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27 February 2008

A while back it was suggested that we should have some polls on the website, so ever wanting to oblige, here is your first one!  Barbara Goodyear has updated the photo of YT 2583, and added an all important piece of information to her entry on Ys on Parade too!


15 February 2008

A message from Jerry Birkbeck for those of you thinking about joining the UK Spring Run this year is "25 rooms have now been booked at Stratton House Hotel so there are now only 14 left.  Interested parties should contact the Hotel as soon as they can - or they miss out" ... so do not delay, unless you want to sleep in the hay!

The Torque Settings document in the Technical Centre has also been updated for a table of generic torque settings provided by Tony Slattery in response to a recent request for help by Gilles Bachand on the Bulletin Board.  We hope this will be of help in the future too.

John Ellis has sent in a copy of a print of an MG Y out for a Sunday drive for our Artist's Impressions page.  The print has also featured on a run of greetings cards that you may be fortunate enough to get hold of from time to time too.

For the mid-month Reprinted Article we travel back in time again for the first of two articles from Light Car Magazine, June 1947!


9 February 2008

More exciting news from 'down under' in that boot hinges that have been unavailable at a reasonable price for some time, are now available from Vintage Reproductions of Australia - check out http://www.vintageandclassicreproductions.com/morris_garage.shtml.  At $280.00AU for a pair this represents a very fair price even if you add shipping!  Vintage Reproductions have been added to the Links page.  Thank you Terry Ciantar for this tip!


5 February 2008

Tony Slattery has kindly provided a CAD drawing of the Gear box filler and dipstick hole cover for the Parts Drawings page.

Also, eagle eyed Willem Van Der Veer has found another film with a Y in for "Y"s on Film page.


4 February 2008

Ignominious footage of a Y being loaded onto a flatbed for hauling away to scrap has been added to the "Y"s on Film page.  Sadly this was shot a couple of years ago (2005) so although we have been in touch with the cameraman, we are unable to ascertain what chassis number it was.  This film was spotted on the YouTube website by Willem Van Der Veer.  Are there any other clips of Ys out there on the internet?  If you come across them, let us know.


1 February 2008

We have a new Picture of the Month this month is from Mark Weissman and the Reprinted Article comes from Sports Car World, March 1970.


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