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Chassis No. and Date of Registration

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YT EXU 1923

November? 1948

The 2nd ever YT!

YT 1923

Current owner, Bill Moses, Texas, USA

This is a picture of my car's first day in my shop. I am looking forward to getting started in restoration.

YT EXU 1926

December? 1948

YT 1926

Current owner, Mel Castleberry, Colorado, USA

This car was the fifth car in the first batch of YTs manufactured on the 4th October 1948 and the third oldest surviving YT. Several years ago I was able to track down the original owner of the car who provided me with great stories about its importation into the USA - originally into Texas then transported to Colorado for retail sale. It has been in Colorado its entire life. An original picture of this car on the dealer's forecourt featured as the September 2006 Picture of the Month.

It was shown in the main lobby of the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver in January of 1950 during the National Western Stock Show week.

It spent much of its life (about 25 years) sitting in disrepair in a garage in the Colorado mountains awaiting rescue. It is now fully restored.

YT EXU 2025

November? 1948

YT 2025

Current owner, Parker Johnson, Massachusetts, USA

Our YT was purchased from the estate of the second owner. It was in storage since 1960. The car appears to have been originally red, but otherwise is 100% complete and unrestored.40,000 miles on odometer.

YT EXU 2031

December? 1948

YT 2031

Current owner, Phil and Arty Williams, Virginia, USA

I have just bought this car from an owner in Maryland through a Virginia based restoration company. I am advised that he bought the car from an owner living on Sanibel Island in Florida. The car was treated to restoration some time ago, but it was not driven very much, and was just reaching the point where sitting in storage would have begun to causal serious deterioration had it not been sold.

YT EXU 2070

December? 1948

YT 2070

Current owner, Tom Wilson, Indiana, USA

Newly discovered in August 2014, having been in storage since 1980. Original colors red/red. Haven't decided what to do with the car yet.

YT EXR 2105

?? January 1949

YT 2105

Current owner, Michel Legoubé, France

I am very happy to show my very nice car. Fully restored in US by Bruce Hyannis vintage auto for the last owner Mr. Henry Herrmann. Half dozen subtle modifications have been done for security:

* steering column has been replaced with a collapsible column

* dual circuit brake system

* replaced tin gas tank with soldered seam with tank that has a deformable cell inside steel box

* metal flex fuel lines

* removed plywood floor and replaced with one piece steel plate welded to chassis

* seat rails are welded to floor

* reinforce cowl areas to eliminate shaking on rough roads

* electronic ignition

* battery cut off switch

3,200 miles since rebuilt. Like a new!!I love it!!

YT EXR 2425

17 January 1949

YT 2425

Current owner, Andrew Coulson, North Yorkshire, UK

The oldest UK based YT on the road and fourth oldest of any of the "known" locations for YT's (Ref Pelham, D. "Memoirs of Y Motors!"). Originally exported to Bloemfontein, South Africa (when the world was still pink, ... UK geography that is). She was re-imported by David Pelham and released by me from his grip on the YT market in 2000.

YT EXR 2430

February? 1949

YT 2430

Current owner, Wayne Musselman, Washington, USA.

This is YT EXR 2430 last spring. I am progressing on the restoration. Currently the engine and transmission are back in the car as is the radiator. I have just begun to install the new wiring harness which was made for me by British Wiring. The wiring will be quite a challenge. After that it is ready to go to the upholstery man. I bought it five years ago from a fellow in Hartford, Connecticut. He bought it from the previous owners widow as a package purchase with a 1960s Ferrari. The car had been in storage in Connecticut since the mid 1965 when the owner died just before he completed an amateur restoration. The YT had the headlights flared into the front fenders like a TF and the bonnet side panels were modified to look like a 1930s LaSalle (See entry on Interesting Ys). It is unknown who did this. I saved the fenders and bonnet and I am restoring the car back to factory original. It is YT EXR 2430. I hope to have the restoration done in the next year.

YT EXR 2467

April? 1949

YT Gremany

YT 2467

Current owner, Tom Schulz, Germany.

YT EXR 2468

April? 1949

YT 2468

Current owner, Kim Herford, Canada.

I "won" this YT on an eBay auction a few years ago and will be starting a restoration once I finish my current project. I also own YT 2991 which will be a donor car.

YT EXR 2504

February 1949

YT 2504

Current owner, Rob and Karon Snell, Queensland, Australia.

I have history on the car dating back to 1975. The previous owner had the car for almost 20 years.

YT EXR 2548

April 1949

YT 2548

Current owner, Atul Anand, New Dehli, India

I have just bought and restored the car. In fine shape. I want to get some books on this and also locate full history of the vehicle. Any help will be welcome.

YT EXR 2582

May? 1949

YT 2582

Current Owner: Chris Swale Durban, South Africa.

YT 2582 was an original export to South Africa and has spent much of its life in Natal. I purchased the car in early 2003 from Alan Nuttall's estate. The car was 'in bits' when I acquired it and it has been since subject to a total restoration.

YT EXR 2583

12 August 1949

YT 2583

Current owner, Barbara Goodyear, Lincolnshire, UK

The car was first registered in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The log book shows it had 12 owners in Ceylon before it was imported back into the UK in 1984. The mileage shown on the MOT certificates (complete from 1989) suggests that the vehicle underwent a rebuild shortly after this date. Marti, the greyhound, loves the car and insists on getting in even when we are not going anywhere; good taste!

YT EXR 2587

May? 1949

YT 2587

Current owners: Rodger Lawson/Dave Wheeler Johannesburg, South Africa.

YT 2587 was completed on the 15 February 1949 and was probably an original export to South Africa. The car was previously owned by Dave Lawrence who acquired the car in 1986, in very bad condition. Its Licence Number was TG 2395 ("TG" stands for "Transvaal — Germiston"). Original exterior colour thought to be Regency Red. Restoration work only started about seven years later. I acquired the car from in 2004 and the restoration was completed in 2005. The car attended 'Cars in the Park' at PieterMaritzburg in 2005 and was one of the three YTs on show at that event. For a before picture, click here.

YT EXR 2617

20 April 1949

YT 2617

Current owner, Tony and Jill Stock, Cornwall, UK

YT 2617 was supplied and registered from new in this country as KLU 387 to Mr.John Bull, a retiring coffee planter from Kenya. He wrote articles about his touring experiences in the Lakes and North Wales in "Autocar" 1949/50. (Both of these reports, together with photographs of KLU 387 can be found in the Brooklands Book Y-Type and Magnette ZA/ZB page 20 - 22 and make excellent additional reading ~ Webmaster). Rebuilt by John Finch 1973-80, and purchased from him by present owners in August 2002. Still in excellent condition, and in everyday use in Cornwall. See also YT 3336 which is also one of the very few YTs not exported.

YT EXR 2618

31 July 1949

YT 2618

Current owner Ron Humphris, Perth, Western Australia.

YT2618 is the sister car to YT2617 (ex John Finch) and rebuilt by myself between 1975 - 1980 in the U.K. Indeed John and myself often compared notes etc. during our rebuilds, both cars having been originally red with red trim and presumed to have been produced alongside at Abingdon. I only have the history of the car back to 1964 when it was registered in London (LLH 11). The car was rumoured to have spent the first year or so in Malta, but no concrete proof has surfaced as yet. Car was a basket case when purchased in 1975 becoming a stablemate to my YB 1179.

YT EXL 2625

July? 1949

YT 2625

Current owner Juan Larumbe Beascohechea, Anzoategui, Venezuela.

Lleva muchos anos en la familia (desde principious de los '60), fue mi carro durante mis estudios, lo guarde un dia y pasaron mas de 30 para que fuera por el, me a costado mucho mantenerlo en la carretera y con su garra y mi esfuerzo sigue rodando.

Has spent many years in the family (early 60s), it was my car during my studies, I keep one day and spent over 30 to make it by me a hard time keeping it on the road and with its claw and my effort keeps rolling.

YT EXU 2653

May? 1949

YT 2653

Current owner, Bill Grafflin, Ohio, USA

It was bought in 1972 by my father-in-law from a gentleman in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, for the sum of $1325.00 Canadian. It was driven to Springfield, Ohio, where my father-in-law finished some of the restoration. When he retired, he gave it to me when I lived in West Milton, Ohio, and I have had it since. It has been driven, then stored in my barn, then brought to Springfield again when we moved here in 1992. A good friend of mine, and an MG owner (a TD, a TF, an MGA, and previously two MGCs), cleaned it up and got in running very well. It was used to carry the bride and groom in my youngest son's wedding in 1999.

YT EXU 2656

May 1949

YT 2656

Current owner, Olivier Delauney, Pleneuf Val Andre, France

Une voiture achete en 2006. Ici mon grand pere apprecie.

The car was purchased in 2006. Here my grandfather appreciates it.

YT EXU 2659

May 1949

YT 2659

Current owner, James Spears, Illinois, USA

I just purchased this YT 2659 in October 2011 in New York State. I have have always been impressed with British car designs. I wanted a car that I could maintain and enjoy touring with my local clubs. This car fit my needs to a tee. I am really looking forward to next years cruises and shows. I have only had it out a few times, but it gets many compliments.

