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If you, or your children, have ever painted a picture or made a sketch of your Y, please send itto us and share it with everyone else. Even our animated gif file qualifies as it was heavily (but well) edited by Rik Moncur for us!



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A 40th Birthday Cake made by Shirley Pelham for her husband David, our Public Relations Officer.

Here is another 40th Birthday Cake - this time it was your webmaster's - also a few years ago now! The cake features my YA in the top right, with my ZA top left, MGB bottom left, and MGB GT bottom right.

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A Christmas card from Masaaki Sakaguichi.

2007 Christmas cards from Jack Murray.

Christmas 2006 just would not be the same without a contribution from Jack Murray - this time the YT depicted is Saul Duck's and the Saloon is the webmaster's.

Jack Murray's very original Christmas card for 2005 - Ian Hopkins' MG YB colour scheme and David Pelham's YT. Don't try this at home folks!

  Christmas card 2004 from Ted Gardner.

Yet another hilarious card (2004) to regale us from the ever imaginative artwork of the illustrious Jack Murray.

A drawing of an MG YB by Kentarou Sakaguchi, aged 11 years.

Willem van der Veer's message is Happy Christmas and a reliable 2004.

BEN produced a set of 6 Christmas cards for 2003, one of which, ref. 33P2 included an MG Y Type Saloon entitled Christmas eve at the station. These are currently no longer available, however as persistence often pays off, you can contact BEN through their website www.ben.org.uk (click on Christmas cards and gifts to see current selection). Founded in 1905, BEN is the UK occupational benevolent fund for employees past and present (and their dependants) from the motor trade. For more information, please contact: BEN, Lynwood, Sunninghill, Ascot. Berkshire, SL5 0AJ UK or Tel: +44 (0)1344 620191 Fax: +44 (0)1344 622042 or email and ask them if they will rerun them.

The 2003 card from Jack Murray. Since the webmaster's car has been resprayed Almond Green Jack has had to change the colour scheme on the card!

2002 was probably been the wettest winter on record in the UK - if not it should be. Jack Murray's wonderfully funny wit manages to raise a smile every year and this year was no exception.

Kentarou's father, Masaaki Sakaguchi, has turned his son's picture into a Christmas card to great effect too.

and another ....

Here is one he has done featuring Saul Duck's YT!

and another ....

Here is one he has done featuring Saul Duck's YT!

The first Christmas card received by the Webmaster from the Jack Murray - 1997?

Over the years Jack Murray has sent my wife and me various Christmas cards, featuring a Y in our colour scheme.  Here is a selection. Jack has also kindly offered to produce cards, customised to your own colour scheme, provided he does not get totally inundated. Please contact him directly by clicking here.

Another from Jack Murray ...

and another ...

Paintings and Drawings Go to the top of the page

Frank Russell sent in this photo of a painting he had done of his car shortly after picking up Vi in July 2013 after a fourteen year restoration.

The painting

Our car after the restoration

Jean-Marie Guivarc'h made up this great Pen and Ink drawing to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Y. Thank you Jean-Marie!

I commissioned this painting to celebrate my 70th birthday earlier this year and it is the work of an excellent local artist, Kevin Alun Parrish. He is a well known Railway Artist and also produces some excellent paintings of musicansi. You can find more of his work on http://www.kevinparrish.co.uk/ . The painting he prepared for me combines two of my favourite modes of transport - rail (any but Great Western Railway is preferred) and classic cars. It shows ex Great Western Railway Clun Castle No 7029 crossing the rail bridge north of Solihull on the London Paddington to Birmingham Snowhill line. The period is around 1961. The drivers in the three cars are my wife Jo driving the TA and me driving the YT (see insert below for close up) and the MGA. It hangs on the wall in our Music Room, just above the Juke Box! I believe that this is Kevin's first venture into the sphere of cars and I think that he has captured the scene very well. I would certainly recommend him to anyone thinking of capturing a view of their pride and joy.

Jerry Birkbeck

Marc Hanson had this painting commissioned of YB 0414 by Christopher Dugan. He has also had a print run of it made for cards that he sends out.

Robert Taylor with YB 0640 was picked for a Facebook posting for his local club www.crotchcooler.org .uk.

This cartoon is by Guy Allen and featured in the Classic and Sports Car article on Mick Bath's MG YB in May 2015.

This is an acrylic on watercolour paper painting that I have done from one of my late father's slides. The car belonged to a friend of his and is pictured in Ripon, North Yorkshire in 1978. If this car is still around I would love to hear about it. Tim Ellis

MG YT by the late Doug Beagley.

Attached is a picture of the oil on canvas painting by Rik Gorree depicting Y5888. I won this painting at the 50-year anniversary rally of the Dutch automotive insurance company Bovemij. Submitted by Willem Van Der Veer.

Although not strictly a painting, this is a rendition from a photograph of an MG Y. The original photograph and rendering was done by Richard Doody.

