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Australian Ys Month

27 July 2006

Did I say we had received the last one from Mike and Lynette Burden on the 24th?  I should have known better and said the last for now!  Mike has contacted another 2 Y owners who have consented to him entering their cars for them so please welcome Jon Meakins with Y 0801, and Brett Partington with Y 4298 to Ys on Parade.  These owners both have remarkable tales attached to their cars and provide a fitting final update for July and this special month for Australian Ys on Parade.  In total, this month alone, Mike and Lynette have added a total of 2 YTs and 10 YAs in what has been a very busy month!  As always, we are all indebted to new owners sharing their cars with us and we appreciate them all: but a special thanks to Mike and Lynette.  At the risk of repeating myself ... "Somehow I think Mike and Lynette may well find some more yet!"


24 July 2006

The last car sent in currently by Mike and Lynette Burden on behalf of fellow Y owners they have contacted and obtained permission to enter by proxy on Ys on Parade is Y 1344 belonging to Phil Ramsden. Thank you Mike and Lynette, and everyone who agreed to them detailing and entering their cars for us to enjoy.  Somehow I think Mike and Lynette may well find some more yet!


21 July 2006

Today, please welcome Rex van Kempen and Y 3120 to Ys on Parade.


18 July 2006

1066 and all that!  Please welcome Patrick Kiely and YB 1066, and Ron Mitchem's other car (with a very radical paint scheme!), Y 3360 to Ys on Parade.


17 July 2006

Today, please welcome Natalie Walsh and Y 0516 to Ys on Parade, the earliest known Y in Australia!  Also, please welcome Colin Bonney with Y 3673 and Y 5242 to Ys on Parade.


15 July 2006

A full news update today for you with lots to look at. 

  1. Please welcome Ron Mitchem with Y 3534 to Ys on Parade.

  2. After careful consideration and discussion with the Register,  John Ellis's car is relisted as Y 3209 in Ys on Parade.

  3. Michael Nicholson has sent me a revised photograph for his Y 7207 photo update to Ys on Parade following his succesful acquisition of an FT57 to replace the incorrect one that came with the car.

  4. Finally, the mid-month Reprinted Article is from Australian Classic Car, February 1995 featuring George Totham's Y.  It would be nice to trace this down and have the car on Ys on Parade too please if anyone knows the current whereabouts of the car and owner.


11 July 2006

Quite a month all round for new cars and owners - please welcome Keith Harris with YB 0988 to Ys on Parade.


10 July 2006

Please welcome Graham Willett and Y 2707 to Ys on Parade.  Graham's car brings the total number of YAs to 150!


9 July 2006

Alex Kochanowitsch also owns Y 3604 which today has been added to Ys on Parade.


6 July 2006

Today, please welcome, Alex Kochanowitsch with Y 2895 and Ole Aaen with Y 3181 to Ys on Parade.  Ole's car is another left hand drive YA and the Registrar informs me that we have 16 of these on the Register, and 11 of them are listed as "live" cars. Although Alex is from Australia, Ole hails from Denmark.


5 July 2006

June saw the 56th International Silverstone meeting, and Andrew and Arlene Coulson have filed a report on it those of us who could not be there.  Also a memory jogger to those who went on the recent Y Register trip to the Ardennes ... the world waits on your lips (and pictures) for news too.  Also the MG and Narrow Gauge , MG Saloon Day, and the up coming (9th July) 12 Anniversary Ripon Old Car show too please.

If you go to an MG event in your Y, Y not share it with others?  Also, if you are having an event and want to get Ys along, send the webmaster details for the events calendar.


4 July 2006

Mike Burden (Perth, Western Australia) having finished his restoration has very kindly been chasing up Y Types in his neck of the woods that for one reason or another, have not yet made it on to Ys on Parade.  Last month, he kindly obtained details and permission from John Ellis and sent his car in on John's behalf.  This month he resolved the riddle of the 3209 chassis number, and has sent in one of Stan Tucker's cars.  He has now sent me another four cars which we will bring you over the next few days.  Mike says "It really is my pleasure, it's good to find a Y interest now that my car is complete, both Lynette and I had so much enjoyment out of restoring the car together. We now get our kicks finding others."  In recognition of Mike's sterling efforts we are making this Australia month.

So please welcome Stan Tucker's other Y Type, YT 3700.

If you know of other Ys where the owner is not on the internet, please show them the site and Ys on Parade and, with their consent, send in details for them so that we can all enjoy their cars too.


1 July 2006

Pat Hand has supplied the Picture of the Month this month.  The Reprinted Article comes from MG Enthusiast, January 1995, with Martyn Wise examining the novel charm of the YT.

Please welcome Stan Tucker with YT 3209YT 3209 makes yet another pair of Ys with Richard Prior's YT 3208 too.


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