YT EXU 2662

May? 1949

YT 2662

Current owner, Andreas Rindisbacher, Switzerland

YT/EXU 2662 was owned new by a Mr. Abbot of Alton, Illinois from 1949 to 1953, when it was acquired by Mr. & Mrs. Bradley of Elsah, Illinois. They rode on their honeymoon with the YT in 1953 and groomed it very well until 2012. (59 years of ownership, no joke!) The car underwent a body off restoration in the 1990's and subsequently did not make too much mileage. It is still in excellent shape today.

Equipped with a new tank and remedy taken against oil soaked rear brakes, YT 2662 passed Swiss roadworthy examination in July 2014. It is now exploring the hill and mountain roads of Switzerland. Puffing along far more leisurely than modern cars, it is usually first in a queue. The Jackall system still needs some attention. It worked to lift the car which never came down again. So I had to release a screwed connection, of course with the result of a big oil stain on the parking lot.

YT EXR 2664

19 November 1952

YT 2664

Current owner, Ian Whysall, Shropshire, UK

Dressed with flowers for my sons wedding.

YT EXU 2701

May 1949

YT 2701

Current owner, Neil Coombes, Kent, UK

I acquired this car from Massachusetts last year (2011). However, due to 'Title Documentation', the import was delayed until February 2012. However, the car is now due to arrive on the 15th March and I will be able to ascertain how much work this project will be.

YT EXR 2706

May? 1949

YT 2706

Current owner Robin McCullagh Dublin. Ireland.

I have been involved with MGs for many years and was a founder member of the MG Enthusiasts Club in Ireland in 1981. In 1988 I spotted a YT sitting in a garage in Dublin. The car had been partially dismantled, and the paint had been stripped off the body. On enquiry I was informed that the owner had brought the car in for storage. At one stage I obtained the name of the owner from the garage man, made contact, and offered to buy the YT, but the owner declined my offer. Time marches on and in 2000 the garage contacted the owner to say that if the car was not removed within two weeks, it would be towed to his house and left outside. The owner remembered my approach years previously, phoned me and a deal was agreed. While work has well and truly started on the 'project', don't hold your breath for a completion date.

YT EXR 2731

July? 1949

YT 2731

Current owner, Peter Vielvoye, Gloucestershire, UK.

This car was re-imported from New South Wales Australia (Registration No 492 S) in 2000 and I bought her in August 2001. I have records of an extensive mechanical overhaul in 2000 and the body and interior (red leather) must have been brought up to scratch prior to that. I have still found many jobs to do including replacing the exhaust and water pump and the dynamo has been rebuilt. She runs really well and I look forward to covering a good few miles this summer. I also own Y 4276.

YT EXU 2738

July? 1949

YT 2738

Current Owner, Andrew Piers, British Columbia Canada.

This is my YT, 'George' who came of the production line at Abingdon on the 20th March 1949. When his previous owner (Roger Newton) found him, George was in a pretty bad state, but for the last 25 years or so, George has been exceptionally well cared for and driven regularly, sometimes on long trips. His engine and paintwork have been painstakingly restored and he runs very well. Now George is at the upholsterer; its hard work but fun trying to find out how he looked when he was a lad, but I hope his interior will soon be back to the original colour and style.

YT EXR 2744

13 April 1949

YT 2744

Current owner Mike Silk, Yorkshire. UK.

This YT was originally an export to Ireland and was previously owned by Dr Brendan O'Hara, a well-known figure in vintage racing in the Dublin area. I acquired the car whilst living in Ireland in 1971 and brought it back with me when I returned in 1973. As manufactured, she was painted black with beige upholstery, was resprayed red in the early seventies and is now sequoia cream with a green interior. It still has both the original engine and gearbox, and back axle. Although I have done a lot of the work myself, chassis and body restoration were carried out by Naylor Brothers of Shipley, and the upholstery, hood etc by Mike Collingburn of Richmond, North Yorkshire.

It was used as everyday transport in the early and mid-seventies and my wife learned to drive on it. Laid up in various garages from the late seventies through to the early nineties, restoration was begun in 1993 and completed very slowly by early 2004. She had her first real run to Oxford from West Yorkshire in April of that year for the Y-Type Spring Run, and won the NTG Cup, and joined the Spring Runs in 2006 and 2007 as well.

YT EXU 2778

June? 1949

YT 2778

Current Owner Karl-Heinz Borchers, Kürten Germany.

The car was manufactured on the 25 March 1949 and exported to the USA. I purchased YT 2778 in San Diego, California in 1995 and imported it into Germany. I have restored the car over the last 5 years and it is now in a roadworthy condition. (Karl-Heinz runs the Y Register of the MG Car Club Deutschland e.V.)

YT EXU 2779

May / June? 1949

YT usa

YT 2779

Current owner, Larry Hallanger, California, USA.

Purchased this car in 1961. Car Information: 1949 MG YT, Y/T/EX(U) 2779, engine No. XPAG/TL/ 12377, Body No. 19689, Current License Plate: 49MGY (California). The Y on the beach in Hawaii was taken sometime in the 1980s. I bought this car in 1961 and have had it ever since. It was my primary transportation for a number of years. Has been off the road for the past few years but hope to get it back up and running soon.

YT EXU 2819

April? 1949

YT 2819

Current owner, Justin Green, Ontario, Canada

Waiting for restoration.

YT EXU 2859

April 1949

YT 2859

Current owner, Joe and Mary Anne Young, North Carolina, USA

It will run again within the year :-).

YT EXU 2885

May? 1949

YT 2885

Current owner, Michel Graveleau, Marsailles, France

This is my second MG the first one is a TC (1947),I fond this one when I was looking for a TD. When I saw it I fall in love, and now it's mine. We have quite the same age and the same initials MG.

YT EXR 2913

May? 1949

YT 2913

Current owner, Michael Lutz, Maryland, USA

Previously owned since 7 June 1978 by Floyd Roberson of Arlington, Virginia. I believe that this car could have been in Minnesota and Montana. Floyd said that it originally was exported to Bangkok, Thailand. I just purchased this car today, and it has not run for 15 years. The car seems to be complete. See also Y 4991.

YT EXR 2991

May/June? 1949

YT 2991

Current owner, Kim Herford, Canada.

This YT will become a donor car for my other YT (YT 2468) which I will start restoring once I finish my current project.

YT EXU 3030

May? 1949

YT usa

YT 3030

Current owner, John Friedler, New York, USA

I bought it in October 1992, several sponsored trips sponsored by The New England MG "T" Register (from New York down the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway to Tennessee -1993; another trip through the United States to the Canadian Rockies, Vancouver, BC, ending in Seattle, WA - 1994). In Nov. 1994 a ground up restoration was begun and finished in July 1996, just in time to inaugurate the YT on another Register trip, through the New England states, the Canadian Maritime Provinces and a two week tour of Newfoundland, and back home. The car has been faultless up to this day, and shown only three times: winning  the Premier class of The New England MG "T" Register; Best English Sportscar pre 1956 of the Greenwich (CT) Concourse d' Elegance; First prize from the Cape Cod British Car Club.

YT EXU 3072

May? 1949

YT usa

YT EXU 3072

Current owner, Carl and Patsy Wellenkoetter, Missouri, USA

The car is in sound shape, but missing a few original parts. Color of the body appears to be original blue, but fenders may have been repainted darker blue. It is a great little car, and we're glad to have it.

YT EXU 3110

May? 1949

YT usa

YT 3110

Current owner, Joel Cristea, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA,

Wish I knew a bit more about it myself ! I'm taking this on for/from the original owner's nephew . It was last driven in the early 80's but has sadly been left outside for the past 10 years . I'm planning on making a page to show progress - hopefully starting Jan 04- and would love to share the joys and pains of it.

YT EXU 3111

30 May 1949

YT usa

YT 3111

Current owner, John and Barbara Van Over, Tidewater Virginia, USA.

The YT was purchased from Lee Jacobson of Dearborn Michigan in April 1982. Before that it was registered in Ohio by Jane Wozniak. She bought it (in '72?) from Tri City Sports Cars of Massillon, Ohio. I don't know when it was driven last - not under our ownership. So why did we buy it? We had a restored TD and were enjoying driving it all over the mid-Atlantic, but our daughter was outgrowing the 'jump'. We had seen a couple of Y's and thought it was the way to go - she could even take a friend!!!!  Then life/career took charge and the project was shelved ... until now. Perhaps we'll have it ready for our grandchildren!

YT EXR 3148

June 1949

YT 3148

Current owners, Mike and Suzanne Elderfield, New South Wales, Australia

We have recently become the proud owners of YT 3148. The car was manufactured on the 1st June 1949. The car was collected from the factory in 1949 by Stewart Williams whose brothers were P and R Williams the M.G. dealers for New South Wales, Australia. He was much younger and at school when they founded their company. He used the car in UK and then had it shipped back with other cars for sale and also took his bride back to Australia from Birmingham too. Since his death several years ago she had not used the car and so she decided to sell. The picture shows the Madeleine Williams (the wife of the first owner) handing the keys over to the Rob Dunsterville, the second owner, and we are only the third owners of this car!

YT EXL 3152

June 1949

YT 3152

Current owner Marcus Daetwyler, Aargau, Switzerland.

