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 MG Y Type News  

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26 September 2008

Following a recommendation from Peter Vielvoye, a link has been added to the Supplier's section of the Links Page for Coverdale (UK) for Carpet sets for your Y.


23 September 2008

Today, please welcome David French with YT 3374 to Ys on Parade.  Richard Knight has also updated his picture of YB 0655 having now got it back from the painters.


20 September 2008

Tony Slattery has sent in a Hint and Tip about how to determine the size of camshaft fitted to your Y, especially important when deciding if you have a 19 thousand or 12 thousand inch gap on your valve settings.


17 September 2008

Please welcome Martin Godbey, owner of the Sarasota Car Museum, (Florida USA) and Y 4484 to Ys on Parade.


15 September 2008

The mid-month Reprinted Article comes from MG Enthusiast Magazine for August 2006 and features Andrew and Arlene Coulson's YB Pickup!  Enjoy!!


12 September 2008

A lovely new post card has been posted to the Collectibles page featuring an MG Y, the de Havilland Comet, an Airspeed Ambassador (in flight) and a Douglas DC6 (on the ground).


11 September 2008

The Y and Magnette Register of the Victoria, South Australia MG Car Club had an Early Morning Run to Winery in the Strathbogie Ranges in August 2008.  A report and pictures can be found here.


4 September 2008

Today please welcome John Sanderson  with Y 5729 to Ys on Parade. John has also sent in a picture of Y 5729 at the wedding of his daughter Judith from May 2005.  Also Chris Blood has sent in a new picture of  YB 0838 too.

David Pelham has also recommended the addition of Humphreys and Willis Auto Electricians in Redhill UK for the successful rebuilding of Lucas C45 dynamos for our cars and also starter motors and anything electrical too.


1 September 2008

Please welcome Adam and Steve Lombard to Ys on Parade with YB 1512. Also please welcome David Ward as the new owner of Y 1344 too.

Peter Vielvoye has also sent in details of a toolbox to fit in the spare space in the battery box.  This has been added to the Hints and Tips page.

Andrew Coulson provides the Picture of the Month this month - good job you have the pick up Andrew as I bet you cannot get this in the back of your saloon now!

The Reprinted Article continues the run of articles from the US Publication 'MG Magazine', but now jumps forward to the Fall of 1988 .  It is a short data summary on the MG YT.


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