdwood" and thoroughly enjoyed the day. We look forward to more runs in our car with the friends that we have met.

Y 3132

June? 1949

Current owner, Robert Rytir, Victoria, Australia

Just bought this car and will try and restore to original condition.

Y EXL 3181

September 1949

Current owner, Rikke Schultz, Denmark

The car was imported to Denmark in September 1949. It has all the years been running in Denmark. We bought it in September 2006. It has been maintained but never restored. It is left handed and is still in the original Maroon colour.

Y 3184

August 1949

Current owner, Mike Sherrell, Western Australia, Australia.

I purchased the dismantled car in about 1990 without an engine or gearbox, therefore followed the proven "Prior" (sic Richard Prior) MGB power train modification including rear and front ends. The car is also fitted with 15" 60 spoke wire wheels. The body and trim have been restored to original with yards of new sheet metal. The trim is Red and body Elizabeth Grey with Black wings.

Y 3190

2 September 1949


Current owner, Les Mabbutt, Sydney, Australia.

This car is in excellent condition, having been almost totally restored over the past 6 or 7 years by the previous owner. Les acquired the car early in 2002. It is intended to be used in club events with the family and Les has just fitted seat belts and a child's seat anchor points. The car's history before the previous owner acquired it is obscure.

Y 3192

September? 1949


Current owner, Alf Luckman, Sydney Australia.

My car travelled to Sydney on the S.S. HURUNUI and was landed in Sydney on 15 August, 1949. It was registered in early September the same year. The exact date is not known. It is now Regency Red with light beige trim. I acquired it in a fairly sad state in August 1978 and finally got it back on the road in March 1997. Since then my wife and I have done about 10,000 miles in touring to MG National meetings, plus a lot of "local" mileage.

Y 3219

November? 1949


Current owner, Garry Perry, Tasmania, Australia

Our aim was to update a very poor condition car to use on a regular basis, reliable, and to keep pace with modern traffic. Success? Yes indeed.

Rover 3.5 V8 engine with automatic gearbox ... amongst other modifications!

Y 3220

28 October 1949

Current owner, Matt Sanders,, Powys, UK

The chassis came from Dave Stowe in Evesham Worcester recently, he broke it to use some parts for a YT restoration. I also own Y 0485, Y 6833, Y 7223 and YB 1503.

Y 3222

24 November 1949


Current owner, Brad Wilson, New South Wales, Australia

Purchased as a rolling chassis with running gear only I intend to use the chassis and mount a replica touring body similar to a 1932 D type MG. The chassis has been shortened and the gearbox lowered to facilitate the fitting of a special body already. See inset photo. Dimensions are:



Front track

Same as Y-Type (120.3cm)

Rear track

Same as Y-Type (127cm)

Height from chassis rail to engine rocker cover top


Height from ground to engine rocker cover top


More details will be posted from time to time on our page on Interesting Ys as this project continues.

Y 3225

28 October 1949


Current owner, Kathryn Hall, Victoria, Australia

This is my first MG Y and will rely on my husband to restore.

Y 3237

15 November 1949

australia s

Current owner Tony Slattery, Brisbane, Australia

This car was found at Carrara on the Gold Coast in 1995. It was stored in the open only a few miles from the ocean for about 15years, so the surface rust on the body is extensive and beyond salvation. It has been used as a "reference piece" and parts donor for several Y restorations and still attracts it share of looks in my front yard. It will eventually be broken up for spares, but the sound chassis may see another life as a single seat "Racing Special".

Y 3269

3 November 1949

Current owner, Gary Rayner, Tasmania, Australia.

I found Y 3269 and a few parts from other Y types as part of a deceased estate. The body has been lost-somewhere and the chassis had been under a house since 1959. The plan is to restore the chassis first and then decide on what to do about the rest of it..

Y 3270

12 November 1949

Current owner, Ben Cardwell, Melbourne, Australia.

I found this car sitting in a used car lot in February 2002. It attracted me because it was in remarkably original condition with a decent interior and body (no notable rust) -- though the paint needed touching up with the last paint job peeling in a few places. It ran only marginally, and the electrical system needed a lot of work. Over the past year I have completely overhauled the electrics including the addition of flashers for safety, and have tuned up the original XPAG engine so it runs perfectly. One day perhaps I'll restore it completely.

Y 3360

October? 1949

Current owner, Ron Mitchem, Western Australia, Australia

Ron has owned this car for approx 12 months. Purchased as a spare parts car, interior complete no motor or gearbox. Whilst it has proved helpful with Ron and others, it's future is uncertain.

Y 3400

October? 1949

Current owner, Julie Jones, Victoria, Australia

The car I have always wanted delivered by Santa on Christmas Eve 2016.

Y 3407

October? 1949

Current owner, William Spall, Queensland, Australia

This car was purchased from Eddie Zillman in 1993 along with YA3392, both cars needed full restoration and lots of bits were missing (like ALL the nuts and bolts). This car was not finished until 2000, and was driven to Canberra for the National Meeeting of MG Clubs. Since it was put back on the road, it has done 20,000 trouble free miles touring eastern Australia. It just returned from a little tour of over 1,600 miles to Junee and Bathurst region of New South Wales. This car was the first to use the Lada rim/wheel conversion to use 16.

Y 3443

29 August 1949

Current owner, David Beesley, Cheshire, UK

UMG 50 was bought from Hampshire in 1992 and relocated to sunny Lancashire with the intention of being given a full restoration. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, more pressing work prevented the job being started and the car was left dry stored in an old mill. The mill has now been sold for development, hence the car has to find a new home (which part of the country it goes to next is anybody's guess).

Y 3445

August 1949

Current owner, Petri Niskanen, Nukari, Finland

The first known registration of my MG was in Norway, May 22nd 1986 (owner unknown). The car was then sold to a new owner in Sweden in 2001 from whom I purchased it in 2002 and brought it to its current location in Finland. The car has been restored in its former days, but to what extent is unknown. The car today is in good condition: the interior is intact, the paint is fair and the engine is in running condition.

Y 3448

16 August 1949

Current owner, Herman Reijnders, The Netherlands.

I bought the car as shown in the picture seven years ago from the previous owner, who was also from the Netherlands. The car was originally registered in the UK and later exported to the Netherlands. I have the original logbook showing the first owner was Frank White from Romford in Essex.

Y 3458

April / May? 1949


Current owner, Andrew Sorouni, New South Wales, Australia.

I was browsing the internet for a car for my daughter to encourage her to drive…she was on her L plates at the time. I showed her a Triumph Herald convertible. So I went to see the Herald, and after inspecting it there was this YA beside it. That night and for the rest of the week I could not stop thinking about the YA. So I bought her. Sam, who was the previous owner, had it stored for over 20 yrs, to restore her, but never got around to do it.

I don’t know anything of her history, besides an NRMA membership card left in the glove box , dated 1.10.85 to a MRS G. R. LANDER of North Nowra…member with NRMA for 11 years. Also in the glove box is a holiday card addressed to a MR and MRS R JOHNSON of Dubbo, and an empty plastic tube of fine leather cream (Antiquax brand). With the car came a Morris Minor workshop manual including receipts of past repairs done to the car.

I bought the YA on 13th Feb. 2010, and have almost completed restoration.

Y 3459

1 September 1949

Current owner, Bernard Guiho, Brittany, France

LDE 743 UK plate from 1949 to 2004. 3419 YK 45 from 2004 to 2008. It is the photo of the month August 2010. CQ 347 AJ now with new colours Cream and Sun Bronze.

Y 3490

9 December 1949

Current owner, Bob Boagey, Brisbane, Australia

Y/3490 has had three owners from new. The first (Aircraft Engineer in Sydney) ran and maintained the car until 1982, when he sold to the Elwyn K Hopper (Chartered Accountant in Inverell) who owned it until 2008. I acquired the car from Elwyn, after only a little prompting from Tony Slattery (Y Guru in Brisbane), when it had a genuine 84,000 miles 'on the clock' and after it had been off the road for about 15 years. The car was restored to roadworthy condition and re-registered in September 2008; requiring only oils changed, re-sleeving of rear brake cylinders and fresh fuel. It is 'stabled' next to my 1962 MGB and not far from my 1949 Land Rover (which is in early stages of restoration.

Y 3498

January? 1950

Current owner, Neil and Lyn Wakeman, Donvale, Victoria, Australia

I purchased Y3498 in October 2009. I know nothing of the history of the car, other than its registration last expired in 1970. I assume it had been off the road since then, but I cannot trace any previous owners to confirm this. I bought it from a fellow who had acquired it only a matter of weeks before selling it on to me. It is a matching numbers car, with its original engine number 13350 in good restorable condition.

It was a failed restoration, requiring extensive repairs to the body, including a full rebuild of the rear, from the bottom of the boot lid down, including a tool box and new floor for the spare wheel compartment. The coat of acrylic primer that was on the body hid some rather extensive body filler and surface rust, and some ‘repairs’ of very poor quality. These were fixed over a period of 12 months or so with the invaluable assistance of a panel craftsman friend, Andrew Hitchcock. Under Andrew’s direction, I prepared the body for painting, and he applied the final coats of paint, which I believe is the original colour of the car.

On the ‘plus’ side, the chassis had been sand blasted and rebuilt with new brakes and suspension parts. Just to be sure, I pulled everything apart and was pleasantly surprised to find that it had been very well done by a previous owner. A lot of chromed parts had been re-plated and a full set of new tyres and a new wiring loom came with the car. I made and fitted new brake lines, just to be on the safe side. Sadly a new diff centre had been exposed to water over the years and was rusty and completely unusable. The engine was still assembled and in quite good condition, but still required a complete rebuild – bored to .060” oversize, new pistons, bearings etc. The car was relatively complete, surprising given the amount of time it had been pulled apart.

I have spent many hours on the car, as we all do – everything has been refurbished or replaced, including the components of the Jackall system, which now works fine. As a hobby woodworker, I spent quite a few challenging but enjoyable hours making jigs to produce a whole new dashboard, which was then finished in burr walnut veneer. The only item missing is the clock mechanism – I can live without that for the time being. The original trafficators work well and have been supplemented by modern style flashing indicators, controlled from the original switch (which I also had to rebuild) on the steering column.

From experience, I know that the restoration probably will never be finished. Once I start driving the car, there will be 101 things that will need some attention – but then that’s part of the pleasure of owning a classic car.

Y 3530

December? 1949

Current owner, Gavin Donohoe, Queensland, Australia.

Purchased in September 2016 requiring a full restoration, followed by an obsession to get it ready for the Australian MGY Type 70'th anniversary weekend in June 2017. Here we are 1st May 2017 and awaiting upholstery to complete the car for roadworthy and Registration. Note the personalized plates. :-).

Y 3534

December? 1949

Current owner, Ron Mitchem, Western Australia, Australia

I have always had an interest in British cars of the 1930s to 1970s Throughout the years I longed for a T.C. (never happened). Then in 2001 at an allBritish car show I saw a Y type, my thoughts returned and I started searching for a Y. In July 2005, I saw an advert and took a trip south to examine the car, and came home the proud owner of the very same car I had seen at a show 4 years earlier. Y3534 is now like an old friend and the rolling restoration continues. Having now retired I find the time to enjoy the Y and a 4/4 1600 Morgan that I own.

Y 3575

January? 1950


Current owner, Bill and Joy Watson, South Australia Australia.

Purchased locally Feb 2008 from previous owner for 18 years who also has a TD and a TF but never belonged to a club. I am pleased to report that the car is back on the road after 3 1/2 years, having been given new paint, new upholstery and headlining, new floor and carpet, new chrome (mostly - lights were good), new tyres, wiring repaired, and gearbox rebuilt (cause of restoration to begin with). Engine, carby, clutch and diff were all checked. I replaced all door and window seals and other rubbers, plus door window channelling (horrible job!). I cheated and used pinchweld around the door frames instead of the original felt stuff tacked into the timber - much easier. That's a trick I learned when I did a Morris 8 Series E some 30 years ago.

We're pleased with the result and it drives nicely. We have been on one club outing so far and looking forward to many more.

Y 3578

15 March 1950


Current owner, Roger Cross, Victoria, Australia.

Recently acquired, Roger is now in the process of "up-grading" the car.

Y 3580

16 February 1950

Current owner, Alf Luckman, Sydney, Australia.

Recently purchased from a "barn" along with Y 0823 and Y 2838. I cannot offer any details of any of the cars. They have all been sitting un-disturbed for the past twenty five to thirty years at least. Y3580 was shipped from the UK on the SS Peebles and arrived in Australia on 9 January 1950. The car was originally Almond Green with a green interior and was fitted with engine XPAG/SC/13463. It was delivered on the 16 February 1950.