This car is one of the original YTs exported into Switzerland and was registered in June 1949. I have owned the car for the last 30 years. I am looking for overriders and have been searching for many years already.

YT EXU 3153

June 1949

YT 3152

Current owner Michael Nestell, Michigan, USA.

Found the car in a barn in 1970 on east coast as the story goes, it was owned only by this person and they just stored it in his barn until my father found it. We have had it for over 42 years and have rebuilt it to where it is now with all original parts from MG and add to it each year.

YT EXU 3173

January 1950

YT 3173

Current owner Jean Pierre Chiron, France.

This car was bought in 2007, coming from Florida through a Belgium dealer, but I only started to restore it Jan 15th, 2009. It is complete and of quite sound basis, with a probably very short mileage. Extensive paint work is required on the body, as well as seating which need complete refurbishing. The engine should only require usual mechanical work, but I expect having to scrap and rebuild wiring harness, brakes and shock absorbers.

YT EXR 3208

September? 1949

YT australia

YT 3208

Current owner, Richard Prior, Perth, Western Australia.

This car was purchased mid '70's in very poor condition with all original mechanicals missing. From the outset the car was restored with an MGB engine, OD gearbox and running gear to achieve a long legged highway cruiser. This has resulted is a fantastic touring and occasional competition car which has now completed 85,000miles in 23years since completion in '92. With a top speed of 90mph it will cruise all day at 70mph @ 3000rpm with ease and incredible comfort. The car has completed 5 trips across Australia to the Easter Natmeets; a round trip of 4500miles as far as Tasmania. Also the car has now completed "Antipodean Adventures" to the UK and Europe in 2003 (10,000 miles) and the Eastern Seaboard of the USA in 2012 (4000miles).

YT EXR 3209

September? 1949

YT australia

YT 3209

Current owner, Stan Tucker, Perth Western Australia.

Stan has owned the car for many years and has retained the car knowing its rarity. A mammoth task ahead which he hopes to tackle when other projects are complete.

Webmaster update - Apparently the chassis of YT EXR 3209 is now under the body of Y 3844 - see below.

YT 3209

- rebodied with Y 3844's body

September? 1949


Current owner, John Ellis, Western Australia, Australia

Ethel was last registered in 1968 and has been under restoration in Western Australia for several years. I purchased her in June 2006 in the nearly complete condition shown in the photo, and hope to get her on the road by about September. In previous years she inherited YA body 3844, which is mounted on YT chassis 3209.

YT EXU 3213

? July 1949

YT 3214

Current owner, Jim Hunter, Georgia, USA.

Currently for sale. Restoration needs to be completed.

YT EXR 3214

7 July 1949

YT 3214

Current owner, Michael Graf, Switzerland.

I bought this car from Anton Piller. YT EXR 3214 was initially registered by the Swiss Army in 1949. It was a basket case, when Anton Piller acquired it in 2001. It is fairly original and complete, except for missing speedo, rev counter, and rear seat cushion.

YT EXR 3217

July(?) 1949

YT 3217

Current owner, David Holmes, Ontario, Canada.

The car is unasembled. The chassis has been powder coated and the tub and fenders are on their way to the body shop.

YT EXU 3245

September? 1949

YT 3245

Current owner, Ruth Corbin Arkansas USA.

This is one of only 29 known EXU survivors and the photograph shows the rear of the car with the EXU rear lights. The car has been garaged for 20 or more years but is in very good condition. It has not been started for 3-4 years but prior to that was used and enjoyed.

YT EXR 3253

September/October? 1949

YT 3253

Current owner, Anil Koshti, Devon, UK.

I purchased the car in 2007. The car was in fully restored condition and as the picture shows, has been re-painted in cream with chocolate coloured wings. This car came to the UK about 7 years ago from Australia. I am currently seeking more details on the history of the car.

YT EXU 3285

October? 1949

YT 3285

Current owner, Mark Weissman, Connecticut USA.

My wife and I have long been MG admirers. As we are a family of four, the YT seemed like the perfect solution. The only problem was finding one. After searching for about a year and a half, we located this one for sale in Vancouver. Lots of fun to drive!

YT EXR 3286

October 1949?

YT uk

YT 3286

Current owner, George Elliott, West Sussex, UK.

It all started on the 2 April 1969 when YT 3286 was found abandoned in a garden (see picture) of a house in Samfya, Zambia by a Mr Jack Cordell who shipped the car back to England in 1977. The car was later sold to Mr. Bird of Ipswich, Suffolk in 1981. It was then sold again to Mr. Keys in Brentwood, Essex in 1983. Mr. Keys started to rebuild her, but due to illness he had to stop and as a result was sold to me in December 1996. Many parts were missing, and needed to be sourced or specially made. After six and a half years of on and off work the car was finished in May 2002. I acquired the car on 14 February 2011.

YT EXR 3335

July? 1949

YT 3335

Current owner: John Allen Harvey, Cyprus

The car was purchased by my Granddad in 1949. It was originally exported to Malaysia. My granddad retired and brought the car to the UK. Upon his death the car was passed to my dad and was then kept in Guernsey where extensive work was carried out on the body work. When my father passed away the car passed to me and the car was extensively renovated as the leather work had perished. The renovation work was kept to the original specifications of the MG 'Y' type and using the original frames for the seats and hood. I moved to Cyprus in 2009 and the car has lived here very happily since then. I use the car as a car on a day to day basis. It is thought that the car may have originally been powder blue. The colour was changed when the car was involved in an accident some time in the 1960's.

YT EXR 3336

26 July 1949

YT 3336

Current owner: Dave Ivins, West Midlands. UK

This car is one of the few YTs that were not exported. It was completed at Abingdon on 27 July 1949 and registered KXB 360 two days later. The car was purchased as a 'Basket Case' in 1995. I have restored the car at home using mainly photographs as a reference. The restoration took three years to complete and it returned to the road in July 1999, exactly fifty years after it was first registered. My YT has since participated in a number of events, including the Wings Run and also the Y Register Spring Run. YT 3336 was one of the 3 YTs on the Spring Run 2002. See also YT 2617 which is also one of the very few YTs not exported.

YT EXU 3338

October? 1949

YT 3338

Current owner, Nancy Stovall, Colorado, USA.

I have owned my YT that was manufactured in July 1949 since December of 1974. For the first two years I owned the car I drove it daily in Denver Colorado. For the next 20 years it was driven only occasionally, resulting in much needed restoration and repairs. Although it still ran well, time was taking it's toll. I began restoring it in 1999 with the help of a friend and fellow British car enthusiast, Mr. Bob Rich, who not only helped me put her back on the road but kept a complete diary of all the work performed. Although almost finished, I am still looking for various parts to complete the restoration before I redo the interior and paint.

YT EXR/K 3374

October? 1949

YT 3374

Current owner, Bob Nicholson, Derbyshire, UK.

I purchased the car in August 2012 from its previous owner who had owned the car for almost 5 years who in turn bought it from the previous owner of 30 years. The car was imported from Switzerland in 1963 and is currently undergoing a rolling restoration.

YT EXR 3376

October? 1949

YT 3376

Current owner, Mike Brown, Warwickshire, UK.

Nearly Finished.

YT EXR 3377

October? 1949

YT 3377

Current owner, Jean Marc Aubergier, Le Quesnoy, France.

Apparemment vendue neuve en Afrique du Sud, puis en Californie, puis venue en France en passant par la Belgique.

Apparently sold new in South Africa, then in California, then came to France while passing by Belgium.

YT EXR 3378

October? 1949

YT 3378

Current owner, Emil Meyer, Switzerland.

The car was sitting in the original owner's garage for 25 years with mechanical problems. When the man died, his wife sold the YT to a guy who solved the problems and had the original green upholstery and interior replaced by a red one.

YT EXR 3384

November? 1949

YT australia

YT 3384

Current owner, David Aldridge, Sydney, Australia.

This car was found in a barn about four years ago, having been there for 25 years. David has undertaken a total, body off restoration.

YT EXR 3387

2 December 1949

YT australia

YT 3387

Current owner, Malcolm Rust, Melbourne, Victoria,, Australia.

The car was red when sold by Lanes Motors in Melbourne Australia. It was purchased as a gift for the wife of a dentist. She did not like the colour so it was painted the present silver grey.

It was sold in 1978 to the present owner, and has been continuously registered since 1949.

It has some interesting period extras such as water and oil temperature gauges, reversing light, passenger grab handle and a chromed swivel ashtray on the dash. The original owner also found the standard hubcaps pretty dull so Riley 2 1/2 litre hubcaps were adapted with the MG octagon and wheel trims giving a smarter look. A purpose built and chromed tow bar was also fitted.

YT EXR/K 3421



YT 3421

Current owner, Christian Le Cour, Dijon, France.

YT 3421Some news after 8 years of restoration of my YT. With minus 10°C, on 20 December 2007, it passed the technical control (French MoT test - webmaster)without any default to get the French registration. This car still needs some work to be complete, but I think I am in the good way. What a pleasure, after 8 years, doing all by myself, to go on the road with this car. Here is a picture from before the restoration began.

YT EXR 3430

February? 1949

YT 3430

Current owner, Douglas Lesch, Waterfall Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa.

This car was in very poor condition when it bought it from Richard Mitchell of Cape Town in August 1999. The car has been the subject of a total restoration, which was completed a couple of years ago.

