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27 April 2007

New Collectibles have been added, courtesy of Robert Simpson, from the Australian 60th Anniversary Gathering at Maitland earlier this month.


22 April 2007

It is not every day that we come across a landmark car (although a few have surface since we started the website) but today is a very special day, with a very special car!  We are delighted to welcome Gilbert Vickers with YB 0251 (yes that is correct - the first ever YB!!!!) to Ys on Parade.  Gilbert also very kindly hosted our Chairman, Peter Arnell, and Secretary, Ted Gardner, to view the car and take some additional photographs which can also be viewed here in our Interesting Ys feature.

Please also welcome Barbara Goodyear with YT 2583 to Ys on Parade making another matched pair with YT 2582 and Chris Swale in Durban, South Africa!


21 April 2007

Keith Herkes recently sent me an extract from The Motor, 21 April 1948, concerning the fitting of a Shorrocks supercharger.  This has been added to the Reprinted Articles page as a bonus - its only a small file!

Also, please welcome YT 3861 and Tony Slattery to Ys on Parade.  Tony is no stranger to most of us, having a total of 5 MG Ys now (Y 2413, Y 3237, Y 3936, Y 6531, and now YT 3861!!)  Tony says "My wife and I only drive MGs.  Besides the Ys we also have a 1969 MG Midget and a 2005 3 door MG ZR 160".  Nice one Tony!!


19 April 2007

Lynne Brompton and Alf Luckman have filed a report to go with the marvellous pictures posted yesterday of the Australian Maitland gathering.  This has been added to thespecial page of photographs from this special Diamond year.


18 April 2007

Tony Bushell sent in a couple of pictures from his daughter, Sara, recent wedding to David and his YT.

Also, the first few photographs from the New South Wales, Maitland 60th birthday party gathering have arrived and been added to the special page of photographs from this special Diamond year.  A total of 30 Ys - 17 YAs and 13 YTs - attended the gathering.  We think this is a record for any one gathering of YTs in one place (even at the factory there would never have been this many in one place as they were made in batches of 4 - 8 max!) ... unless you have a photograph of more?


17 April 2007

Elsie Packman has sent in a updated picture of Y 5539 and comments now that 'MaGgY' has completed her restoration.  Nice job!


16 April 2007

The second Reprinted Article this month is the fifth and final one from the March 2002 MG Enthusiast and is titled "Quality appeal of Forties saloon".  Enjoy!


12 April 2007

The following announcement is made with great pleasure, as I can personally think of no one other person who has done so much for the Y Register over many years.

MG Car Club 'Y' Register appoints 'Lifetime President'

At the Annual General Meeting of the MG Car Club's 'Y' Register, the committee voted unanimously to appoint Dennis Doubtfire the 'Lifetime President'. This honour was in recognition of Dennis's total commitment over many years to the Register. It seems like a lifetime ago, but until October 1990 MG Y Types were represented by the 'T' register. Dennis co-founded the Y Register with Colin Rea when David Washbourne 'took over the reins' with the SVW Register.

Dennis held the position of Secretary from the Register's formation until he moved to Somerset in June 2000. However, it was Dennis' enthusiasm and sheer dedication that provided the Y Register with the foundations to become the phenomenal success it is today. When Dennis moved, he became the Register's South-West Representative and continues to 'fly the flag' in the south-west peninsula of the UK. Dennis has also organised a number of local runs including the very successful 'Y 2 Exe Tours of Exmoor'

Peter Arnell, Chairman of the Register, said: 'It is with great pleasure that the Register has bestowed this honour on Dennis. It is without doubt that this is well deserved and recognises the unique contribution made by him to both the Register and Y type owners worldwide. This year the Y Type celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the car's launch and it is highly appropriate that this honour coincides with such a significant event in the Y calendar'.

David Pelham

Public Relations — MG Car Club Y Register.


11 April 2007

Two new items have been added to the Card section of the Collectibles page.


8 April 2007

Happy Easter folks.  It has been a bit slow on the site in the last couple of weeks as I have been away, but here to get you going again is an addition to Ys on Parade - please welcome Hugh Fergusson and Y 4519.


1 April 2007

The Reprinted Article for the beginning of April is the fourth of five articles from MG Enthusiast magazine from March 2002 and is called "Y-type shows competitive streak".

As the UK Spring Run draws near the Picture of the Month harks back to the Spring Run of 2002.


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