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24 October 2006

Today, please welcome John Wallace with YT 4621 to Ys on Parade, and another of Tony Bushell's collection of Ys YA 0696.  This has now put New Zealand into 6th place overall for Ys on Parade!


20 October 2006

Matt Saunders recently sent in some interesting pictures of the special bodied YB 1551 - the last Y chassis ever.  This was sold to race driver Dick Jacobs and raced very successfully.  Last we heard (2002) this was being restored - it would great to catch up with the owner and project again!  Meanwhile, we have added the pictures to Interesting Ys.  Thanks Matt.


16 October 2006

Eagle eyed Michael Nicholson noticed that part of the text was missing from the latest  Reprinted Article.  My apologies for this, I have moved the pictures around on the last page and if you download again you will get the full text.


15 October 2006

This month, with the approaching Diamond Jubilee of the Y Type, we jump back to 1997 and celebrate another Reprinted Article from that amazing year.  This is one of three articles from the July 1997 edition of MG Enthusiast and is called "Ugly duckling blossoms in middle age".

For those Y owners in the Pacific North West USA and Canada BC, we are hoping to organise a Y Birthday weekend over the same weekend as the UK guys (11 - 13 May 2007) and possibly close to Bellingham.

If you are interested in this event please email the webmaster as we are wanting to assess interest at this time.


7 October 2006

In case you have not yet looked up MG Y Type at wikipedia.org it is there, so we have added it as a link on the Links page ... after significantly enhancing the content of course!


5 October 2006

Andrew and Arlene Coulson have notified confirmed dates for the 2007 Ripon Old Car Show ... "with a bar!!!".  See the Events page for details.

Tony Slattery has also sent in pictures of his dash pot stand to remember which way to refit the dash pots after a removal for carburettor servicing etc.  See Hints and Tips page for the details.


3 October 2006

Today, please welcome Tony Slattery with Y 2413 to  Ys on Parade.  We now have 1/5th of all known surviving Ys in the world on this site!  That is truly amazing, and thank you all for sharing them.  Please remember, if you know of a Y that is not on the site yet, because the owner does not have internet access, or a digital photograph, please obtain their permission and then gather the details and send them on in to us for them.  Be sure to show them when it is added - we try to do this as soon as possible after reciept.


1 October 2006

September was a hectic month, and October gets off to a flying start with a welcome to David Harper with Y 7250 to  Ys on Parade.

Some of us know a bit about our car's history, some of us want to find out, and some of us are not bothered one way or the other.  For those who fall into the former category, we have added yet another page Stories from the Rear view mirror. This page gives owners slightly more space to share some of the details of their car's history.  The page can be accessed through the link in the panel to the left of the News page (October 2006 onwards).

Other regular stuff, this month's Reprinted Article is of currently unknown origins and date, but believed to be from The Light Car Magazine, possibly from 1947 and a new Picture of the Month - this time from the artistic talents of Steve Simmons with a Halloween theme.

Have you had chance to enjoy the Video Clips yet from Ys on Film?  Although they may take a while to download on a dial up modem (20 minutes each) they are well worth it, and if you only do one, a must see one is the "Enjoyment is the key" (3.8mb) one from the Miss Marple Video.  I purchased all of these videos through Amazon.com and am highly delighted with the films in their own right as entertainment too, so do not only enjoy the specific Y clips, buy the video/DVDs too - they are great.


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