YT EXR 3432

February? 1950

YT australia

YT 3432

Current owner, David Robley, South Australia, Australia

The picture shows the car in the early 1960's when it was my daily transport and chick magnet :-). The car was bought in around 1962 for £250 (equiv $500AU) and used for several years until lack of oil caused the (recently rebuilt) engine to cease functioning correctly. It was then stored until 1990 when I decided to start a professional restoration. Thus far, chassis, suspension, engine and transmission have been fully overhauled and the body repaired and primed. Currently the body is off the car for painting and work has started on the interior upholstery. We hope to have the car ready for the Bay to Birdwood run in September 2006, which will allow any problems to be sorted before it becomes the principal car at my daughter's wedding at the end of October.

YT EXU 3465


YT australia

YT 3465

Current owner, Jim Masleck, Alberta Canada

The car was disassembled in about 1960 in Edmonton, Canada. In the early 1970's the car was purchased by an MG enthusiast and restored. The car is registered here as a 1948, although we later found out it was manufactured in 1949 (although date of first registration is likely to have been about March 1950 ~ Webmaster). I purchased the car in 1982 and moved it to Calgary, Canada. The photo was taken after a careful navigation of  Lombard Street (background) in San Francisco.

YT EXR 3471

March 1950?

YT australia

YT 3471

Current owner, Ian Theobald, New South Wales, Australia.

I purchased my car last year. It has now been sprayed red. The car is mechanically perfect but the body was a bit sad. A major problem has been the fit of the drivers door. I have re-timbered it ,I suspect it blew open at one stage and who ever put new wood in it did not take account of the fact that the door curves! say no more. the bottom hinge was stretched and has since broke. I am in the process of having a new one cast to suit top or bottom, machining to suit so if anyone requires one I will have a pattern. I would of preferred not to have gone to this trouble. I purchased my tourer locally ,the previous owner buying it about 10yrs ago off a German in Hurstville Sydney.

YT EXR 3477

January? 1950

YT australia

YT 3477

Current owner, Ellen Wilson, Queensland, Australia.

Restored by Geoff Meller, Grafton, New South Wales, owned by Austin family in Grafton since 1951, placed in storage 1986, acquired in 2001 for restoration. Upgrade work will now be carried out on Instruments and chrome work. Garaged with Y 1126.

YT EXR 3480

January? 1950

YT australia

YT 3480

Current owner, Tony Bushell, Auckland, New Zealand

I have dug out of my shipping container the chassis of my other YT 3480 and took a photo for your records. This half of a car came to New Zealand about 1990 from Australia with John Wallace's YT, it was Black and had the registration number NPU 384.

YT EXR 3509

January? 1950

YT australia

YT 3509

Current owner, Peter Parkhurst, California, USA

I purchased the car in 1972 and had it shipped from Gloucestershire in the UK to Florida, where I was living at the time. I have the UK log book that covers the first 12 years of its history from 1950 to 1962; unfortunately it is water damaged and hard to read.

In 1974 we moved to Connecticut where I worked on restoring the car without too much progress. We moved to California in 1987 where the car has been stored for 20 years. I hoped to restore it when I retired but never got around to it. I have found some folks locally who know what they are doing and who have been working on my TD. I have now delegated the task to them. The photograph shows the car on the way to the restorers earlier this week (13 November 2007) First report from them is that the engine does turn over - i.e., it is NOT frozen (seized).

I believe that the car was originally painted Sequoia Cream. The wheels were Almond Green and the body was a 'ugh' brown when I bought it. It will be cream again one day.

I will provide revised photographs of the restored YT3509 at a future date.

YT EXR 3513

December? 1949


YT 3513

Current owner, Edward Vandyk, Berkshire, UK

YT 3513Reimported to the UK in 2016. After 5 years the YT is finished and equipped with wire wheels and a Judson supercharger.

YT EXR 3516

December? 1949?

YT australia

YT 3516

Current owner, Malcolm Leahy, South Australia, Australia

I bought my YT in April 2005, the YT has gone through a full restoration, by the previous owner and is in excellent condition. I also have an MGA Roadster 1962 MK II, that I am currently fully restoring from the ground up. I have now joined the, MG Car Club Of South Australia and fully enjoying the passion.

YT EXR 3519

January? 1950

YT australia

YT 3519

Current owner, Bill Schapel, South Australia, Australia

This YT came off the line in September or early October 1949. My first car as a sixteen year old, in 1966, was another YT, which is now in England in the hands of Saul Duck. My Dad had this one as his daily driver from 1973 'til he passed her to me round 1997, when he started using his Y sedan daily. She was very scruffy, but good mechanically, but got her well deserved rebuild over the last few years, when my brother Bob rebuilt the motor and gearbox, and I had the body redone. She now looks as good as she goes, and performs very well. She has a fully balanced motor, tuned extractors and has shown a clean pair of heels to many TCs, TDs and TFs in Aussie National Meetings as far back as 1980, when I drove her on my Dad's behalf. Her stablemate is a TC Historic racing car which we use often at Historic race meetings, but I drive the YT at least twice a week when the weather permits. She's a honey!.

YT EXR 3581

January? 1950

YT australia

YT 3581

Current owner, David Saul, Sydney, Australia.

Acquired by David four years ago, having been restored by the previous owner. It had been through a number of hands over a long period, but details are not known of its previous history.

YT EXR 3590

January? 1950

YT australia

YT 3590

Current owner, Mostyn up ton, South Australia, Australia

I can remember seeing the car around in the 1960s being duck egg blue in colour and dented. I purchased it and carried out a restoration in the late 1970s, repainting it red, previous colours had been red, black and blue. My registration records go back to November 1982. I put the car in storage in the late 1980s to rebuild again next year, finally in 2002 I got to it, repainted it red and repaired or replaced the trim. Motor, gearbox and diff were OK, brakes, steering, clutch and tyres were replaced. Finally the car was on the road again in 2004 with a first major trip to Broken Hill in northern New South Wales. Performed remarkably well and has done so ever since taking part in various car club runs and annual All British Day displays.

YT EXR 3591

January? 1950

YT uk

YT 3591

Current owner, Allan Singleton, Cheshire, UK

The Car was originally purchased in Melbourne, Australia by Mr J Sheer and registered OR 046. It travelled 36,000 miles until 1972 and was sold to a Mr Olsen, who carried out a wonderful restoration sometime prior to 1977 when it was registered AAC 416. It had two further owners and a plate change to CH 1234 prior to leaving Australia with 43,000 miles in 2001. We have been looking for a YT for several years and have really fallen for this well looked after 1972 rebuild.

YT EXR 3623

March 1950?

YT australia

YT 3623

Current owner, Pat Hand, Queensland, Australia.

I bought the car in bits with some restoration work done but was not completed, I collected the car in boxes, I restored the car over a 2 year period with most of the previous work having to be redone. The car is almost 100% original apart from the solid Australian Silky Oak Dashboard. The registration number is a Queensland Personalised plate, (these are available in various combinations of 3 letters and 2 digits for around 110 pounds visit the website and see the combinations available here, www.ppq.com.au). There was an interesting article on this car in the March 1999 edition of MG World.

YT EXR 3663

June? 1950

YT australia

YT 3663

Current owner, John and Elizabeth Fincher, Victoria, Australia

The provenance of this car is completely unknown. It was the subject of a 20 year restoration by Brian Corstorphan of Melbourne, Australia. I purchased the car from Brian just after its completion in December 2003. The present engine XPAG/10506 is not original and was obviously from an earlier Y series sedan. When initially purchased by Brian the car had the remains of an R.A.C. badge on the badge bar so it's possible that the vehicle had been registered and operated in the UK prior to despatch to Australia. The car is presently garaged in rural Victoria and is being used on a regular weekly basis. It has done approx. 600 miles since registration and is consequently still being run in.

YT EXR 3700

December? 1949

YT australia

YT 3700

Current owner, Stan Tucker, Western Australia, Australia

In Perfect running order, although not used as often as I would like to. The perfect car to use most days of the year, with the weather we enjoy here. A dream car to drive.

YT EXR 3706

January 1950

YT australia

YT 3706

Current owner Robert Ades, Victoria, Australia

Since acquiring YT 3706 in early 2004, I have been quietly working around the body and engine. A little boot lid rust and some enamel wounds were easily fixed. Some minor bolt-on induction, exhaust and ignition improvements to the XPAG engine added considerable torque and horsepower. Lap belts for all occupants added to the comfort level (less rocking and sliding). Our YT is a great family touring car, and a fun hobby.

YT EXR 3709

December? 1949

YT 3709

Current owner, John Brock, Colorado, USA

YT 3709 was originally exported to Australia. I purchased the car in 1984 from a 'Panel Beater' in Perth. I shipped it to Adelaide where I was living at the time and began trying to re-assemble the car. We ended up doing a frame out restoration! We completed all the bodywork, painting and re-upholstery and I shipped the car back home to Denver in 1985. The car sat pretty much unattended until earlier this year when I got motivated to get the car on the road again. I do not have any early history for the car and would appreciate any details that anybody in Australia may have.

Y 3724

11 October 1949

Current owner, Jean Lau, Hong Kong, China.