Although not strictly a painting, this is a rendition from a photograph of MG YT 3075 owned by Harold Dicks. The original photograph and rendering was done by Richard Doody,

A painting from the 1980s of UMG 426 commissioned by Paul Eastburn and this copy is from Neil Coombes.

Kevin Walsh's painting of a MG Y outside a station has been used on Christmas cards and jigsaw puzzles (see the Collectibles page) and is also available in print and poster form too!

I have just had the attached painting produced in oils on a boxed canvas from a photograph I took. The canvas size is 16"x 20", anybody wishing to have their car produced in oils for prosperity, please contact me for details. Malcolm Hardy.

I recently had a house portrait painted of my home in which I had included my YA and my TF. My Y is Y 6824. In case anybody is interested the artist is Gordon Parkinson of the Trinity Gallery, Long Melford, Suffolk. David Busby

A graphic artist and classic car freak, that's me, Dermot Gallagher. If you like illustrations such as these, there are more at my eBay shop, Classic Car Art Drawings. Visitors most welcome.  Full size of my prints are 11.7 X 8.3 inches.

A cartoon by Alwyn Morgan, originally published in June 2008 Safety Fast. Safety Fast is the monthly magazine of the MG Car Club and full copyright rests with them. Reproduced here by kind permission.

A cartoon by Alwyn Morgan, originally published in April 2008 Safety Fast. Safety Fast is the monthly magazine of the MG Car Club and full copyright rests with them.  Reproduced here by kind permission.

I'm sending you a jpg of a nice print I have, of what looks like an oil painting of a Y-Type, out on a Sunday afternoon drive in the country. The artist was named M Thompson, but I have no other information. This treasure was bought on ebay about a year ago. Perhaps this could go in the art section of the web site so others can enjoy it.

Now the "Y" trilogy is complete ! Charles has finished the close-up of the "shady lady". Not much to be seen of the car, this time. Actually, it was me who had to pose for it, and the face was changed just a little bit...

The inspiration for his painting is a circa 1925 picture by Tamara de Lempicka, pure art deco period.

Remo Peter Painter: Charles Héritier, Zürich, no copyright if not used commercially.

Anura B. Maswelagedera, of Sri Lanka, has penned this picture of an MG YB. Anura's website and other work can be seen at http://www.automobileartist.com/home.shtml.

George Herschell produced this rendition of a Y Saloon.

Here comes the second painting in the "film noir" series. Now I start to wonder about the plot of this movie...or is this already the poster for the sequel ?

Remo Peter Painter: Charles Héritier, Zürich, no copyright if not used commercially.

My life partner has just finished an oil painting of my YB, inspired by "film noir" posters from the Forties. He got the idea because people keep taking the little MG for a Citroën Traction Avant, the classic gangsters' getaway (and police pursuit) car in French films of the era.

Perhaps our website visitors will like the more gory side of prewar car style, too ! Please include the picture in the "Artistic Ys" section.

Remo Peter Painter: Charles Héritier, Zürich, no copyright if not used commercially.

Ian Guy painted this picture for Mrs. Ellis for her husband, hence the name above the main entrance. The whole scene is totally fictional, a complete fantasy, the garage does not exist in any form other than in this painting!Click here to see some working drawings. The painting consists of five of Mr. Ellis' classic cars owned at different periods in his life. The Riley, for instance, was the car they went on their honeymoon in, so he added ribbons as a fun detail. The MG TC was placed in the foreground as it was his favourite. Mr.and Mrs. Ellis appear in the TC, their son is the petrol attendant and their daughter ... you guessed it ... is stood by the Austin A35. Mr. Ellis, it seems, always hankered after his own garage, so I thought it the ideal setting. Oh, and the recovery truck? A GUY Invincible, a little pun on his part, to remind them of the artist's name!!Another of Ian's pictures is below.

A collection of drawings of Woody Y Type conversion proposals. The top picture, combination is by B Oudejans and Willem van der Veer.

The lower one is a design proposal by Scott Barrow to resurrect the remains of the body of Y 4099 as a woody Y Type.

Pencil sketch by Odette Coulson (aged 12) showing how to fit roller bearings to the propeller shaft universal joint.

Pencil sketch by Odette Coulson (aged 12) showing how to fit the yoke of the propeller shaft to the flange with the universal joint in place.

Ian Guy painted this picture as a birthday present for his Father in law. He says "he (father in law) owned the car in the '50s and '60s and always regretted selling it. The painting came as a total surprise to him. I was able to get most of the information I needed from my Mother in law, including the fact that it was Metallic Bronze which I queried given the age of the car. After contacting the MG Club and Octagon Club I was assured that indeed metallic paints were an option on this model. In fact MG were one of the first companies to offer such a paint!" Ian's other paintings can be found by clicking here.

Jack Murray assures us of the "originality" of this advert featuring his car! While we are convinced about the originality of the advert, we are somewhat more sceptically we have included it in this Artist's Impressions rather than the Reprinted Advertisements as more than a little artistic licence is being taken we feel. You judge for yourself!!