Y 3593

27 January 1950

Current owner, Matthew Crawford, New South Wales, Australia.

Found by Alf Luckman in a back yard in Kirrawee Sydney. The body and chassis had been separated and were sitting out in the weather for thirty years. The chassis was complete with engine, gearbox differential, shock absorbers and Jackall system, which was all in reasonable shape and will be used for spares. The chassis will be used for the next Y type project currently being planned.

The body was sitting on it's sills in the grass and was totally beyond economic repair and has been scrapped.

Y 3604

January? 1950

Current owner, Alex Kochanowitsch, Western Australia, Australia

This car was purchased not long after acquiring Y 2895. It was used for 6 months or so and then I decided to restore the car to it's best. A major strip down, and chassis work has been undertaken. Since then other interests have slowed progress, but the flame has been rekindled and activity is around the corner.

Y 3657

January? 1950

Current owner, Andrew Sorouni, New South Wales, Australia

Hope to restore her by the end of 2016.

Y 3673

January? 1950

Current owner, Colin Bonney, Western Australia, Australia

Both Y 3673 and Y 5242 were purchased in the early 1970s by a friend who hoped that his son would be interested in restoring the cars with him, and from the two, make a car that would be an ideal first car. It didn't occur and the cars sat in dry storage until 2005 when I purchased them. Y3673 is a chassis with a few parts and I will probably be used to make a special that I have on the back burner.

Y 3718

January? 1950

Current owner, Lyn Hayward and David Hall, Queensland, Australia.

Our Y type was purchased from Mr Allan Flynn of Townsville, Queensland, Australia and although it had been restored some years ago it was looking a little tired. We are at present getting it ready for Registration and had a lot of chroming done We purchased a lot of parts from NTG in UK and it will be on the road soon and traverling our Fraser Coast Roads. We believe that Allan bought the car from Michael Rhodes on 15 March 1997 and it belonged to his Grandfather who paid $3,500 00 AU for it. I am attempting to restore back to as close to original as I can!.

Y 3750

3 February 1950

Current owner, Peter Chandler, Waitomo, New Zealand.

The car was first registered in Huntly, New Zealand on the 3rd of February 1950 and was only on the road until May 1965. The Original owner was William Prophit. Purchased along with Y 1705 from Daniel Richardson in October 2007. Some parts off Y 1705 have been used to aid restoration. Modifications include MGB front Sway Bar, Radials, Negative Earth, FM Radio in glovebox and 4 hidden speakers, Amber Front Indicator Bulbs in side lights, and a high level brake light in the rear window. Rear indicators sit above the bumper which has had overriders fitted at some stage. I have fitted a manual indicator switch off a Morris Y Van to the Steering wheel centre using a modified stainless steel vacuum flask cup. Further mods are to finish front seatbelts installation as per website, and fitting of an NTG Lead free Valve Kit. The Jackall system is operational and the car is nice to drive.

Y 3758

approx. October 1949


Current owner, HarryMüller, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.

The car was restored in 1979, colour Autumn Red, interior beige with brown piping. In2001 we replaced brake parts, electric parts and changed earth back to positive. We've exchangedthe petrol tank sender unit because it was leaky and was short-circuited. Very good help was the book "Y-Type Saloons and Tourers" of John Lawson and most important Mr Lerner's parts and service Fischsiefen in D-51789 Lindlar.

Y 3764

14 October 1949


Current owner, Formerly Janet and John Edwards, Hampshire, UK

Built approximately September 1949, nothing is known of the car prior to 1996 when someone in Guildford obtained it after a long lay up and started restoration. It was not completed and had another owner before coming into my hands in January 2001. The car was originally MG Maroon, and was later re-sprayed Green. It is currently Green and a host of primers! The car is 98% complete. The odometer shows 98,000 miles which, in view of its known history, seems genuine. The car is fitted with a Smiths Fresh-air heater as well as telescopic shock absorbers. The spare wheel compartment key is still in its pocket by the front passenger footwell. Janet Edwards sold the car after John's death in 2004.

Y 3776

1 November 1949

Current owner, Dietmar Elsasser, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

I bought this saloon to travel with my wife and our dog. This wouldn`t be possible with an MGA Coupé (my wish to buy before I saw the YA in a book). After a Midget Mk 1 1/2 my son owns another MG, a 1971 MGB GT. We sold the Midget and were looking for a family MG. Our classic car dealer found one in Britain and sold it to us in 2002. We are now the proud owner of a very rare English car.

Y 3804

approx. November 1949


Current owner, Richard Bryan, Lincolnshire, UK.

Rescued from the back yard of a local car body repair shop - most of it came in cardboard boxes. Iv'e just started to restore it but it's going to be a long project. Chassis, steering gear and body shell are in surprisingly good condition as are most of the bits that haven't been left out in the rain for the last two years.

Y 3814

approx. November 1949


Current owner, Les Thomas, Isle of Wight, UK.

Bought 40 years ago in London and stored for 20 years in Kent, later Hampshire and then on the Isle of Wight. Now in need of complete restoration..

Y 3832

approx. November 1949


Current owner, Peter Insley, Manchester, UK.

I purchased the car on the 13 November 2001 when I part exchanged my 1934 BSA 10HP Saloon at a local garage. Since then I have renewed axle bearings, engine and gear box mounts, complete Engine and brake overhaul, new dash, and renovation to the seats. This is my only car and is used daily.

Y 3847

January? 1950


Current owner, Matthew Crawford, New South Wales, Australia

This car arrived in Australia on 22/2/1950 on SS Charmouth Hill.It was registered as FM 095 and sold by Barclay Motors on 2/3/1950. I bought the car in 1967 and performed a ground up restoration. It was driven daily for ten years until it was involved in a head on accident. Following this it was placed in the shed for thirty years and undertook a complete restoration in 2005. It was completed in January 2006 for our eldest daughters wedding.

The car has minimal modifications apart from a change in colour from the original maroon to maroon and cream, and the upholstery from red to cream. It has MG A power assisted disc brakes and MG A 15.

Y 3849

December 1949


Current owner, Mark Maguire, Monmouthshire, South Wales

Found in a barn clearance, complete with V5 registration document. In very good condition for restoring a YA/YT on although it was originally a YA.

Y 3904

6 April 1950


Current owner, John and Helen Young, New South Wales, Australia

After admiring Y-Types for many years, we acquired 'Little Y' on August 31, 2010. Although not perfect by any means, she has won trophies in a couple of local car shows. More importantly, she has given us a great deal of pleasure and reliable motoring, as well as bringing a smile to the face of everyone who sees her - most of whom have never heard of a Y. While there's a blank period in her history during the 80s, we are lucky enough to have the original 'Owner's Certificate of Registration' which has stayed with the car for 65 years..

Y 3930

28 February 1950


Current owner, Leigh Wallace, Victoria, Australia

Purchased in early 2013 by me, Victoria from John Coburn, Gisborne, Victoria with numerous new parts yet to be installed.  No interior and car in need of a thorough restoration.  Not to worry though, I have previously restored Y4086 so here he goes again!  An interesting point of difference is that the chassis is clearly stamped as Y2930 but ID plate and shipping records show Y3930 (with correct engine number).

Y 3935

13 February 1950


Current owner, Sybill Mackaness and Richard Hope, Sydney, Australia.

Almost totally rebuilt some years ago utilising two bodies from equally poor cars. One of the cars was found in a creek bed and the other in a barn in southern New South Wales. Most of the work of finishing the rebuilding was done by Jim Mackaness who unfortunately passed away last December and the car is now used by Jim's grandson, Richard Hope.

Y 3936

March? 1950


Current owner, Tony Slattery, Queensland, Australia

This car is an older restoration which required a little TLC to get back on the road. It appears the car may have been first registered in Queensland, before moving to Victoria in the late 1970's and then to South Australia (Bordertown) from late 80's to late 90's, before returning to Queensland in 1998. My stalled restoration of Y 2413 supplied many "as new" restored parts for installation. Y 3936 is now on the road again and used as my daily drive car. "Rufus" is his name, one of the local bird species in South-East Queensland is a Rufus Owl, so I thought it was appropriate.

Y 3942

10 February 1950


Current owner, Alan and Carolyn Robinson, Queensland, Australia

We exchanged our B GT (with a private owner) for the Y in October 2007. The car was running when we obtained it but needed some restoration, which is underway. It had been on a country property in Queensland for approx. 14 years with its previous owner, who had never registered it but had driven it on his property.

Y 3955



Current owner, Paul Gunner, Victoria, Australia

Bought this in 1968, only running on 3 cylinders. Has been stored in a dark weather proof shed for 37 years with the intention ONE DAY of finding the time and space to restore it back to its former glory. Pulled it out of the shed yesterday May 19th 2007 (Tyres still had some air in them and the brakes weren't seized!

Y 4002

26 November 1949


Current owner, David and Hazel Jones, Pembrokeshire, UK

Y 4002 on parade on Barley Saturday in Cardigan (Wales, UK) town, Ceredigion, West Wales.

Y 4037

24 February 1950


Current owner, Graham Monaghan, New South Wales, Australia

I have no knowledge of the cars history before 1974 when I acquired the car needing a major restoration. During the restoration I added a vacuum brake booster and the car has been roadworthy since 1988.

Y 4053



Current owner, Ted Evans, Queensland, Australia

Purchased in Gypie Queensland 1993 in about 80% restored condition. Don't know early history.  In early 2000's left in open and weather got to it. Completely stripped down for rebuild in 2005 which did not get underway until end 2006. Made picture of month January and February 2007, when honey eaters decided to raise a family in it. Got it up and running Late 2007. Fitted Five speed gear box 2008.

Y 4086



Current owner, Terry McKenzie, New South Wales, Australia

Purchased from Leigh Wallace, Victoria in June 2011. Leigh had carried out an excellent, extensive restoration of the car. Engine rebuild by Ray Skewes and Body by Ray Miles. Currently on full registration and used regularly - a pleasure to drive. Lots of paper work history dating back to original registration in 1949.

Y 4099

30 October 1949


Current owner, Paul Barrow, Washington State. USA.

This car has now been broken for scrap as it was totally beyond economic restoration. Prior to my acquiring it, the car had only one previous keeper, who had owned it from new. The car had suffered a massive hit (probably in the 1960s) to the left front and the chassis was bent in two places. The car had then been parked up and left since 1986. What a shame that it had been so badly maintained and neglected! Happily, many other cars will benefit from life-giving parts it is hoped. As an example of the sad state of it, the bottom of the boot and SWC was completely non-existent! What was there was tin cans held in place with screws! Jack Murray and I agonised long and hard before coming to this inevitable decision though.

Y 4100

November 1949?


Current Owner Richard Seidemann, Zurich, Switzerland.

I saw the MG at a dealer’s barn who told me it should be complete. I know very little about the previous history of the car apart from the previous owner lived in Bern and had owned the car for ten years. Then a full restoration had commenced but just started and never finished. That was over twenty years ago and the car had been in the garage ever since.

I bought the car in parts on the 18th November 2011. At present I am identifying what parts I actually have and already identified a number that are missing. I hope the dealer is able to locate them for me. I certainly have much work to complete to get the car up and running again.

Y 4155

9 December 1949


Current owner, Carsten Deuster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

I bought the YA in England in October 2008. The frame-off restoration took 5 years, but it has been quite successful..

Y 4192

29 June 1950 1950


Current owner, Andrew Sorouni, New South Wales, Australia

Bought from a person in Coffe Harbour. His son bought it for him as a present to restore, but he could not complete it. It was sitting on eBay for a while with no bids so I made an offer! It needs a lot of work!

Y 4276

January? 1950


Current owner, Uwe Pech, Tuttlingen, Germany

I bought the car early in 2014. We also do use an MGA Coupe and an MGB roadster. The YA is in great condition, it is used regularly the weekends and we enjoy driving through the Black Forest and and Lake of Constance area in Southern Germany.

Y 4293

6 January 1950


Current owner, Don Avery, Cambridgeshire, UK

As best as I can establish, the car started life as Sun Bronze and at some stage was re-sprayed as I have inherited some old photographs showing the car in green livery. An extensive rebuild was carried out between 1997 and 2001 which included returning the car to its original colour of Sun Bronze. According to the original log book the car spent the first 20 years of its life in and around Chesterfield. The owner prior to me had the seats totally refurbished including new upholstery and door trim. He also refurbished the wood trim and replaced the windscreen seal. I acquired the car at the end of August 2010 from South Wales and this will be my first classic car.