My dream car: CLASSIC - I found it at UK web since Feb 2008, and delivered to Hong Kong at May. I spent 4 months to mend it. And now, I drive it to go anywhere, it is YA, I will keep it forever.

YT EXR 3741

December? 1949

YT australia

YT 3741

Current owner, Ray Jacka. New South Wales Australia.

This car has been the subject of a ten-year restoration of very hard but enjoyable work. However, now it is complete I am considering selling the car.

YT EXR 3779

December 1949?

YT australia

YT 3779

Current Owner John Allen, New South Wales, Australia.

My YT was sold new by Lanes Motors in Melbourne. Their stock number 11807 is on a brass plate on the firewall. Paintwork is Ivory; interior is green with ivory piping. The hood is in the original 'Salt and Pepper' material. The car has been fully road registered (AAJ-44N) since I re-restored it mechanically in 1991. The motor has been fully balanced and I cruise around 4500 — 5000 RPM on the freeway, subject to weather conditions, keeping in mind the original narrow cross-ply tyres and brakes!!

YT EXR 3782

December 1949?

YT australia

YT 3782

Current owner, Andrew Sorouni, Sydney, Australia

Formerly owned by the late Alf Luckman, 3782 reposed in a barn for many years, then it sat in the immediate past owners garage, for a further five years — but he never found the time to do anything with it — then his wife felt her new Mercedes would be better off in the garage, in preference to the YT. It seems the P/O felt it was wiser and cheaper to get rid of the YT than to get a divorce. Hence it has passed into Alf's and now my hands. Its history is a complete blank from my point of view.  However,  whoever has the gearbox might care to give it back. I have a need for it.

YT EXR 3786

December 1949

YT australia

YT 3786

Current owner, Neville Howell, Australia

The car was registered in Victoria but was taken off the road approx 25 years ago and had been stripped of many parts including motor and gearbox. It had been sitting on a guy's front lawn for some 20 years in a basket case situation, so the parts that were missing I have made or given parts by guys who had Ys or had surplus parts. The motor and gearbox I saw advertised in Wheel Spin Vic's MG magazine, which I felt quite lucky to find. The parts that were missing were all windscreen parts, which I have had cast in bronze, also the side panels for the hood frame storage, radiator and surround which I got from Bendigo swap meet, lights and light supports, all instruments I had, but got a fuel gauge from a friend in the UK plus many other small parts. I still have to do all the internal trim, hood and side curtains. The side curtains which were a mess had glass in them fitted into a frame on the outside of the normal frame, I am putting it back to original and making them the same as the TD type. The chrome strip on the outside I have made out of polished aluminium from a old TV antenna which I rolled to get a flat on one side then cut a slot down the centre for the fixing bolts. Maybe not as good a the chrome ones but will do the job. The only thing that I have missing are over riders. Colour scheme is Old English white, red trim, Tan hood and side curtains.

YT EXR 3861

1 March 1950

YT australia

YT 3861

Current owner, Tony Slattery, Queensland, Australia

"MeG" was imported into Australia on board S.S. Charmouth Hill, received 21/2/1950 by dealer Robert Dewley Motors in Drummoyne New South Wales (New South Wales), and sold to Mr A. Townsend of Campsie New South Wales on 1/3/1950. The car was traded to a car yard in 1963 and was purchased by Hugh McCubben of Galston New South Wales for £125. The car was fully restored in 1969/70 and then sold to Peter Sheridan of Killara New South Wales in 1974 and during the next ten years it twice won the New South Wales MG Car Club Concours Y-Class. Alan and Lynne Baines of Port Macquarie New South Wales purchased the car in 1984, and carried out a second part restoration in 1988. The car was driven to Canberra to win the Y-Class at the 1988 Bi-centenial National Meeting from 7 Y's from 5 states of Australia. "Meg" was purchased by Tony and Debbie Slattery of Queensland on 5th April 2007 and now shares a garage with "Rufus" YA 3136. "MeG" won the Y-Type Concours Class at the 2008 National MG Meeting at Tamworth over Easter. That's two National Meeting wins 21 years apart for YT3861 (last won in 1988 at Canberra.

YT EXR 3863

February 1950

YT uk

YT 3863

Current owner, Richard Knight, Hampshire, England.

YT3863 was built in late 1949 and finished in dark metallic almond green with cream wheels, beige interior, then shipped to Australia. Rod Hiley of Abingdon Motors in Brisbane owned the car in the 1960s. Jeff Sattler of Coolangata Queensland subsequently bought the car and spent 8 years (1982-1990) restoring it on a part time basis. Jeremy Havard acquired the car in March 1998 and under took a further complete nut and bolt restoration to an extremely high standard. Jeremy finished the restoration in November 98. Neil Quarendon purchased the car in May 1999.

I purchased the car on 18 September 2012 and am now awaiting MOT before full use.

YT EXR 3871

March? 1950

YT australia

YT 3871

Current owner, Loene Fuller, South Australia, Australia

My YT was a gift in 1974 from my former husband. He knew I had always lusted after an MG, and whilst in Western Australia he noticed this Guy Mitchell blue car with bright blue and white upholstery, he sought out the owner and convinced him to part with it. I was thrilled. The previous owner lived in Inglewood in Perth. Returning to Adelaide across the Nullarbor Plain it ran low on oil and damaged the engine. We hitch hiked back to Adelaide. The car was towed to a nearby railway town, placed on a train for Adelaide but was lost for 6 months before it was found in a siding in Kalgoorlie. We stripped the car, painted it cream and then in 1986-87 repainted to its original colour, Shire's Green, with cream leather upholstery and red trim.

It was my main car for over 25 years, including when living in Sydney and driving to Queensland. The only problem it had was to vaporise in the hot weather, I never had to fix it as there would always be around a kind man who was very keen to help or who used to own an MG.

I still get a thrill every time I drive it, the note of the engine, the smell and the simplicity of the motor, never cease to enthral.

YT EXR 3915

March? 1950

YT australia

YT 3915

Current owner, David Ward, Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

I have recently (18.06.2007) purchased YT EXR 3915 from the previous owner in Sydney, New South Wales and its new home will be in Western Australia. Any information regarding the history of YT 3915 would be greatly appreciated. The body appears to be in good condition but is missing its engine. The car has been stored for over 10 years and requires some TLC to bring it back to its former glory.

YT EXR 3960

April? 1950

YT 3960

Current owner, John Whittaker, Hampshire, UK.

By chance I saw a YB belonging to an old work colleague and, not even realising that MG had made 4 seaters(!), I checked it out on the internet. When I saw pictures of YT's I had to have one. This car was one of only 16 produced in '49 and exported to Ireland as a CKD Kit. It came back to England in 2007 only to be left at the back of a barn for several years until I saw it advertised at a price I could afford (the barn had taken its toll, hence affecting the asking price) in early 2014. Although drivable and a lot of fun, it still needs considerable renovation which will be attended to this winter. Fortunately both my wife and my bank manager are very understanding people!

YT EXR 3965

March? 1950

YT 3965

Current owner, Rudolf Burri, Switzerland.

First imported into Switzerland in 1950 by the then Swiss Importer.

YT EXR 4017

9 June 1950

YT australia

YT 4017

Current owner, Kerry Reily, New South Wales, Australia.

I purchased the car from the original owner in October 1954. The engine had been ported and polished, compression ration raised to 8.6 to 1, and larger valves fitted. The original colour was Sequoia Cream but it had been re-sprayed Ivory. I bored out the engine to 1300cc and the crankshaft and flywheel balanced. I drilled the road wheels similar to an MG TD for better brake cooling. I have also baffled the sump. I started a full restoration in 1978 which took 15 years. Re-painted Black with red leather upholstery. Both this car and my YA were purchased by their first owners from P and R Williams, Oxford Street, Woolahra. Dealer plates are still fitted to the battery covers. This car is registered on Historic Plates with the MG Restorers Association.

YT EXR 4024

March? 1950

YT australia

YT 4024

Current owner, Barry Grey, Queensland, Australia.

I acquired YT 4024 from a club member (Tony Slattery) about 18 months ago in bits after he had retrieved it from Bundaberg. Unfortunately I doubt whether this car will ever be restored, the body was extensively damaged some years ago in an accident. The car eventually ended up in a creek bed that occasionally flooded, in Bundaberg, Queensland. The picture shows the car as found.

YT EXR 4060

13 September 1950

YT australia

YT 4060

Current owner, Ivan Petrie, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I acquired the car in 1970. It was fully restored in 1988 and since then has won numerous concours awards at both club and National levels. The photo when you get it, was taken at the Nat. Meet held in Hobart, Tasmania in 1998, where it was judged first in the concours. The car gained second place at the recent Adelaide Nat. Meet after driving 600 miles, on a lot of wet roads. It is cream with green interior. I have found it extremely reliable and after 32 years of ownership can't find any reason to change it.

YT EXR 4061

28 July 1950

YT australia

YT 4061

Current owner, Stephen Koster, Wollongong, Australia.

Totally rebuilt by Stephen over several years the car has won many Concours events including MG National Meetings.

YT EXR 4067

6 April 1950

YT uk

YT 4067

Current Owners Chris and Kathy Longden Sussex UK.

