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Over the years of collecting material for the Reprinted Articles, a number of other pieces where only a passing reference to the MG Y Type have been found. These are more in the way of smaller press cuttings than full articles, but nonetheless may be of interest.  The publication is credited on the snippet.

All files are in PDF Format for which you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you have not got this installed on your PC you can download it free here Get Adobe Acrobat Reader free here.

Believed to have been in the OLD CARS magazine, March 25 1975 - a US/Canadian publication.

The Y is the second car in the line!

British Car Magazine, October 1996

Cover girl only - the magazine did not include any article on the MG Y.

British Car Magazine, June 1992.

British Car Magazine, October 1995.

Motor Sport Magazine, March 1953.

Automobil und Motorrad Chronik, 9 September 1982.

Night Trial from Australian Motor Sports March 1953

Australian Motor Sports March 1953.

Mini Con East '83

MG Abingdon Classics Magazine Volume 3 Number 10 (November 1983?).

GOF West '83

MG Abingdon Classics Magazine Volume 3 Number 11 (December 1983?)

Safety Fast July 1992.

Practical Classics March 1982.

Practical Classics March 1980.

Old Motor November 1981.

Old Motor June 1981.

Classic and Sportscar October 1982.

Classic and Sportscar June 1982.

Item in French.
with an English translation.
Source and date unknown.

Car and Car Conversions, November 1979.

The Autocar 30, April 1954.
Note the Jackall pump is in use!!

The Autocar 30, April 1954.
MG Y is in the background.

The Light Car May 1953.

Autosport, 25 April 1952.

The Autocar, 22 April 1960.

The Autocar, 5 May 1950.

The Autocar, 15 April 1949.

The Autocar, 10 July 1953.

Popular Classics May 1994.

On Four Wheels - Issue 148 1976.

Source and date unknown.

Simm's Hill - Autosport January 5, 1951. An "Exeter" favourite which ofteen blasts hopes of a Premier Award. C. Griffiths (1 1/4 litre M.G.) was one of the many standard car drivers who took part in this event.

Cover picture for North American Classic MG magazine, Issue number 4 Fall 2001.

Extracted from Disconnected Jottings, The Autocar, April 15, 1949.

Composite of pages 622 and 623, The Autocar, May 8, 1953.

Pages 465, The Autocar, April 27, 1956.

Page 457, Autosport, April 11, 1952. Peter Bolton (MG) taking the hairpin during elimination tests for the RAC Rally of Great Britain.

Page 556, Autosport, May 2, 1952. Welsh Weekend Award Winner G K Hale (1 1/4 Litre MG Saloon) winner of the Allen Trophy.

Page 684, The Motor, December 2, 1953. Why and American buys a British car.

Page 500, The Motor, May 14, 1952. CLOSE COMPANY throughout the touring car race was kept by Jacobs (M.G.) and Bennett (Javelin), the former passing on the corners and being re-pased on the straights in a highly exciting duel.

Page 258, The Motor, September 23, 1953. University Motors Ltd. of Piccadilly, London recently supplied this M.G. 1 1/4-litre Saloon to Sir Gordon Richards, the famous jockey. In this picture, his son, Mr. Jack Richards is seen handing the car over to Sir Gordon on behalf of the suppliers.

Page 500, The Motor, May 14, 1952. CLOSE COMPANY throughout the touring car race was kept by Jacobs (M.G.) and Bennett (Javelin), the former passing on the corners and being re-pased on the straights in a highly exciting duel.

Oxford Mail, December 28 2016.

Page 385, The Autocar, September 18, 1953. Miss Agnes Balfour driving her 1 1/4 M.G. saloon through the snake at Boness last Saturday. A fair crowd and excellent weather attended and saw an enjoyable day's sport.

Page 829, The Autocar, July 13, 1951.

Practical Motorist, 1976 - month unknown, article on Scrapyards.

The Autocar, 27 January, 1956.

Dave Mullen wrote to Mr. Binnington to see if he could recollect anything about his MG Y and he received back this interesting reply!

The Autocar, 23 March, 1956.

The Autocar, 27 April, 1956.

MG Enthusiast, November, 2017.

The Autocar , March 2, 1951.

The Autocar, October 10, 1952.

The Autocar, May 22, 1952.
A H McGrady (M.G.) forces it round the top hairpin in the final tests on the promenade.
The car was participating in the 'Heat Wave Rally' or the Lanacshire Automobile Club's Morecombe National Jubilee Rally May 16-18 1952.

The Autocar, December 26, 1952.

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