Y 4298

March? 1950

Current owner, Brett Partington, Western Australia, Australia

Some 25 years or so ago when I was 17 , my father and I restored this Y type to original specs. It was used as my first car as you can see by the L plates. As we know, everyone gets attached to their first car. I later left Victoria and moved to West Australia, leaving the car in Victoria. Some years later my father passed away and his wife moved home. When I asked if the new home had a garage for the MG, I was told to my horror, that it had been sold! After 12 years of searching I eventually found the car and told the owner the story, he then agreed to sell me MY car. It has been with me for 2 years now and I enjoy regular runs in it. I also have a whippet as a stable-mate for the Y.

Y 4389

April? 1950

Current owner, Alan Maskell, Queensland, Australia.

This car s history is a very obscure prior to it s acquisition by Bill Daniels of Sydney in 2005. We understand a lot of mechanical work was done to the car in the early 1990 s, but it was off the road for some years before it was found languishing under a tarpaulin in a Sydney backyard.

It is something of a hybrid. It appears to have a lot of MG TD parts fitted. I.E. wheels, front brakes, rear end and engine. It has been fitted with some nicely crafted rear turning signal lights, but everything else is fairly original!

Y 4424

1 February 1950

Current owner, John Bowman, Worcestershire, UK

Purchased by me on 11th June 1969 from a motor cycle shop in Nottingham. Used as my road car for 3 years then garaged as mature life took over. Believe it to be an export model, spent a lot of its earlier life in the Notts area. As a whole it is very original. 2010 saw it change garages and august 2012 saw the restoration start.

Y 4465

February? 1950

Current owner, Bill and Lorna McReaken, Minnesota, USA

From the late 1970s, owned by David Zyp, in Ohio. From 1993 to 2007, owned by George Wakeman in Ohio. Purchased by us September 7, 2007. We know it was restored in the early to mid 1970s and that Dave Zyp purchased it with the top crushed by movers, while in a van. He repaired the top then.

Y 4484

February? 1950

Current owner, Martin Godbey, Florida, USA

This car was left to the Sarasota Car Museum in a will. The interior is tan. There is a bit of rust here and there. The restoration seems to date a good 25 to 30 years. The seats and wood show a little age. Engine bay is detailed but not pristine. Overall, it's very presentable and usable.

Y 4514

April/May? 1950

Current owner, Tony Slattery, Queensland, Australia

Sadly this car is beyond salvation, and will be broken for spares - as if I need more - but there are some treasures within. It has spent it's last years in a paddock in Biloela, Queensland, Australia, and was given to me by Wayne Kirwan.

Y 4519

March? 1950

Current owner, Hugh Fergusson, Glasgow, Scotland

Currently garaged in South West Scotland, last used on the road in 1984, needs an enthusiastic new owner and the car is currently available for sale. E-mail Hugh from here.

Y 4543

June 1950


Current owner, Peter Fogarty, Sydney NSW, Australia.

I have owned the car for 18 months Bought from Canberra, but little else is known of its history. I fitted the wire wheels, from an MGA and mounted onAustin Healey hubs. The engine has been "breathed upon" more than somewhat. Twin carburettors, ported and polished head, plus all the good things that mechanics do to make old cars go. I have also fitted a vacuum brake booster, which has transformed the braking performance.

The car is beautifully finished with leather trim and looks very well.

Y 4548

June? 1950

Current owner, Willem van der Veer, Netherlands

I bought this bare body with chassis in 2008 in Germany. Apparently this car was left at a garage in Soest (NL), with a broken engine, by an English soldier. It was never collected again. It may have been stored with the rear properly protected because the rot-prone bodywork around the boot area was in very good condition and will be transplanted in Y5888 some day.

Y 4558

June? 1950

Current owner, Ashley Viccars, New South Wales, Australia

I bought Y4558 in February 2012 from the family in Melbourne Australia. The interior, body and motor had been restored over many years by the previous owners, however the tailshaft, wheel bearings, suspension and steering bushes just been replaced. My wife and I are looking forward to many miles of trouble free motoring and not too many long steep hills.

Y 4582

July? 1950

Current owner, Daniel Santoro, Montevideo, Uruguay

I am the owner for the last 8 years. Soon we will place the original XPAG and gearbox instead the actual engine. Here are two pictures of me with the car when it belonged to a family friend in 1981.

Y 4597

June? 1950

Current owner, Mike Millard, Queensland, Australia

I understand that this car has lived in South Australia with 3 owners since new. I purchased it in October 2015 in South Australia and had it transported to Brisbane where I hope to make contact with other Y owners and learn how to care for it.

Y 4629

September? 1950

Current owner Captain William Hiland, USA

I purchased the car from Paul Watts in April 2003 and have shown the car three times so far and just won " Best Saloon / drophead" at the Palo Alto British car meet earlier this month. We installed a TD intake manifold with twin carburettor set up, and we installed a full turn indicator system that works with the trafficators.

Y EXL 4640

3 April 1950

Current owner Johnny Thorsen, Sjobo, Sweden

The car was sold by DOMI in Denmark in 1950 and was used until 1966 when it was taken off the road. I purchased the car in Denmark in 2002. The car is dismantled but all parts are present. The chassis has been shot-blasted and galvanised and the body is very sound. The restoration continues.

Y 4739

December? 1950


Current owner, Des McCall, Victoria, Australia.

I bought this car in November 2003 from a Doctor in Victoria. He had the motor, gearbox and clutch reconditioned back 1990 and it then sat in the shed until I purchased it in 2003. I have continued on with a complete restoration, body back to bare metal and re painted in two pack paint. Fitted a complete rubber kit. Dismantled 4 jacks, modified and then assembled with modified seals. Removed dashboard and re did all the woodwork through out the car. Fitted new bailey channels to all door windows. It is now registered and on the road.

Y 4742

December? 1950


Current owner, John Ross, Australia.

Found my car in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and had it shipped to Australia. Very little rust and the car is all there. Will put it back to original except for a nice set of MG wire wheels. Have given myself 2 years to complete the project. Last registration on car SC 8978K.

Y 4754

1 March 1950


Current owner, Chwee Tin Khoo, Singapore.

The car was imported into Singapore by a Robert Leonard Pile in 1981. He sold it in 1982 to a judge, who kept it until 2011, including undertaking a complete car rebuild. I bought it from him, and apart from getting a new SU carburettor, a re-upholstering of the rear bench because of a tear, and now, rechroming of the bright parts, nothing major has been done. It has taken part in a few local car displays, and is extremely reliable. Paint finish remains very good. On my wish list are 3 items, to have the horn and turn signal rewired back to the original from the separate switches now in place, to make the Jackall system operational again, and, to buy a nice wicker picnic basket fully equipped!.

Y 4770

December? 1950


Current cwner, Robert Pringle, South Australia, Australia

We have owned the car since 17 July 1997 and was purchased from MG Sales and Service in South Australia, the previous owner being Leonard C Ward of South Australia. The car is painted Maroon / Silver and fitted with Morris wheels. We use the car occasionally for club runs.

Y 4862

22 April 1950

Current owner, Jos Rijsemus, Netherlands

Infected by the MG-virus a long time ago I also liked to own a MG four seater. A few of our MGCC members made me enthusiastic to buy a Y-type. Searching the world wide web I found one in Portadown, Ulster UK. After several mails and exchanging photographs I decided to go and buy the car. The green lady has been sleeping for a long time but was in rather good shape. The engine was not running and almost all the rubber was dried and needs to be replaced. Further the lady has some minor cracks in the paintwork but overall the car was in a good condition. I took her to her new home in the Netherlands and have the intention to repair what needs to be repaired and after that enjoy the luxury of this old lady..

Y 4894

24 April 1950

Current owner, Don Walker, Nottinghamshire, UK

My YA is finished in Sun Bronze it is in very good condition, she requires little bits and bobs doing to it but nothing serious. I know very little about her. She was finished in black when she was first registered. Her reg is EDB 117. If anybody has any info on her I would love to know. My grandkids have named her Doris.

Y 4895

April 1950

Current owner, John Foster, East Yorkshire, UK

Bought in Oct 2011 and, touch wood, has been very reliable. Always gets lots of attention at shows and is popular with friends and relatives for weddings and proms. In 1962 the car was bought by Reginald Dixon (Blackpool Tower organist) who changed the colour from Sun Bronze to Ivory and Black (keyboard colours).

Y 4953

May? 1950


Current owner, Tim Rose, Hampshire, UK

Exported to Rhodesia in 1950, and came back to the UK in 1966. My Dad bought it from Petersfield in 1979, still had its original registration of B18082, and paintwork, then never been driven on UK roads. Within a year she was back on the road and was used for the next 10 years until being laid up again where she still is now.

Y 4988

12 May 1950


Current owner, James Carstairs, Somerset, UK

Previously owned and restored by Mr F Sutton. It would appear as though it was fully restored in the late 1980's but only put on the road for one year before being laid up, until I bought the car at an auction in August 2004. Now back on the road and done more miles in the last 4 months than the previous 20 years.

Y EXL 4991

June? 1950


Current owner, Michael Lutz, Maryland, USA

I have collected MGs for over 30 years. I have restored an MG TD, TF, A and two Bs. Because of my activity in the MGs of Baltimore, and The Chesapeake Chapter of the New England MG "T" Register, and numerous British car shows, I was contacted when the MG YT became available. This was the first time in all the years that I have been associated with MGs that I had the opportunity of owning a Y. However, within six weeks of purchasing the YT, I learned of a YA that was for sale. This car was in the middle of a frame off restoration. The person who was doing the restoration became ill and decided to sell the car. As you can see it really looks good and I was impressed with the quality of the work that had been done, so I bought it. Now I probably own more Y cars than anyone in Maryland.

The dash and all of the wood around the windows has been removed. I also need to do a headliner, and carpeting. I have all of the wood, but do not know where it goes. I also need to install the door widows (everything has been removed) and sun roof. I believe that I have the necessary parts.

This should be a very nice car when it is completed. See also YT 2913.

Y 5020

June? 1950


Current owner, Michael Lewis, Louisiana, USA.

I purchased the Y-type 21 August 1983 and have been fixing and driving it ever since. The Y did not have it's original motor. At the moment, it does not have the replacement motor in it (that is temporarily loaned to my MGTD vintage race ar) and a spare engine has een in it for about 10 years. Judson Supercharger fitted.

Y EXLU 5095

July? 1950


Current owner, Paul Briggs, Kansas, USA.

Our ‘Y’ was brought to the Kansas Prairie from North Carolina in October 2001. We are the third owners of this LHD sweetie. At 87,000 miles, she has not been restored but runs and drives well, although showing the kind of wear expected at that mileage. She has been repainted and an all vinyl interior installed sometime in the past. Ys are essentially unknown in this part of the country but she receives many positive comments at the local shows.

Y 5099

16 May 1950


Current owner, Bert Keuren, Geleen, Netherlands.

The car was originally sold by University Motors and had the UK Registration number UMG 181. The car came to Holland in 1978 and was restored in the 1980s. I bought the car in 1996. I already owned an MGA so an MG saloon was a good idea for the colder weather. I have made various improvements, reconditioned both the engine and gearbox, repaired the interior leather and made a new headlining. The Y drives very well, however, as a ‘continental’ and used to LHD cars, I find RHD cars strange. In 2002 I decided to convert the car to LHD (see picture). It was a lot of work but well worth the trouble.

Y 5100

22 May 1950

Current owner, Murray Grainger, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

We purchased "Clara" on 1 July 2007 while living in the UK. Clara was first registered on 22 May 1950 to a Mrs Taylor who owned for 36 years. Mr E Cook owned for 16 years and presumably was responsible for the bodywork restoration and colour change from Maroon to Old English White. Then 3 other owners before us in 5 years. Our first show was 3 hours after purchase: the Northampton MG Saloons day. The next 9 months were spent in the garage getting a totally rebuilt engine, new clutch, new dynamo and new regulator.

Clara emigrated to NZ with us when we returned in 2012 and had to be de-rusted to the certifier's satisfaction before being road-legal in NZ. She was finally registered in NZ on 23 November 2012 with exactly the same registration number as assigned in the UK in 1950, KXJ 912 Clara's adventures are randomly updated at http://y5100.blogspot.com/.