YT 4067 was originally exported to Australia on the SS Nordkap landing in New South Wales on the 30 March 1950. The car was delivered to the first owner on the 6 April 1950. We have owned the car since March 1995. We bought it whilst I was working in Sydney and I used it daily to commute to work. It crossed the Sydney Harbour bridge everyday and only let me down once, on the bridge itself! We returned to the UK in March 1997 and brought the car home with us. YT 4067 is a regular participant on both the Regency and South Downs runs.

YT EXR/K 4068


YT 4068

Current owner, Karl Kipfer, Aargau, Switzerland

The car has been family-owned since 1951. With red wheel rims, side mirrors, non-original wiper motor. The semaphore indicators had to be fitted by the importers at the time, according to Swiss law. other than that, the car is original and had snug new trim fitted in 2015.

YT EXU 4074


YT 4074

Current owner, Frank Van Duyse, Belgium

First known YT in Belgium, I am very proud.

YT EXL 4112

?? 1950

YT 4112

Current owner, Jay Clark, California, USA

1950 MG YT Lost but now found YT 4112.

YT EXR 4118

10 May 1950

YT uk

YT 4118

Current owner, Roger and Christine Morgan, Hampshire, UK

This car was originally exported to Australia and was shipped on Nordkap and arrived on the 5 April 1950. The car was originally Clipper Blue with a beige interior and was allocated the Registration Number HA201. At some stage during the car's life it was exported further south to New Zealand where it was allocated the number ZC9856. In January 2001 the car was exported again, this time back to the UK.

YT EXR 4120

10 May 1950

YT 4120

Current owner, Lina and Aldo Crinó, Sydney, Australia

Originally owned by Dr Hanson in Victoria (Australia). Next owner was Stephen Mattison (also in Victoria). Purchased and transported to Sydney and currently being restored by Albert Johnson (owner of a brilliant 1937 P Type! and mechanical guru to the Sydney MGCC). If anyone can provide further history of this car, we would greatly appreciate their help. We would dearly love to restore it back to its original colour.

YT EXU 4127

February 1950

YT Israel

YT 4127

Current owner, Igal Brickman, Ramat-Gan, Israel

I was looking for vintage car for two last years, but this YT was my "first look love.

I bought it in February 2009 from Yannai Tobi (a professional Israeli restorer- working with MGs, Jaguars and Alfas) and he brought this car to Israel from USA. I checked everything - there was no major road accidents, all the "matching numbers" are O.K. We started full restoration of the car - most of the parts will be zinc plated, motor head renewed. The block is in restoration now.

YT EXL 4161

March? 1950

YT usa

YT 4161

Current owner, Elliott Sopkin, California. USA.

Mike O'Connor, who owns and operates O'Connor Classic Autos of Santa Clara, California, with his son Brian, found the car in a fellow's collection in nearby Saratoga. "I've owned it for ten years. Most of the mechanics under the bonnet were restored. We pulled the engine, rebuilt or replaced damn near everything and repainted the inside of the engine compartment. After a few months we realized that the 3-inch wide, 16-inch wheels could not be outfitted with a decent tire so we adapted the car for TD, 15-inch wheels. We had spacers made to set the wheels almost an inch further to the outside. Now, you can bop (an American word) down the highway at 60 miles per hour and feel safe. The car looks great, although there are a couple of buffer burn marks and a few too many cracks in the paint. It would really enjoy a great paint job. We have won several awards including top honours in the Drivers Class at the Hillsborough, California, Concours."

YT EXR/K 4162

March? 1950

YT 4162

Current owner, Michael Brown, Warwickshire, UK

Re imported from Holland. Then new engine fitted in 2013 number XPAG/ SC/ 11686 during total body of rebuild by new owner. 5 speed type 9 gearbox fitted during rebuild.

YT EXR 4167

April? 1950

YT 4167

Current owner Geoff Lloyd, Hampshire, UK.

Reimported from Australia in 2006 and l purchased the car in 2014.The engine and gearbox was rebuilt 12 months ago and it is in regular use.

YT EXR 4170

31 May 1950

YT australia

YT 4170

Current owner Russell Brewer, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

YT 4170 arrived in Australia on the 5th April 1950, one of a batch of eleven YTs being transported from the UK on the SS King Alfred. Here is a very recent photo of 4170, of which I am now the proud owner. In July 2003 the car was acquired by Stefan Wolf of Adelaide and is now with me in Melbourne. Further mechanical work has been done to the car over the last 12 months.

YT EXR 4171

May? 1950

YT australia

YT 4171

Current owner Matthew Crawford, New South Wales, Australia

Car arrived in Australia on the ship SS King Alfred on 5/4/1950. The car was purchased from Maurice Warboys in Sydney Australia in December 2007 and following sand blasting it underwent a ground up restoration, being completed in November 2011, just in time for our youngest daughters wedding.It has been slightly modified to drivable in the city and keep pace with traffic on the freeway. The modifications include: power assisted MG A front disc brakes, chrome spoke MG A wheels with Michelin XZX 165 x 15 tyres, twin inch and a half SU carburetors, compression ratio 9.5 to one, MG TF valves and hardened valve seats, twin fog lights, modern indicators controlled by an MG YA trafficator switch. Original colour scheme changed from black body and guards to cream with maroon guards and hood and upholstery to maroon instead of beige.

YT EXU 4217

6 April 1950

YT canada

YT 4217

Current owner, Terry O'Brien, Vancouver B.C. Canada.

I am the second owner (since 1956). YT EXU 4217 was the 5 and last YT imported into BC by Plimley Motors who were the Nuffield and Jaguar agents. Four of them still exist. I have restored the car twice, first in 1970/75 and again in 1999 when, with the benefit of Let There Be Y's, I corrected prior errors. Car is and always was black with red interior. I have driven it at least 200,000 miles and it still performs as a new 1949 car.

YT EXR 4220

February? 1950

YT 4220

Current owner, Anton Piller, Kanton Aargau, Switzerland.

My name is YT EXR 4220 and I was re-imported to Britain from Kenya in 1957. Then I was exported to Switzerland in 1979 - this is when my Papa, Anton Piller bought me. I came in a rusted state, but completely original. At the time, I am going through a chassis up face lift, together with my sister (YT EXR 3214) who is also owned by Anton.

YT EXR 4223

May? 1950

YT 4223

Current owner, Andrew Edwards, Victoria, Australia

I do not have a lot of detail about this car other than it has had only 4 owners and spent most of its life in Victoria at Point Lonsdale, Geelong and Bonnie Doon. It was extensively restored in the mid 1980s. It is off the road at present undergoing suspension and brake refurbishment. Other than a retrim and paint the car is fairly original with all systems operational and complete.

YT EXR 4265

June 1950

YT 4265

Current owner, Bob Boagey, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

We purchased YT 4265 from David Ardill in January 2009 to keep our Y 3490 company. After a few teething troubles with tuning, the car now runs perfectly and we enjoy drives through the hills regularly. A lovely car with an interesting history. History now available.

YT EXR 4267

April 1950


YT 4267

Current owner, Paul Barrow, Washington. USA.

This car was one of the 114 YTs exported to the USA. The car was originally sold in Grand Rapids, Michigan and one of its original owners was a Dentist. When his eyesight began to fail it was sold to a US Serviceman. In 1988 he sold it to his brother and the car moved to Oklahoma. David Pelham saw the car advertised on the Internet, went to see it and arranged repatriation to the UK in 1998. The car is completely original, all numbers match and has not been restored - yet. I bought the car from David, and the car is undergoing restoration in the UK prior to shipment out to Washington, where YT 4267 will join its sister cars Y 5270 and YT 4455.

YT EXR 4271

June? 1950

YT 4271

Current owner, Shuji Umekawa, Japan

Shuji is the Chairman of Kobe MG Car Club (affiliate of MGCC). I found the car in the late 1980s in the UK, it was painted in Black and untidy condition. It is believed that the car was re-imported from Australia. The car once had MGB engine with gearbox, so the gearbox cover was badly modified. At that time Shuji was looking for MG 4 seater open tourer, so I recommended him to acquire it. We arranged for the car to be restored (in UK) in mint condition, since Shuji wanted best YT, and the job was superb (see photograph). It landed to Japan around 1992 and Shuji has kept it in excellent condition since. (Text provided by Hiro Nishio General Secretary of the Kobe MG Car Club).

YT EXR 4273

June? 1950

YT australia

YT 4273

Current owner, Craig Duffy, Queensland, Australia

Original owner was WR Allen a motor dealer in Petersham Sydney NSW (1950-1951). Vehicle then owned by K Tack of Bankstown, Sydney (1951-2000). Complete restoration in 2000 by Jim Hutton. (southern highlands) NSW.(2000-2008). Vehicle purchased from collector in Sydney(2012).

YT 4273 now resides in Queensland and is described as authentic example of the model. Still in excellent condition, inside and out. The original salt and pepper roof and tonneau cover in good condition. Vehicle has done approximately 15,000 mile since restoration. Just an absolute delight to tour through the quite back roads of the Queensland/New South Wales border region.

