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 MG Y Type News  

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23 October 2011

Two new You Tube videos have been added to the Ys on Film and other media page.


20 October 2011

Herman Reijnders has updated the photograph of Y 3448 on Ys on Parade.


15 October 2011

Today please welcome James Spears with Y/T 2659 and Tim Rose with Y 4953 to Ys on Parade.

Christopher Constantine has also sent in a story about his previous MG Y that was fitted with an Austin Freeway 6 cylinder engine. His recollections have been added to the Stories from the rear view mirror page. If you have any recollections of your MG Y days that you would like to shar with some photographs, email them in and share them with us.

Also added today is the mid-month Reprinted Article from Motor Sport Magazine, April 1953.


14 October 2011

Today please welcome Garry Perry with Y 3219 to Ys on Parade. Y 3219 is powered by a Rover 3.5 V8 engine so there will be more to follow when I update the Interesting Ys page in due course.


5 October 2011

Mike Bond is asking for help tracing his old Y (DFX 944) on Where is my Y now?. If you have any information please contact him via the link there.


2 October 2011

Roy Dockery has sent in a new picture of YB 1381 for his entry on Ys on Parade. He hopes to have the car on the road next year - best of luck with that Roy!


1 October 2011

The Picture of the Month this month has been provided by Eric Platt from a Manchester Historic Vehicle Club gathering in 2008.

The Reprinted Article comes from the Auto-Body Repair Manual published by Scientific Magazines of Australia. The date of the publication is unknown but if you know it, or can find out, please let us know.

Another page has been added to the Parts Cross Reference pages, the first of two covering the internal engine parts.


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