Y 5102

17 May 1950

Current owner, Bryan McArdle, Fife, Scotland, UK

ORA 35 was first registered 17th May 1950 to Kennings Ltd Chesterfield and was sold to Mrs. Ida Dalton of Derby on the 5th January 1951. The car was then sold to Mrs. Mary Anne Duff from Kings Lynn on the 21st January 1955. Mr. Duff was a test pilot and was killed. Mrs. Duff was interested in horses and met a Mr. Drysdale from Kirkcaldy Fife where she drove the car to and was married on the 18th January 1956. Then on the 7th April 1956 the car was sold to Mr. George Cunningham for his wife. Cunningham's was a garage and apparently they serviced the car, the Cunningham's sold the car on the 4th June 1970 to Mr. John Summers, a mechanic at Cummings Garage in Newport on Tay Fife. Mr. John Summers lived in Dundee. He sold the car on the 17th June 1977 to Mr. Robert Johnston of Arbroath. He moved house to Tayport Fife and the car was towed to his new address. Mr. Robert Johnston started work on the car, he took it apart and began to cut out rusty metal and his brother was to weld in new  metal, the restoration did not get very far and in 1981 the car was put in a lock up down the road and put up on blocks. A hole was cut in the garage door big enough for a cat, the cats were encouraged to live in there, and this was to stop any mice eating the upholstery. It worked, but the car stunk like the devil (it never really smelt OK until it was painted and run so I was told). The car was advertised in The Courier (newspaper) and on 17th March 1993 Mr. John Morgan from Dunfermline bought it. He finished the restoration and on 18th May 1995 ORA 35 passed her M.O.T., a small amount of work needed to be finished when he sold ORA 35 to my wife and I on the 10th August 1997. I finished the restoration and from that day on "Ruby" as she is now known has been out in all weathers all year long. Ruby is all original except for her head lights which were up rated to sealed beam and part of the driver's seat was replaced. I added indicators as other drivers paid no attention to the "Trafficators". Two years ago I unleaded the head and I have just finished overhauling the brakes and back axle. Recorded mileage at 13th October 2009 is 64115.

Y 5103

August? 1950

Current owners, Mel and Davina Fry, Melbourne, Australia

I purchased Y5103 as a basket case and fully restored it in 1992. The car colour is Country Cream with a Maroon interior. I believe Y5103 was exported to Adelaide South Australia, the original colour was Shires Green. We had a problem identifying the original chassis number as it had been partially obliterated, but after some great detective work by David Lawrence (South Africa), and Mal Hickman (Australia) we determined the car was Y5103. We were lucky enough to win the Y Type class in the MGCC Victoria Concours in 1997 and 2007.

Y 5112

May? 1950

Current owner, Martin Evans, Northamptonshire, UK

I bought my YA saloon for £50. Even making allowances for the fact that this was back in 1977, it does not take a genius to figure out that at that price, it was in a bit of a state. I bought it because I could remember driving one back in the mid- 1960s with some affection. The fact that it was a bit of a wreck did not bother me unduly, as I had a notion that it would be fun to build an open tourer. And if things did not work out, then at least I could get my money back by selling it for spares. As it happened, things did work out although it took 30 years to bring my plans to fruition. You can read the rest in my article that was published in MG Enthusiast magazine, February 2009.

Y 5165



Current owner, Tommy Kirkland, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Tommy has owned the car since the mid 1980’s and it features in Let there be Y’s. The car was an original export to SA.

Y EXLU 5174

August? 1950


Current owner, Scott Barrow, Massachusetts, USA

Wilfred, Y 5174, was formerly owned by a fellow in Massachusetts, Henry Hermance. It is the LHD example specifically mentioned in Lawson's Y book, where he lists it as being in Michigan. It is a driver, though it has quite a few rough spots. I purchased the car in April 2004.

Y 5183

5 June 1950


Current owner, Richard King, South East London, UK

I have owned my Y for about two years now. The car was restored some 30 years prior to my ownership. Really my main tasks were to re-commission the car as the previous owner rarely used it. I really enjoy the car and love using her.

Y EXLU 5190

August? 1950

Y 5190Current owner, Tom Cox, Colorado, USA

This YA is a 1950 (Y/EXLU/5190) originally purchased in 1950 by Anne Klein of New York City through J. S. Inskip & Co., a MG & Rolls Royce dealer and was driven in the City by her sister.  The car was eventually sold to a car collector in Edgewood, Maryland, USA and stayed there until 1996 when I purchased the car at an estate sale.  It had 17,520 original miles on the odometer and 1972 license plates. All numbers match and I have the original owners manuals.

The car came to Inskip as standard brown but was changed there to a two tone pale yellow and lighter brown and a traditional Inskip chrome waist rail added.  The interior remains red.  It is an excellent running car and has won many awards including best in class in California at a western US Gathering of the Faithful (GOF).

Today, I am the 3rd owner and have driven the car some 5000 miles.  It has no rust or wood rot and there is no damage history, an excellent car and receives the usual ‘thumbs-up’ as I driver it around the Denver, Colorado area.

Y 5205

5 April 1951

Current owner, Karl Verstraelen, Belgium

The first owner was a Mrs. Prove of Watford (the wife of a Belgian who lived in Watford?): they paid £525 plus tax! Then after 6,163 miles and 5 years car was bought by Mr. Mercer (a civil servant in Southend). He kept it for another 25 years and sold it to the third owner, Mr West of Grays Essex at 41,241 miles. Then after further 6 years Trevor Austin of Purley bought the car at 45,347 miles. 15 years later, at 47,000 miles I bought the car. I am the owner of this 1950 Y which is original and used, but not concours. The car is never restored and you can find it in David Lawrence's book "Let there be 'Y' s". I bought this book on a trip to South Africa from David himself. The documentation of which is quite unique is as follows: original guarantee, original guarantee envelope addressed to the first owner with the Festival of Britain post mark, original envelope from MG factory with car documents, workshop manual, hand book, tools(used but not abused), the first tax disk April 5th 1951 (expiry date), all other tax disc to date (except 4), original log book, every 10 years test an mot certificate to date, complete log of works done since new (it has had 5 batteries since new), original front exhaust and a letter from the MG factory signed by W.E. BLOWER.

Y 5206

1 June 1950

Y 5206

Current owner, Richard and Carol Verrill, Northumberland, UK

I have some detail about Y5206 (UMG 186)but would appreciate any information from the past. I cannot take any credit for the condition other than I have had to replace a core plug and as part of the operation rebuilt the carburetor and fitted new studs bolts etc for the manifold so that side of the engine looks quite good. The acquisition of UMG 186 enabled  her to be used for my daughter's wedding in May, in some ways replicating my own wedding 30 years ago when I owned a YB 1281.

Y 5221

June? 1950

Y 5221 Current owner, Andy Goodyear, Lincolnshire, UK

As this is a chassis only the shopping list will be long and expensive. Bought to be a partner to YT EXR 2583 eventually, Y5221 is a long term project. As this is currently a chassis only the shopping list will be long and expensive.

Y 5232

20 June 1950

Y 5232Current owner, Jim Price, Siryfflint, Wales, UK

This vehicle has a well documented history from new. It was registered with the Octagon Car Club in 1993 with 14,000 genuine miles on her. I purchased her in 2005 with 19000mls recorded. Apart from a bare metal respray and new headlining she is exactly as she came out of the factory in 1950,even the brake shoes and pipes are original. She has never been welded or had any major mechanical work carried out. Her present mileage (September 2008) is 21,300.

Y 5241

August? 1950


Y 5241 Current owner, Steve Neal, Maine, USA

We purchased our 1950 YA through Owls Head Transportation Museum's annual auto auction in August 1989. The museum is located about 5 miles south of Rockland Maine USA. The car had been donated to the museum for resale with the monies going to benefit the museum. The Johnson family of Newport Rhode Island USA had purchased the car new in London England and driven it all over Europe as evidenced by the touring club badges on the badge bar. Prior to selling at the auction the car had been stored but not preserved. It ran and after a complete brake job we drove it until December 1990 where upon I put it in to my shop for a complete overhaul and restoration. This was accomplished over the next 1 1/2 years and was back on the road again in May 1993. Since that time we have driven it over 85,000 miles, been through three engines (now has a supercharged TF1500 engine). I have changed the running gear over to MGB with disc brakes, installed my 5-speed overdrive trans kit (this car was the protype for the kit and test bed), cruise control and an alternator charging system. The front suspension is now coil over shocks and really helped the ride. This last summer we drove the car to San Francisco California and back for a total mileage of 8,600. It is in bed right now as it was 2.6 degrees F here in Brunswick Maine with snow ice and salt everywhere so the car does not go out in that.

Y 5242

August? 1950

Y 5242Current owner, Colin Bonney, Western Australia, Australia

Both Y 3673 and Y 5242 were purchased in the early 1970s by a friend who hoped that his son would be interested in restoring the cars with him, and from the two, make a car that would be an ideal first car. It didn't occur and the cars sat in dry storage until 2005 when I purchased them. Y3673 is a chassis with a few parts and Y5242 is complete, although removed from the chassis., with 35,000 miles on the clock, and will some day return to its former glory.

Y 5249

August? 1950


Y 5249 Current owner, Ken Smith, California, USA

5249 was sold new in Australia. It was brought to Southern California in the late 1950's and driven regularly through two engine rebuilds until 1979 when is was garaged in Northern California for a 3rd engine rebuild. I bought the car in 2012 with the engine apart. My restoration included RHD to LHD, MGB front and rear suspension and brakes, MGB rear differential.

Y 5270

8 June 1950


Y 5270Current owner, Paul Barrow, Washington State, USA.

I bought the car at Silverstone in 1997 as a Red over Black two-tone (see before). Y 5270 has since, lost the red grille slats for chrome ones, acquired a Lucas FT57 fog lamp, operational SF40 semaphores have been (in addition to flashers, which are now incorporated into the 1130 sidelights using dual filament bulbs), re-chromed both the bumpers, total rewire, full interior re-trim of the upholstery in beige leather with brown piping, major engine overhaul including new front and rear engine seals. The car has been totally stripped (except engine and gearbox) in 2003 for a full re-spray into her original Almond Green (Metallic) paint. A valid MOT certificate has now been obtained (first time pass!). The church is just at the end of our drive in Awbridge. Y 5270 has now been joined by its sister car YT 4267.

Y 5288

June? 1950


Y 5288Current owner, Alan Parker, Isle of Wight, UK.

I purchased HSV 268 in February 2009 as a semi retirement present. Looking forward to attending car events here on the Isle of Wight and have joined The Vectis Historic Vehicle Club. I might even get to the North Island some time. The car had a bare metal rebuild about 10 years ago and will need a bit of work in the next couple of years but nothing too serious.

Y 5312

27 June 1950

Y 5312Current owner, Mr and Mrs Parker, West Yorkshire, UK

We bought her in September 2012, my wife found her on the internet. Just been rewired next step is new floor and head lining. This photo is at the Brighouse '40s weekend 2013. We hope to take her out more next summer.

Y 5315

2 April 1950

Y 5315Current owner, Tim Hides, Hampshire, UK

I believe the car to be original apart from its registration number. It was formally KDD 55 but now carries the plate OAS 360.I am about to start a major overhaul of the vehicle. I intend to take out the engine to send away for a rebuild and some welding is needed to the chassis. The braking system is not working, fluid has leaked out of the slave cylinder over the winter and I have no brakes. I intend to overhaul the complete braking system, shoes, hoses, master and slave cylinders. Also I intend to overhaul the suspension system.

Y 5330

7 April 1950

Y 5330 Current owner, Dan and Janet Brown, Arizona, USA

MTB 132 is now residing in Arizona and enjoying the sunshine. The car was bought from Paul Eastburn in the UK and imported to the USA. My thanks to Mr. Day, Mr. Cotter,and Mr. Eastburn for the great care they took when owning MTB 132. The engine was rebuilt by Edney is bored, balanced has larger valves and stronger springs, and runs on unleaded. This makes the usable but with the modifications to the drive chain, shockers, and brakes, it is outstanding. It has added a YB axle and hubs twin leading shoe brakes with TD wires and Pirelli radials. We only plan to add to its service ability and reliability.

Y 5339

April? 1950

Y 5339 Current owner, Matt Sanders, Powys, Wales, UK

Y type special project car in need of major work but thought worth saving! Will require some parts that are missing, car incomplete in photo as it is being readied for sand-blasting of chassis. Has Y radiator, bonnet and scuttle with TD scuttle top, a very interesting project

Y 5391

6 July 1950

Y 5391 Current owner, Leo Brtna, Austria

With the recent purchase of this beautiful YA, I now added the 2nd MG to my garage. The other one is a MG TD from 1951.

Y 5458

November? 1950

Y 5458 Current owner, Loco Classic Car Parts, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

Patina YA, as it should be

Y 5483

November? 1950

Y 5483 Current owner, Mark Brandow, Minnesota, USA

My car was brought over by a friend and I bought it in the early 80's. The single carburettor was too slow so now the motor has a twin carburettor set up off an MGA, MGA front hubs and brakes on MGA spindles, MGB sway bar, 16 inch wheels off my MG TC racer, MGA wire wheel differential with 4.3 gears, just minor improvements for better road worthiness. Photograph shown is from MG 2001 at St Paul (Mark is the owner of Quality Coaches Inc, a MG specialist in Minnesota and there is a link to their website in the Links page.)