YT EXR 4310

July? 1950

YT australia

YT 4310

Current owner, Stuart Duncan, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Kieran Schueeman, purchased the car in 2006 from the son of the original owner. He later took the car from Tasmania to Canberra, ACT, where Robert Chilman joined with Kieran to get the car back on the road. The car did not have its original engine (XPAG 14021) at the time. Prior to Ern and Yvonne Perrett purchasing the car, it had been stored in a shipping container for 2 years. When they purchased the car the engine was in parts as a conrod had broken and smashed the block. A replacement TC block (Replacement Engine # B 7630) was provided by Tony Slattery. The motor was rebuilt and got going and a new wiring harness was partially installed. Around 2010, Will Charlton of the Gold Coast, QLD, purchased the car with the intention of completing the restoration, but no work was done, other than new tyres being purchased and fitted. At end of March 2016, Stuart Duncan of the Gold Coast, QLD, purchased car.

YT EXL 4313

May? 1950

YT 4313

Current owner Charles Wiggins, Maine USA.

This is YT EXL 4313. It is currently kept in the state of Maine and used each day in the summer to tour nearby Acadia National Park. It is the perfect open four passenger car to show visitors how beautiful this part of the USA is.

YT EXR 4318

24 August 1950

YT australia

YT 4318

Current owner, Steve and Lynne Brompton, New South Wales, Australia.

The car arrived by ship in NSW on 9th August, 1950 and was sold to V. M. Beale of Wahroonga, New South Wales. She probably has lived in New South Wales all her life. The original registration number was LC 625 so she now answers to "Elsie". The superb full restoration was completed by the previous owner, Bob Lawrence in 2010. We sold YT 4825 in late 2015 to make space for Elsie and enjoy driving the car frequently. She is stabled with YT 5319, YT 4117 and YT 3862, which are in various states of rebuilding.

YT EXR 4320

29 August 1950

YT australia

YT 4320

Current owner, Bob Simpson, New South Wales, Australia.

Manufactured Jan 1950 in black with green upholstery. Sold new 29 August 1950 with registration LJ 834(New South Wales). Purchased by myself in December, 1985 as a cheaper and more desirable (to me) option to restoring Y 3360, which was subsequently sold. Used as a daily driver and registered continuously up to Aug 1988 when taken off the road. What started out as an engine rebuild then turned into a full body and mechanical restoration which was finally completed in Aug 2001 and registered with no. plate YT 4320(New South Wales). A new beige roof was fitted 2012, followed by full interior restoration in original style with green leather & beige piping being completed in 2013.

YT EXR 4327

?? August 1950

YT 4327

Current owner, Richard Parr, Christchurch, New Zealand.

This car was originally imported into NewZealand from Australia in 1953 and has spent most of its' life in and around Christchurch. Bought by Richard Parr in 1973 restoration was completed in 1979. Eight previous owners in New Zealand.

YT EXR 4372

May/June? 1950


YT 4372

Current owner, Jerry Birkbeck, Warwickshire, UK.

I thought that it was time for an upgrade on YT 4372 which we bought from Bill Burnham in New Hampshire, USA in 2009. Essentially a very solid car it has been used regularly over the last seven years, averaging around 3000 miles a year. Upgrades have resulted through necessity.

I undertook some research into the history of the car and now know that the car was originally painted black in 1950 when it was imported to New York through probably J S Inskip an importer of Rolls Royce and Bentleys and an MG franchisee. It was he who added the distinctive chrome strips on either side of the car (also found on a later 4 seater TD he briefly marketed). The first owner lived in NY State but had the car completely re-painted red by 1952 when it was acquired by the second owner, who lived in Buffalo Springs. He and his family kept the car for 47 years — rebuilding it the early 1980's. A well used vehicle that carried a family of six around during its early life! Bill, the owner from whom I acquired the car had ownership from 1999 for ten years. I am the fourth owner.

The major obvious work was in late 2010 when the whole interior was reworked. This included the recovering of all the seats and new trim panels. One aspect which marginally let down an otherwise excellent job on the seats was the absence of the ash trays in the rear of the front seats. The upholster just said ` You don't smoke do you?' `Well No' was my response. Anyhow he wasn't prepared to let them in so as a result you have a missing feature. Perhaps an erudite question on a pub quiz - ` Were all MG Y Types fitted with ash trays in the rear of the front seats?'. Of course unless it was a quiz amongst caroholics ( if there is such a word!) no-one would have a clue!

I had problems with the ignition in early 2010/11 but this was resolved with H and H Ignition rebuilding the existing distributor and fitting an electronic ignition (an absolute boon). A rebuild of the carburettors in late 2011 by Ed Biddle in Malvern, Worcestershire further enhanced performance.

We like to use our MG's and over the years have helped organise the MGCC Y Register `Spring Runs' until handing over the reins to Chris Callaghan, who does an excellent job. Y Trips to France and two MG European Events of the Year in Scotland in 2013 and this year in Le Touquet, France where the YT has been something very different from the norm of A's, B's, MGF's etc. It was on returning from Aviemore towards the end of August we had a major problem when not just the head gasket blew but a bit more and we were trailered back home through our insurers Hagerty.

I found a good engine builder in Northamptonshire and took the lump over to him. Which he rebuilt and upgraded the head to run on umleaded fuel.

A year ago I had a new hood fitted and the side screens recovered. This for the first time provided a waterproof cockpit. Following the return from EEOTY France I experienced a few problems with the brakes. This has led to taking out the existing steel pipes and replacing with cupro nickel, new flexible hoses, brake cylinders and shoes. It is a filthy job, though it has enabled a thorough cleaning of the chassis and underside of the car. The YT will be back on the road by the beginning of November 2016.

YT EXR 4377

June? 1950

YT 4377

Current owner, California Connections, Derbyshire, UK

This YT has recently been imported from California and is in need of restoration. It is the first YT that we have imported and you can see from the picture that much work is needed.

YT EXR 4451

June? 1950

YT 4451

Current owner, Neil Coombes, Kent, UK

I noticed YT 4451 EXR for sale on the International MG Y Type website. I had not intended to buy another Y but the incredibly good condition of the bodywork, (despite all the missing parts), persuaded me that I just had to make an offer on the car. When the car arrived in England in December 2013 the bodywork was even better than I had expected. Having spent nearly all of its life since 1966 in a barn in Colorado there was incredibly almost no rust at all. Also there were almost no rubber parts or much Bakalite either, both of which had mainly disintegrated or had changed into a solid rock like substance. The rebuild is now under way with much of the car stripped and the preparatory work under way. I had the good fortune to find that I already had most of the missing parts, so the restoration should be fairly straightforward, without trying to tempt fate when it comes to Y Types. This should be the first of my Y types back on the road sometime this year, (2014)..

YT EXR 4454

June? 1950

YT 4454

Current owner, Ken and Charlotte Blamble, New Jersey, USA

Originally owned by the Mellon family in the Caribbean Islands. Moved to Fisher Island, NY in late 60's or early 70's. There was a fire in the dash and the car was stored for many years. Bought and partially restored to a drivable condition. Current owner purchased the car in 1995 and relocated it to New Jersey. Collected parts for a few years and started restoration in 2001...engine rebuilt and new interior and top. In 2002-2003, had total body off exterior restoration performed. Car was back on the road in September, 2003. Have since attended two Gathering of the Faithful events.

YT EXR 4455

June? 1950

YT 4455

Current owner, Paul Barrow, Washington State, USA

One YT was just not enough (see also YT 4267).Bought without an engine, gearbox, or upholstery, or dash board. This will be a project for the long winter nights (when I am not updating the website! YT 4455 will ultimately be reunited with YT 4267 and Y 5270 too. Many remaining bits from Y 4099 are already transplanted into the car, as well as bits from other salvages no doubt too.

YT EXR 4457

June? 1950

YT 4457

Current owner, Caroline Define, Maryland, USA

The car was purchased at auction 15 years ago and is all original. It has had a new starter motor and it has been refurbished and repainted. It is always been garaged and is nearly ready for the road.

YT 4608

August? 1950


Current owner, Phil Stafford, Victoria, Australia

I rescued my Y type chassis and have now rebuilt it into a "Special". The photos show my Wolseley 24/80 powered YA rolling chassis. This car has an all new, all alloy roadster body (reminiscent of a slab tank K3 with aero screens and cycle guards). For more details see Interesting Ys.

YT EXR 4615

July? 1950

YT 4615

Current owner, Tony Bushell, Auckland New Zealand.

I have owned the car since 1974 and am a current member of the MG Car Club Auckland. It was imported into New South Wales and were landed from the ship Skagerak on the 5th July 1950. The car was one of a batch of 6 cars landed: the other cars were YT4614, YT4781, YT4782, YT4777 and YT4825. The colour of both YT4614 and YT4615 was listed as Black with a green interior. The car was subsequently exported to New Zealand.

YT EXR/K 4619

2 June1950

YT uk

YT 4619

Current owner, David Pelham, Sussex, UK.

YT 4619 was imported into Switzerland by J. H. Keller AG of Zurich. This car is arare EXRK model, RHD with kilometre speedometer. YT 4619 returned to the UK in October 1998 when I personally collected it. The car has been fully restored over the last two years. I have the full history from the previous owners. YT4619 and Y7011 are stablemates.

YT EXR 4621

July? 1950

YT 4621

Current owner, Peter Wallace, Surrey, UK

My YT after it arrived in the UK.

