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23 June 2006

Another Antipodean Y is added today, please welcome to Ys on Parade, please welcome Stan Tucker with Y 1851.


20 June 2006

Today, please welcome John Ellis and Y 3209 to Ys on Parade.


15 June 2006

The mid-month Reprinted Article comes from Practical Classics, November 1994 in which Brian Cox compares Richard Dick's MG YB against a Riley RME .


11 June 2006

Please welcome YB 1308 to its new home from the UK to Western Australia and the garage of Bill Jenkinson.


9 June 2006

Andrew Coulson has sent in some pictures of his YT in use as a wedding car, together with some hints for chauffeurs.


5 June 2006

As mentioned previously on the Bulletin Board, the MG YB 1533 (4972 H) appeared in the film "Sweeney 2" and some stills have been uploaded to Ys on Film.  If the current owner reads this, perhaps he could the Webmaster or the Registrar and we'd be delighted to add his car to Ys on Parade too.  At the bottom of the page Ys on Film, we have added a list of other films and TV appearances we need your help to obtain stills from, so check out the bottom of the page too!


3 June 2006

Today please welcome Jason Roth, the new owner of Y 6326 to Ys on Parade.  In Jason's own words "Am I ever enjoying my Y! It has already given me so much pleasure. So many older blokes have a story to tell, about their childhood adventures in such a vehicle".  That about says it all.


2 June 2006

A new entry to Ys on Parade, please welcome Geoffrey Wilson and YB 0481.  This car makes another matched pair with its sister car YB 0480 of Keith Moreland on Ys on Parade too.  YB 0481 also featured in the TV series "Miss Marple" in the "Murder at the Vicarage" episode in 1997.  We hope to bring you a still some time for Ys on Film ... if you have one, please send it in to the Webmaster.  Interestingly UK YBs are now at 55 as against 56 UK YAs in Ys on Parade too.


1 June 2006

As I am writing this, the weary travellers are returning from the Y Register trip to France: no doubt we will be treated to a full report in the next few days, so watch this space for details.  Meanwhile, Terry Ciantar provides us with another great Picture of the Month.  The Reprinted Article comes from MG Enthusiast, July 1994, and features the inimitable Ian Hopkins, our very own Graphic Designer, and his YB 1499.

Also on the Classified Advertisements there is currently a very rare Left Hand Drive YA for sale.  The seller has a genuine reason for the sale, and the opportunity is there to acquire a YA that is even rarer than a YT as only some 300 odd were ever made.  The seller is in California, USA, but clearly the car would be well at home in any Left Hand Drive country (or Right Hand Drive for that matter) and it is available at an absolute bargain price too.  Check it out, and buy it.


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