Y 5492

July 1950

Y 5492 Current owner, Andrew Silk, Netherlands.

Y5492 (Winston) has resided in the Netherlands for at least the last 23 years. The car has been extensively restored by both the previous and current owners. The immediate previous owner of this car was Rob Silk - Andrew's father I am having great fun with this super car.

Y 5494

26 August 1950

Y 5494Current owner, John Cummings, Tyne and Wear, UK.

We bought the car in October 2006 from Alan Tattershall who lives in Sedbergh. The car was in a lock-up garage in Kendall and has been off the road for many years. We have since bought spare wings, running boards, chassis on wheels, doors, a grille etc etc but would still be interested in acquiring more. At present the car is being stripped down all the interior is out the doors are off and I'm in the process of removing the wings with the idea of getting back to basics and build back up.

Y 5502

27 July 1950

Y 5502Current owner, Ray Shipley, Hampshire, UK.

A nice original YA. Had to replace some of the chrome, but body in good condition. Runs well, great fun. Roll on the summer.

Y 5539

18 August 1950

Y 5539 Current owner, Ellen Wilson, Queensland, Australia

Y5539 is in good condition and fitted with original front door wind shields and twin horns. Will be used on club runs and as a day driver when required.

Y 5542

August 1950

Y 5542 Current owner, Jerry Filson, Arizona. USA.

I found UMG 243 (Y 5542) sitting forlornly in a field, upstaging a collection of junked 1950's Pontiacs. Just about everything was seized, there was the usual rust, and the interior was ruined. But it was 99% complete and original. It was imported to North Carolina in 1972, by a U.S. Air Force officer who kept it until 1994. It was sold twice after that, but apparently never registered. Yet it's managed to travel 3/4 of the way across the country, pausing for a brief vacation in Florida. It was once all dark green but was re-sprayed two-tone and thegold engine, black - probably before it left England. It now runs and awaits cosmetic restoration.

Y 5650

6 October 1950


Y 5650 Current owner, Judith Edwards, Hampshire, UK

Y 5650 began life in Bristol and moved to the New Forest very soon after. The car was off the road from 1983 to 1999 undergoing restoration and while it is not concourse, it is quite respectable. Somewhere along the way it picked up a 1964 registration, but the original registration was known and available. The car covered some 250K miles before it came into my father's hands in May 2002. A sticking wheel cylinder and new wiper blades took care of the MOT. The first journey (30 miles) gave loss of power and oiled up the plugs caused by broken and missing valve stem seals. A blocked radiator and leaking petrol tank have been attended to. Y 5650 was first registered NHU 570, then later re-registered as DFD 672 B. My father subsequently succeeded in getting the DVLA to reissue it with NHU 570. The car gave a lot of enjoyment to my father, John Edwards, until his death in 2004, it then remained with my mother, Janet, until 2008 when it passed to me. The car still requires some TLC but gets out and about a few times a year. It is very much a family project, shared with my two sisters and usually driven by my brother in law. It is hoped it will be the wedding car for my sister in 2011.

Y 5660

8 September 1950

Current owner, Palle Moeldrup, Funen, Denmark.

The car has been registered GKW 886 on 8 of September 1950. In 1985 it was bought by Mr. Jesson of Southport who started the mechanical restoration of the car. Quite a lot of parts have been used from other Y types, as for example Y 4142, which can be seen in John Lawson's book on page 69 with a tree growing through it. Then in 1991 Frank Neumann bought the car with the intention to finish the restoration. The body was quite bad and many hours went into the welding it. Then due to a lack of time the restoration stopped. I bought the car from Frank Neumann in 2008 to continue the restoration project.  The car has had a full restoration and is hopefully on the road when spring 2015 comes to Denmark.

Y 5670

13 September 1950


Y 5670 Current owner, Graham Sharpe, Derbyshire, UK

I have just bought this Y as a project. In the coming months I will be removing all body and chassis parts to clean de-rust and re-paint. This will be my fifth classic car project and I suspect I will be about £5,000 poorer.

Y 5671

20 September 1950


Y 5671 Current owner, Maximilian Burger, Luxembourg

After a B-GT and an A it's my third MG.

Y 5696

7 April 1950


Y 5696 Current owner, Alan Earp, Kent, UK.

I recently purchased the car from Devon, it has an MOT but has not been on the road for six years. It's had extensive work done over last 20 year period. The original log book says that it was imported from Malta in 1953. Non original air cleaner, has had indicator lamps fitted in the past, these are now blanked.

Y 5710

8 November 1950


Y 5710 Current owner, John Arkley, Yorkshire, UK

This is the one that is on the road. I have had it 8 years and had been off the road since 1959. It was sun bronze when we got it but is now red. It also has two shock absorbers on each side on the front (one on the top, and one on the bottom wish bone) was it a composition car?

Y 5717

17 November 1950


Y 5717 Current owner, Zihao Wong, Singapore

This MG Y was being carefully restored back to its beauty by my father, who also is the current owner of this MG Y. He purchased it from the 5th owner and was unable to even start its engine. My father restored every single bit and even joined our local Vintage car association and have participated in many events and charity drives in Singapore! For once, he even drove all the way from Singapore, crossing the Woodlands-Johor bridge, over to Malaysia, and travelled for another 800km to Penang, then back to Singapore again!

Y 5725

10 October 1950

Y 5725Current owner, Ron Chiste, Maryland, USA

This car was imported in 1977 and is almost totally original. A respray was done in 1978 and an engine rebuild the same year. I now have this little beauty parked beside a 1962 MGA MKII Roadster and a 1968 MGB Roadster. Maggy is quite a head turner and is a joy to drive.

Y 5729

22 September 1950


Y 5729 Current owner, John Sanderson, Cheshire, UK

I purchased the 'Y' in 1980 in exchange for an Austin 'Nippy' in need of restoration.

The car is in an original unrestored condition, although I did have some sill and spare wheel compartment work done in the late 80s. I have replaced the XPAG engine for a XPAW which has had a serious oil leak via the rear crankshaft scroll. I intend to replace this with the original engine after reconditioning. Restoration to bodywork and re-sprayed in two colours Green and Cream in 2013. Also have replaced rear springs.

Y EXL 5784

12 December 1950

Y 5784Current owner, Henry and Sue Matejka, Iowa, USA

Our 1950 YA was a body-off recent restoration in Pennsylvania. before being sold to us. The rare LHD is original to this car. We hope to install turning lights in addition to the functioning trafficators. Also, steps have been taken to exchange the speedometer for one of MPH function. Click here to see the interior.

Y 5799

21 January 1951

Y 5799Current owner, Jack Valentin, Sweden

Jack Valentin's MG YA 1950 at Ske-Edeby airfield outside Stockholm, around 1998.

Y 5802

November? 1950

Y 5802 Current owner, Richard Lawson, Angus, Scotland, UK

Originally supplied by University Motors Garages when new and has its original UMG 280 plate. This car has been subjected to the most comprehensive rebuild by Classic Restorations in Alyth, Perthshire a well known specialist in quality and correct restoration. The body was subject to a bare metal repaint with all damaged panels being correctly repaired or replaced and is superbly finished to a magnificent standard in deep metallic green with contrasting dark green wings. The interior was completely replaced and the seats are re-upholstered in tan leather with contrasting green piping with full green carpeting throughout . The dash and door panels were French polished back to their original standard.

The work was all carried out to a very exacting standard on the instructions of a private MG collector.

Y 5831

1 December 1950

Y 5831Current owner, Tony Knowles, Cheshire, UK

I bought UMG305 in the mid 60's from a colleague who was emigrating. It was basically sound, but very tatty - red primer brush painted over the original Sun Gold, and including several large dents. Work and family commitments have seen some basic restoration, but hopefully now things will proceed more quickly.

Y 5837

6 November 1950


Y 5837 Current Owner Kevin Borg, Malta.

Couple of days after the car arrived in Malta.

Y 5883

31 December 1950


Y 5883Current owner, John Whipp, Essex, UK

We purchased the car in March 1997 from an Octagon member. The chassis was discovered in a breakers yard in Taunton Somerset together with some of the body, mainly the centre section. With the help of the club the car was completely rebuilt. It now bears its original registration number RVW 315 An Essex number. The car is used all year including a few wedding duties.

Y 5888

20 October 1950

Y 5888 Current owner, Willem van der Veer, Gelderland, Netherlands.

After giving up hoping ever to own an Y, I was pleased to see one advertised in the Dutch MGCC magazine of May 2003. After inspection the Y and I were sold! The bodywork has several bodged repairs that I did not (want to?) see when buying the car. But with an original interior and happy mechanicals, she gives the family great pleasure touring, tinkering and applying liberal amounts of TLC! The original number plate was NKJ 443.

Y 5896

16 October 1950


Y 5896 Current owner, Alan Gladding, Essex, UK

Here is UMG 284. Purchased around 10 years ago in this condition. The previous owner was planning a rebuild but decided otherwise. Restoration currently underway with chassis shot blasted primed and painted. Next phase is to install the running gear. Once I have a rolling chassis to play with then the fun really starts. I have the old green log book for the Y and have made contact with the owner who purchased the car second hand in the 50's.

Y 5903

January? 1951

Y 5903 Current owner, Dren and Di Errington, Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand

Purchased 'Precious' (Y 5903) in 1982 as a car for our 2 kids Scott and Christina, to learn to drive on. She was originally registered new in Hamilton in 1951 but spent most of her life in Chch I rebuilt / tidied her up in 1983/84 ready for the Hastings Pre56 Rally ("Scott at Hastings"). We won the Bad Luck trophies for the most breakdowns including an axle shortly after this photo was taken.

She was retired from regular speed type motorkhanas, driving tests, sprints, hillclimbs, autocross, etc, competition around 1998 (other than Pre56 Rallies) after a member threatened to report me to the RSPCMG (Royal Society for the Prevention for Cruelty to MGs) after watching some particularly vigorous cornering at Ruapuna Raceway.

Over the years as well as the hard luck trophy first time out Scott has taken at least three class wins at Pre56 Rallies against TCs (the first couple of times) and TDs (when the TC owners complained and the Ys were moved into the TD class) while Chris has also won the ladies Motorkhana outright with Precious (Queenstown 1999) Chris and family (partner Martin and two kids) also did the East Coast Meander to the Napier Pre56 in 2005 a total of nearly 2000 miles.

These days Precious provides around town transport the occasional Club run and with Scott's ZA does the odd wedding for friends and friends of friends.

Y 5921

24 October 1950


Y 5921 Current owner, Jack Murray, Hampshire, UK.

Purchased in September 1986. The car had resided in a lock up, and had to be dragged out by the recovery vehicle as the brakes were seized. A total body off restoration took me until 1993! The car has been used regularly since, covering 30,000 miles in U.K. and on the continent.

Y 5924

23 October 1950


Y 5924 Current owner, Andrew and Kim Gilham, Hampshire, UK

We bought the car in June 1995 and used her regularly on many runs, including the wings run the day after we bought her, picking up many condition awards along the way. Sadly work took over in 1999 as I was made redundant and chose to set up my own business, which now employs both of us, and she hasn't run since then. We're hoping to get her back on the road late 05 or early 06, so we can join in the fun of the runs and meeting all those like minded folk who enjoy owning a Y type.

Y 5949

2 November 1950


Y 5949 Current owner, Bob Ansingh, Leicestershire, UK

I bought the car Sept 2014 know very little of its history, was originally Green and now is Bronze. The car will need total restoration before it goes back on the road as it has not been stored since 1986.

Y 5968

23 November 1950


Y 5968 Current owner, Ron Darvell, Essex, UK

I bought the car in 1969 and still do the majority of my own maintenance. The car is original and retains its semaphores. It is used each year from Spring to Autumn and appears at local rallies and shows. The engine and radiator have just been reconditioned and the interior headlining replacement is scheduled for 2004/5. The exhaust valve ports have been hardened to take unleaded petrol.

Y 5971

?? December 1950


Y 5971 Current owner, Bob Gaudion, New South Wales, Australia

Bought it delipidated from a gentleman, 40 - 45 yrs ago, advertised in the 'Age' newspaper in Melbourne. I have restored/replaced many items on the vehicle, like brakes, cylinder and master cylinder resleeving, head re grounded, etc., to the total expense of $15,000. It is now for sale and I have it advertised on Just Cars.

Y 5986

5 December 1950

Y 5986 Current owner Roy Clapham, Lancashire, UK.

