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26 May 2002

Welcome to Warren Mann of New Hampshire, USA and Y1648, and Fiona Welch with Y 3578.  We are now up to 37 Ys on Parade!  Sadly, Y 3578 is up for sale (see Classified Advertisements deceased estate - YA for sale), however Fiona has asked us, nonetheless, to post the car of her late brother on the Parade.  Anyone interested in acquiring this excellently presented car, Y 3578, should contact Alf Luckman directly.

We also have a new hint on the Hints and Tips page from Alf Luckman in Australia.


20 May 2002

Today we welcome Dave Mullen and YB 0647 from Merseyside UK, and two from South Africa owned by David Lawrence (author of Let there be Ys) YT 2587 and YB 0752.  We are now up to 35 Ys on Parade and getting closer to the "magic 50" every day.


19 May 2002

This morning we welcome David Ardill and YT 4265 from New South Wales Australia.  The number of Ys on Parade continues to grow and is now 32.  Will we reach the "magic 50" before our second month?  I hope so!


18 May 2002

Twenty-four hours after we welcome our oldest Y to Ys on Parade, we now welcome the youngest!  Please welcome Peter McKercher and YB 1547 from Ottawa, Canada.  It is ironic, but incredible timing, (and was certainly not planned by the webmaster!).  Apparently, Peter's car was one of the last YB's ever built as only three more came off the line after his!!


17 May 2002

Welcome to Chanaka Jinasena from Sri Lanka, with what is our oldest Ys on Parade to date - Y 0900.  This is a previously unknown car (to the Register) and a very interesting "find" and Chanaka fully intends to do a full restoration job.  Those who have been there, know just what an uphill struggle lies ahead for him.

Chanaka's car has many interesting and unusual features.  We have compiled a short article on his car from the information and pictures he has sent.  To view this, click here.

Also, there are two new links to Australian Car Club sites featuring photographs of a Y and a YT.


15 May 2002

This morning we welcome Allen Bachelder from Virginia USA with YT 4127.  This brings us to 29 Ys on Parade currently.  Allen tells us he is going to restore the car and will send us a new photograph as restoration progresses.  Good luck Allen, we hope you can be of assistance to you!


11 May 2002

Another car from David Pelham's stable is today's addition, so a welcome to YT 4267 to Ys on Parade.


10 May 2002

Today we welcome David Hague with YB 1458 to the ever growing (now 27) Ys on Parade.

The eagle eyed among you will also have noticed the Hints and Tips update from Jack Murray about "air conditioning" in a Y Type.  I found this very useful as my wipers were always coming on - almost as an ancillary fan but to no avail!  Sorry for not having mentioned it earlier Jack.


9 May 2002

Today we welcome John and Barbara Van Over with YT 3111 to Ys on Parade.


8 May 2002

This week we welcome Peter Martyn with Y 1139 - the oldest Ys on Parade so far, and Colin McLachlen Y 6561 to Ys on Parade.  Please refer to the notes on 1 May 2001 if you do not have access to a scanner, but would still like to have your car featured on the website.  David Pelham, who has also been ably assisting the production of this site will also willingly accept your "snail" mail contributions in hard copy for scanning on the same basis.  You can contact him here per his note on the Bulletin Board (See New website for Y Types thread).  Remember, if you want to start a discussion going, or join in one, the Bulletin Board is the place for you: you can start a new thread or "conversation" article there.

We have also added Vintage Tyre Supplies (for all your cross-ply and radial sizes), Namrick - fasteners, BSF nuts and bolts, and Richfield - a speedo cable supplier amongst other items.  Please mention that you are being referred to businesses by the website when you contact them.  They may not be aware they are on it, but they soon will when you tell them!  We have also added hyperlinks to Moss-Europe and NTG for you to download their price lists in .PDF format.

If you have any ideas as to how we can improve the site, please send your suggestions to here or here.  We already have several plans in the pipeline, but please do not hesitate to write to us (both).  We will come back to you and, although we may not implement your idea immediately, please be assured it will  go into the pot and we will come back to you.

Continue to enjoy the site.


2 May 2002

The ink is not yet dry on the last update, but already there is a new hint on the Hints & Tips page and there are four new link on the Links page.  Look for the indicator.  If the page fails to show any new items, it may be due to your PC holding pages in its memory.  To overcome this, place the mouse over any area of text in the page (not a picture) and "right click" then select REFRESH.

Also, on the Events page, Malcolm Hardy has a SundaY Lunch event for 12 May 2002.  Sorry about the short notice, but fuller details can be found on the Events page from where you can also email Malcolm directly to confirm your intentions.


1 May 2002

Over 1,100 hits already and 23 'Y's on Parade!  Going by the comments some of you have placed in the Guest Book, you like the site.  If you have tried to post an entry in the Guest Book, but it did not show up, you must copy the verification code (from the grey box) into the entry.  This is designed to stop "spam" computers (junk mail computers) from filing an entry as it is randomly generated for each entry, and verified.  We like to see, and hear your comments and this is your immediate feedback forum.

The Picture of the Month has been updated.  If you would like to send a picture for either feature, but do not have access to a scanner, please send an email to the webmaster (link above).  I will then send you back my "snail" mail address.  Please remember to send an stamped addressed envelope with your photograph(s) if you would like them returned to you, together with not more than 100 words to go with the picture.

I also note that the address for the additional photographs from Ted Gardner of the Y Register 2002 Spring Run as linked in the 17 April 2002 update, is not working properly.  Please try http://communities.msn.co.uk/MGYType instead.  Ted has also volunteered access to his personal email address by clicking here if you want copies of any of the pictures as quality of the reproduction has suffered somewhat from MSN!


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