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 MG Y Type News  

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23 September 2007

Our network of Committee Members has been updated on the Contact Us page following the addition to the ranks of a member for the North East UK, please welcome Andrew Coulson as the new area representative.  Andrew has three Ys, a YA, a YT, and a YA Pickup conversion.

Also added to the Links page are Ken and Kathryn Nicholson who have a YA that can be hired for weddings!  We hope to be able to add their YA to Ys on Parade shortly too.


21 September 2007

Ever wondered about how to use safety wire?  We have added two articles about how to properly Safety Wire.  These will permanently be available under the Technical Centre option from the main menu too.  The articles were provided by Dave DuBois, Washington, USA: thanks, Dave


17 September 2007

The June 2007 Newsletter from Safety Fast has been uploaded and features a history of the MG Y Type Register from it's first days to the present and the August feature from Safety Fast on 'So you want to buy an MG Y Type?' has also been added to the Buyer's Guide page as well as the Newsletter page.


15 September 2007

The Reprinted Articles library has been enlarged for the mid-month update, this time with an article from Car Exchange magazine, December 1980 concerning Postwar Sedans from MG.

Hex Holdings (UK) are also able to supply aerosols of most MG paint colours.  Their details have been added to both the Colour Schemes page, and the Links page. Our thanks to Michael Nicholson for this tip off!


11 September 2007

Today, please welcome Michael Lutz and  Y 4991 in Ys on Parade.  Michael's car is a rare EXLM - Export Left Hand drive with a odometer in miles!


7 September 2007

Roy Clapham has updated his photograph and notes on Y 5986 in Ys on Parade.  More details about Brad Wilson's chassis of Y 3222 have also been added as it has been modified to facilitate the fitting of a special body.

Jerry Birkbeck has also released details for the UK Spring Run 2008 - details on the Events page.


1 September 2007

The Picture of the Month this month comes from Ted Gardner and goes back to the Abingdon Car Show of 2004.

The Reprinted Article for this month comes from Enjoying MG, July 2007 with a superbly timely article on the Y Type, MG's small saloon at 60!

Also, please welcome Brad Wilson with Y 3222 to Ys on Parade.


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