After a 3 1/2 year restoration I just made it to the Diamond Jubilee meeting and Spring run on 12th May 2007. Even with a spot of trouble on the run and a very wet day, I managed to win the NTG Cup for the best YA, which was a great feeling after all the hard work. I am now enjoying the driving and entering shows which takes me back to the mid sixties with my first MG Y (UMG311). Since May, the car has also been, Concours winner at the Harrogate MG and Northern MGOC meeting, Winner of the 1950's class at the Cheshire Classic Car and Motorcycle Event, and last Sunday winner of the 1950's class and winner of the Car of the Show at the Lancashire Classic Car and Motorcycle Event. Due to these wins I am entered into the Champion of Champions show at Uttoxeter on 30th September. All this makes the hard work of the last three and a half years all worth while, as well as enjoying driving her to and from the events.

Y 6024

November 1950


Y 6024 Current owner, Peter Youles, Surrey, UK

As to the general condition of the car the bottoms of all the doors need work and all the bright work is shot and in need of re doing otherwise it is not in a bad condition considering the garage it was stored in for 47 years leaked. I have the 1963 tax disc from the car and will try and get the number re instated with the DVLA. As to the interior it's a time warp with the green leather with beige piping in good usable condition and even the blind is there, a bit tatty but still works OK. The only thing missing is the winder handle for the roof. Also, considering the damp conditions the woodwork on the dash and doors in an unbelievable condition will only need a polish.

Y 6041

21 November 1950


Y 6041 Current owner, Peter Sharp, Bedfordshire, UK

It was originally sold by T.J. Jones and Sons' Emlyn Garage in Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire in November 1950. Since then it has had ten owners, seven we know the identity of and the rest we are researching . One owner kept it for 11 years, another for 25 years. Detailed records of services, parts and repairs exist from 1975. Although it has had some refurbishment and repair over the years it has never been long off the road. It has recently had a new leather interior, colour-matched to the original and fitted by professional upholsterers. Brakes and carburettor have been rebuilt by MG specialists. It has been a working car in regular use since 1950 and we intend to keep it that way.

Y 6051

21 November 1950


Y 6051 Current owner, Tom Van Honste, Belgium

I was searching for a magnette on internet when I saw this car. I fell immediatly in love and now she is in my garage. In 2016 we will visit MG Live in 2016. Please also see the entry in Interesting Ys for more pictures.

Y 6062

22 November 1950


Y 6062 Current owner, Roger Da Forno, Greater Manchester, UK

I purchased NKK 472 in July 2011.The car was fully restored in 1989,all invoices with the car, and does not appear to have been used very much since. This may account for the difficulties that I quickly experienced which has resulted in a new fuel tank, new carburettor and new fuel pump having to be fitted. I have also added electronic ignition, flashing indicators and an FT 57 fog lamp.

Y 6089

6 December 1950


Y 6089 Current owner Sandy Henderson, Somerset, UK

Following an horrific accident damage to the car I decided to rebuild the car as a Tourer (See Interesting Ys for more details). I designed and built a new bodyshell, panel work limited to single radius curves, maintaining the original wing to body line. A composite steel / timber frame panelled in aluminium with standard steel wings retained. Hood and side screens were made and fitted. Rear suspension modified to suit the lighter body.

Y 6093

7 December 1950

Y 6093 Current owner, John Bauer, Florida, USA

I bought the Y a few weeks before "IVAN" from William Nix in New Orleans. He had bought it from another New Orleans resident in 1989. I have the original Registration Book and it has an initial registration date in Dec 1950. Licence No was KMR 433 and the engine number matches engine plate. Louisiana inspection tag indicates car was running in 1990. Original colour was Sun-Bronze and it wasrepainted red in 1960. It was later painted black and then finally green.

Y 6116

24 November 1950


Y 6124 Current owner, Mike Longman, Northamptonshire, UK

MJH613 was first registered on 24th November 1950, at which time the licence cost £1-16-8, and the first owner kept the car until 1961. At that time the colour was black. It had another 3 owners before being purchased by Ronald Hayward in 1970 by which time the colour had been changed to green. Ronald passed the vehicle onto his son Dennis in 1972 and it was then sold on before being repurchased by Dennis and eventually sold to John Guilford in 1974. The car was then rebuilt and painted in maroon. There is some confusion as to whether the engine was swapped with a TC. I acquired MJH 613 in 1984, on the understanding that it would be available for John’s daughters wedding, and continued to run for several years. However after a comment about the colour scheme (page 32 of John Lawson’s Y-Type Saloons and Tourers) I decided to dismantle and repaint. Illness bought the project to a halt in 1990 then in 2010 I had a phone call from Elizabeth. Recognising that the situation was now beyond my abilities to recover, MJH 613 has been sent to Steve Halls hospital for MG’s.

Y 6124

30 November 1950


Y 6124 Current owner, Malcolm Hardy, Lancashire, UK.

I purchased the car in July 1996, but perhaps I should have walked away from it. Since then I have completed a body-off restoration requiring sills, wings, and a complete rear section. The chassis needed straightening, a complete engine rebuild, gearbox overhaul, re-wire, new brake cylinders and pipes, Jackall pipes, new front and rear springs, in fact everything. I have replaced the head-lining, obtained new seats, new dash, the car looks really well .

Still to do, a small amount of electrics, inside door trim, exhaust needs to be re-routed and then it just might be ready for the road.

Y 6125

3 January 1951

Y 6125 Current owner, Christian Huber, Geneva, Switzerland.

This car has been bought second hand by my father in 1953. It has always stayed in our family. We used it every day until 1969. It stayed in our garage without moving until 1984. Then, I decided to completely restore it. I have changed its original colour which was maroon. In 1990, my car won a price in Silverstone at the MGCC meeting as "Best car of the day". We had taken the opportunity to make a big trip in England and Scotland. I took a picture of my car in front of the Abingdon panel city! It was touching. Since then, I continue to enjoy driving my MG on Sundays.

Y 6197

4 May 1951


Y 6197 Current owner, Theo Sava, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I have had the car for a number of years. It is in very good condition but there are a few odds and ends to tidy up before it can go back on the road - hence the indoors picture.

Y EXL 6205

March? 1951


Y 6205 Current owner, Knut Tersmeden, Gavleborg, Sweden.

The car was in use up 1970. There were 12 owners to the date. The history between 1970 and 1991 is not known. The car bought by Rune Möller, who put the parts together. The car past the MOT in 1993 and got the registration PZW 976. The car has been re-sprayed in yellow with black wings. I bought it in May 2012..

Y 6214

March? 1951


Y 6214 Current owner, John Turner, Tasmania, Australia.

I don't know a lot at this stage about the vehicle's history. The previous owner had it for about 25 years, and it's original registration  number (in Victoria) was UM something I think. Who owned it or where it lived I don't know.

I'm unaware of any deviations from original other than things like re-sleeving all brake cylinders in stainless steel, stainless exhaust, indicators using front clearance lights and small bullet type at rear bumper mounted on brackets, so no holes drilled anywhere - good. The semaphore arms also operate in conjunction with the blinkers. Still using oil-filled air cleaner, but I would like to modify if possible and use a modern filter element the way I have with my Austin - wouldn't be seen unless opened. Have to find a spare lid for the air filter as I don't want to do anything to the original item with the mesh attached. Headlights have got halogen bulbs fitted.

Y 6215

March? 1951


Y 6215 Current owner, Robert Evans, New South Wales, Australia.

MG Y 6215 had spent the last 20 plus years in a shed on a farm in central Victoria when I purchased it a year ago. After towing it the 1000km to get it home the car was completely dismantled with all components being fully reconditioned or replaced before re-assembly. The engine was completely rebuilt with new pistons, bearings, camshaft and unleaded cylinder head before having the period supercharger fitted. The transmission had a Morris Minor diff centre fitted with a power booster fitted to the brakes. All the paintwork has been done with two pack enamel and the car was re-upholstered with a kit from NTG. The deadline was this year’s NSW MG Car Club concours (29/10/13), made only with a day to spare. The car won the best of class, Y saloons and tourers, and the sponsor’s trophy amongst the best of class cars.

Y 6217

January? 1951


Y 6217 Current owner, David Gregory, Bedfordshire, UK.

Originally registered LS 5351 it was re-registered as 458 YUD in 2011. I bought it as a runner in need of re-trimming in March 2012 and, after an engine re-build and professional re-trim, use it regularly for shows and outings. I have a complete history from 1980 but nothing before that.

Y 6244

16 January 1951


Y 6244Current owner, Mike Ash, Virginia, USA.

This car was a daily driver in Virginia Beach during the mid-70s and family transportation to NEMGTR GOFs in Florida, Detroit, Toronto, Hershey, and others.

Y 6326

14 May 1951


Y 6326Current owner, Jason I Roth, Queensland, Australia.

This beautiful late YA was produced on 14 May 1951. After being exported to Australia, it landed in Melbourne and was registered in the state of Victoria as UU 337. For the past 55 years, it has been constantly registered and on the road. It was restored by its third owner, Tony Collett, in 1996. Ken Cowan, its fourth owner, bought it in May, 2003. He gave it a life of luxury, only going out to club runs. He did only minor improvements, such as having the cracked steering wheel re-pearled (the process of repairing of these types of wheel); fixing the blind; getting the trafficators working; and dealing with minimal rust on the tail-gate (new skin) and in the spare wheel compartment. The floor was replaced with new timber, but only on the driver’s side. He also purchased what is fairly close to the original toolkit and managed to find an excellent sales brochure, an almost perfect Owner’s Handbook, and an original Maintenance Manual and Instruction Book. I purchased this car from Ken in February, 2006, and shipped to my home in the semi-tropical northern city of Brisbane, capital of the state of Queensland. It is now registered as PMG 051 and, with a view to its history, affectionately known as “Victor”. I drive it daily and have only done some minor electrical and mechanical repairs. At the May 2006 Pine Rivers Festival, it was awarded “Best 50s Sedan” from a wide field of American, British and Aussie cars. Good on YA, Victor!

Y 6359

9 February 1951


Y 6359 Current owner, Bob Crabb, Avon, UK

I have owned my YA (LVF 986) known as ‘Monty’ since November 1992. The previous owner, a retired garage proprietor, purchased this YA at auction and restored it to near concours condition. The original colour was Fawn Brown before being re-sprayed to its current two-tone green with a light Tan interior.

Y 6374

26 January 1951


Y 6374 Current owner, Graham Bushnell, Oxfordshire, UK

I am the twelfth owner and I purchased the car on 17 November 2003. In 1991 the car was re-sprayed red and black. I gave the car extensive TLC after purchase in readiness for the Y Type rally on the 18th April 2004. Despite having a recent MOT I had to totally recondition all the brake cylinders and change to silicon fluid, tidy up the wiring and rebuild the rear ‘D’ lamps. I have added indicators, additional outboard tail lights and wing-mirrors. I sorted out the sliding roof head-cloth and replace other head-cloths and renewed the roof drain tubes. The seats have been re-stuffed and the foot brake pedal return spring modified. The drivers door required the window winding channel renewing. The windscreen seal has been replaced as well as the door seals. I have fitted an electronic fuel pump and a Burlen Services reconditioned carburettor, replaced the outer door handles and re-chromed the door catch fitting. It now has four new tyres. As I do the jobs required I find the car has been owner by quite a few bodgers!

Y 6381

5 July 1951


Y 6381 Current owner, Royston and Jenny Lloyd, Victoria, Australia.

We are the custodians of 6381. The original owner in 1951 was Mr Ian McKenzie Kew Victoria. Next Mr Walter J Winson St Kilda Victoria 26 June 1959. She was then sold unregistered 19 March 1967 to Bryant Grant Belmont Victoria. The next record we have is when my father Colin Lloyd, Geelong Victoria purchased her on 21 November 1978. He commenced a complete rebuild chassis up. He enterd the car in the rolling chassis section of the 1979 National MG Meeting in Ballarat Victoria and won. This was the first of many meetings my Mother and Father enjoyed over the next 20 years. Eventually time caught up and they moved to Queensland for the warmer weather. The decision was made to only take one MG, Dads other pride and joy the TC. Not wanting to lose the Y to the family 6381 moved to Mildura. She is still in excellent condition. As can be seen in our autumn shot.

Y 6409

26 January 1951


Y 6409 Current owner, Don Fry, Lancashire, UK

UMG 215 is my third YA. The first was in 1960, (KVM 358 where are you now ?), next one in 1983, and now this one in Nov. 2006. This was a "first to see will buy",--- one look was enough. It had a body-off restoration by Sam Crutchley in Lichfield in the early 90's, and still looks quite superb. I have traced the owners back to 1971, and would like to go back further, if anyone can help ...? Now for the shows!