YT EXR 4623

July? 1950

YT usa

YT 4623

Current owner, Clyde and Barb Perdzock, Wisconsin, USA

YT 4623 was an original export to Singapore. It was previously owned by George W. Dean who worked for Gulf Oil who brought it back to Pennsylvania when he stopped working in Singapore. It was last registered in Singapore in 1974.

I understand that he then sold it to a friend, Ernest Schenzel, who also lived in PA but subsequently moved with the car to Phoenix Arizona where it was stored for years. Ernest said that George was the 2nd owner. Ernest sold it to a fellow that was strictly trying to make some money on the car and never even titled it. That is the person we bought it from. Clyde Perdzock (my father) is the current owner. The car  was repainted in Singapore in the early to mid 60's according to Ernest. I tried to contact the Department of Transportation or its equivalent in Singapore. They did respond telling me that they did not have records of car licenses that far back.

The history makes it special, well they all are special, but this one is ours. (Text kindly provided by Dan Perdzock.)

YT EXR 4669

July? 1950

YT 4669

Current owner, Daman Thakore, Gujarat, India

I have grown up in this car. Right from when I was 3 years old it was used to go to the zoo, then taking 15 cousins of mine to various places, during festivals, and even for mywedding!! We really enjoy taking drives in the car and its part of our family ... My Dad had bought it 25 odd years ago and I am really glad he kept it ...

YT EXR 4714

July? 1950

YT uk

YT 4714

Current owner, Ian Thomas, Berkshire, UK

YT4714 was originally exported to Penang, Malaya. It was brought down later, in the 1970's to Kuala Lumpur. The car was originally dark green but was resprayed white in Kuala Lumpur. The car still has its original engine. I purchased the car in January 2004 from the same owner and shipped it back to the UK. I use it regularly during the summer.

My YT has recently undergone an extensive overhaul. Its now going extremely well and also has a new hood.

YT EXR 4716

July? 1950

YT uk

YT 4716

Current owner, Saul Duck, Hampshire, UK

Re-imported from (sunny) South Australia in 2001. The brother of the previous owner in Oz had actually owned it as his first car back in the sixties, so it has been in and out of the same family for much of it's life. Most of the intervening time was spent as a display in the Australian National Motor Museum at Birdwood Mill. Purchased by myself in June 2001 to replace my 1967 MGB Mk1 Roadster when the arrival into the world of my daughter made two seats too few. This car is the reason summers were created.

YT EXR 4735

August? 1950

YT usa

YT 4735

Current owner, Bill Aufderheide, Minnesota, USA

On its way back together after many years in boxes.

YT EXR 4775

July? 1950

YT usa

YT 4775

Current owner, Jim Robinson, California, USA

This is a 1950 EXR, probably shipped originally to Australia. By the mid-1970's the car was in New York City, then Connecticut. The YT underwent a body-off restoration in about 1999 and then made its way to the U.S. west coast.

YT EXR 4825

July 1950

YT australia

YT 4825

Current owner, Steve Brompton, Sydney New South Wales Australia.

We bought the car in 1997 in parts and my daughters and I put it together in time for the 50th Anniversary Run. Montgomery is in good condition, reliable and my wife and I use him a lot. The car arrived in Sydney on the "SS Skagarak" in July 1950 but its past history before I acquired it is somewhat sketchy. The colour scheme originally was black with beige trim and beige wheels.

YT EXR 4831

July? 1950

YT usa

YT 4831

Current owner, Thomas Baumgardner, Ohio, USA.

A 1950 Green beauty has been on the road since being restored in 1980-82. Currently sporting a Judson blower and a 5 speed tranny it has 185/16 Michelin-X tyres. We have travelled as far from Ohio as Minnesota, Georgia, Kansas, and New Hampshire.

YT EXRU 4835

July? 1950

YT usa

YT 4835

Current owner, Charles Griffin New York USA

The YT belongs to my father, Charles Griffin. He purchased it to restore in 1969, from a kid on the North Shore of Long Island who was using it to drive to college. My parents drove it home (to the South Shore of Long Island) and my mother recalls "playing" with the hydraulic tire lifts. It appears the car was originally turquoise with a white top and interior. My father gathered parts, including a new top from England but moved on to the hobby of restoring Model A Fords. The YT remains a never completed work in progress. The guarantee plate is interestingly rare in that it denotes this car as an EXRU - Export Right hand drive US market? (The information here and photographs have been provided by Caril Simmons.

YT EXR 4914

August? 1950

YT usa

YT 4914

Current owner, The Johnson Foundation, Washington, USA.

This YT was originally exported to the USA and I acquired it from the previous owner in Washington State.

YT EXR 4919

August ? 1950

YT 4919

Current owner, Robert Patry, Québec Canada

My YT is in its original state, mostly complete but in need of a thorough, body-off restoration. The chassis is sound, with no major rust in the body panels, and with the original XPAG engine and transmission and rear axle. It is Sequoia, with a red interior and black top. My father, the second owner, purchased it for my brother in the late 1950's in Ottawa, and it has remained in our family since. The car had a first "near death" experience in the spring of 1984, when my father's house burnt to the ground. Luckily, the car was removed from the site in time, and there was no damage to the car!! A second, more recent "near death" experience for this car was that I had nearly sold the car this past July!! I have obviously changed my mind on that score, and have, fortunately for our family, decided to keep it! I am currently restoring a '64 Austin-Healey and when complete I will be embarking on the restoration of the YT.

YT EXR 4921

15 September 1950

Current owner, Dishna Dissanayake, Vienna, Austria.

Work in progress.

YT EXR 4923

August ? 1950

YT 4923

Current owner Francois van Tonder, Middleburg Mpumalang (Eastern Transvaal) South Africa

The car was originally exported to Zimbabwe and was imported into South Africa in the early 1980s by Francois' father.

YT EXR 4962

June? 1950

YT 4962

Current owner, Phil and Arty Williams, Virginia, USA

I just bought this car and plan to dive into the restoration after completing additional research. At present the car is partially disassembled and has been in storage since 1994. We plan to start the restoration from the beginning as there are many items that need to be revisited from an earlier restoration attempt.

YT EXR 5037

October? 1950

YT uk

YT 5037

Current owner, Andrew Morland. Somerset. UK.

I took delivery of this car in November 2002 and became the fourth owner. It was previously owned by Brian Ralph in Tasmania, who completed a ground up restoration in Dec.2000. YT 5037 was the outright concours winner in the MGCC Tasmania 2001 concours. Very original vehicle all numbers match. Shires green with Beige interior.

YT EXR 5127

September? 1950

YT uk

YT 5127

Current owner, Wade Davis, Missouri USA.

One of the previous owner of YT 5127 was an engineer who worked overseas at various times. The car was originally exported to Pakistan and was shipped back to the USA in 1956, when he returned home. He returned overseas once again in the 1960s and the car sat in storage again for a number of years. In 1969 some work was undertaken with the motor and the car was resprayed in its original colour. In 1970 the car was put into storage again as the owner was away. In 2000 extensive restoration work was undertaken by a MG Restoration shop in Kansas City. The car has been driven little since.

I also own a 1947 MG Y, and a 1953 MG YB.

YT EXR 5139

21 August? 1951

YT 5139

Current owner, Steve Brompton, Sydney, Australia

In 1975 I told a friend I wanted to buy an MG. She said I know just the man!

We visited this person who said "There's a YT advertised in the paper this weekend". "What's a YT?" I said. A visit to his garage and I was hooked! She lent me some of the money, we married a year later and left our wedding in the car. We enjoyed driving it everywhere until a restoration was started a few years later. Much body work, a new engine and gearbox were undertaken but Barnaby awaits completion.

YT EXR 5143

August/September? 1950

YT 5143

Current owner, Marie Gould, South Australia, Australia

My father bought the car second hand from its first owner in 1954 and used it as his daily driver until the mid eighties. It was last registered in 1986. He gave it to us when he moved house in 2006. YT 5143 first ran again on 20 February 2011 after 25 years, with only a new battery, coil, some fuel lines, oil and water (see here). Next step is to get rid of some chassis rust on the driver's side and make the brakes work. We also have Y 1166 in bits and boxes, mostly complete though.

YT EXR 5156

August? 1950

YT 5156

Current owner, Ian Prior, Victoria, Australia.

YT 5156 was originally sold in Sydney in 1950 and is believed to be the last YT produced. It was painted Clipper Blue with a light beige/tan interior. The then owner relocated to the Geelong area of Victoria in 1961 hence the registration HKN150. It was moved to Melbourne a few years later. As a young lad in the early 1960's I saw the car being driven around Melbourne with a hard top fitted. Little did I realize that one day I would own the car. I acquired the vehicle in 1971. My brother (Richard YT 3208) and I re-sprayed the car in late '71 Hawthorn Green but I didn't have time to put it back together for my Honeymoon drive around Tasmania in January 1972 so the motor was transferred into my girl friend's YA Y6698 (later sold in 1978) for the occasion. Since this time I returned and modified the motor to stage 2 with 1350cc and fitted Wire Wheels using MGA front hubs and drum brakes and a TF rear end. I have enjoyed sprinting and Hill Climbing the car and attending National Meetings in the 70's and 80's with some success.