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 MG Y Type News  

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26 August 2009

The Australian Motorlife Museum in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia has sent in details of Y 4192 (current advertised on the Classified Advertisements page) to Ys on Parade.


25 August 2009

A photograph of the directional radio antenna adjusting knob as fitted to Peter Sharp's Y-Type has been added to the Interesting Ys page.

Also, the last two pictures of YB 0414 from the former Dick Jacob's collection have been added to the Collectibles page.


24 August 2009

Two new cars have been added to Ys on Parade today so please welcome Andy Goodyear with Y 5221 , and David Loendorf with  YB 0549.


22 August 2009

Two new tyre suppliers, one in the US, and one in the UK have been added to the Suppliers Tyre section of the Links page following recommendations from owners, also a Vehicle Restorer who has recently completed a rebuild and respray of an MG YB.

Richard Knight has also set up a page on Facebook for MG Y Types.

Another Flickr photograph has been added too.


16 August 2009

Andrew Coulson's lucky band of Y-Typers begins their three day tour of Yorkshire today.  For those of us unfortunate enough not to be attending, the mid-month Reprinted Article is now available from MG Enthusiast, April 2007 and is titled "Why so rare?".


14 August 2009

Brian Moyse emailed today and said "They are more frequent than buses!!" so today it gives me great pleasure to say please welcome Brian Moyse with YB 0841 to Ys on Parade. This makes another "matched pair" with Keith Herkes YB 0842.


13 August 2009

Please welcome John Cummings with Y 5494 to Ys on Parade.  Rather like buses - along come three at once!


12 August 2009

Graham Monaghan and Y 4037 joins Ys on Parade, so please give him a warm welcome too.

Another 48 pictures have been added to the Flickr page too!


11 August 2009

Today, please welcome Richard Bryan with Y 3804 to Ys on Parade!


10 August 2009

Y 7012 has a new owner too, so today please welcome David Hawkins to Ys on Parade!


3 August 2009

Tony Knowles has kindly supplied details of an Instrument Repairer that we have been delighted to add to the Links page.  He also advised the J & L Spares no longer do repairs on wiper motors, so their entry has been updated and a new one added under Wiper Motor Rebuilds too.


2 August 2009

YB 0279 has a new owner, so please welcome Mike Long to Ys on Parade!


1 August 2009

Already it is August and the Summer is breezing past in the Northern Hemisphere, and for those in the Southern Hemisphere now the days are getting perceptibly longer.

Today, please welcome Ken Kimber, the new owner for YB 0838 to Ys on Parade!

Our Picture of the Month comes from Tony Bushell in New Zealand, from the Kimber Birthday run in 2007.

The Reprinted Article again comes Safety Fast, October 1995 this time though, and is an article by Jerry Birkbeck on the Banbury Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally earlier that year.


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