Y 6448

1 June 1951


Y 6448 Current owner, Kerry Reily, New South Wales, Australia

I purchased the car from Barry Davis in 1996. The car has never been restored, just repaired and painted as required. It is fitted with a brake booster and turn indicator lights. It was re-sprayed Midnight Black in 1986. The seats are trimmed with red vinyl and the headlining has been replaced. I made a new dash when the original fell apart. I deleted the chrome trim around the instruments and relocated the switches to allow a temperature gauge to be fitted. Both this car and my YT were purchased by their first owners from PandR Williams, Oxford Street, Woolahra. Dealer plates are still fitted to the battery covers. The YA is registered on Historic Plates with the MG Restorers Association.

Y 6471

April? 1951

Y 6471 Current owner, Esra Martins, Pretoria, South Africa.

Esra did the conversion himself to Y Saloon Y6471 over a period of approximately 5 years. The car now has an MGB engine, disc brakes and 15 inch Wire Wheels. The two doors of his cabriolet which incorporate wind-up windows, are manufactured from the roof panels of a V.W. Golf.

Y 6486

April? 1951

Y 6484 Current owner, Gilles Bachand, Quebec, Canada

Eleanor of Shetland was commissioned on February 15, 1951. She was thoroughly restored around 1995 and driven only 4,000 miles in the following 12 years. Her last long time residence was in Scotland’s Shetland Islands. In the Fall of 2006, she emigrated to the Dominion of Canada, more particularly to the Province of Quebec, where she is the only roadworthy example of her species. She is also reputed to be the only French speaking Y in the New World, a lovely and comfortable little automobile in excellent condition throughout! Quelle merveille!

Y 6488

8 February 1951

Y 6484 Current owner, Simon Gywnn, Hertfordshire, UK

The car has been subject the restoration of the shell at some point in the past which is very solid but all of the interior and exterior parts came in two boxes with many parts missing. I'm convinced someone, somewhere has a box they have forgotten! Fortunately the previous owner had bought many spare parts which came with the car.

Y 6531 Chassis

May? 1951


Y 6531 chassis Current owner Tony Slattery, Brisbane, Australia.

This chassis was found in 1992 with the remains of YT 4024. It was intended to replace the badly rusted chassis of YT 4024. It was found to be too rusty to repair and has been converted to a mobile "slave chassis" for the painting of Y-type bodies. It has been a "slave" to three restorations so far.

Y 6531

May? 1951


Y 6531 Current owner John Forster, South Australia, Australia.

I purchased this my YA in October 2010 from a specialist dealer who told me he had bought it unseen from a Lady in the state of Victoria who wanted to sell because it did not go very fast. After being freighted to the dealer he found that the throttle cable had snapped and there was a new one in the boot (trunk)!

I have refurbished all that needed fixing and she now drives like a dream.

Y 6554

July? 1951

Y 6554 Current owner, Tetsuya Aichi, Japan

The former owner, Dr. Hirayama (left) and me with my Y. We are friends of MG car club for a long time like Masaaki Sakaguchi.

Y 6561

20 June 1951


Y 6561 Current owner, Colin McLachlen, Cammeray, New South Wales, Australia.

Arrived on SS Waiwera on 8 May 1951 – red with beige interior. Acquired in April 2001 from previous owner who had completely restored car between 1974 and 1997 with only minor use between then and 2001. Comprehensive overhaul in May 2001 prior to participation in a 22,000 kilometre “Around Australia Classic Car Run” - piston failure 6,500 kilometres and the car was trucked back to Sydney! Engine rebuild in February 2002, complete with unleaded ported cylinder head, twin 1½ inch SUs and lightened flywheel, resulting in a beautiful “go anywhere” MG Y! Now in burgundy and black with beige Italian leather interior with tan piping.

Y 6562

June 1951


Y 6562 Current owner, Chris Poor, Fielding, New Zealand

The MG exported to New Zealand with an immigrant in 1951. Sometime later it was exported to Australia where it remained until 1976. The first registered owner on return to New Zealand in September 1976 was Allan Pinney (Auckland), mileage was 86,200 miles and the registration number was IE56. In April 1978 it passed to Dennis Williams (Auckland) 87,000 miles, then to Peter Butler (Hamilton) in June 1985 at 87,105 miles. Mr. Butler changed the registration number to MG 125 in August that year. From the documents the colour on return from Australia was red but there is no trace of that visible now. Over the next ten years Mr. Butler did a complete body-off restoration, completed in time for the NZVCC 50th anniversary rally in 1995. Mr. Butler had the car resprayed in a much more attractive cream. I purchased the car from a set of photographs on 9 December 2006 at 97,381 miles.

The restoration work has been completed by Mr. Butler to a high standard. The bodywork and chassis is faultless with everything fitting and working perfectly except the Jackall pump (currently removed for overhaul). The upholstery has been tidied but much of the original leather remains. Only the two rear ashtrays are missing from the inside. The bright work appears to be original. The bumpers and hubcaps are in need of rechroming and will be redone in the New Year. The front fog lamp is missing but I hope to locate a suitable Lucas lamp to fit.

So far I have done about 500 miles and find the car very comfortable to drive and travel in. I have had only minor problems consistent with a car that has been standing. Mr. Butler had not used the car much in recent years, hence his reason for selling. I cruise at about 55-60 mph and it seems quite happy there. It steers well, rides smoothly, and pulls well on the hills. There is ample torque and gear changes are not frequent on the open road. This is a car that will carry four adults in complete comfort. The sun roof works well and we use it often.

Y 6564

1 January 1951

Y 6564 Current owner, Barry Phillips, Western Cap, South Africa

In 2001, my wife and I moved from London to the beautiful and historic village of Franschhoek in the beautiful Cape Winelands and bought this lovely MG YA in 2002 from a farmer near Montague - another lovely dorp (village) about an hour and a half away. His father, who was a builder in Goodwood (an industrial suburb of Cape Town), had built up a substantial collection of classics. He intended to retire to his son's farm and house the collection there. Very sadly, however, he died before he could do this but his son brought the collection to the farm. He told me his father had kept full documentation on all his cars but unfortunately this was all lost in the move. As far as the son could remember from what his father had told him, the car was brought to South Africa by a doctor who had emigrated from the UK to Cape Town in 1950/1951. The date of first registration South Africa is 1st January 1951. He must have bought it with him or imported it as it has the Stratstone University Motors badge on the dash with little Shell and Chevron badges above and below.

The son had sold off all of the collection except for the MG YA and a Borgward Isabella which had both been left in a barn for many years surrounded by all farm machinery etc. in the dry climate, rust is not a major problem so the body work looked quite good but the interior was shot to pieces. He said he took it out regularly but as we had to go for lunch in Montague to give him time to clear a way to get the MG YA out of the barn I am not sure how regular this was! It started up OK but my foot went straight to the floor when I first braked and it slowed very slowly to a halt; so I didn't risk going anywhere!

Anyway I bought it and had it shipped to a place in Cape Town which claimed to specialise in British classics. They did a reasonable job and introduced me to a couple in another Cape Town suburb who used to work on Jaguar interiors in Coventry. They did a wonderful job in restoring the whole of the interior trim, re-carpeting and reupholstering and recovering the seats. I then also had it re-sprayed in the same colours.

We now have a small guest house in Franschhoek "The Garden House" and we let guests with soul drive to the vineyards and restaurants.

Y 6577

19 June 1951

Y 6577 Current owner, Jim Pritchard, Devon, UK

Bought initially by my mother in 1954, the car lay derelict from 1980 - 1994. It was transported from Cambridge to Devon where it has been put back on the road. It is used regularly for social runs and has been kept as close to original as possible.

Y 6594

June? 1951

Y 6594Current owner, Fearnley Szuster, South Australia, Australia

This photograph was taken on the 2008 run from Adelaide to the McLaren Vales wineries to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Y Tourer.

Purchased originally by William Saunders in Adelaide in 1951, this car was completely restored in 1974 by the second owner, Allan Colmer. In the 1990s the third owner, Ralph Datlen, exhibited the car in a private motor museum while the previous (fourth) owner Mike Lyons won 1st place with Y 6594 in the concours for MG Y Saloons and Tourers at the 2003 MG National meeting at Shepparton, Victoria, Australia. In the 1960s, the first car that I drove was my mother's MG Y, so now as the fifth owner of Y 6594 this is a return to my motoring origins. Lovingly pampered and maintained in pristine condition, this car is a joy to drive and a great deal of fun for me and my sons.

Y 6600

21 April 1951

Y 6600 Current owner, John Tarrant and David Quirke, County Kerry, Ireland

Kingdom Veteran Vintage and Classic Car Club, Ring of Kerry, May 2012.

Y 6617

9 March 1951

Y 6617Current owner, Walter Prechsl, Stuttgart, Germany

MG Y6617 came into my possion in 2011. The former owner startet a restoration in 1980 which was abondoned 3 years later. Since then the old lady was stored in a wet garage and suffered for about 30 years. Now 2016, being in retirement I have the time and started the complete dismantling and restauration again. The body is sound and was welded were necessary before. I started from the chassis, axles and brakes, the engine was refurbished again last winter and is ready for installation. I hope to get Y6617 to the road again latest in 2019.

Y 6623

1 March 1951

Y 6623 Current owner, Robin Lowery, North Yorkshire, UK

I acquired 'UMG 331' at the beginning of October 2009, from Syd Cheetham of Anglesey. Syd had owned her for the last 10 years. The V5 indicates only 3 former keepers. The current mileage reads approx. 57k. She appears to be in good running order and well cared for having already had all the leather and door trims replaced in a dark plum with beige piping. My long term quest is to make improvements to the bodywork particularly in the usual areas such as the door bottoms and sills.

Y 6641

April? 1951

Y 6641 Current owner, Peter Sprot, Suffolk, UK

I am the proud new owner of this YA which was completely and sympathetically restored by Chris Pick over three years. It is a truly beautiful car and runs perfectly.

Y 6675

April? 1951

Y 6675 Current owner, Janet Hunter, Oxfordshire, UK

A favourite MG owned for a short time about 1965/6.

Y 6686

21 April 1951

Y 6686 Current owner, Bob Barham-Hall, County Durham, UK

Introducing "JOY", MGYA Y6686. She was first registered 21.04.1951 in Huddersfield area and I became the second registered owner 18.12.2012. Pictured shows JOY alongside my wife, Denise on the Angel of the North run in 2013.

Joy's body and mechanicals are generally good but her interior had untouched and badly split seat coverings, no carpets and grubby headlining etc.

Bought as a retirement hobby and project to enjoy and improve with an interesting service history, tax discs and certificates showing her use up to 2006. Re-commissioned by MG specialist Simon J Robinson before coming to me.

Now a smart set of seats, door cards and a new set of carpets have put a new smile on her face.

The picture shows my wife, Denise, and Y 6686, Joy. The event was the Angel of the North run of 2013 organised by Durham MG Car Club.

Y 6737

April? 1951

Y 6737Current owner, Matthew Crawford, New South Wales, Australia

The car as I bought it in 2009.It has been extensively modified from a four door sedan into a four door tourer, following an accident where it fell off a trailer on to its roof. It now has a steel floor, cross braced scuttle, YT type front scuttle and windscreen, reinforced doors, lockable steel compartments under front of rear seat to add rigidity to body, modified hood bows to accommodate positioning of mounting brackets further back, power assisted MGA disc brakes, MGA spoke wheels, Toyota supercharger, forged steel crankshaft, Toyota Celica five speed gearbox, Morris Minor 4.55 differential, retractor seatbelts.

Y 6739

27 July 1951

Y 6739Current owner, Andrew Totham, Queensland, Australia

Maud has been in the Totham family since new ,myself, Andrew being the third generation. Maud has 64000 original miles and has just been repainted but other than that is fairly original.

Y 6756

5 February 1951

Y 6756Current owner, Lahiru Gamage, Sri Lanka

This car's chassis was originally a YA and was manufactured in1951. As time went on the YT body was transferred on to this chassis. The YT was first registered on 5 February 1950. I am now the 6th owner. The engine of this car is in good condition and had been maintained well. Overall the car is in good condition.

Y EXL6757

10 April 1951

Y 6757 Current owner, Butch Taras, California, USA

I purchased the car in Sept '79 and drove it for several years, including to several Gof West's. There were some openings around the floor and the children knew if they dropped anything they could look out the rear window and see it bouncing down the road. I took the car apart for restoration and found how rotted the body was, only the front posts were holding the body on the frame. It is slowly going back together as I have time. I have up-graded the brakes and rear axle. I will also be putting a supercharger on the engine after break in. Hopefully she will on the road soon.

