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26 July 2005
Today please welcome Reg Dixie and YB 1298 to Ys on Parade.

Also added to the Links page is a new radiator rebuilder Kingston Radiators in Southampton, UK.


24 July 2005
Can you speak and read French? You can possibly help your website provide a more international flavour as we have a couple of articles in French we need help in translating.  If you would like to help this site become more international (or know of someone you can persuade to help) please contact the webmaster here.


23 July 2005
Please welcome David Butler to Ys on Parade with Y 0485.


20 July 2005
Tony Stock has sent in two photos for Ys at Weddings and says in his email "We are hoping for similar weather at the same location in September when our daughter Kate marries Gary, and the YT will be doing the honours once again!" so hopefully more from him soon please Tony and thanks for the ones sent.


16 July 2005
A day late, so please accept my apologies.  This month's mid-month Reprinted Articles update is an extract from a 3 car comparison on the MG YA from Classic Cars March 1990.  In order to condense the article only the bits concerning the MG YA have been extracted.


11 July 2005
Andrew has sent in his Annual Report on another fine day showing the good folk of Yorkshire that real MGs also come in four doors and a roof. following another very enjoyable day showing at the Ripon Old Car Gathering.  A link has also been provided from the Events page.


9 July 2005
Today please welcome Roy Hardwick and YB 1025 to Ys on Parade.

Alf Luckman has also written to advise of a company that has reproduced a short run of MG Y front crank handle carriers.  Many of you I know are missing this small and rare item, even I will need one for my newest YT, so I was very grateful to hear of them.  Stocks are limited so hurry.  The vendor writes:

I have arranged for a manufacturing company near my home to laser copy the crank handle support bracket that bolts inside the front bumper of the MGY.  It is an obsolete part but I now have an exact replica and the company has tooled up 30 pieces.  They will be chromed and available in August at cost price for only $15 each, direct from Norwebb Pty Ltd. 32 Vernon Avenue, West Heidelberg, Victoria 3081, Australia telephone +61 (0)3 9459 3743, fax +61 (0)3 9457 1669. You can contact them by email:  here.


5 July 2005
Today please welcome Chris Blood and YB 0838 to Ys on Parade.  Chris has the patience of a saint, not least evidenced by the work he will have on the car, but because it took nearly a year to get the car home after he bought it - well done Chris, it's easier from here!  And the good news Chris, yes the engine number checks out to the Y Ledger list by Neil Cairns as being the original one - you can actually see on the list when the car was built too.

Also, please be advised that the rear Jackall hoses are now no longer 'exchange only' item but are available for out-right purchase.


3 July 2005
Tony Slattery has sent in another picture for Ys at Weddings for your enjoyment. 


1 July 2005
Now it is the Northern Hemisphere's turn to mourn the passing of Midsummer's day - but that heralds a new Picture of the Month for you too.  Also the new Reprinted Article is actually a collage of items on the Y taken from an article on all MG models featured in Thoroughbred and Classic Cars, January 1981.


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