A painting featuring our chairman, Peter Arnell, his wife Suzie, their dogs, and their sun bronze Y Type. Painted by Nick Rowlatt

Another family scene from the brush of Nick Rowlatt featuring Barbara (pushing on the right as you look at the picture) and David (steering) and a couple of spectators, having become stuck in the mud in a gymkhana at Loosley Place, April 2000. This picture is an extract from a montage of MGs see http://fp.furzedown.plus.com/images/losmorecontr.jpg athttp://fp.furzedown.plus.com.

The story behind it goes like this:

I am in the process of clearing out my late father's flat, where some old stuff of mine was also stored, among it my study books from college. Dreamily flipping the pages of an English textbook, a little leaflet fell out: a drawing of an MG Y-type! Although I had kept quite a few objects from that era of my life, I was genuinely surprised this drawing had survived. Anyway I had completely forgotten about its existence. But I remember now that I had copied the picture from a photo in an old Swiss car magazine, and used the time of some boring lesson to shade it with pencil. But how come a 14 or 15 year old boy in the early Seventies would want to draw a Thirties-style car? Well, it all started with a love story, the 1970 film "Love Story", to be precise. This, as any MG buff will know, featured a TC, and that's what I fell in love with when I saw the film in our local cinema (never mind the girl or the boy, or the plot, which must have been awfully "kitsch"). Wanting to know more about the TC, I wrote to "Automobil Revue", the very renowned and long-standing Swiss car magazine. They sent me photocopies on what looked like chalk-coated paper of the article they had published for the TC's launch in 45, and the good soul who had dived into the archive threw in an article on the Y from 1947 with it. No idea why, perhaps because it was the only other MG car produced during that period. But what happened? From the photos, I liked it even better than the TC - what a cute little car! Especially the idea of carrying a suitcase on the open platform I found really funny, having grown up with car boots you could hide in. And for some unknown reason the shape of car most appealing to me has always been with separate fenders and headlights. So instead of dreaming to drive a Cortina Lotus (to be honest, I did...a little), I imagined myself in the 1935 Chevy Master a mechanic had hidden in a garage space after a quarter of a million miles of faithful service, or in the Mercedes 170S with the broken clutch that could have been mine for 500 Swiss francs (with 4 years to go to get my driving licence!). And when the Jaguar dealer close to my school persuaded a Mark IV 1.5 Litre to cough itself back to life that must have been stored for two decades, right when I passed on my moped after lunch break, this was one of the few times I ever skipped my lesson, just to drop into those leather seats, peering over the chromed headlamps, letting my eyes wander over big dials and wooden dash - and sobering up when the value of the car was discussed. The MG Y for me seemed to have all these qualities, but in a more manageable format. So I started looking around to see one, but at the time nobody in the whole of Switzerland seemed to know this model at all. But patience pays off: A quarter of a century later I finally became owner of a YB ! The article mentioned is the one reprinted on the Y-types' website, and if you superpose my drawing on the photo there, you will find they match perfectly. (At least it did before I had to scale it for display on the website - Webmaster).

I would like the gallery to have this part finished pencil sketch of Y 2793, which appears in YA's on parade. Regretfully I am no longer the owner, but still follow avidly all things MG. In my opinion the Y' s a have particular grace and character of their own. If you would like me to do a similar sketch or water colour of your MG for a small fee, I can be contacted through the Octagon Club member no 4328, or by email here. Alan Taylor

Russ Taylor has provided this wonderful painting entitled "A 'Y' in need".

Rally Plates Go to the top of the page

Event plaque for the Diamond Anniversary Pacific Northwest Run 2007.

Ian Hopkins event plaque for the Diamond Anniversary Spring Run 2007, Charlcote House.

Ian Hopkins event plaque for the Spring Run 2006, Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway to Claydon House.

Ian Hopkins event plaque for the Spring Run 2005, Sudley Castle.

Ian Hopkins event plaque for the Spring Run 2004, Rousham House.

Ian Hopkins event plaque for the Why to Exe tour 2003.

Ian Hopkins event plaque for the Spring Run 2003, Snowshill Manor.

Ian Hopkins event plaque for the Riverside Picnic 2002.

Ian Hopkins event plaque for the Spring Run 2002, Broughton Castle.

Ian Hopkins event plaque for the original Why to Exe tour 2001.

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The gavel is used on the Classified Advertisements page as a link to the eBay auction search engine.

This one is used as a divider on pages like Hints and Tips and in the Technical Centre.

We use this one on Stories from the Rear View Mirror - a page where owners who want to tell a longer history of their car and show more pictures, can do so.

This gif is used on our page on Oil Leaks.

This gif is used in our Privacy Statement page - raising the anti-dazzle curtain.

This gif is used in our Jackall Advice page - watch for the Jackalls.

This gif is used in our Technical Advice and our Technical Data pages - operating semaphores and flashing lights.

MG Y Types on the move

The one that started the animation going - Rik Moncur's speeding Y.  (I still get a kick out of it now - Webmaster.)