Y 6774

July? 1951

Y 6774 Current owner, Philip White, Sydney Australia.

Purchased after an earlier acquisition (still owned) was rolled off a trailer at high speed by a spray painter. Changed from original cream to white by a predecessor in title. Has benefited from donations from the other car (including engine). Used as a road car to go to work daily etc. Thus well known around Sydney. Amazing the people who once owned one. Only known YA with a CD player in the glove box, a masterpiece of ingenuity in a positive polarity car.

Y 6805

17 April 1951


Y 6805 Current owner, John Tudgay, Monmouthshire, UK

I acquired car from Andy Coulson as a donor for Y1721 my first Y type acquisition. The car is way beyond economic restoration even the chassis has rotted out in part. It has now been stripped of everything and will be used in the restoration of the earlier car. Spare parts are available as I now have two of most things. I can be contacted on +44(0)1600 775544.

Y 6807

17 April 1951


Y 6807 Current owner, David Van Bogaert, Belgium

First time registration was 17 April 1951. The last UK owner found out more about its history through the registration number (JGD 208), `GD' was issued by Glasgow City Council and he contacted them for more details. He discovered that between 1951 and 1972 the car had a very chequered ownership moving south to Sussex and the across to Essex before ending up in London. He bought the car in London in October 1972 and sold it in September 1979 to a Belgian Car Dealer.

This car was registered on 4 March 1980 in Belgium, and owned by the President of the MG Club of Antwerp. He was a MG collector and had almost all types. I bought the YA on 11 May 2011, it was in very poor condition but running. I stripped it completely down and invested about €5,500 (£4,700) new spare parts and build it up over the last 5-6 years. The interior is completely new. In grey leather with bordeau piping (same two color tune as the body), also the ceiling liner is in grey leather. This year (2017) I am planning to finish the front seats and connect the wiring of the new lights and should register the car.

Y 6814

11 May 1951


Y 6814 Current owner, Tim Griggs, London, UK

I bought UMG 366 when still at school for £12(!) with a valid MoT. She went into extended storage until 1993. She emerged on to the road again, and has just completed (summer 2002) 10,000 enjoyable and reliable miles. At the 2002 Spring Run she was awarded the NTG Cup for best YA/YT, which was a great honour. My intention has been to keep the car both authentic and usable, and so she is pretty much as she left Abingdon. Only the University Motors additions of heater and radio aerial have been retained, and a period Toulmin rocker cover helps the engine stay oil-tight and smart. During 2003 we shall be off to Germany, having already visited France, Holland and Belgium.

Y 6824

17 April 1951


Y 6824 Current owner, David Busby, Suffolk, UK

Have had PPE 928 since October 2004 and have enjoyed ownership very much. Used regularly in the summer, other than some regular maintenance, I have done very little with her so she is still very much in her original state. Had to improve the electrics a bit and tidy up some of the interior. The car was previously owned by one of former MG Car Club Y Type Register chairperson, Mr Paul Rundell. Please see my painting in Artist's Impressions.

Y 6833

July? 1951

Y 6833Current owner, Matt Sanders, Powys, UK

I also own Y 0485, Y 3220, Y 7223 and YB 1503.

Y 6847

12 September 1950

Y 6847 Current owner Harry Henderson, Northern Ireland, UK

A CKD (Completely Knock Down) car assembled in Republic of Ireland. Imported from Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland 25 years ago by Jim Lappin ,Armagh ,and sold to current owner for £80. Current owner had great difficulty with DVLA in keeping original Wicklow registration number of NI 6512 but got help from the Ulster Transport Museum and was successful in keeping number. Imported by Jim Lappin Richhill, Armagh and and the car was unused for many years before current owner bought it for £100 in 1989. A complete body off restoration and engine built was carried out by current owner who is a qualified mechanic. The original colour was black with interior beige with brown piping and this was kept with new upholstery. Current condition is very good since car has had little use since its restoration. Imported to Northern Ireland from Republic of Ireland on 31st May 1965 at duty cost of £5 10s.

Y 6849

Sept? 1951

Y 6849 Current owner Tim Tavani, Arizona, USA

The decal on the window indicated the car called England home in 1974. Sometime later, according to gas receipts, its residence became California, U.S.A. Finally, in the late 1990’s it was sold to an MG Shop in Tempe, Arizona in total disrepair and in need of tender loving care. I found the second love of my life sitting outside exposed to all the elements and people. I finally brought it home in July of 2003 and began work on restoring it to its former glory.

Y 6852

29 August 1951

Y 6852 Current owner, Andrew Coulson, North Yorkshire, UK.

First registered through University Motors in London. From the early 1960's until 1992 she was in the West Country (Somerset/Bristol) with at least 5 owners). Restored in 93/95 by Ian Hazell in Harrogate, and owned by me since 1997, UMG 473 is now a veteran of many UK and Continental rallies/runs. Engine is lead free converted, a steel crank (as per racing T Types) fitted and gearbox rebuilt. I'd go any where in this one. The picture shows the car at The Horseshoe pass in July 2002, en route from Yorkshire via Snowdonia to St David's.

Y 6918

15 June 1951


Y 6918 Current owner, Chris Backlund, Guernsey Channel Islands, UK

I have been most places with my Y, it has done Route 66 from coast to coast in the USA, it has been to the Italian Riviera, it has done a tour of Europe, and here in the picture it is on a CAAR event which ran to Moscow and the car is coming into Red Square in 1991. I have not been out in it so much though in recent years. Total mileage I have done in it though is in excess of 68,000 miles.

Y 7009

August? 1951


Y 7009Current owner, George Campbell, Scotland, UK.

I acquired Y7009 on 12 July 2006 from a dealer, the previous owner was Colin Prime. The original Reg. No. MNB243 had been sold about 2001/2002 and reregistered as NAS789, an age related number. I attend a number of Vintage and Classic Car events every year in the North of Scotland. So far the car has performed well.

See also the entry on Interesting Ys.

Y 7011

30 July 1951

Y 7011 Current owner, Eric Pfändler, Switzerland.

This is David Pelham’s car. It still is! When David unexpectedly left us in June 2013 I flew to his funeral. It was a very sad experience filled with grief and sorrow. Later his cars were offered for sale and I thought it would be a good idea to keep his memory alive by acquiring one of his MGs. So to me Y 7011 is still David’s car, only it stands now in my garage and is driven by myself. I am sure David would agree to this.

David himself wrote the following about Y 7011:

I collected the car in tea-chests many years ago and restored it at a time before Ys became fashionable. First public appearance was in the 1988 Regency Run and is now a veteran of many other tours/runs including Brittany 92, Luxembourg 98 and Holland 2000. Colour Autumn Red.

Y 7012

11 July 1951

Y 7012 Current owner, David Hawkins, Sussex, UK.

I have owned Y7012 for approximately two years. The car was previously owned and restored by David Mitchell-Gogay who rescued the car in 1992 from a farm building near Storrington in Sussex. It was hand painted Wedgwood blue, was 100% complete, and only needed fuel lines cleared and a new brake hose to be a runner. A full restoration was not intended, but became inevitable once the true condition was revealed – loads of pop-riveted oil cans. This took until 1999 to complete with additional improvements since, mainly to the engine. These include a larger carburetor, a hotter Crane camshaft, balanced crankshaft and lightened flywheel.

Y 7036

31 July 1951

Current owner, Neil Coombes, Kent, UK.

This car was acquired in 2008 from Yorkshire, where it had spent all of its life. It had been completely stripped and was in boxes, minus guarantee and body plates. These plates have since surfaced and have been reunited with the car (with thanks to Richard King). The restoration continues and hopefully the car will be on the road again within the year.

Y 7051

23 August 1951

Current owner, Duncan Millman, Devon, UK.

As found, it was less than a mile away in a lock up. Replaced the points and the SU Fuel pump (and fresh petrol) and it started first time! Original colour was Maroon.

Y 7116

19 September 1951

Y 7116 Current owner Markus Bandel,Steißlingen, Germany.

The car was first sold by University Motors to a judge on 19 September 1951 with the registration UMG 480. It was sold 1953 to a Norfolk fruit grower Mr. Harry Jeynes, who use it until he died 1971. Then the car has been garaged until this son Denis completely restored it in 1988 with the help of the oldtimer-specialists “Cox and Perry”. Denis and his son Mike use it afterwards at much events like Silverstone and got some awards. After Denis Jeynes passed away and his son Mike only a little later, the car came in 2005 to a classic car dealer in Germany. I bought the car from him in a very original and good condition with only 66,000 miles. The interior is still original, and I got also the original tool-kit and many documents. A few things I repair and improve, like the Jackall system, the battery-holder, the additional flashers and a classical portable radio. Now I'm very proud to be the owner of this very well running “black beauty” and enjoy the motoring with it very. In the future I will try to give the car a long life in the south of Germany.

Y 7141

24 September 1951

Y 7141 Current owner, Michael Buckley, West Midlands, UK

Being already a member of the MG Owners Club, enjoying our 1969 B roadster, we have been on the lookout for an open 4 seater for a while. When we saw the ad on e-bay for a customised YA it was just what we had been looking for. Working full time at present so have not yet had much opportunity yet to enjoy or improve "Dennis", we elected to keep the name he came with, as retirement arrives next year I'll have plenty of time to enjoy and hope to provide more photographs for the website soon. Watch this space / web page ...

Y 7142

15 October 1951


Y 7142 Current owner, Henry and Marlies Hebels, Netherlands.

The car originally had English registration UMG 512 (University Motors), when in Luxembourg had plates MG051 and now in the Netherlands has the Dutch Registration: AM-15-16 the car was previously owned by Jean-Marie Gillen who purchased the car after Christmas 1988 and towed it on a trailer back to Luxembourg on New Years day 1989. Jean-Marie rebuilt the Y-type over 2,887 hours doing everything himself except chromium plating, the new leather seats and the roof lining.

The car has a balanced XPAW engine bored to 1500 cc, a Big Valve Head, 2½ inch SU Carburettors, 5 Speed Gearbox, MGA 1500 front drum brakes, MGB Rear Brakes, 123 fully electronic ignition and a cruising speed of 105 KPH @ 3,000 revs. Top Speed – too dangerous!!!!

Y 7195

18 October 1951


Y 7195 Current owner, Paul West, Hampshire, UK.

I bought the car local one year ago [2009] with no M.O.T. The previous owner had car for 6 years but had to sell due to moving.

Y 7207

24 January 1952

Y 7207 Current owner, John Longridge, Donaghadee, Northern Ireland

I bought the car in June 2009 along with an MG Magnette, for use as every day cars. Although the car was restored in 1977 and changed from the original sun bronze to the present Cream Cracker colours, the paintwork is still in good condition. The car was re-trimmed in the 1990s and rewired last year so I'm looking forward to many happy and reliable miles.

Y 7223

January 1952

Y 7223 Current owner, Matt Sanders, Powys, UK

I also own Y 0485, Y 3220, Y 6833 and YB 1503.

Y 7225

1 January 1952

Y 7225 Current owner, Thomas Künzli, Magden, Switzerland.

Auto seit 1997 in meiner Sammlung. Auto innen 100% original. Karroserie Teilrestuariert (sehr schlect). Wird alls Familien MG wenn immer möglich gefahren ! Das Auto macht sehr grossen Spass und war bis Heute seh zuverlässig!

The car has been in my collection since 1997. The interior is 100% original. The body was partially restored (very badly). If possible the family always drives the MG as often as possible. The car is great fun and has been very reliable to date.

Y 7240

January? 1952

Y 7240 Current owner, Alan Perry, Gloucestershire, UK

Two owners from new and has most of it's history. It has had some restoration work some time ago, including lead work to the rear doors and boot. The interior is un-restored and in fairly good condition.

Y 7250

3 January 1952

Y 7250Current owner, Joel Jennings, Kent, UK

First registered in Brynnawr, Brecon on 3rd January 1952, Y 7250 was one of the last production YAs, only 35 more were made before the introduction of the YB. There have been 7 previous owners from Brecon, Leicester, Bilston, Dumfries and Wiltshire. From the receipts with the car it would appear that it had some restoration work to the body and interior in 1999. I purchased the car in March 2013 from a caring and very helpful owner, and so far have enjoyed Y-type ownership enormously!

Y 7281

January 1952

Y 7281Current owner, Mike Waltho, West Midlands, UK

First registered in Sterling, Scotland, and owned by me since 1995. Mainly original, apart from the colour. We had a reliable trip to Le Mans in 2002 after overhauling the gearbox, clutch and rear axle. Enjoyed by a family of 5 on events such as the Wings Run and the Y Spring Run.